actually ended up watching the whole movie


▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ words: 18,102 I’m so sorry 
▹ genre: smut, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers

You and Jeongguk propose at restaurants to get free food, but somewhere along the way you start to fall for him.

You never thought Jeongguk would actually take you up on the whole fake proposals thing. When you had suggested the idea to him, he’d just laughed and said “yeah”, then continued playing Fallout 4. You hadn’t actually meant it; the idea was one of those you vaguely imagine it happening, but not really, which is why when he brought it up weeks later suggesting you try it out, you thought he was kidding. 

He wasn’t, and this is how you end up in one of the city’s nicer restaurants on a fake date with your best friend. 

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I’m bad at coming up with concepts, lowkey hate cliché romance fics, and hate myself for being in a fandom about legos now apparently but…….

…I wanna see a tlbm fic where batman and jokes keep fighting like normal after the whole apocalypse thing, but over time, they become more and more casual/close with each other and jokers crimes start becoming less terrible and more wacky/intricate instead because although he doesn’t need to start a real ruckus for batman to show up anymore, he still likes flair and watching him struggle.

Eventually it gets to a point where b-man and J are just hanging out like normal people after a whole extravagant circus related fiasco that resulted in no actual crime or death

and then batman’s like “wait, did you even commit a crime today…?” and joker’s like “i think I’m in opposite of hate with you????”

anyway, It all ends with batman becoming an ex-villian circus ringmaster’s boyfriend/best performance act

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nursey/dex harry potter movie marathons? hogwarts houses? taking patronus quizzes? does dex relate to ron? do they debate over dumbledore? just...Nurse and Dex and Harry Potter. ((there is a harry potter marathon on rn and I'm curious about your thoughts on this))

  • harry potter movie marathons are SUCH a thing
  • nursey is 100% a hufflepuff and damn proud of it
    • he’s seen “a very potter musical” but he’s not sure if dex has or if it’s something dex would find funny so he doesn’t say anything until they’re talking abt how he’s a hufflepuff and dex is like “is it bc you’re a particularly good finder?” and nursey is like “!!!!! YES”
  • dex is conflicted bc he always thought he was a gryffindor but he took the pottermore test and got slytherin
    • nursey: i mean technically if you had the sorting hat on you would ask it to go to gryffindor so you would be in gryffindor
    • dex: ok true but WHAT IF I BELONG IN SLYTHERIN
    • nursey: william albus severus poindexter, you were named after two headmasters of hogwarts -
    • dex: SHUT THE FUCK UP
  • dex’s patronus is some kind of dog, nursey’s is a dolphin
    • nursey is excited bc he can make dolphin noises and this gives him a perfect excuse to do it
  • dex actually relates to hermione more than he relates to ron bc like… he gets valuing your education and wanting to know all the information and being thrown into a new environment. she’s his fave.
  • nursey’s in agreement that hermione is the best character, but his is more based on how fucking badass book hermione is
  • they don’t debate on dumbledore bc they both agree. actually the first time they watch harry potter together when dumbledore comes on screen nursey is like “whatta dick” and then dex is like “RIGHT THOUGH? RIGHT????” and then they spend the whole movie talking abt every shitty thing dumbledore did
  • dex’s favorite hp is chamber of secrets
  • nursey’s favorite is prisoner of azkaban
  • one time they get a lil drunk and make an ordered list of hogwart’s most attractive students
    • “dean thomas is first.” “fucking obviously, poindexter.”
  • they always end up making out when they watch it, but nursey always has to stop and turn it off bc “it’s hashtag awks to have your tongue in my mouth while cedric diggory is being murdered by voldemort, babes.”

Idk why but I love the idea of Minkowski and Eiffel living together after wolf , scraping together some domestic life because they want to find something normal while being far from it, being too dependent on each other to stray far.
• in a kind of grubby house in the middle of an unknown town that’s being forgotten and fading long before they get there, built on the bones of long withered gods and working class oppression - there’s a good corner shop that sells obscure flavours of coke and the autumn leaves have their own shade of auburn. Everyone knows their faces, but nobody knows their story. Some people assume they’re married. Or siblings? The fortune of a small town means you can hide inside yourself, nobody owes them anything
• Eiffel frequently googling ‘how many cups of Minkowski’s detox tea will it take to cure my PTSD?’ with varying levels of seriousness
• he sleeps on the sofa and she sleeps on the floor of her bedroom with a pillow and blanket
• *eiffel, with a mouthful of froot loop cereal* 'I like guys.’
*minkowski hands him the electric bill* 'how many times do we have to have this conversation? “Getting a job” isn’t homophobic. Get a job.’
'Well, actually, if we start looking into like, how the workplace hiring process is entrenched in prejudice-’
• Eiffel making Minkowski watch all his favourite pop culture movies, he falls asleep but she ends up absorbing them all and can recite the whole first alien movie word for word by breakfast the next day
• not answering any post because they don’t want people to know where they are, just burning it in the fire place with lumps in their throats and the feeling of being watched prickling up their neck
• Minkowski on the front porch, transfixed by the stars in summer time, tears streaming down her face
• 'i feel like we’re hiding’ / 'we’re dead. It’s different.’

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What would the RFA dress up as for Halloween?

° a|n: i’m going to say what they’d dress up as + what they’d do heh
+++ have a happy spoopy halloweeeen  (*≧∇≦)°


° Yoosung

  • Halloween is is favourite time of the year because he can go dressed out as whatever he wants!!
  • but most importantly
  • HE CAN FINALLY PROVE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND [no one believes him]
  • he wants to show his ‘manliness[okay qt] so he dresses up as a LOLOL warrior - buuuut he doesn’t buy his costume no
  • apart from him being broke - he wants to make the costume at home
  • asking you for help you both spend weEKS on the costume making sure everything is perfect down to the T
  • all the SMALLEST details are covered, he even asks you to plan his hairstyle for the day
  • ….you guys are co-ordinated as fUCK
  • “Yoosung.. you have’t done any of your college work..”
  • so when the college Halloween party actually arrives he flips the fuck out and he’s ready to show you off to the world \ (•◡•) /
  • stays by your side the WHOLE time telling everyone you’re his girlfriend
  • and we’re totally partners in LOLOL too who’s jealous??
  • “…nO Yoosung we can’t fight the other people no matter how much stronger we are together seriously for the last tIME”
  • “but does he know that we’re actually dating anD OW OKAY DON’T PINCH ME” [tough warrior my ass]
  • after he’s proven to everyone he has a girlfriend he gets bored
  • so you both end stealing sweets from the bar countertop and shoving them in your pockets - you need SOME candy right??
  • escape the hall with a trail of sweets falling out behind you
  • end up changing out of your outfits and going home to change into my comfortable clothes and playing games while munching sweets
  • he freaks out despite saying he’s okay - but you know better
  • so you suggest video games and that was the end to the perfect night

° Zen

  • Beauty and the Beast but the hella sexy version
  • he wanted to showcase his good looks and you got to also be by his side wearing a sexy outfit [goals]
  • originally you were supposed to wear a cute dress as the beauty
  • buuuut seeing Zen wear an unbuttoned shirt made you think twice
  • the second he sees you in a sexy revealing dress his heart drops out his ass
  • and holy fuck why do you have a whip what kinda princess-
  • “what.. you look um I uh”
  • he’s speechless?? [srsly well done he’s never speechless]
  • you’re usually quite conservative but christ you’ve got it going on tonight?? can halloween be every day I can offer you my soul
  • takes muscle in his body to actually leave the house without taking you there and then - just wait for later
  • you know that one couple that just kinda does their own thing in the corner - yeah thats you guys he’s super protective
  • LOTS of couple mirror selfies at the venue and its super cute as you have literally 1000 photos of him kissing your cheek 
  • he totally didn’t to that on purpose to feel ur ass cheeky bastard
  • but mf almost turned into an acTUAL BEAST WHEN SOMEONE APPROACHED YOU 
  • “yeah.. he better be, eyes off her legs” UHH ZEN??
  • he can’t take his eyes off you even when you try get a drink - he’s walked into 4 people and knocked their drinks over
  • wanting to take advantage of his flustered self you make sure he has a clear view of you dancing while he’s talking to his friends
  • splutters on his beer what the hELL ARE YOU DOING??
  • lol ur screwed when u get home literally
  • he gets up grabs your arm making you follow him outside
  • you already know where this is going you wanted this

° Jaehee

  • pooooor bubba - almost had a heart attack when you scared her as she woke up on Halloween
  • refuses to go out to a party and don’t even get me started on trick-or-treating hell no what no waY??
  • BUT she really can’t resist your pouty face and agrees to dress up with you as LONG as no one else sees [ can always take secret pics??]
  • so you both dress up as the main leads in Zen’s movie - and one of them so happens to be a maid
  • she helps you decorate the house a bit so that when people coming knocking on your door later she has enough to give to everyone
  • seriously - she’s stressed out she doesn’t have enough
  • “…we have 27 tubs of sweets.. that’s more than enough Jaehee”
  • she can’t help but glance at herself in the mirror a few times in her cute lil outfit - why didn’t she do this before?
  • even makes Halloween themed pastries to give out to the children at the door and spends hOURS decorating them 
  • so by the end of the night you’re piled around tubs of sweets and pastries - nice work mum
  • she was expecting them to be super annoying and cruel but she can’t help but smile giving out candy to children with you
  • can’t help but frown when she sees a cat though
  • when night falls and everyone’s gone home you have a few leftover sweets 
  • so she makes both of you some pumpkin flavoured drinks [she’s really into halloween now?? wahEY]
  • that night you took a million pictures of Jaehee serving children at your front door and in her costume and sent it to eVERYONE
  • ZEN WAS SO HAPPY [back off boi]
  • but Jaehee was also super happy and but wouldn’t admit it - she was already planning next year’s outfit and treats 
  • (◕‿◕✿)

° Jumin

  • you know him, he’s willing to try what you want to try 
  • so when you explain Halloween to him he’s super confused since he’s never really understood the concept of it before
  • but he willingly accepts to do the ‘traditions’ with you
  • “…But why do they carve pumpkins?”
  • “It’s scary”
  • “No.. it just looks tacky and why do they” LISTEN M8 IDK!!!
  • but he agrees to help out because this was a day he could wear his cat ears and collar that was in his cupboard without being judged
  • YES
  • decorating the house he goes above and beyond - why are you putting up fake spiderwebs, we can just get rea- 
  • explaining ‘trick or treat’ to him would be so funny because he wouldn’t understand why you’d ask other people for sweets??
  • “can’t people just buy and keep their own sweets this is giving me a headache”
  • you DRAG him to a house to do trick or treat and he gets so red and embarrassed he literally runs home - nope not doing this again evER
  • next stage: eating sweets
  • you give him some the single sweet he managed to collect from the house and it’s a ‘sour ball’ HIS! FACE! IS! SO! F U N N Y
  • he’s starting to think Halloween is just torture
  •  why do commoners do this I’m going insane why am I dating MC
  • last part of the day is you watching scary movies together
  • BUT  his mind is blown at the fact you want to torture yourself like this you don’t even like scary movies what is this??
  • he doesn’t even flinch at the horror movies but ends up pulling you to his chest when you jump in fear and reassures you its a film
  • such a tiring day??
  • but it was all worth it when you Jumin and Elly took a ‘family’ selfie with kitten ears [not him, you did or else i’d be blurry af]
  • “.. so does this Halloween occur every year?”
  • bonus: Zen dying at the video of Jumin saying trick or treat in a mono-tonal voice and the person at the door laughing at his costume poor bby


  • the devout catholic wants to dress up as an angel 
  • you bicker about who would be a cuter angel [he would]
  • so he decides to make a costume one last minute and keeps it a surprise from you and reveals it in the evening
  • its a 2D car made out of cardboard with two cutouts so that you both could see and while walking 
  • such fuCKING DORKS - you’re wearing a onesie underneath too jesus
  • tbh I don’t think you’ll ever see Saeyoung happier than he is now?
  • you’re the oldest people who are outside knocking on other people’s door but you’re also the happiest
  • you have b u c k e t s of sweets and you ignore all the weird ass looks everyone else is giving you [kids envy you]
  • at one point some kid tries takes one of Saeyoung’s buckets and he was about to go crazy
  • you had to calm him down before he actually chased the kid but he was pouty for the rest of the night - besides you had about 8 buckets
  • the car outfit was a great idea but it had a few ..problems?
  • .. and that was the first time you ever walked into the mens toilet but you were t r a u m a t i z ed 
  • you’re the last ones out giggling on the streets until you’ve literally covered the whole neighbourhood
  • another struggle of the car was actually getting through the door and you’re both pressed up against each other trying to get though
  • eventually you just break the cardboard car and tip the sweets on to the floor settling down to watch a movie
  • don’t get me wrong you’re both REALLY scared of horror movies so you both end up not sleeping 
  • you just scream at every stupid jumpscare until dawn while eating a l l the sweets you collected until dawn
  • “I’m never.. eating sweets again”
An incomplete list of all the Wonder Woman moments that made me tear up


  • All of Themyscira
  • specifically: Baby Diana punching the air like she’s playing a really intense round of Wii Boxing, Robin Wright DYING LIKE A HERO, Diana crying cause Robin Wright died like a hero
  • Wonder Woman’s sadness at leaving her mom
  • When Diana’s crying cause everyone in that cute little French town bit it
  • When Chris Pine is like “Diana this has been great but I need to go Be A Hero now” and then he tells her everything he believes in his heart to be true like how most people are terrible but maybe we’re all still worth saving
  • When Chris Pine tells Diana he loves her and gives her a watch #romance
  • When Chris Pine dies like a hero and Diana screams the scream we all screamed internally
  • The best bit of the whole movie which gets me the closest to actually crying every time I’ve seen the movie: “I believe in love.” File under: Things We All Needed to Hear in the Year 2017
  • The celebration after Wonder Woman single-handedly ended WWI (yes, ok, with the help of all those forward thinking gents she befriended) but everything is sad and awful cause WW’s boyf blew himself up in the sky
Feel Again (3) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2267

Warnings: Fuffly

Originally posted by little--batman

When Bucky opened his apartment door, what you saw wasn’t what you were expecting at all. His living room was beautiful; there were two black sofas and a giant yellow rug. It was perfect decorated, although it didn’t seem as if anybody actually lived there.

He leads you to his bedroom by your hand, it was cozy and you could clearly visualize him in there. He had light blue walls; his bed was messy with the grey shits and dark blue pillows. On the corner he had a white desk full of things you didn’t pay much attention to “Sorry about the mess” He says entering his bathroom “I’m gonna find a towel for you… both of you.” You keep holding the puppy close to your body, the poor thing was shaking. You need to find a name for him, but all you could think was ‘Caramel’ because of the amber/cream fluffy fur.

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EXO Reaction when they were out last night and didn't answer your calls

XOXO, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to explain* “So I was out with Baek… and he wanted to go for some chicken, but then it started raining so we ended up at the movies… but when I realized my phone was at the back of the van and the firework started so I couldn’t see a thing… but..” *What did he do last night?*


“What phone? I don’t have a phone.. phones are not my style” *So smooth*


*Takes off his shirt* “Do you want to talk about last night? Sure… but come closer… you are too far..” *Trying to distract you with everything he can*


*Actually his battery ran out because he was recording the whole thing* “Here baobei… watch! We were having so much fun, I’m sorry I worried you”


“Please don’t see me… I’m invisible.. I’m not here.. I’m innocent… oh god she’s furious” *Knows it won’t end well for him*


“I’m sorry jagi.. can I make it up to you somehow? I know you were worried but you know I’m always responsible, I wouldn’t do anything to get in trouble” *BF goals*


“I… i don’t know what happened to my phone… I think Yoda took it! Yeah he gave me his lightsaber in exchange of my phone… I’m a jedi now btw!” *This boy a swear*


*Feels like a little boy getting grounded* “Yes baobei.. I won’t do that again… I’ll be more careful from now on.. I know you worry… I’m sorry babe…” *not so manly now hm?*


“She called? What the… I haven’t even checked my phone.. I better not tell her I didn’t arrive last night… but today… ahh I’m so screwed… I better start apologizing before she finds on her own…” *Someone’s really really nervous*


*Knows how to get your hear back* “Jagi… it was just a matter of battery… I know your number by memory so if something would have gone wrong I would have called somehow. I’m sorry… now have this, I know you love churros in the morning”


*Just realized he didn’t call or answer or even take his phone from the table in the restaurant* “Baobei… would you come with me to get it back? I think I left it last night… where was my mind? Seriously…”


“Did I just… broke my rule of answering the phone… did I just fail as a person? As a boyfriend..” *Probably you won’t need to tell him anything because he already feels guilty enough* 

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Romantic Gestures (Mikey x Reader).

Michelangelo was confused.
For years, he had dreamed about falling in love. First kisses, pizza dates, midnight cuddles, the whole shebang. He had been a hopeless romantic since he was a kid watching Disney movies.
And now, years later, here he was. Totally, completely, actually in love. And he couldn’t even call her his girl.
She all ready WAS someone’s girm, a jerk who never treated her right. A jerk named Jessie. You had told him about this guy, about all the crappy things he had done. And just the other day you had said
“This is the last straw. If he screw up agian, I’m ending things.”
His heart had skipped a little beat when he heard you say that.
But then…Mikey realized something. He couldn’t wait for him to screw up.
He had been waiting and waiting for his chance and now, when it was right there, right in his reach…he couldn’t wait anymore. He had to do something now.
He had to do one other thing he had dreamed of: a grand romantic gesture.
Michelangelo was going to put everything out there for you and, whether you accepted or rejected him, he wouldn’t know.
But he did know that he had to do it now.
Mikey lept out of bed and down the hall, bursting into Donnie’s room.
“I need the keys!” he shouted.
His older brother looked up at him, confused.
“I’m sorry, keys to what?” he asked.
“To the Battleshell! I need the keys to the Battleshell, dude!”
For some reason, possibly out of confusion, Donatello gave him the keys, tossing them towards Mikey. He grabbed them out of the air and ran out of the lair.
You were home, you had to be. He just hoped that Jesse wasn’t there with you. The drive to your building seemed to be the longest he’d ever driven and it was practically torture.
But he finally made it and he saw you there in the window, looking down at your phone. Texting someone? You always got that cute look when you were texting.
Focus, Mikey, focus!
Taking a deep breath Mikey stepped out of the car. And he started the music, singing along loudly.
“Jessie is a friend…”
You stopped texting.
“I know he’s been a good friend of mine…”
You were looking out the window now, mouthing his name.
“But lately something’s changing, hard to define…”
You had opened the window now, leaning out of it.
“Jessie’s got himself a girl and I wanna make her mine.
And she’s watching him with those eyes!
And she’s loving him with that body, I just know it! Yeah, and he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night…
You know that I wish that I had Jessie’s Girl!”
You were out the window know, running down the fire escape and then, then towards him.
He had stopped singing now, but the song continued to blast in the background.
“Y/N, I gotta tell you something!” he shouted.
“Me too!”
“Yeah, but I gotta tell you that I-”
“I broke up with him!”
“Love you! What?!”
“Jessie and me, we’re over! I broke up with him today!”
“What, what he do?!”
You stepped close to him, close enough where you could talk without raising your voice, and you looked up at the turtle.
“I just realized that I love you.”
And here it was. His first kiss.
Michelangelo kissed you softly and sweetly and sort of nervously. But when your arms wrapped around him and you kissed him back, he relaxed.
It was perfect, Hollywood worthy even.
Just a boy, a girl, and a love song.
“Where can I find a woman, where can I find a woman like that?
Like Jessie’s girl!”

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How would the RFA members relax with MC during a rainy day or just a day where they literally do not want to do anything nor go anywhere?? Keep up the amazing work!!!


-you two play games all day 

-you know that position where there are two people on eachother and playing games from their end of the hug/cuddle??? that’s what you two do 

-it’s actually very relaxing and the two of you end up sleeping in that position 

-when you wake up, you two watch a movie and fall asleep during that too while cuddling 


-u gh … he just.. couldn’t work. 

-it was just one of those lazy days where he needed just you and only you so where were youuuuu

-you were in the bedroom sleeping bc fuck getting up 

-gladly, Saeyoung joins you and you guys basically sleep all day

-when you wake up in the middle of the night, the two of you go for a stroll outside and hold eachother the whole time, and just casually sit down in the freezing air and talk about life 

-you end up falling asleep under the stars


-it’s just not a work day. he keeps making typos and spilling the ink so papers get ruined when he tries to sign them 

-so he just calls quits and schedules a day of relaxation for the both of you 

-the two of you take a bubble bath together, eat and cuddle. you also introduce him to some board games and you play that in the midst of the bath, eating and cuddling. 

-when it’s time for bed and the two of you are so tired from just relaxing he’ll hold you and tell you how much he loves and appreciates you before going to sleep.


-rainy weekends are always just a no for Jaehee. No going outside. 

-the two of you bake and cook all day, but you take your time. 

-if you get tired of mixing the batter, it’s time for an hour break watching a movie, then going back to cooking 

-soft music plays in the background all day and the lights are dimmed all along the apartment. 

-at one point you two end up slow dancing in the kitchen 

-before the day ends you feed each other what you cooked and then cuddle and sleep in each others arms


-he couldn’t work due to the unexpected rain where the next scene took place, so it was an inside day for the two of you. 

-it’s spent singing and playing around the house. 

-random tickle fights, deep talks, all that. 

-you two probably end up having slow, soft sex as well (if ur into doing the sex, if not, you fuckin cuddle and smooch. you just dont stop kissing. there is so much) 

Every Me And Every You - Twenty Six

You both woke up late the next day and oh god, how you ached.

It didn’t stop you having sex three more time throughout the day, and experimenting with more different things. You revisited the bondage side of things, being cuffed to a chair with your hands binded behind the back of it, and you played with the secretary and Boss scenario again, ‘accidentally’ spilling coffee on the floor in front of him and having to crawl on your hands and knees to clean it up.

By seven pm you were exhausted. Happy and extremely satisfied, but exhausted and achey. You bid Spencer adieu, thanking him for an amazing weekend and then you went home.

You bathed, changed into your pajamas, restocked your go bag and got your things ready for work, and then you climbed into bed and crashed.

The next three weeks were utterly manic, the team being pulled from one case to another with very little down time. You and Reid managed one night together in 20 days, and you were rudely awoken at 5am the next morning with separate calls from Hotch telling you there was another case. The team had been due another two consecutive days off, so you’d ended up spending three hours sitting on the jet with an incredibly sore backside, Spencer shooting you little smirks whenever you adjusted yourself to get comfortable.

Emily kept asking about Dan and you were sure she sensed something was off. You’d ran off too soon, made too much of a big deal about him not being able to stop and talk to her. She wanted pictures, a surname, his age.

You made things up, noting the facts you’d told her in a memo on your phone, Spencer sending you teasing texts messages whenever he overheard the conversation.

“So I’m blonde?”

“Well my cousin is blonde and it’s the only suitable photo I had.”

“Did you tell her I’m a ten yet?”

“No I actually told her DAN was a twelve….. And that he made me suck him off down a dark country lane. She found that part terribly amusing.”

“Im sure DAN can find plenty of other places for you to suck him off.”

“What, like the supply cupboard at the hospital he works at. I can’t believe you made him a doctor.”

“Well, Dr Reid, Dr Dan…. What is my last name anyway?”



“There was a Big Bang Theory on when she was badgering me.”

“But still… Howard?”

“Shut up…. ”

“Are you really telling me to shut up?”

“We’re not playing, I can say whatever I want to you.”

“Will we be this weekend, Snow?”

“Annoyingly, probably not. I have to go see my parents tonight when we get back and then tomorrow Penny wants us to go out as a team remember.”

“Who are you texting?” Emily glanced over at you from her seat on the jet.

“Yeah, both you and Reid have had your phones out nearly the whole way home. Anyone would think you were texting each other.” Morgan looked over from his seat as well.

“I’m texting Dan actually.” You turned your phone so that Emily could see the name at the top of the texts, making sure a relatively innocent message was displayed. You’d change the contact name for Reid’s personal cell a few weeks ago, just in case.

“And I’m playing a word game.” Reid flipped his cell around so that they could see the game he’d quickly opened.

You chilled the texts after that, making sure you didn’t immediately both put your phones away. That would have looked too strange and obvious.

When you’d finally got back to HQ you finished your paperwork and then headed straight to your parents house, Spencer taking the bus home from work for once.

It felt strange being in the car by yourself on a Friday night. It felt strange being away from Spencer to be honest.


You arrived at your parents and spent a nice evening with them, having a family meal which your sister’s and their partners had come over for and then crashing in your old bedroom.

Dinner had been full of the usual banter and questions, how was work, are you seeing someone.

“Works fine…. And nope!” You’d told them.

“Who do you keep texting then?” Meg, your younger sister asked. She was sat next to you, her girlfriend of four years, Tammy on the other side of you.

“Yeah, who’s Dan?” Tammy asked, spying your phone which you’d left on your knee under the table, the conversation you’d been having left open. She started to read the text she could see outloud.

“I could think of better things to do with your…… Oh… OH!” She stopped and you glared at her, going red.

“Y/N, I do not want to know the rest of the sentence but it does NOT sound like appropriate dinner table conversation.” Your mother looked over at you, her lips twitching. She wanted to laugh.

It wasn’t appropriate dinner conversation at all…. There was talk of eating, but it wasn’t food.

“Put your phone away and do tell us all about this ‘Dan’ person.”

So you fed them the same stories you’d given to Emily and the rest of team, feeling horrible for lying to your family. But they couldn’t know you were sleeping with one of your coworkers, and they definitely couldn’t know what you were doing with him.

Your sister’s wouldn’t judge you for having a fuck buddy, and you were quite certain they probably wouldn’t even judge for the other stuff, but it wasn’t something you particularly wanted your mother or father to know. Your mom didn’t quite get the concept of having a friend you used just for sex. You remembered watching ‘Friends with Benefits’ with her and Louise, your other sister, when it first came out. You’d spent most of the movie trying to convince her that two people could have no strings attached sex, for mutual satisfaction, just for her to give you a triumphant look at the end when the two characters actually ended up together. They really hadn’t helped your case, damn you Justin and Mila.

You spent a good portion of Saturday with your family too, leaving around 3pm to get ready for your night out with the team.

It had been so long since the whole team had been out together, usually it was just you and the girls, with occasionally Morgan and Reid tagging along. Tonight, it was going to be Hotch and Rossi too, at least for the first part. Garcia had booked a table at the same Italian you’d eaten at before, and then afterwards you were going out drinking and dancing.

Well, you were until you and Spencer could find a reason to leave early.

You’d been messaging him whilst you were in the bath, although once he know you were in the bath it was less conversation and more comments about how he missed the sight of your naked body, and how he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it again.

You couldn’t wait either. The last three weeks had been so mental at work that aside from the one night, you’d barely had time to think about sex, just falling into bed as soon as you got home, or back to the hotel room in whatever state you’d landed in. Last night though when you’d been lying in your childhood bedroom, you’d felt extremely horny. Eventually you’d rolled onto your front and buried your face into the pillow to muffle your groans as you worked your hand between your legs, sending Spencer an extremely filthy message afterwards, explaining in detail what you’d just done. You felt a lot bolder around him sexually now, although it was easy to be crude via text message that to attempt dirty talk in actual person.

As you finished getting ready you wondered if you would manage to get away from the team and exactly what it would entail. In your texts there’d been talks about using whips and canes next, and you’d Googled images of canings, your breath catching in your chest as you took in the raised red welts against the skin. They definitely had to last longer than the red tone and the light bruising Spencer had given you so far.

The bruising had happened after the one night you’d managed to grab together, you’d begged him to go harder and for longer and he had, making you stand in various places as he slapped your buttocks, alternating between his hand and both a rubber and wooden paddle. The rubber one had produced a wicked noise as it had had tiny holes in the surface to cut down on the wind resistance as he struck you with it. It had left some pretty interesting marks too, marks you’d taken photos off and had lain in bed looking at last night.

Applying the finishing touches your make up, you rummaged in a drawer for some earrings, spying the black choker that Spencer had bought you. That would actually go pretty nicely with your outfit tonight, a little black skater dress which you were wearing with heels and over the knee black socks. You looked both cute and sexy you’d thought, the socks topping mid thigh and exposing a strip of pale skin before the hem of your dress started. You were quite sure it was going to drive Spencer wild.

You shoved the choker back in the drawer, and then as you were halfway out of the door, ready to jump in the cab that was downstairs with Emily in it, you changed your mind. Grabbing it and quickly buckling it on to your neck, you jumped into the car, ready for tonight.

“Ready for some drunken shenanigans?” Emily asked you, giving your outfit the thumbs up.

“Always! Maybe we’ll get to see Rossi charm wife number five tonight… Or is it six?”

“I’ve lost count. Is Dan not annoyed that it’s your first free weekend in ages and you’re not spending it with him?”

“Erm he’s working tonight… He said if he gets off his shift early that he might come and meet us later.”

“Really? You mean we might finally get to meet him?”

“Depending on how work goes, obviously.”

You and Emily had been the last to arrive at the moment restaurant, the rest of the team hovering in the lobby waiting for you.

“My beautiful ladies, damn girls, you look hot!” Morgan appraised you both as your entered, arm in arm.

You snuck a glance a Reid seeing him looking from foot to head approvingly, until he reached your neck. His eyes narrowed when you spotted the jewellery you’d chosen to adorn your throat with, his face turning stoney.

That was not what you’d expected from him, you’d expected a lip bite or a smirk. Instead he seemed…. Angry.

As the maitre de came to seat you, he hung back and you stood rummaging in you purse, pretending you were looking for something.

When the others were out of ear shot, he moved next to you, muttering quietly.

“That COLLAR is not a fucking fashion accessory, Y/N.” The emphasis on the word collar. “You wear it when I tell you to, not when you choose to.”

Your hands moved to the back of you neck, ready to remove it. He reached out, stilling you.

“Don’t you fucking dare remove it. You’re keeping it on now. Just know that it’s going to be incredibly hard getting through dinner looking at you with that around your throat. The collar that means you’re mine. My submissive, my play thing.” He whispered the last words to you, them hitting you straight between your legs.

“You guys coming?” Penelope turned around and called to you.

“Oh, we’ll be coming alright,” he muttered under his breath so only you could hear, before following the rest of the team, leaving you wondering how much of a mistake you’d made wearing that choker.

You guessed you’d find out.

A Night With The Boys

word count: 2.3k

warnings: implied smut, pervy!jungkook

pairings: wheetae, hwamin

“Who are you texting?” Wheein asked, coming out from the bathroom. This was how Hyejin knew she was bored out of her mind since this was about the tenth time she’d asked in the last four minutes.

Hyejin looked up from her phone and smiled. “Huh? It’s just Jimin. He keeps whining about how bored he is.” Her acrylics tapped on her phone screen quickly, creating a clicking sound that she had fallen accustomed to.

“That makes two of us,” Wheein sighed, hopping into the couch with Hyejin, laying her head onto her best friend’s lap. “Please let us do something today.” She pulled out her phone then suddenly gasped as an idea popped into her head. “We should have a sleepover!”

“Moonbyul and Yongsun already planned to go out with the others already. I’m sure they wouldn’t like to switch up their plans just now,” Hyejin replied, looking down at Wheein whose eyes were still excited despite what she just said.

“I meant with the boys! It’s been a while since we’ve had them over. And the last time we did it was supposed to be a dinner but then…” Wheein trailed off pointedly.

Hyejin immediately caught on, her face blushing at the comment. “It was an accident! We just…wanted to…get to know each other better.”

“I don’t think Jimin putting his tongue—”

“So a sleepover!” Hyejin interjected, slapping a hand over Wheein’s mouth. “Who are the invitees?”

“Your man, Tae, and just invite Jungkook since he’d tag along anyways.” Wheein sat up and tucked her legs under her body. “We have enough snacks right?”

“For me and you, yes. Not for those three grown men coming over. Those appetites are monstrous.” Hyejin reminisced the dinner party, shuddering at the thought.

“Okay so I’ll get snacks and drinks and you make sure to get the times settled and stuff.” Wheein jumped up from the couch, zipping up her jacket and slipping on her sneakers. “This is going to be so much fun,” she giggles before grabbing her keys and rushing out the apartment.

“Yeah right,” Hyejin mumbled, adding the three boys into a groupchat on her phone, “she’s only saying that because she gets to see her little boyfriend again.” Yet Hyejin couldn’t help but feel a little joyful herself.

About two hours later, Wheein came back to Hyejin’s apartment with her arms full of groceries. She set them on the countertop with a huff unzipping her jacket and throwing it on a chair. Hyejin had moved the table from the middle of the living room to the side and set out a bundle of blankets and pillows.

Right after Wheein set out the snacks and drinks, Hyejin came out of her room with a full set of pajamas on, throwing another set at Wheein.

“They’ll be here in like five minutes. Taehyung said he’s bringing his laptop so we can hook it up and watch some movies,” Hyejin said while tying her hair into a high ponytail.

“It’s not like you’ll be watching away,” Wheein teased, setting down another bottle of juice. A stinging pain lingered on her butt where Hyejin’s angry hand had just been.

“Ouch!” Wheein turned to Hyejin and glared at her heatedly. “I’m just telling the truth!”

“You watch yourself tonight before I embarrass you in front of Taehyung.”

Wheein rolled her eyes, stealing a chip from the bowl. “We’re only friends unlike you and Jimin who—if I remember correctly—had you half naked in your room not too long.” She purposely munched on a chip right in front of Hyejin’s face before marching off and changing.

Hyejin crossed her arms and looked down at the floor. “Stop bringing that up or I swear!” She huffed and sat crisscross on the floor unfolding each of the thick blankets.

There were three rhythmic knocks on the door when Wheein finally had changed into her sleepwear. Hyejin stood up from the floor and sauntered over to the door, checking the peephole before unlocking the door and opening it slowly.

“Noona!” Jungkook came crashing into Hyejin’s arms, embracing her with all his might. He smelled moderately of cologne and had a simple grey t-shirt accompanying his black shorts. Hyejin choked a laugh, patting his muscly back just as he let go. “It’s been a while huh. Ya know every since the dinner party and stuff.”

“Nice to see you too kid.” Hyejin messed his hair knocking him to the side to greet to older men behind him.

“Jinnie!” Tae exclaimed, enveloping her into a hug just as Jungkook had done before.

Hyejin laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck, hugging him back. “I’ve missed my shopping buddy.”

“Well we have a few days off. If you do too, we can take a little trip down to the District,” Taehyung smiled happily once Hyejin nodded, agreeing to his plans.

Noticing Wheein behind, struggling with Jungkook, he walked over to her and pulled Jungkook away, circling his arms around her petite waist and bringing her close enough for her to feel his body warmth, as well as every dip and curve under the flimsy shirt he wore.

“I’ve missed you,” Taehyung whispered into Wheein’s neck, his lips brushing lightly along with each word he spoke. Wheein ducked away, giggling, her hands on his biceps trying to push him away.

“Stop Tae, they’ll see.” Wheein barely got him to budge as he pouted, bringing her closer.

“What? You don’t miss me?” Taehyung whispered jokingly, his hands slipping dangerously down Wheein’s back.

“Tae!” Wheein accidentally squeaked a little too loudly, making the other three turn to them. She hurriedly slipped from his hold and chuckled nervously. “Have some snacks!” She gestured towards the food on the counter. There, Taehyung had come up behind her, trapping her between the granite and his body.

“What if I have something else in mind?” Taehyung asked, strategically placing his face near Wheein’s. “Something much more to my liking.” The innuendo seeped through Wheein’s mind quickly, heat rushing to her cheeks.


Jungkook popped up next to them, grabbing a bowl of chips and a bottle of juice. “Are you guys done flirting? I have this scary movie I’ve been dying to watch with my girls.”

Wheein removed Taehyung’s arms from around her and followed Jungkook to the couch.

“We weren’t flirting and I don’t like scary movies that much. You know that Jungkook.” Wheein frowned, sitting down on the fluffy blankets that were laid out.

“Ah me neither Jungkook,” Hyejin pointed out. After an awkward greeting with Jimin, they both had sat down a respectful distant from each other though Jimin was trying his best to get closer without making it obvious.

Ever since the dinner party there had been some kind of unspoken tension between the two. Jimin had tried his best to bring it up in their conversations, but Hyejin dodged them with quickness, changing the topic abruptly.

“Well that’s too bad,” Jungkook mocked Hyejin’s voice, “my laptop, my choice.”

“I brought my laptop though, didn’t I?” Taehyung said, walking to where the bundles of blankets were.

“Then why did I just log in with my password?” Jungkook rose an eyebrow waiting for the rebuttal, but all Taehyung did was shrug and cuddle up to Wheein.

Hyejin leaned closer to Wheein and jokingly whispered, “Just friends huh?”

“Fuck off,” Wheein sneered, “I hope you can actually keep your clothes on the whole night this time.”

“Okay! I found it!” Jungkook kneeled next to the television and connected the cord to the laptop, clicking play when it showed up on the flat screen.

The dark ominous music already had Wheein pulling the covers up to her face. Taehyung chuckled and pulled her closer until she was laying on his chest comfortably.

Jimin watched the two with envy, looking at the distance between him and Hyejin with distaste. She had her knees up against her chest, her feet laying on top of the other for warmth. Jimin noticed and grabbed a blanket, covering both of them.

“Thank you,” Hyejin mumbled, her eyes glancing briefly at Jimin then back at the movie.

“No problem.” Jimin gulped and dragged his body closer bit by bit.

Hyejin noticed but didn’t object, accepting that she would jump next to him in the long run. She felt his arm creep around her shoulder and his body move, his thigh touching hers.

The sudden loudness of the music form the movie made the two women cringe, burrowing themselves closer to the mean beside them, leaving Jungkook cold and lonely in the middle, chomping down on the chips.

“What is actually wrong with you Jungkook? This is what you watch on your free time?” Wheein asked, covering her face with the blanket.

“Well this and watching—”

“I’m gonna have to stop you there buddy,” Wheein laughed smacking his arm.

By the end of the movie, Taehyung found himself nearly cradling Wheein, Jungkook—surprisingly—had Hyejin huddled up against him while Jimin had eyes the two jealously throughout the whole movie.

“Ah my hair is bothering me,” Wheein announced as the credits rolled in. “Excuse me while I go get a hair tie.”

“I’ll go get one, I need to grab my phone charger anyways.” Hyejin removed herself from the covers, stepping carefully over them. She entered her room, not bothering to turn on the lights since she already knew how easily she could find the two objects. She grabbed the hair tie, sliding it onto her wrists, shuffling to the side to unplug the charger.

“Hyejin.” A voice sounded out gruffly from behind her, her body straightening out immediately at the noise.

“Jimin what are you doing?” Hyejin heaved, turning around to face him. He towers only a few inches above her, his aura dominating the space around them. “Did you need anything.”

His piercing stare had Hyejin backing up, her back meeting the wall at an unfortunate circumstance.

“Yes and no,” Jimin’s voice had dropped an octave, shocking Hyejin completely. “That night at the dinner party, if Wheein hadn’t found us…” he trailed off, his body standing right in front of hers. “…would you have let me continue?”

Jimin snuck his hand around Hyejin’s waist, pulling her lower body into his, a gasp escaping from her lips, knowing he remembered that night very well.

“What,” he tightened his clutch on her waist, his head lowered to her neck, his lips planting small kisses, “would you have done?”

Hyejin let out a small whine, her hands clutching the collar of his shirt. “Jimin, the others—”

“Can hear us I don’t care. Tonight I’m finishing what we started.” Jimin gripped the back of Hyejin’s thigh, hooking it around his as he pushed her against the wall, a small thud emitting.

“Jimin! Be quiet,” Hyejin said in a hushed voice.

Outside the door, three ears were pressed up against it, listening intently.

“They’re totally going to fuck,” Jungkook said a little too loudly.

Wheein smacked his back, walking towards the snacks. Just as she was about to grab a drink, Taehyung walked up next to her with a mischievous smile.

“Wheein didn’t you say you had something  wrong with your desk? You can show it to me now if you want,” Taehyung hummed, grabbing Wheein’s free hand in his giant ones.

“Nope.” Wheein slipped her hand from Taehyung’s, a pout forming on his face. “If you’re just going to try and get my pants off, I’m sitting next to Jungkook for this movie.”

“I like the sound of that,” Jungkook drawled from the couch.

“Hands to yourself,” Wheein warned. She sat back down on the floor, bunching up the blanket between her and Taehyung. Jungkook mindlessly browsed the movie section on his laptop clicking through the movie title until he heard Wheein scream out frantically pointing at the movie Jungkook had the mouse on.

“That one!” she exclaimed.

Jungkook’s face scrunched in disgust. “A romantic comedy? How typical for—”

The bedroom door suddenly opened, Hyejin strolling out, her black hair down and mussed. She had a small smile on her face even though the tips of her ears were reddening with embarrassment. Slowly sipping on a cup of juice, she settled down next to Wheein, as silent as could be.

As if she hadn’t just finished fucking a close friend in her bedroom just five minutes ago.

“Um where’s Jimin?” Taehyung questioned, searching behind Hyejin for his best friend.

“Sleeping,” Hyejin answered, licking her lips to rid them of the sticky juice.

“Wow noona, I didn’t know you had it like that. That pussy—”

“Don’t finish that sentence or I will hurt you,” Hyejin threatened, throwing a pillow at Jungkook. “Just put on the movie already.”

Jungkook followed orders, clicking the movie Wheein had suggested earlier, falling his way into Hyejin’s lap on his way back to the blankets. He grabbed her hand, settling it into his ruffled hair, gesturing for her to run her hands through.  Almost two minutes later, the boy’s eyes began to flutter, urging to put himself to sleep.

Taehyung was heavily immersed in the movie, following the actor’s every action with a small gasp here and there.

“You are totally going to tell me everything later,” Wheein whispered into Hyejin’s ear harshly.

“You just covered my ear with your spit and of course I will, just wait until the boys leave.” Hyejin nudged Wheein lightly, leaning over Jungkook’s face to see if he was still asleep. There was a 99.9% chance he wasn’t and wanted to just listen in on any potential conversation, but she wanted to believe with that .1% that he was. Hyejin blew out a big breath, bringing her attention to the big screen.

So much for a peaceful sleepover.

saltail  asked:

My birthday is this Thursday so I was hoping for an imagine with Zen, Junkrat/Roadhog(poly), and Genji throwing a surprise party for their s/o ☺️

Happy fucking birthday, you were born so many years ago.


  • He’s excited to share this with you
    • Though Genji told him not to tell you about the party
    • But you are suspecting he’s up to something
    • With the way, he’ll look at you and practically squeal
    • But you aren’t sure of what
  • It’s similar to what Genji will do
    • As Genji eagerly helped him with it
  • There’s food and beverages
    • And he invited all of your friends
    • It’s quiet but enjoyable
  • He spends a while making your present
    • A brooch with his orb on it

Roadhog and Junkrat

  • Roadhog is the meditator
    • Making sure the entire place doesn’t go up in fire
    • Getting snacks and drinks
      • Your favourite!
  • Junkrat tries to incorporate explosives into everything
    • Eventually settling on sparklers everywhere when Roadhog cuffs him
    • He makes them himself
  • There isn’t anyone else really there
    • As their wanted criminals and having to fight the police would cause a bit of a downer during the party
  • The three of you watch a movie that you wanted to see
    • Junkrat actually sitting through the whole thing
  • The two of them get you a present together
    • Something they stole


  • He’s gotta stop himself as his first instincts was to go all out
    • He’s not rich anymore he has to tell himself
  • He reels it back into something more humble
    • Making your favourite food
  • Inviting all of your friends as well
  • He gets a little stressed about it
    • wanting it to be perfect for you
    • Zenyatta having to reassure him that you’ll love it no matter what
  • He bakes the cake himself
    • Having to go to Ana and Mercy for help
    • It ends up looking pretty good
    • decorated with whipped cream and strawberries
  • His present is a charm
    • Something simple but he wanted you to have good fortune

anonymous asked:

Headcannons of what momo, shinsou, aizawa, and mt. Lady would do during a innocent all nighter with a s/o who cant seem to fall asleep?

Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Would try and suggest different ways to help them fall asleep
  • When that doesn’t work would probably end up spending the whole night talking about new books and stuff they have read

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Asks his s/o if they did something to purposely not fall asleep because like he wanna sleep
  • Would act annoyed the whole time, but actually enjoys stay up with them and talking, even takes them outside to look at the stars

Shouta Aizawa

  • Stares at them from his sleeping bag asking them “why are you up, night is for sleeping”
  • Will stay up watching movies with them, while still in the sleeping bag 

MT. Lady

  • Would go one about how she needs her beauty sleep 
  • Which leads to her spending the night going over beauty tips and watching those make up tutorials on YouTube all night with her s/o
Suitors at the Movies

Nico - will watch AnYtHiNg, comedy, drama, romance, horror, and he overreacts to everything, and he cackles really loud. AND CANDY.

Sid - sits in the back and throws extra buttery popcorn at Louis the whole time. He doesn’t even know what movie this is.

Robert - he cries during sad parts, and happy parts, and everything in between, sits in the middle and gets up three times to pee and get refills, lol. Always shares his snacks.

Alyn - eats pull and peel Twizzlers, likes to cuddle during the movie, never misses the previews. Has to stay to watch the credits in case there’s more after.

Leo - plans to watch a horror movie so you will hang on to him. He actually ends up screaming and sitting in your lap. You’re best bet is Star Wars/ Star Trek.

Rayvis - thinks there’s a special place in Hell for anyone who touches their phone or talks during the movie. Also, sneaks his own snacks into the movie.

Louis - likes sweet snacks and rom-coms, if he’s watching a sequel or trilogy; he’ll have a marathon the day before to recap. Always brings a sweatshirt because he gets cold.

Giles - loves to watch foreign films with subtitles. He will never forgive you for that time you lied to get him to watch Jurassic World.

Byron - 3D is his favorite, but of course he has to take the eyepatch off because… he tried to wear it once, but you told him it’s much better with two eyes. He likes to nudge you during parts when he gets excited about them.

Albert - goes only for matinees, only gets a small drink and empties his bladder before the movie starts so he doesn’t miss any important parts. If there’s a sex scene or nudity he covers his eyes.

anonymous asked:

fatal if it's not too much can u write some short jikook drabble for me rn ?? I'll be going on a trip and will return after 3 months. I'll most likely not have internet. I just want to read something from you before I leave. It's just that your writing gives me so much joy. It doesn't necessarily have to be a drabble. Like talk about how you see jikook if you want? Anything is fine. Take care <3 And also sorry for this ask and my poor english.

aahhh, oh my god :( i’d be really sad without internet for 3 months but i sincerely hope you have a wonderful trip!!!! i’m…not great at writing on the spot! but i’ll share two snippets of two different wips with you okay!!! idk if they’ll be much but i hope they help and i really hope you enjoy your trip a lot, darling!!!!!

also!!! your english is wonderful. please never apologise for your english okay!!!! you’re doing great!!!

i stuck the snippets under a read more n___n

Keep reading

Movie Night

Spencer x reader

We really shouldn’t be doing this, Y/N.”

You shot your best friend a look as you finished linking your laptop up to your TV.

“Look, it’s me that’s streaming it, not you. No one even has to know that you were here.”

You knew he was worried about watching a movie online because of where he worked but you’d had a random urge to watch Tomb Raider all day, and of course it had to be one of the few movies that wasn’t available on ANY of the legal movie streaming sites. So you’d gone down a different route. It wasn’t like you were downloading it, just watching it. You had your popcorn and huge home made milkshakes ready and you were just waiting for it to finish buffering before you settled back and watch Angelina Jolie kick some butt.

You looked back at your friend sitting on your couch, an unhappy look on his face.

“Oh come on Spence. Don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad… I just don’t feel overly comfortable watching it this way. I’m not bailing you out if anything bad happens.”

It wouldn’t… Hopefully. What he didn’t know if that his friend and colleague had set your laptop up so that it ran through so many proxy servers that some one would have to be Penelope Garcia herself to trace the fact that you were watching movies illegally, back to you.

The movie finished buffering and you smiled triumphantly, hitting play but accidentally sliding the cursor halfway across the screen so that the movie started a few minutes in.

“Shit.” You scrambled to set it back, stopping when you heard strange moans coming from the screen.

“Harder baby, that’s right. Raid me, raid me hard.”

What the?

You stopped and glanced up at the screen seeing a naked woman with her hair in a pony tail and her legs clad in combat boots, being screwed from behind.

“Y/N… That’s not Angelina Jolie.” Reid pointed out, a light flush on his cheeks.

“Nope… It’s not. And neither is that other girl.” A second nude female had just entered the shot and lain down next to the pair, her legs spread as she touched herself.

You sat back in your seat next to him, not stopping the movie yet, intrigued as to where this was going.

“Come on…. I mean, does she even know them? Or has she just stumbled upon them and decided to join in? Who does that?”

Reid glanced at you and shifted in his seat. “Well I guess since we’ve started the film at…. Wait really? This is only seven minutes in?”

You laughed at him. “Seven minutes in and that dude is a lucky fucker.”

The two females had now started making out, their hands roaming over each other. Looking over you could see that Spencer was trying to avert his eyes from the screen but they kept drifting back.

“Are you gonna turn this off or what?” He asked you.

“Nope. Not yet. Let’s just watch this bit.”

“You seriously want us to watch porn together.”

“Friends who watch porn together, stay together.” You told him, grabbing the popcorn.

“I’m fairly certain that’s not how it goes.”

… An extremely frustrating hour later…


“Well indeed. I think I’m gonna go.”

Spencer stood to leave, picking up his messenger bag and holding it strategically in front of him.

You’d ended up watching the whole movie together, commentating on the ridiculousness of some parts, and sitting in a strange silence at other parts.

Watching a porno with your handsome best friend. Interesting…..

“Gonna go have a cold shower, Spence?” You asked him teasingly.

He shot you a withering look.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna do the same.”

You stood up and followed him to your apartment door, getting ready to let him out.

“You actually… actually found that….?”

“Hot? Some parts yes. Trust me Reid, if you weren’t here I’d have definitely had my hands down my pants.”

His jaw dropped slightly which surprised you. You figured by now that he’d be used to your lack of filter.

“What about you. I know you’re not holding your bag directly in front of you for no reason.”

You made a joke grab for it but your lunge startled him and he dropped it which resulted in your hand brushing against his crotch. His very hard crotch.

“SHIT! Oh fuck… I’m sorry.” You exclaimed, suddenly feeling warmer than you had done the whole movie.

Reid didn’t say anything, he just bent down and picked his bag back up, his cheeks on fire.

Okay… Make a joke. Kill the atmosphere.

“Although I gotta say, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me.”

NOT that kind of joke! For fucks sake woman!

He laughed at the stricken look on your face when you realised what you’d said.

“Y/N… I’m always pleased to see you.”

He furrowed his brow when his own innuendo set in and you both just stood there shaking your heads at each other.

“This is going well. I sure do know how to make movie night interesting. Make you watch porn, grope your junk and then have you tell me that essentially, I always make you hard. We should just fuck now and get it over with.” You gave an uncomfortable laugh.

“Should we…. ”

Hold on..

Hold on one second. There was no uncomfortable question there, just a statement.

You met Spencer eyes and you both stared at each other for a minute before he dropped his bag again at the same time as you moved towards him, your mouths suddenly against each other.

… Thirty minutes Later….

“We really should move off your floor, Y/N.”

You were both lying flat on your backs by your apartment door, clothes strewn everywhere after one of the best fucks of your life.

“Okay… In a second…. ” You breathed out, still trying to catch your breath.

“I guess this is the wrong time to ask you on an actual date?” Spencer rolled over on to his side so that he was looking at you.

You laughed.

“Spencer, we’re beyond dating.” You turned to face him, the hard wooden floor now beginning to hurt your back.

“So what? We just pretend this didn’t happen?”

He looked hurt for a second, and you pressed your lips to his, softly.

“Fuck no. I just meant that we’ve been friends for so long, we wouldn’t need to date. We already know everything about each other.”

“So what happens now?”

You sat up on your floor, smirking as Spencers eyes went to your bare chest.

“Well… We could try to find the sequel…. And then maybe tomorrow we can update our relationship status. Or you know…. Something equally as silly.”

“I’m a fan of both of those ideas.”

“Sequel first?” You asked him.

“Sure. But can we move to your bedroom please. Your floor is killing my back.”

Sweet Treats

Relationship: Frank Castle x Reader

Word Count: 1360

Requested by Nonnie-  Hi hi!! 😊 Can I request a fic where Frank’s female is baking a whole bunch of stuff(cookies, brownies, etc.) and she makes him the taste tester but is secretly trying to find out what he likes??

AN: I didn’t feel like writing smut in the end. I wrote the last part watching a stupid zombie movie. Inspiration comes to you from the strangest things. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Frank smelled something sweet in the air when he walked into the cruddy apartment and knows that you are up to something. The apartment never smells like this, like an actual home but more like an in between place.

He grunts when he moves his weapons off from his shoulder. The shirt he is wearing shifts uncomfortably against a cut on his back. Frank can’t remember being cut there but he just brushes it off, you’ll help patch him up.

“Sweetheart?” he calls out. He was unsure the first time he called you the term of endearment, he wasn’t sure if it was crossing a line for you. You had smiled shyly at him and kissed his cheek softly. Now, it was just second nature for him.

“Hey, Frank. How’d it go?” you ask. The timer on the microwave went off with a shrill beep that made you flinch.

“Not good,” he pauses to sit down on the lumpy couch in the middle of the living room. “What’re you doin’ in there?”

You glance over to him as you pull on an oven mitt, “Nothing much. You need stitches?”


He watches you carefully. Whatever it is that you’re pulling out of the kitchen has something to do with the smell floating around. He smiles at you, seeing you tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear and smelling whatever you had just pulled out.

“You strip and I’ll get the first aid kit.”

He listens to you push the items in your drawer around, looking for the first aid kit. Frank is slow to peel off the black shirt. It hurts his shoulders and his torso screams in pain as he raises his arms above his head. That jackass must’ve gotten him good.

The first aid kit is compiled of everything you could get your hands on at the drug store. It’s been hard to explain why you need all those bandages to the salesperson. You hate this part. It’s a reminder that if Frank isn’t careful enough, he could end up in the morgue, and that scares you more than any criminal on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

You have him sit up straight to make it easier for you to find each wound. It’s not bad tonight, mostly bruises but you find a nasty cut right below his shoulder blade. Your snapping the gloves on and sigh.

“You gotta be more careful,” you dig in the box for the saline water and a pad. He only grunts in response. You’re cautious when you start to clean the cut, you don’t want him in anymore pain but he has his fists and jaw clenched. He’s trying not to show the fact that it stings but you can see right through it.

“How’s your day?”

“I was alright, nothing to exciting. Linda is driving me crazy with her terrible organization skills. I made cookies.”

“Did you now?” he almost laughs at the fact that he couldn’t identify the smell as a baked good. “What kind?”

“Chocolate chip.”

You place the saline back in the kit and the pad on the armrest. This is where you have room for improvement, stitches. You can thread the needle and sew holes in your clothes just fine but at the prospect of doing that to Frank, your hands begin to shake but it’s gotten easier.

You keep your breathing even as you begin.

He’s gotten used to it to the point where the needle piercing his skin doesn’t even bring pain, just a slight discomfort. His mind goes to the idea of dinner. He could use something to eat that isn’t take out.

“Done!” you said. You were happy with the stitches and didn’t mess up once. A new record. “Do you want a cookie?”

He gives you a vague shrug which you take as a yes. You kiss him softly on the shoulder. His lips twitch at the contact, almost forming a smile.

He’s noticed that you’ve been baking more often, almost twice every day. You called him your official taste tester but he sensed that there was something else behind it and he couldn’t place what it was. But he indulged you, he ate everything you made.

It tired you out and even the idea of breakfast couldn’t wake you up, so he left you in the bed cuddling against a pillow with messy hair. It had taken forever to get free from your grip on him and

He was standing over a pan of brownies which were almost gone and he was starting to regret eating that many; he couldn’t remember how many he ate but it was a lot.

Chocolate from the brownies stained his fingers and looked so tempting. He would have to go to the gym later but he deserved this treat.

It was a casual movement as he began licking his fingers clean and reading one of the baking magazines you had bought and was currently covered with sticky notes. They had notes on his reaction of trying the recipes. He smirked as he understood what you were doing.

His free hand went to feel the indents your writing made on the page and read your tiny notes. It was endearing that you had watched every little twitch and movement just to find out what he had liked. Frank continued to thumb through the sticky pages from different mixtures for each recipe.

“G’morning,” you said with tiredness still laced in your voice.

“Morning, sweetheart.”

“Mmm, whatcha up to?”

He feels you sneak up behind him and wrap your arms around his thick waist. You think to yourself about how built he is, like a brick house that could crush you under his weight and you wouldn’t really mind that.

“Found your notes.”

Your cheeks heat up from embarrassment of being caught doing something so silly. To hide from his gaze, you buried your face on his back, “Just wanted to see what you liked.”

He can’t help the smile that graces his lips. It’s such a sweet thought that somebody would do this for him; he honest to god can’t remember the last time anybody has gone through this much trouble to do something so, well, he can’t find the word for it. Caring? Domestic? He doesn’t know but he still finds that it makes him feel so light and loved.

“I liked the brownies and the sugar cookies the most,” he says in a quiet voice.

“I can see that. You damn near ate the entire pan. I didn’t even get to try them.”

Frank chuckles and moves himself to face you. His fingers raise your chin up so he can look you in the eyes and it’s like home.

It’s comfortable to just look at the man who has been beaten and broken. He’s your home and you are his. His knuckles graze softly across your cheek, making your eyes flicker shut.

Frank can’t understand how the hands that have carried weapons of all kinds and killed multiple people, hands of death and ruin, can still be used to give you this kind of soft affection, make you feel comfort and safety. He doesn’t want to think about it because your eyes open again and you are smiling at him, it fills him with hope when he sees it.

“Give me your hand,” you say. It isn’t a command but a suggestion. You examine his large hands in your own and smile. “You’ve got chocolate all over your fingers.”

He can only nod as his voice is stuck in a lump in his throat. Frank can see your tired eyes alight with a gleam that he had gotten used to. Oh yes, he had seen it more than once and how he enjoyed it. He couldn’t say that he didn’t like where this was going.

This wasn’t really your intention, you were too tired to even think about that but here you were, lifting up Franks hand and slowly licking away the chocolate that coated his fingers. He was right though; the brownies were the best. The chocolate was a testament to that.

Here are some headcanons for when the Paladin’s s/o’s make them watch Harry Potter for @wipity-whap-cut-the-crap ~


  • do you know how many jokes get fired about Pidge having Harry Potter glasses
  • s/o doesn’t really have to force Pidge to watch it? like Harry Potter is really good and everyone knows so
  • it becomes a mission to watch all the movies in one go
  • if Pidge hasn’t read the books, they’ll be reading them the next day without a doubt


  • prepare for a lot of bad English accent impressions that are actually really good
  • Hunk gets a little too into the movies both emotionally and vocally
  • even though he gets and predicts the plot twists but when they actually happen he makes a big deal out of them and gasps
  • he’ll discuss the movies for days after watching them because he probably has a whole lot of unsorted feelings about them


  • he either pays special attention because he had never seen the movies before or is commenting the whole way through because he is a die-hard fan
  • he gets really emotional along with his s/o
  • they have a little nerd out after it’s over
  • if they try to watch the full set, they end up falling asleep around half way through Half-Blood Prince and have weird Harry Potter dreams


  • at first, he doesn’t mind the sound of watching a movie with his s/o - it means cuddling and quiet
  • he thinks he is maybe gonna fall asleep and worries if he is going to upset his s/o
  • but boy is he wrong
  • he ends up really liking the movie and wants to continue the set as soon as possible


  • he gets why his s/o loves the movies right away
  • he gets really immersed and really doesn’t want to be pulled out from the story
  • when it ends he has to be reassured that there are more movies to watch
  • although he’ll want a break to think about the first movie before moving onto the second, he’s really glad that he can sit down and just enjoy something with is s/o