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i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

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Hey, Wally! How did you get along with your coworkers back before all this happened?

I got along pretty well with Henry before he got outta here! But he sure made a mess in his office–always called him Hurricane Henry!

Norman was probably my best pal! He was a bit like a father to me out here! No idea where he is now, but if anyone got outta here in time, I sure hope it was him…

Susie and I… Eh, it was complicated. We never got to sort things out… Sure hope she’s ok.

Joey… Not so much. I felt more like his slave than an employee. Don’t care what’s with him, now.

Sammy was the same, honestly. Things were strained between me and the bosses…

(( Henry’s design by @cartoonifiedcartoonist, Sammy’s by @sxmmy-lxwrence! ))

lemme be real for a second y’all. im probs gonna update the rules again before i go to bed, or at least tomorrow. but lets not do the daily pissing off apath thing. im gonna start blocking for it if i havent reblogged a meme that encourages it. ive up and abandoned muses i adored beyond reason bcuz of similar nonsense.

i do not like writing anger every single day. its a literal drain and stress on me to do. it exhausts me. it makes roleplaying feel like a chore. it makes me not want to be on here which fucking sucks bcuz i know i have people that love apath just as much as i do.

this is not fair to me as a writer. and yes it hasnt been put in my rules yet. but it needs to stop. i dont want to consider angst on a daily basis, as amazing as that seems. i dont want to consider things that will infuriate apath beyond all rhyme and reason. i dont want to think about dark topics every single day.

theyre a dumbass memelord with a loving heart for a reason. theyre a muse that i love being able to pop onto and write and get a giggle out of their antics. i do not want to have to put up with them getting pissed this often. and i cant just have them react differently because that goes entirely against the character ive established in them.

give me a break, please.

Alright alright I’ve finally gotten the Dissociative fog to clear up a little. I know who I am. My name is Tony or Tman(a nickname I like). I’m fairly new around here. I hold some memories from​ Austin Texas that are not all that pretty. But here’s the thing. I’m laid back and try to get along with other people. I like video games and smoking weed. I know it’s not completely legal but hey it takes the edge off.

A little more about me. I’m 6"3’ and a little hairy. I’m bisexual and like sweet coffee. My hair is a little darker than the picture and I tend to dye my hair and beard different colors. I have dark brown eyes. Also I don’t have any tattoos, that was just the closest picture I could find.

That’s really all there is to it. But hey I’m not perfect so if I missed something or you have a question just go right on ahead and ask ok?