actually he probably deserves it


Daesung deserved this Dome Tour so much T.T

Utautai no Ballad - D-Lite Japan Dome Tour - Day 2

cr. bigsxbigbang

Me: Man, Kira Yoshikage is such a cool bad guy! Like he is the kinda guy who could live right next to you or hang out with him and never know that he is a serial killer. Killer Queen is one awesome cat-man stand, and who doesn’t love his Queen references? Also I mean he is pretty attractive, and his booty is on point. He just wants a quiet life, I can relate to that. The hand kink is a little weird, but we are all have our thing, just gotta roll with it. He is probably one of my favorite villains. 

Also me:


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How about Magnus being burnt out of magic + worried Max and/or Rafe?

Oh, you know me too well.

The door to the library is open. Rafe isn’t usually supposed to go in there… but the door isn’t usually open, either. Is the door not supposed to be open? Rafe sneaks closer, and closer… just enough to be able to see inside, ready to duck behind the kitchen table if someone sees him…

Papa is sitting at his desk. He’s been in here all night (Daddy brought him some dinner a while ago, but the plate is on the edge of the desk, and it looks like there’s only one or two bites gone). There’s a cauldron in front of him, and stuff everywhere, and Papa’s bent over it, all of it, with his hands up… and that’s magic, coming out of his fingers. It looks less blue than Rafe’s used to. More white. Papa looks unhappy. He’s frowning, and making a little noise, and the magic glow fades from his fingers. And he falls back in his chair. Drops one hand onto the desk, uses the other to pinch his nose. He looks tired. Still unhappy, but now really tired, too. 

Rafe looks behind him. When Papa gets like this, it’s usually Daddy’s job to help him. But Daddy is in the bedroom doing Max’s hair, and Rafe doesn’t know if he’s allowed to interrupt them right now, but Papa looks so tired… Rafe bites down on his bracelet. Hard enough to hurt his teeth. He takes a few steps into the room, trying to be quiet, trying not to disturb him. When he gets close enough, he reaches up, and carefully puts his hand on Papa’s - the one that’s on the desk. It’s what Daddy always does, when Papa’s tired like this. He holds Papa’s hand, and somehow, that works. Rafe’s not sure if that’s really it, or if he’s supposed to do something else, if he’s doing it wrong. Is he doing it wrong? Is he doing something wrong? He grinds his teeth harder against his bracelet-

Papa looks up… then down. Down at Rafe. He looks at their hands, still frowning, like he doesn’t know what’s happening… And then he closes his eyes. And he smiles. A really, really nice smile. “Why, thank you, sweetheart.” He sounds like he’s still tired. But happier, now. He bends over, brushes the hair back from Rafe’s forehead. He squeezes Rafe’s hand, and kisses the top of his head. “I feel much better now.”

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i don’t think i ever mentioned this in a post but 15 year old apollo justice still thinks phoenix wright is The Shit™, which phoenix remains unaware of but maya thinks is fucking hilarious


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^
words: 1545
summary: Apos finally faces the goddess.

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HUGE post about Drautos

My speculations about Drautos based on little number of canon facts we have but still remaining mostly in headcanon space. MANY gifs.  

However you look at it, Titus Drautos is a man of ideas, or maybe better to say mental constructs. He put himself under immense pressure, being a double agent for 10+ years leading a major force for two opposing armies. Successfully leading both, I can’t stress that enough, because that’s just crazy. And for what? What possible motivations could he have had?  

There are two major ideas he seemed to be living by. Both artificially constructed and absolutely disconnected from him by the end of the movie.  

Personal grudge against king Regis and the wellbeing of his homeland.  

First, I just want to say that it’s very clear to me that neither pure power nor any other personal gain was ever his goal. And there was no loyalty or other positive feelings towards the Empire. That much is clear from his words and his actions. 

I’m going to take the majority of what he says at face value because some offhanded phrases were revealed to be meaningful later on and I think he is trying to tell the truth as much as possible not to get tangled in a web of lies as any respectable spy would do. 

Also I regard the majority of his words about someone to be actually about himself as it is a customary way to show character’s motivations in any story.    

Like here. Drautos is feeling he has no power without the magic on loan from a person he hates. That was probably the reason he started working with Niflheim in the first place, to get an alternative which he got in a form of his armor.    

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Okay, fine. ...Malistaire, C2 :)

- insert Cyrus seal of approval here -

This is half retribution for everything he’s done and half advertising for the Death School.

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Hey! If requests are still open, any headcanons about how Sasuke, Kakashi and Naruto would react if the person they loved but weren't with yet was being hit on by a creepy guy? Like a random guy starts asking the person they're in love with if they want to go out, starts kissing them on their cheeks and neck, and hugs them and insists on getting their number while they're clearly uncomfortable? And starts claiming they're "the most beautiful girl" and won't stop? This just happened to me 😢

Anon, I sincerely hope you’re feeling better now! I don’t know how uncomfortable you must have felt, but I really do hope you’re feeling better. Also, I’m so sorry for the delay. I hope you’ll like this! I also made these into scenarios + headcanon, I hope you wouldn’t mind! More will be under the cut because it’s pretty long and I don’t want to take over your dash.

–– Admin Vann

Uchiha Sasuke:

  • Sasuke would give the guy a small warning, telling him to back away from you. But you know, in the inside, he’s holding back to slam the guy’s face against the rock hard cement a hundred times until he loses all his teeth (Probably one slam would make the man lose all his teeth). So he shows passive aggressiveness only for a short period of time before he actually snaps and gives the man a huge beating he deserves. He’s probably going to tell you he’d walk you home from now on.

Sasuke’s breath was steadied and calm, his expression showed no emotion as he walked his way through the empty villages late in the night. The village was so silent, except, he heard the sudden plea for help from someone in the corner of the restaurant.

Sasuke froze in his tracks, his breathing stopped for a moment once he recognized the voice crying out desperately for help. It was you. He ran to the voice and his eyes showed rage, not towards you but rather, the man pressing you against the wall as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear and kissed you all over the face; tears flowed on your cheeks as you tried fighting, getting away from his disgusting touch but he was too strong. “Get off of [Name],” Sasuke demanded– his voice showing no passiveness towards the man; his eyes showed disgust and rage, “now.”

The man ignored him, he sent a smug smirk as he pressed himself closer to you, “Are you her boyfriend or something?” That’s not the case, Sasuke thought, his brows furrowed at the smirking man before him. Sasuke first decided to give this man a small punishment but that stopped when he saw the man leaning closer to your lips; your eyes widening in pure fear as you struggled to escape from his vice and powerful grip.

Sasuke snapped, he kicked the man down on your feet, you swore you heard the cracks coming from the man and the cement. You stood there, against the wall as your body trembled; tears prickling into the corners of your eyes. “Sasuke… Thank you…”

“I’ll walk you home from now on,” Sasuke said, he noticed you were shivering from both the shock and the temperature outside, his draped his cape over your shoulders and he looked down at you with a gaze so soft, a gaze that was so rare to find from Sasuke. You nodded your head in agreement, the soft breeze brushed against your hair as you pulled his cape closer to you, feeling yourself getting warm in his cape.

“Thank you so much.”

Hatake Kakashi:

  • Kakashi wouldn’t be so passive at this, at all. He’d straight up confront that guy and beat him up into a bloody pulp. He quickly noticed how uncomfortable and scared you were, you felt so vulnerable against the man’s touch and Kakashi was pissed. He wouldn’t let you, or anyone go through this. 

Kakashi was simply reading a book on the benches during the late evening, he has always read on the benches and he felt comfortable sitting onto the wooden seat. A relaxed sigh escaped from his lips, his fingers turning pages as he began to read the lewd book in silence; he let out a few giggles while doing so but he stopped. He heard something odd, it sounded like cries. It wasn’t close to a dog’s cry or a wolf’s howl. But it sounded more human.

His ears perked up at the sound of fearful cries from the forest, within a second he knew it was you. His eyes widened in pure worry, he hurried himself to where you were and Kakashi’s blood boiled in rage, his fists were ready to punch him and his gaze was so hateful toward the man. You looked at him from afar, your eyes teared up and you tried kicking the man in the groin but that only made the man holding onto you even more tighter; a pained cry escaped from your aching throat.

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If you could fight any living person at this moment, who would you throw down with?

I mean I’m very confident I could beat up pretty much any member of the US government but I’m gonna probably go with actual invertebrate Paul Ryan because he defs deserves a punch in the face

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i'm not sure if you watch the walking dead but steven yeun LOVED working on that show and it makes me laugh bc he's such a cryptid in this fandom... he still to this day does not know who what or where a voltron is

me, remembering how twd was probably the only quality role steven will actually get

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/I'M SO SORRY BUT I'M READY FOR SOME ANGST AND TOO LAZY TO WRITE HHHHHHAAAAAA HI/ Toni, why even bother? Obviously, Matt doesn't even care enough to keep you in a good relationship. You KNOW he's too good for you. There's probably someone else, isn't there? Someone he ACTUALLY deserves... Someone he ACTUALLY cares about...

Toni.exe is no longer working.


  • Hera: "I can live on nothing but beans!"
  • Kanan: "No."
  • Zeb: "Live bugs are the perfect food for a hungry predator living on his own!"
  • Kanan: "No."
  • Sabine: "I don't have parents or a kitchen but I do have a FLAMETHROWER!"
  • Kanan: "No."
  • Ezra: "Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to--"
  • Kanan: "NO."
Sick (Matt espinosa)


I woke up with Matts arms wrapped around my waist as his head laid above mine on the pillow. 

External image

I smiled and and got out of bed and tried not to make Matt up, but all the sudden i let out a heavy cough. Hopefully that didn’t wake him, i quietly make my way over to the door

“Babe?” Matts raspy morning voice said with concern.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” I rubbed my head that shot with pain.

“Y/n are you ok? you sound horrible babe” he sat up

“ya just a little unde the weather i guess” i coughed in between my sentence

“Aww babe, come here” he held out his arms

“no Matt i don’t want to get you sick” i groaned, really wanting to be in his arms

“Baby i don’t care! come herreee” he said with a pouty face as he got out of bed and walked over to me and engulfed me in a hug

“ya you feel a little warm babe, go lay down, I’m gonna go get some cold medicine in the cabinet” he kissed my forehead

External image

I laid down in bed and let out a sigh, i hate being sick, i literally had no sleep last night and i feel like complete crap

“Matttttt” i groaned

“I know baby, it sucks” he walked in with medicine in his hand as he sat down next to me and poured the medicine into the cup “sorry we only had cherry flavored” he frowns and i grown 

“y/n you won’t feel better unless you take it” he rubbed my back

i huffed and sat up and took the cup from Matt and downed it and made a face.

“ that was a cute face” he laughed

“stoooop” i laughed along with him

External image

I laughed intill i started coughing, which didn’t take long

“awww babe” Matt frowned “do you want cuddles” he gave me a big goofy grin

“No Matty i don’t want to get you sick”

“to lattteee” he jumped to the other side of the bed and crawled next to me 

he pulled me on top of him and traced shapes on my back, something that he knew helped me relax 

External image

“Get some sleep princess, i will be here when you wake up” he kissed my forehead as i drifted to sleep 


I woke up alone in bed feeling a lot better then i was before, still pretty crappy but much better. 

Matt walked through the door and smiled over at me

“Hey beautiful, your finally up i see, do you feel any better?” Matt walked over and sat on the bed and put his hand on my thigh

“ya much better then before, but I’m still a little congested” i frowned

“I got something that will help with that” he took my hand and guided me to the bathroom and turned on the shower

“the steam will help clear your systems” he smiled

“are you trying to help me or do you just want to shower with me” i grinned at him as he laughed

“little bit of both” he smirked as he started taking off his clothes along with me.

we both stepped into the shower and matt wrapped his arms around me  and pulled me closer.

External image

“i hate being sick” i looked up at him

he kissed my forehead

“ I know, but that means lots of cuddles” he grinned

I smiled up at my amazing boyfriend

how did i get so lucky? he actually was perfect and i probably don’t deserve him

“whatcha thinking about” he rubbed my cheek

“how amazing you are"i smiled and kissed him cheek

"You have no idea how bad i want to kiss your lips right now” he stared into my eyes

“shut up Romeo” i stared at his tempting plump lips

“screw it I’m going in” he said before pressing his lips to mine 

i tried to push him off but he just pressed harder

we finally pulled away

“matthew Lee! now your gonna get sick!” i frowned and playfully hit his arm

“hey it was totally worth it”

this was our relationship, i loved him so much and he loved me just as much back. No matter what we went through, he was there for me and i was there for him. And i was definitely there for him when he got sick 2 days later


ok not gonna lie, this came out totally adorable!

requests are always open! thanks for reading!

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Be All My Sins Remembered

(Nerkhun quite honestly believes himself to be a failure at best, and a terrible person at worst. Probably more so than he actually deserves. He has, in the past, run from or distanced himself from praise or any support, not thinking himself worthy, or worrying that his very presence would put innocents in danger)

So my three year old son was telling my mother-in-law all about Taylor Swift, and then she goes “Just don’t ever date her or she’ll write a bad song about you.” And my son looked at her like she was completely insane and just said “No, she’d write a good song about me because I am good.” To him it’s that simple: if Taylor Swift writes a diss track about you, you probably deserved it.

(He’s never actually heard any of horrible misconceptions or judgments or lies or sexism about Taylor before, so I wasn’t sure how he’d handle it. I think he did pretty well).

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How about CHANSOO? I know everyone is shipping Baekyeol and Kaisoo... To my heart it will always be them two (/_\) even if it's just best friend wise

HI! Omg it’s been soo long since i did one of these!!

thanks for asking! i know chanbaek and kaisoo are really popular but i always wanted to talk about my feelings on CHANSOO! Finally i wiil, thanks to you ;)

i know they are like reaaally good friends but im not gonna sit idly by and watch this sexual tension in the air silently…

and omg they are the best brotp example of a dumb giant and a master of evil being partners in crime! that’s what makes them look good together tbh.

and what is this omg fucking leave chanyeol

i just love their relationship ok?! i dont care what it is i just love it

the relationship is mostly based on chanyeol annoying the heck out of kyungsoo and kyungsoo being a little bitch about it

lol this picture kinda sums it up;

is he making fun of kyung’s height

he does that alot actually and one day this happened;

you probably deserved that chanyeol..

chanyeol cams are just priceless

chanyeol likes close-ups

a lot..

it gets scary sometimes

the truth behind this love-hate relationship is that they actually have a really close friendship anD THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT IN A ”FRIENDSHIP”