actually feeling the emotions he's trying to understand

About Last Night // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Two [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Public Fingering, Public-ish Oral (Female on Male), Sinning, Thigh Riding, and Swearing.

Word Count: 6,283

Song: Slow Hands (Acoustic) by Niall Horan

A/N: Thank you to my favorite @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading and editing this. I love you!

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Chihokogate is overwhelmingly romantic; fight me

I’ve seen people describe the “Overcome Chihoko” story in a number of ways–Victor being Extra, crackfic, something written purely for laughs, and so forth. And yes, I think all of those things are true, to a certain extent, but I’m not sure we appreciate exactly how lovely of an instance of crackfic this is.

More below the cut.

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For some reason, I’ve been having a lot of otp feels these days - so I just felt like writing a little something about this one moment from chapter 333:

There are two things about this whole chapter that amaze me.
Luffy only says one word here: Heavy…!!. Yet it is enough for Zoro to understand what he means and what he must be going through. This is one of those rare moments when Luffy is not physically drained but rather emotionally. And vulnerable. He doesn’t really react to what Zoro tells him but I do think that he said what Luffy needed to hear.
Then there is the fact that Zoro talks to him at all… As you know, this takes place right after Luffy defeated Usopp as he left the crew. Everyone is obviously hurt and shocked about what happened. So Zoro himself is in pain about it but I’m guessing he also realizes that Luffy has it worse since he was the one who had to fight Usopp. It would have been understandable if he had just tried to quietly deal with his feelings - like the others did - but instead, he kinda pushes his own emotions back to look out for and try to find the right words to say to Luffy. That is actually pretty selfless imo. And it’s also not the first or last time when he prioritizes Luffy over himself.
But really, Zoro’s love for Luffy is something that never ceases to amaze me.

Not Like This (Part 2)

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Part 3: Here
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Part 5: Here

Sorry for the double tags, guys.  Tumblr was apparently having some technical difficulties.  Its all good now!  Enjoy!
Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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anonymous asked:

Sasuke will never care about Naruto the same way as he cares about Sakura. Sakura was always on another level to Sasuke, he wanted to kill Naruto many times.

You’re right. Naruto will always be more important to Sasuke than Sakura could ever be. And you know why? Because unlike Sakura, he actually cared enough about Sasuke to stop and try to understand the pain Sasuke was going through until he was able to relate to him and decided he’d rather die with him than live in a world without him. 

Sasuke himself acknowledged this loyalty and pure devotion, singling him automatically out when they were lying next to each other and finally talking about their emotions for each other. As a result of Sasuke’s feelings for Naruto, he had to get rid of him in order to experience true darkness because as long as Naruto was alive, Sasuke couldn’t become this dark and detached individual he aspired to be, whilst his attacks against Sakura were affect based and had no greater meaning behind it. 

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Hi, can I get a headcanon where the RFA gang (+ minior trio) were friends first with MC before they start dropping clues that they want to be in a romantic relationship with MC but MC is so innocently oblivious to it all?

I love!! This request!! Ahh, becoming friends, slowly - bit by bit - falling into the bottomless pit of love and then desperately trying to convey your feelings only to be met with a veritable wall of unrepentant cluelessness…

Let’s start with Yoosung, shall we?


  • you are Yoosung’s video game buddy and boy howdy does he have a crush on YOU
  • The only way he knows how to express it tho is through the world of LOLOL so he acts SUPER CUTESY to you there. Like quasi-rping your husband cutesy.
  • “This is my waifu =^-^=“, jokes like that, and the two of you own a house together in LOLOL so you’re all domestic in decorating it.
  • He also acts super protective of you. Like, if you’re low on health he’ll heal you if he can, and he’ll get really into defending you if you’re in trouble
  • he sends you ingame jewelry and items and stuff. “Oh, I thought this would look cute on your character!” “You need these stats, right?” etc etc.
  • you are oblivious
  • You of course give back a much as you can - you also like showering Yoosung with stuff and appreciation.
  • Everyone thinks you’re e-dating.
  • At some point, someone is like, “LMAO you know MC is probably a dude in RL right”
  • (you blush)
  • He kind of hopes you’ll GET IT when he asks you if you want to get ingame married
  • You say yes because of the benefits (new hairstyles, emotes, clothes, and the ability to teleport to each other? HECK YEAH)
  • So Yoosung has literally internet married you but still not actually gotten a date.
  • Okay, time to step up his game. He starts mailing you…
  • FLOWERS. Digital flowers. He sends tons of them to your inbox.
  • (Yoosung wtf)
  • You’re still like “oh haha awwhhh how cute” and Yoosung finally, FINALLY works up the courage to actually say it bluntly.
  • He does it on Valentine’s Day where he asks you on a date. A real date. Like with real feelings.


  • holy shit how many ways can this dude say “I am super into you” without actually saying “I am super into you please DATE ME”
  • seriously. selfies 24/7, constant compliments, invites you to every show
  • “You’re so cute I can hardly stand it….”
  • you think he’s like that to everyone. like, he sort of is… but you’ve been friends for so long. why would he be flirting with you now? It must be a joke.
  • definitely a joke
  • (you fan yourself: it is definitely a joke)
  • he starts asking you to help him practice lines but ONLY for couples
  • He starts calling you his “princess” and “babe” and the names of whatever leading lady you’re “playing”
  • He asks you for selfies all the time too
  • You say you got a new top? “SHOW ME”
  • New necklace? “SHOW ME”
  • He’s so supportive and always rooting for you. Whenever you have some public thing to do (like a presentation or a speech or something) HE’S RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT ROW
  • Like it is SO OBVIOUS he is nuts for you and you’re just dense.
  • He’s kind of thinking that he’s being so obvious that you must not like him because?? How could you not realize?
  • You hear him turn down someone who just asked him out by saying “I’m sorry, I like someone else”
  • and you’re like WHO
  • he won’t tell you because DUH but you keep pressing because!!! you have to know!!!
  • After this continues for a good long while he’s just like IT’S YOU
  • “…pffft hhaaa yea right who is it really”

(more under the cut!)

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Green isn’t your colour.

Just read your recent one it was really good can you do one where the reader gets jealous of Camalia so she kisses Shawn when ever Camalia is around thank you.

An old one, but a good one. Sorry for it being posted so late!

Inspiration: Me, as i don’t like showing my emotions or how i feel…

Word Count: 2072

Originally posted by smendesgifs

Walking through Shawn’s apartment, I knew Camila was here but I lost them when I was making some lunch and they disappeared to who knows where. I’ve met Camila before and I do really like her she is a lovely girl and is someone my age but lately Shawn and Camila have been hanging out more then I realise. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been feeling like I could be sick whenever Shawn is not around. Not as in cough cough sick but a sick feeling. I brushed it off at first thinking, not knowing why. Then I was thinking maybe I’m getting to attached and I have never been that kind of person so I started distancing myself, not coming over as much or replying to some of his texts. I guess that is probably when I realised how close they actually were.

Shawn’s normally quick to figure out when something is wrong, which probably irked me more then it should’ve. I still wasn’t letting it go. I started googling my symptoms thinking that for sure I just have some weird long virus. After finding nothing apart from diseases I could get in the jungle, I started looking into some relationship advice and problems.

Turns out, I’m jealous. Me. Jealous. I have never been jealous.  Never. When I first read this, I didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t have been true, why would I be jealous when I knew that Shawn wouldn’t do that. Then a few days passed and I hadn’t heard from Shawn and the thoughts of jealousy and that weird feeling in my stomach started to come back.

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IM GOING TO KEEP POKING YOU ABOUT AUTISTIC NESTA BC THOSE HEADCANONS WERE A M A Z I N G AND IM OBSESSED WITH THIS!!!!! Can you talk about autistic Nesta in the context of nessian though please bc I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Of course I can, friend! ^_^ This will be a weird blend of like…meta and headcanons it’s just a little stream of thoughts, basically? 

Okay first thing that I love especially in the context of this is the differences, socially, between Cassian and Nesta? (And also the ironies that come with this and how they were raised but I’ll get to that in a second.) I just..Love the gender role reversal for a start? 

Women tend to be the ones who are expected to have more social skills and be good at performing emotional labour in relationships. Men are typically allowed more leeway and it’s expected that they won’t be as good at reading other people and are generally seen as less compassionate and what have you. 

This, very obviously, gets flipped on its head when it comes to Nessian. Nesta is uncomfortable in social situations, prefers to be on her own, and when she is around people she can come off as a little…acerbic, sometimes. Like she loves them but dear god she does not have the patience to be around them all the time. Cassian on the other hand, is the picture of social intelligence. He’s described repeatedly as being deeply compassionate and it’s also made clear that he’s excellent at reading and understanding people and knowing how to respond to them. 

The ironies associated with this is that revolve around how they grew up. Think about it. Cassian, who’s so deeply connected to and good with people, grew up alone as an abandoned bastard. He was trained as a soldier and rose to be an army commander, all while having this huge heart and amount of social intelligence that means he’s more naturally suited to solving problems with his head rather than his fists. 

Then there’s Nesta, an autistic who probably wasn’t diagnosed as such in the human world (if they have a concept of autism in this world (let’s say they do)) But Nesta is a girl, and she’s a noble-born girl too, whose mother loved the parties and social life that being of this class afforded her. Nesta is expected to carry that on and be good at it as well and I can just imagine her struggling with it? The parties are too loud and too crowded and there are too many people and it honestly doesn’t matter how many lessons her mother gives her on social politics and etiquette; somehow she always, always manages to do something wrong. And she never understands exactly why or how it’s wrong. Just that when she tries to join in on the conversation everything goes quite. People give her that look. And her mother is standing staring on in disappointment from the corners. 

Multiply this over the course of several years and then introduce a sister like Elain, who is so obviously better at this than her, who gets praise from her mother and from all of her friends while Nesta is shunted to the side and I’m not surprised she gave up and started thinking of them all as ‘sycophantic fools’ instead. Nesta got fed up trying because no matter what she did it was never quite right, and never ever good enough, so she stopped.

 She stopped trying to be like them and she just started being herself instead. People still sometimes fell into awkward silences when she spoke but now she wasn’t disheartened by it, she’d expected it. She still pushed people away but she didn’t sit up late at night crying herself to sleep about it anymore. This was just the way that she was. This was just who she was. She wasn’t her mother, and she wasn’t Elain, either, even if she loved them both dearly. She was herself. And if they didn’t like that, well, she didn’t much like them, either, what did she care? 

And then Cassian and Nesta meet one another and it’s like two sides of the same coin being allowed to face and see each other for the first time. Cassian comes up against someone that he can’t always read, someone who operates a little differently to how he’s used to, someone who confuses him, keeps him guessing, someone he doesn’t automatically know everything about. A challenge. 

And Nesta…Nesta finds someone who actually tries. She finds someone who sees the surface her, that cold, withdrawn, acerbic air she somehow can’t help but project whenever she’s around people (and has long since stopped trying to help it - Elain accepts her for who she is, everyone else can too) but sees her too. He sees beneath to the raging heart, the torrent of fierce emotions they all accuse her of not having.

 She’s heard them whispering in the village, heard them call her heartless and unfeeling and they don’t understand. None of them understand just how deeply she feels, just how strong her heart is. And she tells herself that it’s their loss, their fault they’ll never truly know, never truly benefit from all the fierce love she has to give…But it does get lonely. 

Then he comes along and he sees her. He sees that fierce heart and those raging emotions and he understands. He’s so unlike her, in fact it’s probably difficult to find someone less like her than Cassian. Yet he understands her. 

For all their differences in how they see and interact with the world, though, they respond to it incredibly similarly. Cassian and Nesta have…A lot of the same motives and ideals and goals, actually. They stem from very different places and very different people but they are the same. 

That determination. That ability to sacrifice and destroy yourself for someone that you love. The way that Nesta would have died fighting Tamlin for Elain. The way that Cassian spreads his wings in front of Az to protect him from the king’s magic. The way that Nesta declares herself emissary to the human world because they are the forgotten, the group no-one cares about or seeks to help. But she will. The way Cassian stands before Nesta and swears to defend the humans with her, because dying to save those who cannot protect themselves is a worthy end for him. The way Nesta shields Cassian’s body with her own; as he had done for his brother all those months ago. The way Cassian sets himself up to die so that others will live. 

They are such different people but their hearts are alike and in spite of everything they understand each other

So I love that aspect of this dynamic, but I also love the fact that Cassian accepts and loves Nesta for who she is. Without expecting or wanting her to change, in a way that I don’t think anyone save Elain has ever truly done. (I’ve argued before but I’ll say it again, Elain also has a lot of social intelligence, like Cassian. She also grew up with Nesta and I think that she sees and understands her in a similar way to Cassian and this is one of the reasons that the two sisters are so close - that understanding) 

Cassian’s acceptance of Nesta is really important to me because I think it’s so easy to see a character like her and expect her to change. Expect her to soften herself so that she can more easily navigate the world. Expect her to thaw herself and become warmer and friendlier and more open because this is what’s expected of someone of her gender and class. Expect her to fit the moulds that she never has fit and likely never will, but it’s expected that she’ll shatter some intrinsic part of herself to do so. And in the context of this hc it’s even more important to me that Nesta is never forced to do that, is never forced to change, and is allowed to utterly be herself…and still be loved and worthy of love and a mate and a support circle in spite of all that. Because she doesn’t conform to society’s expectations, because she can’t conform to them. And that doesn’t matter. She is not broken, she does not need to be ‘fixed’, she only needs to be accepted. 

Okay, okay, last thing on this post (which got really long and out of hand, I have other autistic!Nesta/Nessian hcs on another post that someone asked for, smaller and less meta-y ones, so I’ll just post that as it is instead of forcing them in here) but one thing I really love in the context of this hc is, once they’re together, Cassian sort of…helping Nesta understand and navigate the social world around them. 

So Nesta talking to someone and saying something and the conversation ends a little abruptly and she can lean into Cass and ask him if that was okay or- Did she fuck up? How did she fuck up? And Cassian can either gently explain the social rules that have escaped her all her life if need be, or he can reassure her that no, she did good, that was fine, they’re just a prick. 

Or Cass can do what Feyre did for her at the dinner, and reassure her that people aren’t trying to hurt her all the time, sometimes they’re just teasing but they really do mean well. (But also Cassian having quiet words and asking people to stop that if it continues to bother her) and him like…Interpreting other people for her because jfc they’re exhausting, she has no idea what’s going on at all, she is Tired. 

Cassian understanding when Nesta can’t face the idea of a party or a big social gathering, even with his help, so they just stay in that night and snuggle and be together.  

Nesta using the mating bond between them to start learning Cassian’s tells. Because she can learn how to read people’s body language it’s just…like learning any other language because it’s not intrinsic or instinctive. So she can feel through the bond what he’s feeling and thinking, and start to learn how he looks when he’s angry or agitated or upset. Even if Cass tries to hide them from her, then…She knows. 

Cassian just…Helping Nesta to navigate the tangled minefield that is social interaction and working with her and supporting her instead of just sighing at her. Understanding that there are some things she genuinely can’t do because she processes the world differently to him and her brain is just wired differently.

Cassian being completely and utterly fascinated by this and wanting to learn all about it and exactly how it’s different and exactly what he should do to help and Nesta being…Shocked. Because people either turn their noses up at her and assume she’s trying to be rude or difficult, or they just try and beat the same lessons into her over and over again but Cass just…Okay but how do we make things work for you and how can I change a little to better accommodate you for a change and Nesta just…Being really, really touched that he’d do this for her.

Nesta growing more confident in herself and far, far less insecure around other people. She opens up a little more because she can be herself and be accepted and wanted for that. She doesn’t have to choose any more between being who she is, and keeping people around her. She can have both. Cassian helping her and supporting her into reaching that conclusion and refusing to allow her to expect any less from people just because of the way that she is. Cassian never, ever expecting Nesta to change herself this way because then, well, she really wouldn’t be Nesta. This is a part of who she is and he helps encourage her and others to accept that about her. 

Those who are Broken | Chapter Sixteen

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 2324


Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

“I’m sorry, what?” you asked Jungkook, completely unsure if you had heard the blond correctly.

You noticed from under his blond, a shade of pink began to appear. Even on his cheeks. “Well—I mean, not like that—not that there is anything wrong with you, I think you’re beautiful, and funny—I’m not into you like that—I mean—” Jungkook sighed, obviously frustrated with himself.

You felt bad for him, so you said, “I’m not against to going with you. I’m just trying to understand why.” You gestured towards the elevator. “Where are we headed. You can tell my why you asked me out.” The two of you made your way down the hall and towards the elevator Jungkook had just come from. He pressed the button, the doors immediately opening as the two of you entered. “Plus, I was heading out anyway.”

The entire walk out of the academy, and the entire drive to town was rather silent. You waited patiently for Jungkook to tell you why he had asked you out, but the poor kid seemed to be at war with himself on how to give you the answer.

You were growing a bit agitated.

When the two of you entered the familiar hangout, you followed him to the back of the building where a booth resided. You slid in one side while Jungkook claimed the other.  

“Why are you so scared to tell me why you asked me out?” you couldn’t help but ask the second he looked comfortable enough.

Again, you could see the contemplation in his eyes, but finally, he sighed. “I…” he trailed off, looking away from you. “I need advice on how to date. I don’t know what I’m doing.” He shrugged. “Since I’m not her soulmate, I’m hoping to meet someone else, but I need help trying to… woo one.”

You snorted, shaking your head. “Well,” you began, leaning back in your seat, “how you asked me out, while some women may like it, others won’t like how potent you are.” You gestured towards him. “Your entire demeanor reads innocence. Your approach should be a bit sweeter.” Jungkook frowns in confusion. “Like that,” you told him, pointing to his face.

“Frowning? Frowning is cute to women?” he asked, completely confused.

“To some women, yes. Women could either be attracted to cute guys like you, or playboys like—”

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Just watched the new Andi Mack episode, and here are my thoughts:

- Bex trying really hard was perfect okay I love seeing her really improve as a mother over the course of every single episode… and she just wants to make Celia proud and they actually had a little bit of a bonding moment which was greatly needed!

- I still want to punch Amber

- Poor Jonah though… I feel bad because he’s being used and I can tell he knows Andi is right but he just doesn’t want to believe that anyone could possibly hurt him like that

- Buffy x Marty tho

- When Cyrus and Buffy try to help Andi get sick lmao and then Bex is just like “we’ll just take a mental health day.” But no, this was actually extremely important… sometimes staying at home for a day because of some emotional issues can help you be better off than forcing yourself to go to school and be miserable. Mental health days are great, and even though Celia doesn’t seem to quite understand it, I’m at least glad that Bex does

- We only got to see about a minute or less of Bowie and I already love him omg… He is so chill though even after just finding this out like what?? Also, I laughed so hard when he came in all like “I got your email” and then Bex said “all I did was sent him ‘hey’” like I wonder if Ham actually sent an email telling Bowie to come over or something… either that or for some reason he just felt the need to after simply just receiving an email from Bex… which could make sense why he’d be concerned, given that they hadn’t spoken in so long

- I really liked this episode just because I feel like it helped me to connect to a lot of the characters on an even more emotional level and I like how it just took its time on focusing on the character’s reactions to things rather than the actual plots. It wasn’t much of a shocking episode, but it managed to make me feel rather emotional, with how emotional things got for the characters and all.

anonymous asked:

may i request some sad ones where the mc wants to break up with the minor trio?? but then she realizes that she was just having a hard time and wants to be back w them :-) i love ur headcanons btw!!! ☺

✿ *claps hands together* hello naughty children, it is time for angst. warning: there’s physical abuse in the Saeran section. (also vanderwood’s is really stupid.)


  • god fucking damn are you sick and tired of being a replacement for Rika.
  • It’s not even just that. If it was, maybe you could salvage this train wreck of a relationship. V has some serious issues that go deeper than just using you as a replacement goldfish for his cult leader ex-girlfriend, and you can’t deal with the way he continually puts you on a pedestal.
  • he idealizes everything about you - from your appearance to your actions, he treats everything you are as something to be admired. even when you’re in the wrong, he stands valiantly by you, telling you that it’s not your fault and your pain does not make you unlovable.
  • on it’s on, that’d be fine, but… he treats you like he’d treat art
  • that sounds romantic, but fuck you’re a person and you don’t want him to admire your pain, you want him to help you work through it and become better. stronger.
  • you are human, sometimes you are wrong, but V will never, ever acknowledge that. he airbrushes away all your faults and only sees you for part of who you really are.
  • Living up to the image of you he has in his head is so stressful. It’s like you’re living in a glass tower, and any moment he could realize “you’re not what he thought you were” and shatter the entire facade.
  • it’s too much. the constant worry, the constant sensation that the person he thinks he’s dating isn’t really who you are… 
  • you find yourself getting nauseous whenever he smiles sweetly at you. (you don’t want to be his light! you don’t want to be his entire world! you just want to be you!)
  • You tell him over coffee. Quietly, like you’ve rehearsed the entire thing - because you have. You still love V. You still care for him, and you know you could wound him deeply with a misplaced word, so everything you say is very composed. Cool. Clinical, almost, as you try to restrain your own emotions.
  • He listens to you without interrupting, the only sign of his upset being the way his fingers tighten around his ceramic cup. And, when you’re done, his reply is a simple, “Ah.”
  • “I see.”
  •  (is that it? you can’t help but wonder. you thought he’d fight you at least a little. maybe he’d beg, say he wants to fix things -)
  • But he doesn’t do any of that. He just sits there, staring into his coffee, before saying, “I - I respect your decision.”
  • maybe it’s irrational, but that just reinforces everything that you’re feeling - that he’ll automatically accept any decision of yours without trying to debate it at all. that your relationship has never been anything more than worship from him, and he’ll do whatever you say without an ounce of push-back.
  • that you can’t trust him to have opinions of his own.
  • You don’t feel good about it at all as you take your leave. It wasn’t satisfying, it didn’t feel complete… kind of like the underwhelming ending to a M. Night Shyamalan film.
  • You go through the next few weeks in a daze. V in the messenger is indistinguishable from normal - that is, distant-yet-kind and horribly polite. You wonder if you actually mattered to him, or if he already found something new to fill the void that you left.
  • (or… maybe you just momentarily filled a void that Rika had left behind, and had never made an impression of your own?)
  • it hurts.
  • like a wound that’s just ignored instead of treated, like an unwanted child that everyone prays will go away… it hurts.
  • You’ve resolved yourself to this growing numbness when, in the middle of the night, there’s a series of furious knocks on your door. Opening it you find, to your shock, V.
  • Disheveled, drunk, eyes red from what clearly was a fit of sobbing… he sways at your doorway, puts his hand against the wall for support, and asks if you’d consent to let him in.
  • Now, V is not a man who rants. V is a proper, composed, polite man who has trouble killing bugs because he feels bad for them. But he’s also a man who’s been bottling up emotions for too long, and everything spills out that night. How he’s pissed off that you ever thought that he didn’t love you, how he’s pissed off about how he tried his best to be supportive but no matter what he does apparently it’s not good enough because that was why you left him, how he’s pissed off at you, at the world, at himself because he knows he shouldn’t be mad but shit
  • shit.
  • But it’s V, so like, he doesn’t actually swear. He doesn’t even really know how to express anger, so his frustration is wholly ineffectual, trailing off in parts as he gets quiet and mad at himself. He doesn’t even yell! There’s a stark disconnect between what he says and how he says it that is really very surreal.
  • it’s… something you’ve wanted to see for a long time. his true feelings. him, for once, standing up against something and taking issue with it. He ends up falling asleep on your couch, and you’re left with a lot to think about.
  • You don’t get back together tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after… But you do actually start talking again. You start breaking down that wall V put up around his heart, and what’s opened up is a path to an actual, functioning relationship between two people who can share their feelings equally.


  • oh saeran, baby. you wish things could be different, but he frightens you.
  • You understand why he’s like this. He had a horrible life that didn’t give him the skills to properly handle his emotions, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying when he yells at you, when he gets frustrated and punches things, and when he gets this horrible look in his eyes that makes you want to hide the knives.
  • You try. You really, really do. You want to give him the things that he’s never had - love, support - and for awhile? It seems like it might actually work. Like “love will find a way” and help fix his problems. But he loses his cool, he loses control, and you start getting scared to get in disagreements with him because
  • because if he could try to strangle his brother
  • would he do that to you?
  • the answer is, apparently, yes, because after a particularly explosive argument where he’s afraid you’re cheating on him (spoiler alert: you’re not but that’s another problem, his paranoia and suspicion) he shoves you against the wall and hurts you pretty badly.
  • Once he realizes what he did, everything evaporates - the anger, the rage - but it’s too late. you’re scared, you’re sobbing, and you’re tired of trying to change him.
  • At first, he begs. God does he beg. Never in person - because one of the first things he says to you after you leave him that day is “he won’t visit you until you say it’s okay”, and he stands by that. That respect of your space is almost enough to get you to give him a second chance, but Zen - bless his soul, he’s been listening to you talk endlessly about this - says no fucking way holy shit he hurt you.
  • After awhile, the begging stops. He goes quiet, actually, and you check in on Seven to see how he’s doing. (he’s not hurting himself, is he? he’s eating? he’s… is he doing okay?)
  • The answer is… kind of surprising. Obviously he’s doing pretty bad, but he’s been calm. After that first really bad week, he hasn’t lashed out at anyone - Seven, Vanderwood, even himself - and he’s been -
  • wait. whoops, sorry, Seven wasn’t supposed to tell you that last bit.
  • You’re like - what? before Seven hangs up.
  • A few weeks later, you get a message from Saeran asking you if he could meet you somewhere. A coffee-shop or something. Somewhere public. There’s some things he’d like to say to you.
  • You’re like - okay, particularly because you haven’t seen him at all since that day and there are things you want to say yourself.
  • Stepping into the coffee-shop, you look around and almost don’t recognize him at first. He’s still the sweater-wearing loser you knew before, but something is… different about his posture. More restrained.
  • You sit across from him, nervous, and he looks up at you and gives you a little wave.
  • There’s a bit of small-talk. About you, about your lives… and then he brings up the real reason he wanted to meet you.
  • “I’ve been going to therapy lately, and it’s been helping. I promise that I am trying to change, so I was wondering…”
  • (Deep breath.)
  • “If you’ve like to be friends again.”
  • You’re honestly shocked. You’d been afraid of more begging, more of him telling you that he can’t live without you, please get back together with him but this is…
  • …A really mature response!
  • He’s collected. He’s composed. And he seems to genuinely just want to be your friend again, even if your trust in him has been broken forever.
  • It…. admittedly doesn’t take long for “friendship” to turn into “well let’s try a round two of this shall we”, though to your credit, you do put some rules on the relationship. He hurt you, and abuse is not something to treat lightly. However, he genuinely wants to recover… and as long as he keeps putting his money where his mouth is… things will work out.


  • the breakup happens when you just so happened to drop a glass at their house and they got SO passive aggressive and SO whiny about it, and then they cut themselves on the glass and WOULDN’T LET YOU HELP THEM, and it’s like
  • oh my god
  • you are done
  • you say you are finished with them being a stubborn child and stomp out the door as they stare at you with a shell-shocked expression on their face.
  • You ignore all phone calls from them for a good two days afterwards. No one else in the RFA even knows the two of you had a fight, because LMAO would VANDERWOOD ever TELL SOMEONE ABOUT A PROBLEM? HELL NO. So nothing changes there.
  • you basically just stew on your annoyance until you open the door one day to go out shopping and
  • there’s vanderwood
  • shuffling about awkwardly with a bouquet of flowers.
  • you stare at them and ask what they’re doing on your doorstep, and they’re like
  • “uhhhhhh i was. i was just.”
  • (pause to come up with a convincing lie.)
  • “i was just about to knock.”
  • (you are 90% certain that they’ve probably been there for fifteen minutes.)
  • “What do you want,” you say, and look at the flowers in their hand, to which they reply…
  • “to prostrate myself before you and beg for your forgiveness.”
  • To your shock, they actually do, getting on their knees and bowing their head on the shitty carpet of your apartment building. and, for once in their life, vanderwood is honest.
  • “I’m a complete dumbass, I’m sorry that I repeatedly pushed you away in some sort of fucked up defense mechanism, I’ll try to chill out about unimportant shit and I’ll stop say “it’s nothing” when there’s clearly a problem so please take me back I love you and I miss you.”
  • You’re already kind of melting from the initial bout of psychoanalysis, and the fact that they remembered your favorite flowers sort of takes the cake, so… yeah.
  • yeah, you’ll forgive them.
Hired by BigHit: Dreams vs Reality- Part 10

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, mentions of sex

Summary: As a talented underground rapper, you’ve just become Bangtan’s new hiphop coach! What happens when you meet the boy who has big dreams of joining the rap line?

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 [END] // Epilogue (fake text)

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I loved this one. 

11. “I never stood a chance, did I?” “That’s the sad part- you did once.”

I go to see him when I come out of hiding after the massacre at El Rico. When I knock at the door I hear muffled conversation and a light female giggle. I nearly turn around but I summon up my courage and stay in place.
After a beat a smiling, mussed, and distracted Agent Scully answers the door wearing pajama pants and a wrinkled dress shirt that could have swallowed her whole. The minute she sees me her smile disappears.
“Agent Scully.” I say in what I hope is an even voice, “Is Fox home?”
I like calling him by his first name around her because it sounds nearly intimate coming from me. He used to tell me all the time to call him Mulder but I would not. I knew it was his way of trying to distance me.
Somehow Scully has found her way around that and wormed her way into his heart.
Her face is stony as she looks at me. She opens her mouth to answer when Fox’s voice calls out from the other room.
“Scully what’s the hold up? I’m hungry. I worked up an-“ His voice cuts off when he walks into the entryway and sees me.
He is shirtless with sweatpants on and his hair is sticking up in all directions.
“Hello Fox.” I say again trying to keep emotion from my voice.
They exchange a look and during those few seconds I feel like I’ve ceased to exist to them. He walks up to her and squeezes her arm, giving her a gentle look.
She nods her head and gives me a hard look before vacating the area.
“What are you doing here?” He asks without a trace of warmth.
“I came to apologize.” I say and meeting his eyes trying to convey to him that I actually mean it, “You need to understand that to me this is real. I believe in this cause Fox. I’ve given up everything for it and at El Rico…. I really thought it was the end. And it would have been if I hadn’t escaped. I’m sorry I tried to drag you into it… I just can’t picture an eternity without you Fox.”
His eyes have, if possible, grown colder, “Given up everything for it? You betrayed humanity. You betrayed everything that I stand for. You worked with the people who took Samantha! The people who abducted Scully, gave her cancer, and killed her sister! The same people who killed my father! You! You worked with those people. People who were systematically trying to ruin my life and you helped them.”
I began to shake my head and he put up a hand.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t. I know the real reason you came here. It was to drive a wedge between Scully and I. Am I right?”
He is right. That is what my assignment was but I don’t want to admit it to him. Instead I look just past him into the living room where I see clothing marking a trail like bread crumbs on the floor leading to his bedroom. My heart clenches for a moment and I look back at my feet.
“That’s what I thought. What about this ‘cause’ made all of this worth it?”
“To save humanity Mulder!” I almost shout using his last name for the first time in quite a while, “Not humanity as it is now but the promise of a future!”
“So the ends justify the means then?”
“In this case yes. We sacrifice a few so that the human race can live on.”
“As fucking slaves to an alien race.” He spits out at me.
I have nothing to say to that.
“So you and she finally got together.” It’s not a question. A question would be stupid at this point in the face of all the evidence.
“It’s not really any of your business.” He says with narrowed eyes.
I nod. He’s right it isn’t my business. I feel tears burning my eyes.
“Fox I did come here for a specific mission that involved ruining your partnership. I won’t lie to you about that but I accepted the assignment because I missed you. I’ve never stopped loving you. I don’t think I ever will stop loving you.”
He shakes his head incredulous, “You have an interesting way of showing love Diana. And should I remind you that you were the one who left me all those years ago?”
I nod still looking at the ground, “I know. But I just needed you to know how I feel. How I’ll always feel.”
His fingers were pinching the bridge of his nose and he looked at the floor saying nothing.
“I never stood a chance, did I?” I whisper trying to keep myself from choking over the lump in my throat.
He finally meets my eyes again but I don’t like what I see there: cold hard anger. “That’s the sad part- you did once.”
It’s amazing how one sentence can break a heart. This one broke mine.
As he began to close the door I feel the world falling apart. On my walk to my car and my drive home I recall all of my mistakes.
When I get home the phone rings. It’s the senior Spender. I stare at it for a few seconds before picking up.
“I have a new mission coming up. It’s going to be difficult to pull off and I will need your help.” His rough voice says in my ear.
He goes on to explain to me a plan that will hurt and possibly kill Fox. I stop for a moment before responding and recall his last words to me. I wonder if this is one of those moments where I can choose to do right by him.
But when the image of a smiling Agent Scully wearing his shirt comes to mind my heart hardens a little bit more.
“I will help you.”

BPD Despair Attacks

I tried one time to explain to my psychiatrist when I first started seeing one about these panic attacks I had. This was back when I thought I just had anxiety.

I tried to explain how it was kind of like a panic attack, but instead of the intense anxiety that caused me to panic, it was an intense feeling of despair, hopelessness, depression, anger—dysphoria. Every single negative emotion I could possibly feel, I felt a million times. And it was so much all at once that it literally felt like the world was crashing down around me and falling to a million tiny little pieces. I was always intensely suicidal during these despair attacks, because I literally could not deal with all those feelings a second longer. Nothing else mattered in comparison to the intensity of those emotions in a single moment.

I’ve realized that these “episodes” seem to be pretty frequent, and they seem to specifically intensify whatever I happened to be feeling when whatever triggered it happened. For example, if I’m fighting with my boyfriend or something, suddenly something snaps and it’s like I have zero patience anymore. I am SO filled with rage and anger that it makes me feel so much despair for even being capable of thinking that way. I feel unstable. It’s those moments that I feel literally “crazy.” Like, I can see reason, it just doesn’t matter to me, because my emotion is SO strong.

I think these are the moments when our friends and family find it so hard to “deal” with us, because it seems like there’s literally nothing they can do that will appease us. No response is good enough/not offensive in some kind of way. And I think that’s mainly because it is a normal person’s reaction to become defensive or angry themselves when they feel they’re being attacked.

The thing they have to remember, though (so if you’re a friend or family member of someone with BPD, listen up!!!!!!), is that we are not trying or meaning to attack you.

I know that doesn’t excuse our rude, and sometimes even cruel, behavior, but PLEASE try to be patient with us. I’ve learned that seriously the only thing that can console me in those moments is understanding, patience, and love. Those are probably the exact opposites of how you would WANT to respond, because we can act like monsters sometimes. But please, find it in yourself to give us more patience than we deserve.

We seriously cannot help our reactions sometimes. It’s like a switch is flipped and suddenly, all that matters in the world is to NOT feel this emotion. It’s always IN the moment. PLEASE be patient, try to validate us, and comfort us in the kindest way you can think of in the moment to help us calm down. And after we’ve calmed down, we are much more likely to listen and understand your point of view. You can talk to us about our behavior AFTER the moment. Then we can benefit from it, which means YOU will ultimately benefit from it.

Trust me: we are not TRYING to act that way. We would not choose to have to feel that intensity in a million years. But we have to. And it’s not easy at all. So please just be patient with us.

Just like “radical acceptance” is an incredibly important DBT skill for people with BPD, I feel like “radical patience” should be a term used for people who are interacting with the BPD patient in a heated moment. The complete ability to just let your own feelings go for the moment, to help that person calm down. THEN your emotions come back into play, when we can actually respond and think about them the way YOU deserve. We seriously want to be fair. We don’t want our feelings to be the only things that matter. 

But if you could just understand the intensity of our emotions in the heated moment, you would realize that anyone would react that way feeling that much negative emotion. It doesn’t seem logical to you, but there are some things you will just never understand until you’ve personally experienced it.

I was talking to a person on 7cups of tea that had a girlfriend with BPD. He was trying to better understand why she acted the way she did sometimes. He said, “Sometimes I wonder if she even loves me or cares about me. I just don’t understand how she can be so cold and bitchy sometimes if she claims to really love me.”

I had to explain to him that YES, she does still love him. It’s because she loves so intensely that she even reacts that way to begin with. Everything means so much to her, including her love and want and need for her partner. How we feel in the heat of the moment is just the surface of our emotions. Our love is something we feel so deeply and strongly that it is always there, permeating every other thought we have. It never goes away.

Our fear of abandonment can be so strong that we subconsciously try to push away the people we love the most, to test if they will really stay with us at our worst. To test how strong that love really is, to know exactly at what point people stop being able to love us. We hate ourselves and our BPD behavior so much, but we know it’s there and we have to live with it, and we would NEVER choose to live with it. But our partners actually have a choice. And it’s really hard for us to believe that anyone would willingly choose to put up with that kind of behavior (because we hate ourselves so much for it). So we’re always subconsciously pushing and testing. 

It’s when you prove that you will stay with us even at our worst, and when you show COMPASSION to us in those moments that we will truly trust you. And you will honestly probably never know the extent to how much appreciation we feel for that. If you can be kind to us in our worst moments, we will never be able to thank you enough for that. Because it will show us that we are capable of being loved…and if you’ve ever wondered if you were capable of that, you’ll understand what a difference it makes to know that. 

sebastian in 2x15

At first, I was slightly angry about the change in Sebastan`s looks… I mean in the books he looked normal except for his eyes..But then I thought about it and realized that it may be for good. His body is ugly and awful, it doesn’t even look like a human body - it looks like it was human long long ago or  it had to be human but someone destroyed it before it had a chance to become one. And actually, the same thing happened to his soul..His mind and his soul are as much disfigured as his flesh. He is unable to feel like a human because he is not. He can imitate emotions but he cannot actually sense them - maybe that`s why we see him burning his hand during the episodes - he is trying to make himself feel something ..pain.

Maybe Sebastian`s appearance was different in the books but I`m sure that if we could see his inside in the series he would have looked just like that and this change in the show will help people understand the depth of his evil and broken existence.

GOT7 reaction to their S/O being scared of them due to the past.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction when they find out that their girlfriend that they have been dating for a year is scared of them because her past boyfriends were really abusive and she thinks they will be the same (sorry if I already sent this but my phone said it wasn’t sending) anyway I hope you have a nice day

ok i hate the gif search, its so limited. If you want me to credit your gifs let me know and i will do, please understand a gif reaction blog is going to have a hard time crediting everything from nearly 2years ago. 
also, wheres everyone gone? hope your all well ^_^
Thanks for the request, i hope you like it :)
~ahgase Omma 

he can't believe/understand, she’s been with him for a while now, but she’s scared of him, but its not him really… he tries so hard to understand her feelings, but he does spend a long time thinking it over

he can see where she’s coming from, its not something he even thought about, she always seems ok with him, but now he’s not too sure. he tries to talk about it all.

he’s always been all or nothing, and he’s always wanted to be in her heart, but after hearing this he doesn’t know what she actually feel about him. he stresses about this a lot 

he tries not to show much emotion about it, he’s trying to understand first, then base his feelings on his understanding. he takes time to understand her point of view, and tries to prove himself to her.

takes it personally in the sense that she thinks he’s the scary one, the members always called him a bit strange, but now scary, its hard for him to not take it to heart. he does try to understand but needs some reassurance  

he’s taken aback, he’s many things but scary… he can’t help but think back to her past and think about all the things that might have happened. it makes him want to help, but he doesn’t want to drive her away either 

he's saddened by it, mostly over how long its taken her to tell him. she could have mentioned something before. he wants to help in whatever way, but how can he prove that he’s different to her exs.

Gifs are not my own-will credit original where possible.

I just want to point out, because Thomas gets a lot of hate for his acting, that william’s character is canonically written as not showing his feelings much. In s2 episode 11, around 13:50 Noora is talking to Mari, the Magnusson family childhood friend and she says this: “William is a nice guy. I understand if you think he is an asshole but he is actually really emotional, he just shuts everything inside”.

The reason they have that line there is because it’s right before when Noora tries to convince William to not move to london and he is being super unreasonable (but in the end he gives in though). and without Mari’s words Noora would probably have given up trying to talk him over a lot earlier because he was saying stupid shit like “I don’t love you anymore”, not showing any emotions at all, but Noora didn’t believe him.

But william shutting his emotions inside obviously applies to him throughout the whole season. And sure, you could say it was a boring choice of characterization or even that Thomas could still have acted better but I don’t think we should give him shit for trying to portray his character as it is written?

(also not everyone look like open books emotionally in real life. I think it’s only realistic that some characters show emotions a lot and some don’t. aaaalso william is being unreasonable and childishly proud about many things, like not wanting to ask his enemies to not testify against him to the police. and I know a lot of people who are like that in reality. so, I don’t know, I just think william as a character existing makes a lot of sense?)

Riverdale: Archie Andrews [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by bookwormbanshee

*May contain spoilers! I did try to keep things as vague as possible.*

Introverted Feeling (Fi): First and foremost, Archie is extremely individualistic and wishes to be an actualized version of his true self. He struggles between music and football, and while he may consider the opinions of others as any teenager may, at the end of the day he knows where his heart lies. Archie is incredibly loyal to the people he loves. He feels deeply hurt when he hurts Betty and also shows remorse for his damaged relationship with Jughead. Archie understands that he can’t emotionally relate to Josie and the Pussycats but he does want to and he does try to. The last thing Archie will do is talk about his emotions to anyone. Instead, to express himself, Archie opts to write song lyrics. His songs mean a lot to him and he gains a lot of emotional satisfaction from seeing Josie and the Pussycats perform them. 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Living very much in the moment and lacking any exceptional foresight, Archie interacts with his surroundings immediately and often without thinking. When he enters a relationship of sorts with a teacher, he completely ignores the future or any possibilities of trouble. It’s only after Jughead points out the “long-term” that Archie realizes the issue. His short-sightedness is shown in two ways relating to the gunshot. When he first hears it, he doesn’t think to tell anyone. When he realizes the gunshot may be important to the investigation, he immediately reacts and, in the moment, freaks out and confronts Grundy about confessing to hearing it. When he kisses Veronica, it is very impulsive. And, again living in the moment, Archie lies to his dad and his coach when confronted with a choice between music and football, not stopping to think that he could potentially have a conversation with his father about what is going on. Archie’s love for creating music is a really sensory interest, as well.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Though not particularly gifted with a sharp foresight, Archie does understand, to some extent, that his choices will impact his future. He hopes his music will get him somewhere and that he will have a future in music but he also struggles with a more practical option – playing football and getting scholarships to school. Archie realizes that being captain of the Varsity football team would be great for his future and this does make his decision that much more difficult for him.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Archie is able to get down to business. He can be disciplined, like when working for his father’s construction company all summer (though that is a very Se-environment). He showed his ability to tap into Te when he approached Josie and the Pussycats in hopes of executing the performances of his songs. And, in moments that call for it, he can be direct, like with Grundy (initially, when letting her know he was telling about the gunshot) or with Betty (about his feelings). 

Why Mary?

Unpopular Opinion: I would’ve much rather had John come back instead of Mary.

Yeah okay, Mommy’s back, but I don’t believe that is what Dean truly wanted. Amara went off of a picture. For all we know, he needed his father.

I mean, think about it, do you think Dean wanted to pull Mary– his dear mother– back into the crossfire? Who’s probably in heaven and happy and clueless to the hell that is her son’s lives. Do you have any idea how much damage can be done to a mother when she finds out her sons went to hell and back multiple times and have died because of HER?

And Dean probably knows this. So– why Mary? Don’t you think John would’ve been smarter? I mean, Dean and Sam have always had problems with their father, and their father coming back could give us a real character with major flaws and quirks that could progress not JUST the story arch but our main character’s development. I mean– Imagine John looking baffled but slowly clapping Dean on the back when he finds out he killed Hitler and stopped Nuclear Armageddon take two or when Dean shares stories about beating the devil or the Darkness and John’s like “I’m still cooler than you.” Then he brings up Chuck and John just shakes his stubborn head muttering something like “I really should find a way to get you boys healthcare. All the alcohol and cheap meds in your blood is getting to your heads.”

Or John finally realizing how strong Sam is and giving him the hug he’s always deserved and caving in and deciding to just sit down and have a beer with him. But he still jokes about him being a college nerd, to which Sam just shakes his head fondly.

Or for the first time John meets Cas and him accidentally stabbing him like Dean did when he comes in looking for Sam. And then he just stares quizzically when the angel and Dean hug and mutters “So– you like dick now? Gotta say, always thought boobs were your thing.” And Dean just guffaws and starts rambling like he always does when people assume he’s gay (I mean he’s bi ppl XDJkJk it’s a pipe dream) whilst Cas looks at John, then Dean, then his crotch and– well you get it. Or when he finds out Cas is an Angel and scoffs, asking him where his harp and fluffy wings are and Cas just squints whilst glaring and unfolds his wings and john doesn’t speak, just gulps and takes a step back whilst Dean looks proud like Cas has just made the Sun shy away and dim down. It’d be so funny, awesome, and adorable at the same time.

And just imagine how quick the BMOL issue would’ve been solved with John back on board. He wouldn’t join them under any circumstances, unlike Mary, and when he finds out his son is being tortured I’m 100% certain he’d shoot Toni point blank. And, while John was tough as rocks, he’s respected greatly by a lot of hunters and with his words Not one would say yes or even consider the brit douchebags. He’d shoot Hess without hearing a single word on her side and he’d have gotten Mick onto the boys side much quicker through a guilt trip or something. And don’t even get me started on Ketch, Bastard wouldn’t even know what’s coming to him. John’s ruthless when he wants to be, but he’s also smart (albeit a bit hotheaded)

So– with all this and probably more in perspective– why throw a blank canvas into the fire and not a developed work that will bring not just more power but character to both our protagonists, the rough story arch, and the work himself? I mean, it’s kind of lazy throwing in Mary. Yeah, feelings and all the “I haven’t seen her since we were kids blah blah blah” card– but I just don’t get it. Dean has only seen Mary up until he was four (without regard to his time travel meetings) so really– there won’t be many feelings other than sadness and happiness towards her (Maybe a bit of shock value from us that lasts about an episode until the hype is gone). But with John, the man who raised Dean the way he is (tying in a lot of emotional and mental issues that could really help develop Dean and John’s characters more) and the one who threw both boys into this whole mess with just a phone call– him coming back would bring so many emotions into the picture. And the season would’ve been a lot more interesting.

All I’m saying is, I’d rather have John in the picture (apparently Jensen did too so–), trying to make up for his sorry ass of a father after spending time in what I assume is heaven, than Mary disappearing for episodes at a time without any real purpose but to make the boys a bit sad (it takes the boys talking about her to remind me she’s banging Ketch. No really what’s up with that whole thing).

She really just feels like a plot device. I mean, even the ending glossed over her. If John was in her place, I imagine him standing up to the devil or at the very least not being stupid enough to even get himself in that situation. Or if he does get in the situation, he would probably start teaming up with all the survivors he can find (including Bobby who would probably try and shoot him first) to beat Lucifer down and find a way to return to his boys or die fucking trying. He’d have a better chance and we would actually feel some sort of emotion towards him because, to put it simply, we know him more. John Winchester wasn’t an abusive father (physically at least– or so I hope), he was a Soldier– still a dick– but a soldier.

Mary wasn’t a civilian by any means, but she was sheltered in heaven for years without understanding why she was back. Even she wanted to go back. I just feel they butchered her character. We’ve had eleven seasons to build up this picture of badass Mary Winchester who loves her children more than anything– not this somewhat ignorant and dethatched huntress that turns her head to her sons when she shouldn’t have. It took Dean telling her he hated her to wake her up, what do you think that says about her?

I love Mary, I really do, but I would’ve preferred John. Sorry.

Update: I appreciate all of your replies and thanks for trying to clear things up a bit for me. Whilst I love Mary– I really do and you can’t argue that she isn’t a fucking badass– I still would’ve enjoyed seeing John interact with the boys. And I still stand by the fact that John WOULD be intimidated by Cas, to some degree at least. John is brave, ruthless even, but he is also very smart. He won’t argue or sass or try and annoy a multi-dimensional being who can render him a bloody smear on a wall (even though we know Cas won’t do it doesn’t mean John would know) So, whilst he may not show it, almost 100% sure John would be weary or intimidated by the bundle of power that is him. Lets not forget he isn’t as keen on Angels (unless he is, though this is unlikely as they weren’t in his journal) as he is Demons and would keep all defenses up until he knows everything there is to know about them. John is still human– human’s fear and he isn’t an exception. As for BI Dean? Let a girl enjoy her fictional character dreams. I’m not hurting anyone and I’m not stating it as a fact that he is Bisexual. It’s not like I’m calling Jensen Bi. I’m calling the MADE-UP character Dean Bisexual because I feel that he is.

Okay, so anyway, Thank you and good night!

PS: But seriously– wouldn’t it be hilarious if John bashed a vamp’s head in or something with Lucille.




Pisces (m) Scorpio (f) - The passionate witch and the romantic prince

Having a strong, understanding Scorpio woman by your side can be a life saver, literally a lighthouse on the shores of a stormy sea.  Whereas the soft, dreamy fish takes the sometime bitter vindictive edge off the scorpion’s sting.  There may be no better match than this one.

[When these two connect for the first time, there will be a deep, unexplained mystical connection. The Pisces man is immediatly drawn to the Scorpio woman because he reconizes a kindred mysterious soul. The Scorpio woman is drawn to the Pisces’s man spirituality, sensing that he can take her to places even she has never been. This could be love at first sigh.]

[The Scorpio woman can bring a depth of passion few other signs can match. The Pisces man can bring a tender romance wich is new to her, and she will adore it. Pisces and Scorpio are very mesmerizing water signs and capable of captivating each other.]

[From before the first date there was a telepathic connection so strong between the Scorpio woman and Pisces man that it’s downright eerie. They may have dreamt of one another before actually meeting.]

[The Scorpio woman helps her Pisces man embrace a sense of self while he helps her recognize she truly cannot control everything.]

[Scorpio and Pisces are comfortable which each other and will spend their years in love. It becomes emotionally intimate almost right away. Pisces experiences such a feeling of peace and relief.]

[Pisceans understand Scorpios perfectly and will always try to make them happy. In turn, Scorpio also show loyalty and devotion to their love.]

[With both the Scorpio woman and the Pisces man being such deeply emotional souls, there’s always a danger that either or both can get lost in their feelings or fears. Pisces man is a caring and loving partner for whom the association of love is an emotional bond. When he wins trust of his love, he turns out to be the most loyal and supportive partner.]

[Scorpio female and Pisces male share an intimate bond of love. They both have lots of similarities which keep them strongly bonded to create an intense and interesting love relationship.]

[The attraction between two water signs far transcends language, even body language, and relies heavily on instinct. Pisces man can enjoy the deep soulful connection he feels as she looks into his eyes—unlike other women, she doesn’t look away but meets his steady gaze.]

[Even though she likes to be mysterious, he understands her in a different way that she admires and appreciates.]

[The Pisces man doesn’t play games with his emotions or hers, and she receives the emotional balance she wants from him.]

[Pisces is likely to marry a Scorpio. Their relationship and marriage are a union of love and respect. There is no more romantic combination in the zodiac. Pisces courts a lifetime with music, candlelight and flowers, personal poetry and an adoration approaching ecstasy. Scorpio understands and willingly receives. Their long term goals may be different, but they are able to understand each other and overcome rocky spots in life. They are powerful together.❤️]

⟨Note: As a scorpio, I can tell this may be 100% true. Pisces and Scorpio really are the best match ever, no other signs can complete them as they do together. They can of course both date with someone from another sign, but they may never find what they trully need. They’ll never really get what they want. Also I didn’t choose these 2 actors randomly, I choose them carefully because they both really ARE scorp (w) and pisces (m): October 24 1994/March 13 1992. She has the deadly/cold scorpio stare, and he has the charming and caring pisces personality and dreamy eyes. Also their chemistry is amazing, it really shows how this pair can work and bond irl.⟩