actually has good fashion

I just really want Discord to be friends with the rest of the mane six in the show. And everyone else too. *sobs in corner*

I want him and Rarity to be drama buddies who watch cheesy soap operas or something (and debate about their ships). And they’re both creative too, though Rarity would probably be horrified by his fashion sense (unless he actually has a good one).

I wanna see Discord with Pinkie and/or RD pranking ponies and doing crazy things and Discord and Pinkie bonding over being weird. Also I think a friendship between these three would be a good way to teach him that he can be his silly, crazy self without hurting others or being a nuisance all the time

I want Discord and AJ clashing over their differences and being all competitive and snarky, maybe also learning to understand each other because FRIENDSHIP and having a crazy guy-sane guy dynamic. And also because I’m shipping/friendshipping trash I want a sad scene that turns sweet (but that’ll never happen so meh). Plus his new friendship with Big Mac should be explored more

Or what about Discord and Twilight being all smart and philosophical and sciencey, doing weird/dangerous experiments and talking about chaos and harmony (basically Twilight being the friend to “discuss chaos-based magic with”), or trying to outsmart each other. I can imagine Discord making up some scientific-sounding/magical bullsh*t and Twilight trying to investigate and study it, and hilarity ensues because it’s faker than the tooth fairy yet Discord finds ways to convince her it’s legit (but then again this could turn into another one of those “Discord acts like a jerk” episodes and we’ve had enough of those already so maybe not)

I want to see what he’d be like interacting with minor characters like Shining Armor and Cadance. Especially Cadance, because that would be a great opportunity to reveal that she’s got an adventurous side or something surprising (I do headcanon that she has a bit of weird in her somewhere–and it has something to do with shipping, probably).

What about Discord and the CMC? I just wanna see him interact with children and I want to watch everything go to hell as his irresponsibility gets everyone in trouble OR die of cute if it turns out he’s actually good with kids (I seriously doubt it tho). WHY NOT A BIT OF BOTH? BOTH IS GOOD

Also his friendship with Spike! I need more of that. OR! Discord interacting with the townsfolk of Ponyville (or Canterlot, maybe with one of the Princesses, because that would be hilarious–bonus points if he offends the nobility). I JUST WANT MORE DISCORD FRIENDSHIPPING WHERE HE ISN’T BEING A JERK HALF THE TIME AND IS ONLY NICE TO FLUTTERSHY

I included the girls’ heights for you all

very important factos!

Sky: Brandon keeps telling him “tHats NOt HoW peOpLe dRess!”, but Sky insists on wearing only thrift store clothing.

Brandon: totally doesn’t own a closet full of white t-shirts.

Riven: basically still wears the same outfits as when he was in middle school.

Timmy: actually has a really good fashion sense. I barely had to change anything. 

Helia: i totally didn’t use jeonghan of seventeen as a reference what are you talking about

Nabu: kind of dresses like a CEO trying to be casual about it.


Dating Bucky Barnes would include:

  • Bucky is so protective over you and the entire team know it. If something ever happens to you on a mission Barnes has to be the last to know about it because he goes mental.
  • The way you call him ‘Barnes’ is a big turn on.
  • He has kissed every single part of your body at some point.
  • When you guys argue it’s not over stupid little things, it’s ugly. It ends in tears and broken hearts but no matter the issue; you can’t live without each other.
  • You both repair each other. You’re Bucky’s cure to his HYDRA nightmares and he can bring the best of you out. Steve admitted since you and Bucky had been together he had seen tremendous improvement in you emotionally and out in the field.
  • Bucky actually has a really good fashion sense which shocked you. He often picks out your outfits for you when you go out together.
  • You have a pet and it took several games of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide which name was best for it.
  • Waking up and seeing him in all tactical gear and putting on his combat boots is the saddest thing ever. Knowing you wont see him again for a few months because of a mission. When he wakes up and see’s you getting ready for a mission he always tries to drag you back to bed.
  • On the other hand, getting back from a mission can go one of two ways. He can either pull you in and you can just spend hours cuddling and exchanging lazy kisses or you can be in for a few steamy rounds.
  • He can play the electric guitar so well, you can listen for so long.
  • One time you caught Steve singing while Bucky played the guitar.
  • JARVIS recorded it.
  • Sometimes silence is the most comforting thing he can offer.

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more hot topic au headcanons pls


perfect because @mayoffnaise just threatened me and i cant disappoint my spouse

  • k so like ive said before hunk works at mcdonalds
    • how he got the job was because one time him, lance and pidge were eating there and the place experienced a machine malfunction for ice cream
    • the staff was like “we’re sorry but sundaes are unavailable until the machine is fixed”
    • AND HUNK WAS LIKE “NO SUNDAES? THIS IS AN ATROCITY. I’M HANDLING THIS” and he rolls up his fuckin sleeves because no one comes between hunk and his fuckin sundaes
      • he fixes the fucking ice cream machine
        • mcdonalds literally throws the job offering at him
          • hunk gets free sundaes whenever he wants
            • pidge and lance like to mooch off him for that
  • one time shiro walked into forever 21 lookin for allura so he could give her bag that she forgot at their store 
    • all of allura’s co-workers literally fought over who gets to “take that off of shiro’s hands”
      • like there was a literal fight in the middle of the store
      • and allura just walks by and is like “oh thanks shiro” and takes her bag back
  • surprisingly Lance is one of Coran’s most loyal customers because Lance always buys new manga and comic books from his bookstore
    • Allura likes to stop by and talk to Coran about classic literature
  • keith has an ex (dUN DUN DUNNNN) 
    • Ex lowkey stalked him for a while because he wanted to get back together 
    • keith hates his fuckin guts
      • one time Ex visited hot topic to look for Keith and Lance came in while the two of them were talking
  • when Lance isn’t wearing his stupid weeb merch and clothes - he actually has good fashion sense
    • keith thinks its hot af
      • especially bc Lance looks fine™ at their dates
  • klance got together courtesy of pidge, hunk and shiro
    • they set the losers up for a blind date
      • they go to an arcade 
        • keith ends up grabbing an mp3 player and lance is raging bc hes p sure this game is slander
        • japanese photobooth u kno where im getting with this
        • some person mistook keith for an anime character and lance could not stop laughing 
          • keith was kicking him while hes on the floor but lance is still dying
      • they go to lance’s apartment bc keith needs to ”experience the religious holiness of anime”
        • makes him watch death note
        • COUCH SMOOCH
  • tfw gamestop is a pokestop and lance and pidge try to make profit outta that shit
    • pidge literally built a machine that keeps track of who’s using pokemon go at gamestop

oh man this was long aNYWA Y  I HOPE THESE ARE OK

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What would it be like to go shopping for clothes with BTS?

Namjoon likes fashion and so he’d have fun shopping with you! He’d probably even make you wait around for him as he tries stuff on, but it’d be cute because you two would be coordinating outfits for each other and you’d end up buying killer looks that would make everyone do double takes.

Jin is tolerable of anything as long as there’s a promise of food later on. You could shop till you drop and he’d be polite and give you his opinion as long as your last stop is the food court and you’re buying.

Yoongi doesn’t even like to get out of bed in the morning, and if he had a choice he’d live in like sweatpants and a t-shirt so clothing shopping with him might just include him taking a nap in the waiting area of the changing rooms. Don’t expect too much feedback on your outfits minus him nodding his head, shaking it, or asking when you’re gonna go home.

Hoseok is excited to just about anything with you and he’d be really fun to go shopping with because he’d jokingly pick out the wildest combinations of clothes and be like “Do you think this would look good?”. He might not offer a lot of fashion expertise, but he’ll hold your bags and say anything looks good on you hehe.

Jimin loves you so if you want a shopping date then sure! He’d be so cute, holding your bags and things while you browse. He’d probably shyly be like “Oh they’re selling couple sweaters over there…..if you’re interested…..” 

V actually has a good fashion sense for the most part, he’s a fan of comfy clothes though so he’d probably advise you two buy things like that. He’d probably be like “What if I buy this shirt and like … cut it up? Wouldn’t that look cooler?” 

Jungkook would rather you just online shop he’d literally be like “Look, they have that store ONLINE with FREE SHIPPING! We don’t have to leave the house!” but if he goes with you, expect him to be on his phone the whole time. 


Braindead cast for Mashable 

Star Wars Preferences: Clothes Shopping

(Requested by @sakuraaeris1497 I hope you like it Sweetie!)

Obi-Wan: You try to pick out some sexy clothes and try them on for Obi to see if you can get him flustered in public.

Anakin:  Whenever you two go shopping together he always tries to get you to model underwear/lingerie for him.

Padme: You two seriously have a great time shopping. She is the fashion queen so she tells you what looks good and what doesn’t.

Qui-Gon: He isn’t much for shopping but he will go with you and patiently wait for you to be done so you can do something together.

Darth Maul: He refuses to go shopping with you. It is not happening.

Luke: He gets bored when he goes clothes shopping with you. He starts to force lift stuff in the store and you try to stop him before he gets kicked out of the store.

Han: He complains that you dragged him to go clothes shopping with you but smirks when he sees you pick out something he thinks you look good in.

Leia: You two enjoy clothes shopping well enough but you two prefer going and getting new hairstyles.

Boba: He makes a compromise with you. He will go clothes shopping with you if you go gun shopping with him. This is perfect for you since you wanted to do both.

Finn: You try stuff on and ask him what he thinks. He always gives you his honest opinion. Sometimes he falls asleep but pretends like he didn’t.

Poe: While you two are walking around shopping he likes to point out clothes he thinks you would look good in. He then likes to whisper in your ear exactly how good he thinks you would look in them.

Rey:  She is a pro at helping you find clothes on sale. Or finding good stuff at thrift stores.

Kylo: He spends a long time helping you pick out clothes. You pay back the favor by spending a long time helping him pick out hair care products.

Hux: He actually has a pretty good eye for fashion and helps you pick out really fancy clothes.

Captain Phasma: She goes with you and tries to pick you out practical clothes that will help protect you.

Why aren’t there more Soma fangirls? Like everyone’s out to fawn over how hot Sebs is, but like, why Sebastian? Clearly Soma is the most eligible bachelor in kuroshitsuji.

Like think about it: 

-he has a caring personality
-won’t murder you
-he’s pretty as hell and has a killer body 
-good taste in fashion
-an actual prince
-fuckin’ loaded
-super smart
-will provide you with excellent food

He’s pretty much everything everyone wants in a man at the same time and yet theres not nearly as many Soma fangirls as there should be.