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Quick introduction!

I gained 20 followers yesterday (thank you, anon hate!!), so I’m going to do a brief crash course of my most common posts and what I tag them with so people can blacklist what they don’t want to see.

This blog contains:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: #fma, #fmab, #fma manga, #fma 2003
  • RWBY: #rwby
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: #atla
  • Legend of Korra: #lok
  • Little Witch Academia: #lwa
  • Steven Universe: #su
  • Nature: #nature
  • Personal posts: #the hawk speaks
  • LGBT-related things: #lgbt
  • Birds: #birb
  • Fanfiction: #fic rec
  • Inspirational posts: #inspiration
  • Overwatch: #overwatch
  • The rare political post: #politics (I also use this as a catch-all for social issues like feminism and men’s rights)
  • I try to tag mental illness things as either #mental health or #mental illness, I still don’t have a consistent tag for that.
  • I also don’t tag shitposts with any specific tag.
  • Any other show/movie/game I post about will be tagged with what it is, but if it’s not on this list that means I don’t post about it with any consistency.

If you want to blacklist any ships, I most commonly post:

  • #royai
  • #edwin
  • #white rose
  • #bumbleby
  • #qrowin
  • #renora
  • #diakko
  • #korrasami

Another thing to note is that I do not tag trigger warnings except in very rare circumstances. From my own standpoint, my blog is fairly safe, but if you find my content triggering, please please please take care of yourself and unfollow me. I won’t take it personally.

Last but not least, I am here to have fun and make friends. Please be kind to me and others, and I will be respectful to you.

Have a lovely day everyone!

you know what impresses me?

we all know how much hate there is out there for a-specs (if not, just check the “ace discourse” tag to see what I mean). but since i came out as panromantic and demisexual and started posting more and more pro-ace material, I have actually gained more followers than i’ve lost. 

this tells me that more people are actually pro-inclusion than the exclusionists would have us believe, and (of course) my followers are amazing 💗👍🏻🎉


I missed the 300 mark because of uni so here’s my thanks to u all for following me and all my sourin trash ur great and i love u

Iv’e been thinking too much

7 weeks ago i made a new comic in the revived!guardians au named “we need to talk”; it was very personal and not very ambitious, and i had no idea itd actually end up gaining a following.
now, what the new followers this comic brought me dont know is that i am bipolar, and that i started this comic in the middle of a phase of mania.

the last update i made was posted a month ago and since then i havent posted much of my art, in or outside of the au.
this is not only because ive entered a new phase of depression, but also because drawing this comic is long (4-6 hours per update on average), emotionally exhausting and also stressing.

i know how much it has helped people and how badly you all want to know what happens next, but please, getting about 20 messages per day (no joke) asking me when the next comic is gonna be posted is NOT helping me, AT ALL.

in the eventuality that i cant draw my comic anymore at all (not likely), i will post the script of the remaining updates so you can at least know how it ends.
however, i am NOT abandoning my comic, and will return to it as soon as possible, but i am currently NOT able to draw it. please understand that.

i really expected i would lose followers and get anon hate over that post i made that got reblogged by vegan tumblr but i’ve actually gained several followers and am now close to my next hundred also the only anon i got was a vegan who thought my stance was reasonable

Looking for Love Live Blogs!

I just came to the realization that even though Love Live is probably my second-most intense or tied for my most intense fandom right now, I follow barely any LL blogs and I really would like to have it on my dash. If you post a lot of LL please like or reblog this post and I’ll check you out! It would be nice to see the girls on my dash more!

Rant/Discussion post?

I keep seeing so many shows killing off their poc and lgbt characters (almost all women) and it is extremely sad and dissapointing. There is an entire multi-billion dollar industry that is built upon the magic of storytelling and giving people the opportunity to escape through fiction. And lately they have been failing when it comes to representation. For a while I was so happy and excited to see all of these characters finally have a time to shine on screen after sooooo many male (mostly white) characters. They were beautiful characters. I related to these characters. Now that the shows with these characters have gotten into more than 1 or 2 seasons and have actually gained a huge following, these characters are being killed off… It’s not even about a shock value anymore. I will raise my hands up in disbelief because they are being killed off for seemingly no reason. These characters have the most potential and once that potential looks like it’s actually going to come through they are shot down. It’s insane. I know that this has happened with The 100 and most recently with Sleepy Hollow and several other shows that I can’t even think of right now. . If I may, I have a suggestion for anyone who wants to watch a show that cares about its poc and lgbt characters. Shadowhunters is a new sci-fi show on freeform about angels, demons, warlocks, vampires, fairies and everything in between. (Based off of The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare- which I would totally recommend omg) The main cast currently consists of 7 characters. 3 who are white and 4 who are poc. And this is just the main cast. There are a buuuuunch of side characters who are poc (who are honestly in the show way more than you would expect). And then 2 of the 7 main characters are gay and bisexual. There was literally an entire episode named after the ship name of these two characters and believe me it did not disappoint! The first season just ended and we have lift off for season 2 with 20 episodes! These characters are absolutely wonderful, extremely relatable, strong, hot, and just well-rounded, well written characters. Yes it has only had one season so you might be a little skeptical for future seasons, but trust me when I say that none of these main characters will die and the writers and producers have guaranteed that they will take care of them. I trust the writers to continue to provide us with a wonderful show as they have not disappointed yet! (I totally did not intend on making such a long post, but I saw everything about Sleepy Hollow and felt like rambling- so if you got to the bottom of this then you’re awesome) . And now I shall provide a gif of my favorite and absolutely gorgeous Latina character, Izzy Lightwood, for your viewing pleasure. So smart, so strong, so beautiful. You will looooove her!

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Hello Everyone!

This is a new blog for all those under the trans umbrella or allies! UpWithTrans is all about spreading trans positivity, visibility, and resources. Whatever your gender orientation, cis or trans, binary or non-binary, you are welcome to be a part of this community.

In order to make sure we have the best reach and available content, our submission and ask box is open. Feel free to ask any of the mods questions, send a link to an article, show a good website or gofundme, and participate in our selfie days! Starting next week so that we can gain an actual following, there will be Visibility Days! There is:

  • Masculine Monday-for all the trans men out there
  • What’s a Binary Wednesday- for all of our non-binary pals
  • Feminine Friday- for the trans women to have some visibility too.

We will also accept submissions of art that has to do with UpWithTrans if that’s what you want to do. Any way you want to be involved is welcome!

That’s all for now

Mod Amethyst