actually happy with an edit of mine for once


my simple edits of monsta x through the eras for their 2nd anniversary

happy 2 years to these seven adorable and talented boys. they never fail to impress me, with not only their music but their incredible work ethic and their unbelievable love for monbebes. i truly wish that in the future, they finally get the recognition and happiness that they deserve. so once again, happy 2nd anniversary monsta x, i love you a lot and i hope that there are many more anniveraries to come  ♥

interviewer: so zayn, have you listened to made in the am yet?

zayn: i’ve listened to like one song- *history ringtone starts playing* fuck, i mean i might have heard a few- *dozens of niall edition cd’s fall from pocket* okay, I’ve listened through it maybe once but- *exposes new tattoo of lyrics from love you goodbye* uhm…


zayn: i can explain