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Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!

It’s just like.. sometimes there are no feelings in my heart..
—  Sadness
Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh


consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

i started thinking about whether nick and charlie would ever use pet names and .. i feel like they eventually do, and the first time it happens is something like this: charlie’s not having a good mental health day and nick’s really concerned/wants to comfort him however he can and he just says it without thinking :’)

nick and charlie are from @heartstoppercomic

Imagine if Todd gets injured during a case (someone he’s chasing down a hallway stops suddenly and shoves him into a tiny broom closet, his phone is smashed in the commotion and he struggles to stay conscious while slowly bleeding out and running out of air) and Dirk Gently has to try find him while the universe does not care and keeps trying to send him off in other directions.

And Dirk’s properly fighting the will of the universe for the first time in a very long time.

When the universe left him with the CIA for so many years he understood that there were lessons he had to learn (about himself, about what other people were capable of) before he could really start to help people. When the universe had him arrested for stealing exam papers he understood that he wasn’t meant to be at Cambridge. When the universe conspired to drive away everyone he’s ever worked with he understood that maybe he was more useful alone. He’s spent his entire life trying to find the underlying purpose behind whatever claims the universe has made on him (it’s been easier for him to pretend that there’s actual lessons to be learned, rather than accept that sometimes his suffering and loneliness was inevitable and necessary).

But here and now, Dirk doesn’t care what the universe needs from him. He doesn’t know whether it’s intuition or gut instinct or sheer bloody-minded pessimism but he knows that Todd needs him, and he’s sensing connections everywhere but he can’t tell what’s actually useful for finding Todd and what’s just useful for solving the case. He’s seeing connections everywhere and he’s regretting with every fibre of his being that the CIA never managed to teach him control, teach him anything useful.

He’s always paid the price before but if the universe demands Todd?

That’s not something Dirk can accept.

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in that drawing of Jake in an old dress, he reminded me of Maria Reynolds

Is this what you wanted?

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How do you think season 4 would've gone had Eric been the one to have a serious (non-Donna) girlfriend while Donna remained unattached?

Well, I actually think Donna shouldn’t have dated anyone since her reasons for not accepting Eric’s promise ring was that she wanted to do so much more before having a bigger compromise. She felt like if being with Eric (and I asume, anyone else) was going to hold her from achiving all these things she dreamt of.

But Eric wanted to be in a relationship. He wasn’t interested in a future beyond a desire of finishing school and going to college (and we even get to see that he didn’t have a clue of what he was going to do with his future in later seasons). For him, a big deal in his life was to get the girl and he did. His error? Taking her for grounded.

I think a more in character Eric may have tried to date with odd results. He sort of tries in season 4, but everything always takes him back to Donna and how they are both just waiting for the other to give in. Which is sick and toxic, and shouldn’t had been this way. So, had he dated someone instead of Donna dating an asshole, I think he may have learned to respect Donna even more.

Because part of what makes Donna feel comfortable with Eric is the fact that they have know each other for a long time. She can understand where his internal sexism and self-dislike is coming from, she has seen it since they were kids. She tries to fight it and to help him, but both are young and are still learning not only to form their own opinions and ways of thinking, so her methods (and his) weren’t enough. At the end of the day this is a job he needs to do himself.

He dating another girl will not give him that past he has with Donna. This girl will have to be one hell of an observer and even more patient than Donna, because he was also really hurt by how things went down between him and his first love. Knowing Eric at that moment, he would probably keep comparing both girls and that’s not healthy.

Donna’s reaction to this is simple. She will be jealous, especially if things work out between Eric and his new girl. It may happen that she’ll be mean to her and everyone would notice. For this, I think Jackie would get in her side and be mean to the new girl too. While Hyde would try and talk her into understanding that she got what she wanted (freedom) and Eric what he did (a girl that may want the same as him).

I don’t see Eric getting into a relationship like Donna and Casey’s, mostly because that relationship was put to make Eric look like the only one for Donna, the only one that is good. In this case, that can be shown as him being in good terms with this girl. But eventually, I believe, his love for Donna will always win over anyone else in a romantic way.

But in case he got into a toxic relationship and he got a lapsus brutus like Donna’s in the show, that would be ugly to see. Because Eric’s worst part is horrible. He can be mean and rude, his sexism can become mysoginy and he can get– well, like when Pam appeared in season 6: unbelievable. Having Donna to reject him after, making him to go to runaway from his house for the summer with Kelso, may teach him a few things.

At the end, I think he may understand his bullshit has no justification and he needs to learn to respect Donna as a person, not only as his girlfriend and maybe future wife. As long as he can’t see her, and any other woman, as persons first, he’s lost.

No wonder Lainey is mad lately (December 2016)

Here she is joining Gerg and Sarah for a game. She doesn’t look/sound happy. She leaves less than half way through this video and Billie joins them, too.

Take note how their legs are touching.

The screenshots above are from the most recent video on his uhohbro channel.

These pictures below are from this previous three or four videos from early Nov to now:

Look how closes these two are sitting versus how close he and his WIFE were.

Okay, so he’s grabbing her knee.

IT GETS BETTER!!! The girl using the VR is not Lainey, she’s another moderately attractive blue haired girl. So there’s three pretty girls in his house at this time and Lainey has fucked off in the back room I guess?

Look at that, folks. When is the last time he sat like this with Lainey? It gets better! 

Are- Are those Billie’s little fingers dangerously close to his teeny peeny? 


Now they are hiding more under the cover. Verrry interesting. 

Wonder what’s going on under there?

So yeah, seeing this explains why Lainey is so unhappy. He lights up with Billie. They are always physically touching. He insults Lainey by calling her a “fucking moron” but he teases Billie and the other girls. Personally if I were Lainey I would’ve punched someone in the mouth by now. I would lose my mind over this. I’m sure she is losing her mind over this. 

So Lainey, or Elaine, or Laine, whatever you go by now, if you’re seeing this I hope you know that this is what’s happening while you’re off doing god knows what. I’m willing to bet that you pout in the room while he’s out here making videos with other girls, and I bet you don’t watch his gaming videos. So here we go! Pictures of this slimy fuck getting very, very cozy with the girl that he WANTS to be with.