actually he said this to sho but

“Hey, hey, Natasha!” Steve said excitedly. So excitedly, in fact, that he tripped over the coffee table as he was rushing toward her.

Natasha moved her legs out of the way so he splayed out on the floor. “Yes, Steve?”

“Ow!” He sat up, rubbing his face. “You know, you could have caught me!”

“I could have,” she agreed, nodding. “But it was funnier to watch you fall.”

“I’m going to remember this,” Steve told her seriously. “Either until I get my revenge or until the day I die.”

Natasha stared at him silently and kindly did not tell him that he would die first. “What did you want?”

Steve immediately brightened. “Natasha, Bucky finally taught me how to do the thing!”

“…The thing,” she repeated.

Steve nodded wildly. “Yes! Let me sho–Actually I need to sit down. Okay wait. Sorry! I’m just so excited!”

“I can tell,” Natasha said, smiling a little. It was like watching a giant Golden Retriever try not to hit stuff with his wagging tail and failing.

Steve sat down in the chair across from her and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He let the breath out and opened them again and looked up at her, corner of his mouth quirking up in a semi-smile, lashes lowered just enough that he just barely had to look through them.

“…The thing!” Natasha shouted excitedly. “The smolder!”

“…The smolder?” Steve asked in confusion.

“It’s from Tangled. Don’t worry, I’ll mention it to Clint and he’ll make sure we get it for next movie night.” Natasha clapped happily. “I can’t believe Barnes finally taught you. I thought he’d blow a gasket last time, he was so frustrated.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Sorry my face doesn’t automatically do the same thing Bucky’s does.”

“Apology accepted,” Natasha said, because she was a little shit, and ignored his outraged squawk. “So what are you going to do with it now?”

“I’m going to do the thing at Tony,” Steve declared, nodding firmly. “Now he’ll have to know I’m flirting with him.”

Natasha reached out to touch Steve’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Steve.”

Why,” Steve asked, burying his face in his hands. “I even asked him to go out to dinner. What am I doing wrong?!”

“I dunno, pal,” Bucky sighed, reaching out to ruffle his hair. “I thought for sure he’d realize this time.”

Natasha noticed Bruce beginning to walk by and grabbed him by the collar, dragging him back. “Bruce.”

“Ack!” Bruce flailed. “What?!”

“Steve did the smolder at Tony,” Natasha began.

Bruce groaned. “Oh my God, I know. I saw it. That was so sad.”

Steve made a disgruntled noise.

“What can we do to make Tony notice that Steve is flirting with him?” she continued, ignoring them both.

Bruce raised an eyebrow at them. “…Have you ever tried going up to Tony and saying ‘hey, have you noticed I’ve been flirting with you?’”

“It can’t be that easy,” Bucky insisted.

“IT WAS THAT FUCKING EASY,” Bucky concluded, holding up his glass of champagne. “So really this wedding only happened because Bruce was the only one smart enough to steer us in the right direction.”

Tony buried his face in his hands to try and smother his giggles as Steve groaned in mortification and slid out of his seat and onto the ground.

Rhodey stood, holding up his glass of champagne. “Instead of coming up with an undoubtedly witty story about these idiots which you would all surely laugh at, because I am hilarious, I’mma just leave you with this: Tony knew Steve was flirting the whole time and just wanted to see how far Steve would go.”

Tony’s giggling got louder.

“TONY!” Steve shouted from the floor, betrayed, as Natasha and Bucky both began yelling because they’d tried so hard to help Steve and Tony was just being a little shit apparently.

Maria scowled and slapped a twenty into Coulson’s hand.

Coulson sighed and slipped that twenty into Fury’s hand instead.

17.06.17 ARASHI WakuWaku Gakkou Repo - ARASHI

[Words on the setting from my side]
- physical education
- friends
- teaching
- activity
- kid
- joy
- gymnasium
- team
- happy
- sportive (?)

[Birthday surprise]
Before opening the setting monitor showed words asking us not to say おめでとう until instruction and then we shall sing Happy Birthday together. This was a surprise to Nino.

[Nino sensei’s teaching about unko]
- Nino-san’s jacket was green and his tie with green patterns.
- Nino asked if everyone had unko today. Aiba-san answered five times. Nino said it’d be problem then.
- In western world, high heels were made in order not to touch unko in street. Hat with brim was made because people in the past threw unko out of window (in time when there was no toilet?)
- Perfume was made to remove odour of unko.
- In Japan unko was seen as thing can be re-used and was used as fertilizers.
- The setting was to teach how food turns to unko. Sakurai-san was to demonstrate his typical day. He ate delicious meat. He was super cute when demonstrating going to toilet.
- ARASHI members dined together last night.
- Sho-san did “ho!” deep breath, the one they learned in himitsu. Aiba said it was reminiscing. Sakurai kept doing this.
- Sho-san did a lot `marius` gag e.g. itadakimarius when he started eating.
- After the demonstration Nino said Sho-chan arigatou.
- Unko’s shape can tell our health status. Banana shape is healthy, hard is lack of exercise, too soft is eating cold things or drinking too much beer, juice etc.

[Sakurai sensei’s teaching about manliness and femaleness]
- Sakurai-san’s jacket was pink and tie with grey and white pattern.
- He partnered with Sato Shori. They were double Sho combi and double S combi (both names were SS).
- The corner was to wrestle with Hamaguchi Kyoko. Sho-san asked Fuma to do it and Fuma said he wanted to do unko, and Sho-san said `no more now!` (giggle)
- Masaki-san was still sweating up till the second teaching. It seemed that the dome was bit hot.
- In VTR, Sho-san entered VS ARASHI’s green room to get members’ blood (by a nurse). When getting Masaki-san’s blood, Sho-san said `It`s red, right?` When getting MatsuJun’s blood, Sho-san said `Is it thick (same word in Japanese to describe MatsuJun’s face), and MatsuJun laughed ‘Not thick!’ When getting Nino’s blood, Sho-san asked him if he was happy and Nino said he was happy. When getting Leader’s blood, Leader shouted ‘Painful!’ The nurse failed to get the blood vessels several times, at last she managed to do it, Sho-san said 'Great~ So he is human~’ When getting Sho-san’s blood, he was the only who didn’t look at the needle. And he said 'Not painful~’ with a pitiful look.
- Sho-san said while people may have a sterotype on manliness and femaleness, in nature different species have different interpretation. For example for King Penguin, man is to feed the baby penguin while the female is to hunt for food.
- For human being, female may unconscious have consideration factors on choosing partners i.e. good voice. This may be related to immunity (sorry I didn’t take note on this part so I am not sure)
- The blood of members were sent to immunity test. Nino got almost full score, meaning he has good immunity. MatsuJun and Nino have two areas which were the same, there is only 0.01% for two persons to be the same in two areas, they were like miracle brothers. Leader and Sho-san got one area the same. Masaki-san had three out of four areas different from other members (the remaining area, all members were the same). So Masaki-san was different from them. Sho-san (?) said that so that Masaki-san can get along with anyone.

[Aiba sensei’s teaching about sports]
- Masaki-san’s jacket was navy blue with brown tie. He took the jacket off during his session.
- The word sports has association with the word deportare which means joyful and play.
- Masaki-san asked if animals play sports or not. Sho-san answered no, because animals do not comprehend rule. <– Very Sho-san-like way of thinking, I think.<br> - Then Masaki-san said lions play and the lost one will go away, there is some sort of rule in it.
- Masaki-san introduced interesting sports in the world, in Finland there is a game called `Transporting wife`, husbands carry their wives and run through barriers. The winner will get beer in equivalent kg of his wife.
- They had match on this game. Nino acted wife for ARASHI team. Sho-san tried various ways to carry Nino but failed, at last he carried Nino on back. Leader carried Nino with ohimesamadakko, the venue (including me) couldn’t be more excited. MatsuJun carried Nino like carrying mannequin in Shukudai kun. Masaki-san tried to carry Nino from behind but failed and they both fell. Masaki-san tried several ways to carry Nino but failed and they fell several times. At last Masaki-san succeeded and he was in full sweat. MatsuJun commented that the game was interesting out of imagaination.
- Masaki-san said that one can train `brain working nerve` (運脳神経) to help on do better sports. Examples of exercise to train such brain working nerve include walking while sitting on floor and using the butts to move forward.

[Matsumoto sensei’s teaching about nervousness]
- Matsumoto-san’s tie was green.
- He taught us way not to lose to nervousness.
- His corner ask one audience to talk to member. When staff searched the audience which took some time, Sho-san asked what if doing one time of `transporting wife`.
- MatsuJun listed out symptoms of nervousness, Masaki-san added `want to go to toilet`.
- MatsuJun’s corner was to let the members to experience nervousness. He asked Nino to player recorder (flute). Nino said he was not nervous, he entered Johnny’s because of playing it (during audition). But his pulse was recorded rising.
- Nino didn’t play very well and he fell into foams like MMDA.
- Masaki-san said 'Ninomi~’ when Nino fell.
- MatsuJun then said he also practiced recorder and wanted to play a song. He talked to Nino 'Kazu! Listen to it!’ But his playing was out of tone and Nino laughed so hard and said 'Jun-san! Jun-san!’
- MatsuJun wanted again but still out of tone and he laughed hard.
- At last the song came out to be birthday song. We sang it to Nino. The birthday cake was strawberry cake with 34 candle. 3 is pink and 4 is yellow.
- Nino said he’ll start doing sports coming to age 34.
- Right nervousness can make us perform better.
- Athlets learn to control nervousness by setting up routine, like some actions you decided to do before a game and when you do it you can concentrate.
- MatsuJun taught us 'WakuWaku routine’ there were four steps: 1. jump twice to straight your body 2. breathe slowly 3. look straight 4. straight your hand, circle two times, and fingers down. Just like 'ARASHI, ARASHI, for dream’.

[Ohno sensei’s teaching about tears]
- Leader talked about an episode of him and his teacher in primary four. There were regrettbale tears and happy tears.
- Leader said he cried when watching the finale of Hanzawa Naoki, but during testing he didn’t.
- During test it was found that when one cries, the stress level will go down. Crying helps one alleviate stress and relax mind. It is a good way to change mood.
- Leader said animals don’t cry.
- 5 x 10 in 5 x 10 con was broadcast because many fans mentioned it during voting. The venue was full of appraise when Sho-san appeared. After the video Sho-san joked that he was really slim that time.
- Leader said he didn’t expect a full version will be broadcast.
- Masaki said it is a good group (as depicted in the video).
- MatsuJun said that in the VTR Aiba-san tried hard throughout the song to hold his tears while at last he smiled. It was good. Love you! (To Masaki-san). And Masaki-san answered Thank you.
- Leader said that crying is actually a resonance with others’ feeling.

* Sorry I have not crossed checked with other repo. I took handwriting note. Please feel free to let me know if I have repo anything wrong. Thanks.

Add: During closing Sho san did two times disco star byebye. And Masaki san did one disco star walk. And when they entered the door, since the camera was filming Nino, Masaki san who needed to cross in front of them bowed to walk in order not to bother the filming.

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.17

                                       Part S E V E N T E E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: bEFORE YOU READ THIS, I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY. 1. sexual assault is not okay and i do not advocate it at all. theres a bit in there (not too descriptive) that i just want to warn about. and also keep in mind that i dont hate nia or anything, im just making a juicy story. okay, das it. hope you enjoy and please get this to 100 notes !! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                  I M A G I N E 

Hilton Hotel, NYC, 7:25 P.M. 

“I already don’t trust this,” Luke whispered by your ear as the two of you stared at the embrace Calum shared with Nia. You couldn’t help but agree with Luke on this one. Even though it’s just a hug and nothing more, you now knew their history and noticed how she is holding him. 

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Le Fou Et L'aveugle - Chapter 8

Pairings: Gaston/LeFou, slight Luke Evans/Josh Gad, one-sided Dan Stevens/Emma Watson

Summary: After the fight in the castle, Gaston and LeFou wake up in an alternate universe in which they are two actors named Luke Evans and Josh Gad. Only having each other, they must discover how they got into this strange world, why they got there, and more importantly… how to get back home.

Author’s Note: I just want to let you guys know, Dan is not going to be portrayed as a bad guy in this fic. Just because he did a really crappy thing in the last chapter, does not mean he’s a crappy guy overall. He’s a cutiepie. A cutiepie with bad decision-making, but still a cutiepie. To be honest, if someone interrupted my night with Emma Watson, I’d be pretty pissed off, too. Also, this one is a bit longer than usual, to make up for the last chapter being a bit too short (by my standards). Enjoy!

Warnings: Adult Language

Read Chapter 7: Le Fou Et L'aveugle - Chapter 7

Read more Fanfiction:

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Otomate Party 2016 ; 14/08 Day Stage ; Fan Report

OK so this got waaaay longer than I expected it to be, I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! I’ll also apologize in advance for the poor writing~


Seiyuus came on stage and read a few lines from the game that were being featured in today’s stage. They eventually all left the stage and Toriumi and Morikubo came back, introduced themselves as hosts and launched Otomate Party 2016

-Wand of Fortune Nama-afureco (live acting)

The show kicked off with a live acting from Wand of Fortune. Onstage seiyuus were Suzu, Kakki, Takahashi and Tachibana. This nama-afureco corner was my favorite because they quickly got into a call&response with the audience. Basically each character had a heart jauge you had to fill by yelling their name and when it got full, they’d confess their love to you. I have never played the game before but from what I understood, Takahashi’s character usually speaks with a high-ish funny voice, yet he switched to smooth and deep for his kokuhaku making the whole audience scream like crazy.
Suzu also used a very nice voice ~

Finally it was Kakki’s turn, his chara was going all tsundere saying he didn’t want to do it but then he finally did.Though I have to say Kakki is the cutest, because right in the middle of his kokuhaku, just before he said he loved you, he looked up to the audience and smiled. He’s so sweet, his smile killed me.

-Period: Nama-afureco

Wand of Fortune seiyuus left the stage and Period: seiyuus replaced them, so this time onstage seiyuus were Noburin, Maeno and Hirarin. Toriumi also joined them midway.

In a few words, the plot revolved around the heroine having left to train alone with some guy and all the others being jealous. They also thought up lines they would have told the heroine had they been the one escorting her.

Maeno’s character spent half of the stage trying to kill Toriumi’s chara and Noburin’s was being a cute and awkward tsundere ~

Toriumi usually has a chirpy high-ish mascot voice in this game, yet he suddenly switched to his deeper good voice when doing some of the lines which got the audience fangirling. I’m not even that much of a Toriumi but he definitely impressed me there !

Hirarin’s monologue was also very sweet. His character is the heroine childhood’s friend and he said he hoped she wouldn’t ever forget about him and about the place where she could come home, all with a very cute soothing voice. My image of Hirarin’s voice is actually more his Rei voice from Free or his Irie voice from Itakiss so I was pretty surprised to hear such a cute voice from him.

-Song Corner

Just as Hirarin left,  Yura Mari came on stage and started singing Hikari sasu toki. I wasn’t familiar with the singer or the song but I really enjoyed it. Her voice is really pretty and the song is beautiful.

-Variety Corner

After that it was time for the variety corner. First Toriumi-san and Morikubo-san came back on stage and explained the game.

Basically they played poker but instead of using cards, they made the seiyuus do a pose according to certain themes. Each team had 6 members and the goal was to have as many member as possible strike the exact same pose. Combination were :

-One Pair

-Two Pair

- Three Pair

- Three of a kind

-Four of a kind

-Five of a kind

-Royal Flush (everyone doing the same pose)

Of course, seiyuus couldn’t look at each other or consult with each others before posing.

They announced the teams as the rest of the seiyuu came back on stage.

Morikubo team: Suzu, Kaji-kyun, Hirarin, Satou, Sugiyama, Takahashi

Toriumi team: Kakki, Noburin, Yusa-san, Maeno, Tachinana, Midorikawa-san

Morikubo’s team went first with the theme

“A pose you think is cute when a girl does it”

Unfortunately they all did different poses and didn’t get any point. Kaji-kun was like the cutest thing ever while doing his pose. Suzu’s was….just weird. No clue how it was supposed to be cute and girly but yeah, I guess that’s what’s to be expected of Suzu !

Then it was Toriumi’s team turn. Their theme was “Manly pose”. And although it sounded like an easy theme, they failed as well. Kakki did the sumo pose, crouching and all. Other seiyuus suggested a sumo should be naked and that he should have stripped. (He should have, if you ask me.  Show us how ripped you got doing all that muscle training Kakki~~~)

Then they drew random seat numbers so that people from the audience could handpick the next themes. They picked one on the first floor and one on the second floor.

Takahashi was sent to the first floor. He found the girl with the right number fairly quickly and asked her where she was from. Then he made her handpick a number and had her read it out loud.

They sent Midorikawa-san to the second floor where we were so I just kept praying he’d come our way (or at least close) but he ended up super far. All the others were mocking Midorikawa-san because he was slow to get to the 2nd floor, saying he’s such an old man and has to wait for the elevator and all. He chit-chatted a bit with the lucky girl whose seat number he had drawn. He asked her if she liked old-men-seiyuus. She said she completely did and he went like “Ah I’m so relieved you do !”. Then he asked her to handpick a number from a box and he read out the number out loud. Finally he gave her something (I have no clue what, I was too far to see).

Takahashi went back on stage first, and they launched a video message from Kishio Daisuke so he could announce the next theme (according to the number that was picked).
Kishio made a bunch of puns during his video message. Said he liked appearing on video better than being at the actual event and that he hoped to see us all at Otomate Party 2017, through video message once again.
He first jokingly said that the theme would be “Best monomane (imitation) of Morikubo Showtarou” and proceeded to imitate his speech (adding a bunch of SHO).
Then he announced the actual theme : “Pose like a pro-wrestler”

While Morikubo’s teammates were thinking about their poses, Kaji-kyun came to Morikubo and told him he would have loved to see an imitation contest of his beloved Morikubo-san and would have participated.

Kaji-kyun is the cutest thing ever. (sure sure, I’m biased)

Satou, Sugiyama and Takahashi did the same pose and they finally scored some points (5).

The theme for Toriumi’s team was announced : “Hissatsu waza (Deathblow?, this is a bit hard to translate sorry)” And they basically ALL did a kamehameha, ended up scoring 15 points.

The game ended here with Toriumi’s team victory…which meant….Punishment game for Morikubo’s team!

They each had to pick a paper with some sweet lines and had to read them in characters (request had been sent beforehand by fans). Suzu dashed to the center of the scene as soon as he picked up his paper so he could go first. Kaji-kyun actually wondered HOW his lines were supposed to make people go “dokidoki” as he had to act as Kanato (so yeah, pretty disturbing) and Hirarin used the sweetest voice ever, I just wanted to hug him.

Seiyuu - Chara list:

Suzu : Alvaro (Wand of Fortune)
Kaji-kyun : Sakamaki Kanato (Diabolik Lovers)

Sugiyama : Shukuri Akito (Norn9)
Takahashi : Bilal (Wand of Fortune)

Hirarin : Zain (Period:)

Morikubo:  Tsukinami Shin (Diabolik Lovers)

Satou : Masamune Touya (Norn9)
(They all sat around listening to him and staring at him while he did it. He was super stressed out which was adorable.)

Diabolik Lovers nama-afureco

Participating seiyuus were Kaji-kyun, Morikawa-san, Hirarin, Toriumi and Morikubo.

I only have one thing to say…….KAJI-KYUN’S KANATO-VOICE IS INSANELY GOOD. Even more so when you hear it live. How is that kid even that good, I have no idea.

OK, so a brief explanation of the plot. We have the Sakamaki bros being super bored and they kinda end up reaching the conclusion that a pet would do them good. They don’t want an annoying pet though and after much thinking they come to the conclusion that their pet must be fluffy but able to take care of itself on its own. And what’s better for that than a vampire who can change into a wolf ? They lure Tsukinami Shin, Morikubo’s character using his beloved peanuts and try to make him listen to them through different (stupid) means but it doesn’t quite work out the way they had hoped.

Norn9 nama-afureco

Participating seiyuus were Kaji-kyun, Satou, Sugiyama and Yusa-san.

The plot wasn’t all that interesting but they basically tried to have people know the characters better as this game (and anime)  is such a recent addition to the Otomate games lineup.

Yusa-san’s character showed a chart showcasing all of the characters relationship but it turned out the be super biased (made himself out to be a couple with one of the girls and called Satou’s character a pervert). Others characters complained, trying to explain their actual personalities and relationships their way while Satou’s character kept on being depressed for a while.

They ended the scene by showing Kaji-kyun’s character’s room which had a surprising amount of cosplays laying around. He said he planned to make Koharu (one of the heroines) wear them which got Satou’s chara super hyped and made the others call him a pervert once again.

-There was a second song corner by Yanagi Nagi which was also pretty nice. I didn’t like the song as much though.


Overall I really really enjoyed this event despite us getting some of the worst possible seats. (right in the middle which was pretty cool but furthest row of the 2nd floor)

This was my first actual seiyuu event and I’m really happy I finally got to attend one! Definitely going to try and go to more event in the future.

I hope you can all enjoy it as well when it comes out in DVD !

AND THANK YOU FOR READING. Sorry once again for my shitty english.

PS: Thanks to my adorable kitten @pinkubakaneko for coming with me and helping me write the report. ♥

umbrellanest said: I have this headcanon (that a lot of other people share I think) that Judai is actually a lot smarter than he lets on, and that he plays dumb a lot to get out of certain situations (In this case I thought he was saying this so they could get out of this situation without any awkwardness)

yeah that’s what I was thinking but I take 50/50s with my “they’re faking it” v “they don’t know because pre-canon events”

Sho: “Juudai, were you serious about not knowing what a fiance is.”

Juudai: “Pbbth, what do you take me for? Of course I knew.”

Sho: “Oh, so you were letting her off the hook?”

Juudai: “Honestly I was planning on going up to her laughing saying “Wow, how dare he presume we’re both heterosexuals.” but I was afraid that if I came out then and there, one of Askua’s friends would desperately try to set me up with some guy. …Probably Manjome if he comes back.”

Sho: “That sounds absolutely horrible, you made the right call.”

@kaleiidosccpe || [x]

【ϟ】 …Did he seriously just go there? After all the trouble Manjoume had gone through to make sure he’d actually be free to meet up with the little squirt after not seeing each other for months and that was the first thing he’d said?

Yeah, well don’t let all of that fame and fortune go straight to your head either. Just because you can afford a new pair of taller shoes now, still doesn’t mean you’ve got what it takes to measure up.

hold-myflower  asked:

HELLO! So could i have murasakibara, mayuzumi, takao, imayoshi, hanamiya anc akashi, bath time with their fem s/o, after long day or work/school, can turn nsfw for some or all if you want! Have a nice day sunshine! 💜

Please enjoy! I had fun with Imayoshi’s part XD~

Murasakibara: Sharing a bath with your giant boyfriend was a chore. You had to wash every part of his body because he was too relaxed to do it himself. First, it was his hair, then his back, then his chest and arms. You were about to wash his lower region, but you stopped yourself and blushed. So you gave the bar of soap to him and turned away, which made Atsushi frown. “Ah, ____-chin, please come back and wash me down~” he said. You shook your head stubbornly. “No! That’s so embarrassing!” This made him slightly sad. “Are you ashamed to touch me, ____-chin?” No, you weren’t, but you didn’t know how to handle this situation. So you took the soap back and began to wash him down there. First, you started with his legs, then his thighs, then his manhood. He began to moan a little, which made your face turn red. “S-Stop that!” you said.

Mayuzumi: Baths with Chihiro were silent and relaxing. You both were comfortable with each other as you tended to your own needs. You washed each other’s backs normally from top to bottom. Though, when it was your turn, he took his time with your back. His body was closer to yours as well, causing you to tense up. He brought the bar of soap around to your front lower region, catching you off guard. “I-I clean that already!” you said. He took his soap-coated hand and began rubbing your womanhood, turning your yelp into a low moan. He teased you greatly as he played with your skin and stroked your entrance. “It’s not clean enough…” he whispered to you.

Takao: Bubble fights! Yes, you and Kazunari did less cleaning and more playing when it came to baths. You both would fill up the bath with tons of brands from drug stores and drive into a foamy paradise. It would start off innocent, as you both made beards and different hair-styles, then it would turn into something steamy after Kazunari kissed you. You kiss back, giggling as he nibbled your lip. Soon, it turned into him poking at your entrance with his finger while you stroked his manhood. After, as you both panted from jerking each other off, he turned to you with a boyish grin. “Next time we’re taking an actually bath!” he declared.  

Imayoshi: Sometimes you wished you could take your baths alone once in awhile. Sharing one with Shoichi was a bother sometimes, since he would just tease you about every single thing. “____-chan, you keep looking this way. Are you suggesting something~” he said. You groaned, tired of the same stupid comments he makes. So you decided it was time to teach him a lesson and played along. “I can’t help it Sho-kun, you’re just so sexy when you’re wet. It makes me want to…” you trailed and moved closer to him. You began to play with his manhood while he washed his hair. He was a little impressed by what you were doing, but the smirk on his face suggested that he really enjoyed it. “My, my, aren’t you a little horny today~” he said and sat on the edge of the tub, watching you jerk him off. Your delicate hands pleasured him completely, rubbing and squeezing at a wonderful pace. The water and soap helped even more, as he daydreamed about your womanhood. He wanted you badly. He wanted to drive himself in you right now. His moans gave away his desire, making you smirk in return. “Do you wanna fuck me Sho-kun~” you seductively whispered. “So badly ____-chan…” he replied. Once you felt him twitch, you stopped your movement and got out of the tube quickly, leaving him completely stunned and in pain. “That’s what you get for teasing me all the time you annoying jerk!” you said and walked out. This made Shoichi a little upset, “____-chan! Get back here and finish what you started!”  

Hanamiya: It took Makoto a while until he finally agreed to bath with you. He wasn’t a huge fan of the idea since he liked his own privacy, but only agreed to one night. Just one! Once you both got into the bath, he looked away most of the time and stayed silent, which is so unlike him. You wondered if this was a bad idea and suggested on getting out to give him some privacy, which he refused quickly. “No, it’s fine, don’t worry about it.” he said in a cold tone, still not looking at you. You reluctantly turned away and washed yourself, leaving him alone. It wasn’t because Makoto was turned on by your naked form, it was because he never realize how beautiful you actually were. Yes, your body was sexy during intercourse, but right now, he appreciated how comfortable you were to bath with him like this. After the bath, you both robed up and Makoto gave you a long, soft kiss. Water droplets fell from his hair, and landed on your chest as you returned the kiss. It wasn’t greedy kiss, it was a rare kiss that showed how much he loved you. After you two broke apart, he whispered to you, “Wash my back next time, idiot.” and he walked away. This made you smile a little.

Akashi: Yeah, you two were very professional when it came to baths. Seijuro respected your body while you respected his. You both gave each other permission to wash each other’s backs, doing it maturely and quietly. Though, tonight, Seijuro was feeling a little needy. After the water was drained, you stood up from the tub to grab a towel. He stared intently at your rear, watching water droplets stream down. Once you turned around, he looked away, feeling a little ashamed for staring for so long. You began to notice this behavior and blushed a little at the thought. But, it has been a while, and you were in the mood as well. “Seijuro-kun…” you mumbled his name, loud enough so he could hear. He knew that voice of yours and looked at you for confirmation. You smiled and flew to the bedroom, dropping your towel to the floor. Smiling in return, he chased after you. You both took two baths that night.

tenzin & kai
  • Kai convincing Tenzin to play Pai Sho with him and Tenzin’s surprised because the kid’s actually really really good (at the street version, anyway)
  • Kai coming home with a black eye after getting into a fight (”he said something mean about Jinora,” is the only explanation given) and he doesn’t want Jinora to know so & Pema’s busy so Tenzin patches him up
  •  Tenzin struggling to discipline Kai and Bumi when they get into shenanigans together
  • Kai begging Tenzin to let him keep Lefty and Tenzin caves pretty quickly to everyone’s surprise
  • Tenzin getting up for a glass of water in the night and he finds Kai crying and they talk and some of Kai’s past comes out and they bond (oneshot coming soon now god i’m a mess)
  • Tenzin being so damn proud when it’s time for Kai’s tattoos
  • Tenzin getting Kai’s records from the orphanage he lived at briefly and officially adopting him
  • Tenzin reassuring Kai that he’ll be a great father when Jinora’s pregnant because the poor boy is just so nervous
  • the two men waiting outside the delivery room and Kai thinks he’s going to pass out
  • Kai having his first father’s day as an actual dad and Tenzin saying “I told you you’d be a great one” and Kai just smiles
  • “I learned from the best.”
So Wrong, But So Right

A/N: idk i saw this headcannon on @nsfwphannetwork and i really liked it. also sorry if there are some grammatical errors, i annoyingly couldn’t find a beta to read this over. ALSO this is my first attempt at writing smut so don’t judge too harshly.

Description: Dan has a crush on Mr. Lester, the new extremely attractive English teacher.

Triggers: swearing

Pairings: pastel!Dan, punk/teacher!Phil

Words: 4,141 (yikes)

Genre: smut with some fluff

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“Ashton has a boner” || Part 2

Warning: Smutty Shit

Pairing: Ashton + Y/N

Word Count: 2,810

Summary: Ashton has a wet dream about you and the boys call you and tell you, you use this to your advantage and gets to fuck him.

Part 1 here

I’ve just gotten a call from the boys briefly saying that Ashton had a wet dream about me. I barely even heard Calum over the screaming in the background, let alone whether it was true or not. I decided to call Calum again. The phone rang a couple of times before he picked up.

“HI Y/N!” Calum yelled through the phone sounding as if he was struggling.

“Um hi Cal? What were you going on about before?”

“I uh- STOP IT ASH!” Calum yelled. I heard rustling over the phone and then Ashton’s voice.

“WHATEVER CALUM SAID BEFORE IT’S BULLSHIT!” Ashton yelled. By this point I was so confused. I didn’t know what was going on and it was only 10am. I decided to call Luke and ask him because he’s one of the closest to me and it doesn’t seem as if he’s in the mess Calum and Ashton are in.

“Hey!” Luke said through the phone, I could still here Calum and Ashton fighting in the background. “Wait lemme go into a quieter room… Ok Hi what’s up.”

“Well you probably know by what’s happening outside.”

“Yeah Ash is really mad at Cal.”

“The first phone call I got from Cal, is that true?”

“What the one about Ashton having a wet dream about you? Yeah, he’s been crushing on you for awhile actually, but you didn’t hear that from me.” I didn’t really know what to think about this, all I knew is that this was great new for me.

“Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up, see you.” I’ve been crushing over this boy for months now. I thought I could use this to your advantage. ;)

I waited until evening time to call Ashton.

“Hey.” He said through the phone very timidly.

“Hey Ash!” I said cheerfully. “Luke told me the truth, it’s all good.”

“Oh um, what did he tell you.” He was pretty scared at this point.

“He told me it was all a lie and Calum was just bored.” I said causally, I heard him sigh lightly over the phone and smiled at his reaction. “Anyways, do you and the boys wanna hang out tonight? I was thinking of coming over and watching a movie with pizza or something, I’m quite lazy today.”

“I don’t think we have anything on tonight so yeah you should come over!”

“Sounds good I’ll be there in 30mins. I’ll order the pizza now.” I laughed. “See you!”


I knocked on the door waiting for one of the boys to open it. I could hear the boys yelling on the other side.

“CALUM DOOR!” Michael yelled.

“YOU GET IT YOU DIPSHIT!” He responded.

“JESUS CHRIST I’LL GET IT!” Luke yelled sounding frustrated. Luke opened the door with a surprised face, not expecting you on the other side.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Luke said opening the door wider motioning for you to come in.

“Ash invited me over, I already ordered pizza so it’s on it’s way.” I said as I walked in. Luke grabbed my arm and pull me close to him.

“Did you tell him what I told you?” He said quietly.

“I didn’t tell him that you told me he likes me. He doesn’t even know I know.” I said as Luke loosed his grip on me. I walked into the living room surprising the boys.

“Y/N?!” Michel said running over to me hugging me. “What are you doing here?”

“Ash invited me over, I ordered pizza so it sho-”

“DID HE TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING BECA-” Calum cut me off, but then Ashton cut him off by tackling him and covering his mouth with his hand.

“Um yeah, Luke told me.” I said. Ashton took his hand off of Calum’s mouth and Calum smirked at me. For the rest of the night we just played video games, ate pizza, had a few bottles of beer and watched the interview. I decided to sit next to Ashton while watching the movie just so I could actually get somewhere with him. The boys had one of those ‘L’ shaped couches so Ash and I were on the long part so we could extend our legs. We were pretty much cuddling, I had my head on his shoulder and my leg over his. Ash was playing with my hair which I very much liked and on top of that we had a blanket over us (no pun intended lol im so funny).

“Hey Ashton?” I said quietly since the boys were still awake.

“Yeah?” He whispered back.

“You know, I know the real truth.” I confessed looking up at him. He looked down at me with wide eyes.

“You do?” I nodded. “Who told you?”

“Who do you think told me?”


“No stupid, it was Luke.” I said. “You know what else he told me.” Ashton didn’t even want to respond he was too scared of the answer. “That you have a crush on me.” I said smiling as I saw the look on his face. “Is that true?” I asked trying to look innocent.

“No.” Ashton lied.

“Are you sure about that.” I asked. I brought my hand down to his crotch, he was wearing sweatpants so I was easier to feel him through the fabric rather than his skinny jeans. His mouth parted as I started palming him. I bit my lip waiting for an answer.

“No.” He said barely audible. I looked at his lips and quickly back up to his eyes which were looking down at my lips.

“You wanna kiss me don’t you.” I was now inches away from his face. I brushed my lips against his teasing him. I pulled back a bit only to feel Ashton’s hand on the back of my head pulling me closer to him and smashing his lips into mine. It was a rather short kiss since both of us didn’t want to get caught by the boys. I knew I couldn’t go through this night without doing anything with Ashton so I unwrapped myself from him and got up to go to his room. The boys were half drunk and too focused on the movie to really notice anything.

“Where are you going?” Ashton mouthed to me as I walked towards his room, I winked at him as turned my eyes back towards his room. I walked up to his door and opened it carefully so none of the boys would hear; left it ajar for hints. Ashton soon got the message as he came through the door moments after.

“You’re very cute when you walk. Did you know that?” Ashton says locking the door. I shook my head giving that dumb look as if I didn’t know what he was talking about. I was wearing black spandex and an oversized blue faded sweatshirt one of the boys got me for my birthday, it wasn’t the most attractive thing in the world, but to Ashton, judging by the bulge in his pants, all that was on his mine right now was me.

“I can’t believe you. First you lie to me.” He said standing at the door. “Then you tease me in front of the boys so I can’t do anything about it.” Ashton says as he walks around the bed slowly, my eyes follow his every move trying to anticipate what he’s going to do next. “Then you only kiss me once and then leave straight after. Babe let me tell you, that’s not a smart move.” He said the last bit only whispering in my ear. I didn’t know whether it was he deep voice or the look he had in his eye as if I was his prey that made me so horny, but I wanted him, bad.

“Get up off the bed.” He commanded. I did as told standing a good distance in front of him. His hand snaked around my back pulling me closer to him. I placed my hand on his chest feeling it rise and fall as his breaths got heavier. With his other hand he put two fingers under my chin lifting my head up so I looked into his eyes. He slowly moved his hand to caress my cheek and ran his thumb over my lips. I could see his eye line was staring directly at my lips. He was moving so slow, I just wanted him to kiss me. He slowly leaned in closing his eyes I did the same finally getting to this. We kissed once, just a short kiss. Broke apart with our foreheads together and eye closed. His grip tightened and he pulled me in closer connecting our lips once again but this time with so much more force as if this was the last time he were to kiss someone. It was fast paced and very heated, as if we weren’t close enough already he pushed and the small of my back making myself pressed up against him.

The atmosphere in the room was most definitely not slow and sensual and more. My hand moved up his neck and latched my fingers into his hair, while his hand moved down grabbing my ass. His movements made me gasp, he saw this as a perfect opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth. I wasn’t even going to try with him, he was too dominate at the time for me to try to own him instead. His head was moving down and I was wondering what he was doing. I felt his big hands go to the back of my thighs and I realised he wanted me to jump. In a matter of seconds my legs were wrapped around Ashton’s body. He walked me into the wall so my back was firmly placed against it. Just before he broke away he captured my bottom lips in between his teeth letting them go with a smirk on his face. He traveled down towards my neck and to my ear.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for me?” He questioned as a whisper and continued kissing down my neck.

“Mhm.” I practically moaned out.

“Good.” He said and put his lips back on mine. He brought me to the bed and placed me down gently as he crawled over top of me. He slowly started grinding down on me causing me to moan in his mouth. The friction from his sweatpants felt so good against me. I bucked my hips up at him to get even more friction but I was pushed back down with Ashton’s hand. 

All this body heat and kissing was making me sweaty underneath my sweatshirt, I wanted to take it off. I brought my hands down to the hem of my sweatshirt and started pulling it up, Ashton quickly got the message and got off of me to help me take it off. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it so he got a shock to see me completely topless. His eyes grew wide and his hands flew to my boobs, massaging them. His mouth latched to one of my nipples sucking and nibbling, as the other was taken care by with his skilful fingers, toughing and rolling on them. He soon switched, doing the same on the opposite side. I arched my back slightly with pleasure only having him push me back down again. Once he finished he moved downwards, kissing all over my stomach and at my hip bones. He wrapped his fingers around the waistband of my tiny shorts and pulled them down along with my underwear. He stared at my heat for awhile making me frustrated,

“Ashton please do something.” I whined and slightly bucked my hips.

“Be patient Y/N.” He warned me. I let out a sigh waiting for him to do something. He ran his long middle finger up my folds then stuck it in his mouth tasting me. He gave me a devilish smile and hooked his arms around my thighs, pulling me closer to the edge of the bed. He immediately got straight to it, licking at my slit and tongue fucking me. He was sucking on my lips and nibbling ever so slightly. He quickly moved up to my clit drawing numerous patterns with his tongue, finishing off with sucking and pulling on it. With out warning he plunged his long fingers into me while sucking on my clit. He curled his fingers up continuously hitting my g-spot. I arched my back in pleasure as my toes curled. The sensation Ashton was giving me was far more than amazing. I was moaning so loud I bet the boys heard it, but that was the least of my worries now. He brought one hand up to my clit and started rubbing it like crazy. Not to mention he was already sucking on it and had two fingers inside of me.   

“Fucking shit Ash.” I breath out my hand flew to his hair to make sure he didn’t leave me as I came. He continued his motions bringing me over the edge. A string of swears and moans came out my mouth. My eyes were squeezed shut and I don’t normally open them until I completely come down from my high. Ashton’s fingers and tongue left me as my eyes were still closed. Out of nowhere he plunged his dick straight into me. My eyes fly open and I let out probably the loudest moan ever. The boys definitely heard that. 

“Oh my fuck Ashton.” I moaned as he thrusted at a pretty face pace in and out of me. The bed was shaking to the point where the bed head was banging against the wall making a very loud sound. Hell, the neighbours probably heard you two as well. Ashton bent over bringing his body close to yours as he slowed down his movements giving perfectly timed hard thrust. 

“Ashton oh my god.” You whispered in his ear barely being able to get a word out. He kissed at the crook of my neck as he thrusted into me. 

“You like that baby girl?” He asked me quietly. 

“Mhm.” I moaned out as my wrapped my legs around him. As my back arched he found this as a perfect opportunity to snake his arms around my waist and pull me up to carry me. He bounced me up and down on his dick as he carried me. Ashton walked over to the door and pushed my back against it for support. His thrusts quicken causing you to start moaning again. Ashton seals his hand over your mouth to make you shut up.

“You don’t want one to the boys to hear us, now do you.” He says and I shake my head. His hand leaves my face and curls around my waist to bring me closer to him. “They probably already heard us judging by that moan you let out when I shoved my dick into you. They’re probably listening in on the other side of this door.” He said as his thrust became harder. You moaned loaded again. “Does that turn you on? That 3 other guys are listening to us fuck?” He said staring me straight in the eyes. “Well you’re mine.” Ashton stated sternly as he wrapped his hand around my neck pinning me up to the wall. He kissed me hard as his thrusts quicken. We were both very close but I could tell Ashton was literally just about to cum. My head fell to Ashton’s shoulder as I bit down to contain my moans. He brought his hands down to my thighs carrying me back to the bed, closer to the bed head this time. One of his hands went to the bed head for support, the other went down to my clit rubbing it like crazy. 

“Fucking shit.” I moaned as my toe’s curled. “Ashton I’m close.” 

“Cum for me Y/N.” He said. With that my orgasm came like a fucking train. I clenched around him causing him to cum with me. The room was filled with swears and moans as he did his last few thrusts. He pulled out of me and lay down next to me.

“Fuck.” He said breathless. 

“Shit I’ve been missing out.” I said with a laugh, Ashton laughed with me as well. 

“Should I go out there first or do you want to.” Ashton asked.

“I’ll do it.” I rolled my eyes smiling at him. I quickly grabbed my clothes and put them on, through my hair into a messy bun because there is no way I could’ve fixed my sex hair in time. I open the door to find 3 boys running back to the couches laughing. I shake my head.

“You fuckers.” I shouted to them. 

“SAYS YOU!” Calum shouted back. 


17.01.06 Are You Happy? Live tour memo

- ARASHI wished everyone Happy New Year.
- There was a new light effect tonight: Happy New Year 2017. Happy (yellow colour) New (red-purple) Year (orange) 2017 (yellow).
- Matsumoto-san is THE BEST stage producer. Tonight I was in a position which can see most of the light effect. They are superb. Dear Arashians please buy new penlight for ARASHI’s concerts, or buy two. Matsumoto-san’s production involves everyone in the venue; everyone is part of the production. Please buy new penlights to join the party~
- To my homies: Sho-san pointed to each member one-by-one on stage while singing “friend, friend” (c.f. what Leader did). Very tender, very touching.
- To my homies: Sho-san and Aiba-san first held hands, then Sho-san was about to turn away and Aiba-san got to hold his hand again and raised their hands, I couldn’t see it clearly but it seemed it’s koibito tsunagi.
- Drive: When Sho-san held the hand-camera and filmed Aiba-san, Aiba-san showed a eye-half-closed-a-bit-shy-and-sexy facial expression.
- Sho-san clapped hands in cute gesture when watching the firework. Later during MC Nino said Aiba-san removed his earphones to say to him excitedly the firework was near, and he tried to press back the earphones several times but failed.
- Step and go: During the intro MatsuJun stood up, Leader touched his butts (kid’s play) for several times.
- Step and go: Aiba-san pretended to fall asleep in car, then Nino shook him and he woke up and give a big vivid smile to camera.
- Step and go: Sho-san repeated members’ posture during live. Aiba-san did koi dance posture and Sho-san repeated it.
- When Leader and MatsuJun were in car there was a little play that MatsuJun fished several times to get a fish to Leader but Leader thought it was not big enough probably then MatsuJun threw away the fish.
- Later when Aiba-san went back on stage and Leader was still on his way, Aiba-san acted like fishing and Leader jumped onto stage as if being fished.
- Sho-san was in high tension today. He kept twisting his waist during mini MC and when singing (c.f. Kouhaku Happiness intro). Very kawaii.
- And Sho-san talked super fast tonight. Very very kawaii.
- Sho-san thanked everyone for ARASHI getting Oricon album ranking No.1.
- Sho-san sang tenderly tonight, tender and firm, especially during Miles Away. Hard to imagine how these two feelings can be depicted together but he did it.
- Hatenai Sora: The light effect was starry sky. The stars were reflected in Sho-san’s eyes. A magnificent moment.
- Members asked Aiba-san to introduce song in Kouhaku style. Aiba-san said he had been practicing in concerts but there is no need to practice it now, but members said they (or audience) wanted to see it so Aiba-san did it again a bit shyly.
- Aiba-san said he spent time at home in new year and it was like a dream to be in live.
- During MC they talked about Kouhaku. The atmosphere was warm. There were times that we applauded for Aiba-san and Sho-san said Aiba-san would cry again and we’d better not clap hands. Nino also said Aiba-san would cry and then Aiba-san said to Nino with a smile ‘don’t say that (shy)’.
- Aiba-san explained the scoring calculation of Kouhaku seriously. Sho-san said they were surprised, he talked about what they have talked about during concerts, the plot of Leader intercepting Aiba-san holding the victory flag. He talked about it like a teenager planning a little trick to his classmate. And Leader said when Red Team was announced to win he steped back in order not to be filmed.
- Aiba-san said he cried during One Love because he was about to complete the show after all these preparation and once he left the thought behind he got touched and tears just came out. And then the contact lens moved because of tears and it hurt so he turned around trying to move the contact lens back to position. He did it with a cute facial expression and posture of wiping eyes.
- During MC MatsuJun, Leader and Nino did PPAP when promoting their films. MatsuJun did it in a way like D no Arashi, that he seemed reluctant to do it but actually enjoyed it. Leader did it very Leader-style. Nino did it like Nino taro.
- When Leader promoted his film Aiba-san jammed in to say to Sho-san that he watched Emblem and Sho-san thanked him. Both were lovely.
- MatsuJun said Hoshino Gen-san said during Kouhaku that ARASHI was a great group, after seeing members comforting Aiba-san in tears.
- Aiba-san’s おかえり was performed with a great warm smile.
- Aiba-san’s Amore was also warm with a spice of sexy shyness.
- Both Aiba-san and Sho-san did Disco Star ByeBye, left and right and the Disco Star walk. Their actions synchronised.
- During aisatsu Aiba-san asked us not to write something on sns. He was doing a posture of tying computer but it looked like playing piano. Delicate fingers delicate movement.
- Aiba-san introduced Daylight as if in Kouhaku and introduced ARASHI was to perform the last finale. After the introduction he bowed deeply, reminding me of Kouhaku when the last finale was performed. The other members also bowed deeply. A moment that one could do nothing but clap hands.
- Leader managed to hold MatsuJun’ hand with koibito tsunagi, but MatsuJun refused to do it (just tsundere) and Leader bended his fingers one by one.
- When Aiba-san gave kiss he gave kiss like what Sho-san did in Himitsu no Arashi chan (the episode they gave kiss then wink). When Sho-san gave kiss in Ai no Sakebe he did it in - I would say a bit tsundere way.

Great performance. Thanks so so much ARASHI. Best wishes to success of the remaining two days. I very much look toward to the DVD.


Rough Translation:
Sakurai Sho’s, “A present I received from a guy that made me happy”: A Bouquet of White Roses from Aiba Masaki



Note: By the way, Sho must have forgotten what kind of flower it was and said it was Roses, but he did mention in one episode of Hanamaru Cafe that the flowers he received from Aiba 8 years ago was actually a bouquet of Tulips .

Edited: Sorry, it’s not lilies but Tulips. Yeah, I forgot it was Tulips.

Sho working on Essential CM (lots of spinning Sho <3)

  • apparently there’s a line ‘karamaranai’ which means would not be tangled but no matter how many times Sho said it he would fumble on it, and get his own tongue tangled haha. 
  • (according to my bad japanese) he did like 40-50 turns, including those he learnt from Johnny’s that’s like 'turns with your face turning’ and 'turns without your face turning’, he has like 4-5 variations of spinning/turning and he did like 10 of them each for the CM 
  • And with that Sho’s endorsed company increased to 10, same as Aiba. 
  • the female announcer had to say at the end that he was actually touching mannequin’s hair and not a real person’s so that fans could be rest assured (lol). 
Sakumoto payoff - final Japonism@ Tokyo Dome 27.12.2015 (spoilers)

After my whining that sakumoto hasn’t been kind to this shipper’s heart on most of this tour, I am forced to eat my words @MC.

Jun was so touched and thankful to have successfully completed his solo with the risky jumps and rolls.  Hence, Oh-chan pointed out (supported by Nino of course) that he can probably do backflips [for Nihon Yoitoko] too.  We were only too happy to KYA~~~~ cheer him on, but there was a shift in the tide as it turned 4-against-1… against Sho.  

Sho-san complained that he would have the easiest job to just pose AS IF he had completed a backflip, so why should he do an actual one?  Our youngest said that if Sho-san did it, then he would too (separating from the others to give a quick bow to sempai).

Sho: Do I want to do this? Do I not want to do this? I…. don’t wanna~~~ (cute whine)

(^_^) (^_^) (^_^)

anonymous asked:

What if Midou's kid's first word was "kimo", Izumida's said "abu", Onoda's was "hime", and Makishima's said "sho"? Would they be pleased or realize just how often they said it, especially around their kid?

Makishima: He had hoped his child’s first word would be something normal, like one of their names, since he had had a strange first word. Makishima was pleased they were talking, but definitely embarrassed by what they spoke first–he forgot how much he actually said it.

Onoda: Onoda hadn’t thought it would do any harm to sing one of his favorite songs around his kid, especially when the giggled and smiled at the tune, but now he felt a touch of regret. It was cute, of course, that their first word was that, but it was a little embarrassing as well.

Izumida: Izumida laughed at their first word, taking it as a sign that they were going to grow up strong and motivated like he was. He was pleased, and didn’t understand why his partner was frustrated that their child had such an unusual first word.

Midousuji: He frowned at his child. Midousuji knew that he said it relatively often, but he hadn’t considered how often and in what proximity he had been with his child. Apparently too close. “That’s not what you’re supposed to say first,” he muttered at them, unable to be angry at them, but a little irritated with himself.

anonymous asked:

I'm not anti-nh, but i don't like their development in the movie. First, SP invented some fills that aren't nothing to do with the manga, when naruto met hinata as child, they could be friends, Naruto was alone, then met hinata and they could be friends, so it would change the story, also the tenseiga, they invented a new power just for the movie, and naruto fell in love cuz the genjutsu, and he fall in love too fast with someone who he knew for a long time. what do you think about the movie?

1) Kishimoto actually drew Naruto and Hinata as kids with those same clothes and everything in the Retsu no Sho book. The movie is also 100% Kishimoto approved (he said it takes place between 699 and 700, wrote some of the script, and also MADE the staff involved re-write the scripts so many times he said they probably thought he was annoying, attended the screening, commented on the kiss, picked his favorite scenes of the movie, scarf plot based on his personal experience because his wife gave him one, designed the characters, wrote and drew a NaruHina date that has the title “AFTER THE LAST”, etc). Toneri is a canon character as Kishimoto created him, wanted to reuse him in the mini series and explained his history. This isn’t SP filler.

2) Just because they had an encounter as children doesn’t mean that Naruto and Hinata were friends. The movie DOES NOT suggest they remained in contact aside from being in the academy together, just like the manga. All the movie does is show a scene where Naruto protects Hinata from some bullies. That’s it.

3) In the movie Naruto’s end is dealt with his obliviousness, and the genjutsu’s point was to make it loud and clear for him what was Hinata’s intent with those 2 manga scenes in which she tried to convey her feelings to him. Also, the big point of my essays was to show why it was plausible for Naruto to fall in love with Hinata given what they have in common, which he did. With his own obliviousness, Naruto couldn’t even place if his feelings were romantic or platonic. In sum: It’s not about him actually falling in love with her. It’s about him realizing he did.

Hope this answers your question! :)