actually establish that they share feelings for one another

Do you know what I love? Hella close and hella ambiguous ships. 

Ships where, while it’s clear they care for one another hella deeply, the line is so blurred that you don’t know where it’s going or where they currently are. are they actually feeling the feels for one another, or is it completely platonic? Does one have more-than-friends feelings for the other and is keeping it to themselves because of their own hang ups, or do they think it’s misplaced emotions brought up by being single for too long? Do they both have a silent agreement that they share the same feelings but never say it out loud bc of whatever (taboo, “uncompatable sexuality” or maybe bc the future is too unknown to establish anything), so they just smooch in secret and have really intense moments without ever really saying anything further? Or is it a completely platonic relationship and they laugh their asses off when friends obvs ships them and get frustrated and shiptease them to hell and back?