actually good hugs

Imagine Person A is usually first to end a hug. One day, Person A hugs Person B tighter and longer than they usually do, catching Person B by surprise, since they were about to loosen up in anticipation of letting Person A go. Person B then tightens their own hugging in response.


Delta Squad Reunites

“Hey, there she is! Our hero!” Joan was exhausted but Marcus managed to get a little smile out of her and a self deprecating shake of her head. Her eyes scanned the room as she walked towards him.

“He’s not here.” Marcus pulled a chair out for her. “Grabbed a stack of files and left after I told him you all were out and safe.”

She feigned indifference and gave Marcus her statement quickly. Exhausted, numb, she just wanted to be far away from everyone and everything. Her phone was still somewhere amid the evidence from the diner but at this point she didn’t care. A ride home was offered and gladly accepted.


Joan didn’t even bother calling out his name when she got home. Whether he was there or not did not matter. Not angry, just resigned. She knew what he was like when it came to her and was in no mood to take care of anyone else’s feelings at the moment.

Wearily, she climbed the stairs to her room. Midway up she became aware of the shadow on the second floor landing. She continued climbing and he took a step forward into view, watching her intently as she reached the landing. He stood mouth slightly open as if to speak. She nodded a greeting and said nothing. There was nothing to say. Joan walked past him into her room.

Sherlock stood in place, not wanting to intrude but needing to, unsure as to what was proper, what was forward, too much, too little, too soon  … too late.

The click of her door closing behind her was almost immediately followed by the click of her door being opened. Joan turned to face him.

He took a step towards her catching her completely off guard.  For a split second she was unsure of what had happened. She stood stiff, confused. It was so far outside the realm of possibility that it didn’t register as reality.  His arms were around her and he was holding her to him. The thump of his heartbeat resounded through her own body. Sherlock’s hand came up and cradled her head.

To his relief, she did not push him away.  With head and arms nestled upon his chest, she sunk into him, allowed herself to disappear into him, allowed herself to be supported without question or guilt. And so they stood, assuring each other wordlessly that their bond was unbreakable, their partnership solid, their love intact.

“Shall I bring you up something to eat, hmm?” He spoke softly into her hair but made no move away from her.

Joan nodded her head against his chest. “Grilled cheese.” The immediateness of her muffled response made him smile.

She snuggled in closer, and enjoyed the moment for just a while longer.

Enjolras wakes up in the afterlife, surrounded by all of his friends; sitting on the barricade laughing and smiling fondly at one another; grateful tears in their eyes. But something is missing. Grantaire is nowhere in sight. Enjolras walks into the cafe and finds the cynic at his usual table, his face buried in his hands. Enjolras opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted as Grantaire breathlessly chokes out “ It will never really end, will it?” Grantaire had never really planned on life after death…


UNSPKN part 22

Where atmosphere loosens up a bit.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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Evolution of a celly/hug: Sid + Horny (26-05-2016)

How He Gives Hugs

Garrus at first is, in a word, awkward. His arms accidentally trap Shepard’s and he has no idea how long it should last, how hard he should squeeze, any of it. He uses Shep as a guideline, letting them move him until they’re both comfortable.

Mordin’s hugs are brief. They’re quick, but still complete. His arms enfold Shepard, giving them a light squeeze. Cool skin brushing warm, for a breath, before he’s gone, off to a new experiment or subject. These moments could almost be explained away as imagination, if not for the glimmer of fondness in his eyes.

Grunt doesn’t hug. If he needs to show affection, he’ll do it like a true krogan. That is, with enough force to leave bruises but not enough to crack bone. Shepard is no stranger to a punch or a headbutt as a greeting. Grunt’s battlemaster can handle anything he throws at them. And if no one’s around, and Shep does their weird hug thing, he doesn’t mind it so much.

Legion has never given a hug. Who would they have practiced with? When Shepard hugs them, their collective stalls to process it, to reach a consensus on what to do. Data unavailable. One quick download of a few extranet files later, and a steel arm reaches to embrace, and pat Shepard-Commander’s back.

Wrex gives bear hugs. They don’t happen often, but when they do, Shepard is swept up in a one krogan avalanche of an embrace. As rough and strong as the krogan giving them, Shep has to tap out and remind him to let them breathe. Humans don’t have a second set of lungs. Despite this, one doesn’t get caught up in a Wrex hug without feeling strangely safe.

Kaiden’s hugs are warm and brotherly. It  isn’t something he had to learn, and he uses his experience. He might not initiate them a lot, but he always accepts them. His skin is tingly from the biotic implants. Sometimes it’s hardly noticeable, sometimes it’s like a static shock. Either way, it’s easily laughed off, and makes his hugs a little more special.

Thane embraces Shepard in the manner he does everything, deliberately. Slowly, careful of potential skin contact, his arms wrap around them. Every moment is being inscribed into his memory, so he tries to make it the best possible. Despite Joker’s snide comments, Thane is actually good at cuddling. 

Zaeed’s hugs are rough and brief. Also, usually only initiated after he’s had a drink or three. The only warning is a “goddamn it, c’mere” before Shepard is swung into a one armed, back cracking hug and then quickly pushed away as Zaeed walks off.

So the main part of my dream was that I was at some kind of party & all of my classmates and Grell & will for some reason were there, and everyone had brought their own cake, so most of it was me going from table to table & eating all of the cake, but then some girl got mad at me for clinging to Grell too much so I had to patch things up with her (who I’ve never met) & then I went back to eating cake & I woke up

Bedtime, 17 May 17

It is nearly 3am, I’ve just given up on rewatching Leverage all night (my hands said no more working on projects), and I found my phone after having misplaced it this morning. I have apparently been all but sitting on it.

Hugs for everyone, and I hope y’all sleep well when you get there!