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Request: Can you do an imagine where when the reader was younger she was an ugly duckling she was friends with Tom and Tom had left and years later present time Tom finds reader and now she is beautiful???

Word count: 1627


A/N: So first of all, I’VE REACHED 500 FOLLOWERS!!! That’s crazy! Thank you so much guys! Second of all: I really loved this request! I actually really enjoy writing requests, so if you guys have some, please send them in! Maybe, someday I will make a prompt list, but who knows?

”Out of every show in London, you choose Burlesque? You know, it’s, right? I’m not complaining, but really?” Harrison asked, while we were finding our seats.

“I just wanted to see something. I like going to the theatre. And besides, one of my old friends are playing. I haven’t really seen her since we did Billy Elliot, but I still talk to her sometimes. I just thought it would be fun to see her again” I answered as we sat down. She was a nice girl when we younger. A good friend.

“You’ve never mentioned her before. Is she some secret of yours? Former girlfriend or something?” Harrison joked. People were still finding their seats, and we were patiently waiting for the lights to dim. I had my hoodie up, not wanting to cause a fuss.

“No. It’s nothing like that. She was just nice, you know. The kind of girl you don’t really notice, but she’s there for everyone. I kinda wish I had stayed more in contact with her. Just wanted to see how she’s doing. I remember her having a hard time finding roles. Something about her not being pretty enough” The amount of people coming in, was starting to thin out.

“So in reality, you feel bad for her, and just wants to see if she succeeded. What role does she have?” I looked through the folder, as Harrison asked. I haven’t really looked at it, after I saw her name.

“Ali Rose, I think. The main girl, or something” I said, as the lights went out, and the music started playing, making us both quiet. A little time went by, as the story started, and a girl walked on stage. I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I saw her.

I could barely recognize her. She had changed a lot over the years. She wasn’t the girl you didn’t notice anymore. She was the girl everyone noticed. Maybe it was the clothes, or something about the make up, but none the less, she was hot.

And her voice was just so powerful. I didn’t even know she could sing. I had spent almost every day with her, for 4 years, and I had never heard her sing.

“Are you sure that’s the girl, who couldn’t get roles, because she wasn’t pretty enough?” Harrison whispered, when her first dancing scene came on. This was so different from when we did Billy Elliot. I knew she could dance, but not like that. This was something else.

“I think she is now. More than pretty enough” I was left speechless for the rest of the show. I was too busy just looking at her. I didn’t really watch the play, as much as I watched her. How could that possibly be the girl I knew from Billy Elliot? I knew what burlesque was, so I didn’t really know what I had expected.


“You coming?” Harrison asked, after the lights had turned back on. He was already standing, and half of the people had already left the room.

“Why don’t we wait? Maybe go talk to the actors? You know, just to say hi?”


“Y/N. Some guys are asking for you. A Tom Holland or something” Someone from the crew said to you, after you had changed back to your normal clothes. You were just about to take the make-up off, but with the mention of your old friend’s name, you decided it could wait. Could it really be him?

You walked out from backstage, to where the audience had previously been, to find two boys sitting in the front row, waiting. You could hardly believe your eyes. It was him. Thomas Holland. He was part of the reason you loved acting. When you did Billy Elliot together, he just made the whole experience so great, that you wanted to continue.

“Tom? What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in forever!” The happiness overtook you. You were running towards him, and he quickly stood up, spreading his arms, so he could hug you when you got close enough.

“I’m here to see Lion King. Why do you think I’m here? I’m finally back home, and saw your name on the poster. Did you really think I wouldn’t come see you?” He asked with his arms around you. He had gotten taller since Billy Elliot. And a lot stronger. You pulled away from him, taking a good look at him.

Of course, you knew how he looked. You did follow him on social media, but it was just so different in real life. It didn’t seem possible, but he looked even better in real life.

“Look at you! You’ve grown so much! And you’re stronger than you were 7 years ago, that for sure. It looks good on you! You look good Tom” You said, smiling happily. For the first time you looked at his friend, who sent you an awkward smile. “I’m so sorry. I’m being rude. Hi! I’m y/n. It’s nice to meet you”

“I’m Harrison. Tom’s friend, if you hadn’t guessed that” Harrison smiled at you.

“You know, you look good too, y/n. You’ve changed a lot! I could barely recognize you. It’s a good change! Not that you didn’t look good before! You just.. Now you’re just really beautiful” You looked back at Tom, how looked flustered. He was looking down at the floor, and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Yeah, it’s funny how puberty works. You got tall, I got boobs and a butt. And I lost my braces. I’m also wearing contacts right now, and a professional did my make-up and my hair. And you know. It might have something to do with the dances, I can’t take all of the credit” You laughed shyly. “I was actually about to take my make-up off, and get ready to leave. Do you want to join me, so can keep talking?” You asked the boys. They quickly nodded, and you started walking.

“You got your braces off, while we were playing Billy Elliot. I did spend 4 years with you, after all. And you do look good. So I don’t understand why you never post pictures of yourself on Instagram. You should. Then I wouldn’t be so surprised when you walked on stage tonight” You rolled your eyes at him. As much as he posted pictures of himself, you never did. You posted a lot of other pictures, but never pictures of yourself.

“You’re not the first person to say that. Maybe I’ll listen to you, maybe I won’t. Anyway. So how is it being Spiderman?” You asked, as you got behind the scene once again. You sat down in your chair, and started removing your make-up.

“It’s great. It’s really great, I love i-“ “Hey, y/n! Are you coming out with us tonight?” one of the other actors yelled to you, cutting off Tom.

“Nah. Not tonight. But you go have fun.” You answered, as she walked closer. “What? Are you having a threesome or something?” She asked calmly, before she ate the crisps in her hand.

“No, I’m going to kill them” You joked. “No. I’ve got practice tomorrow. So I’ve gotta be there at 8, and it’s not really that fun when you’re hungover.” You talked from experience. You had learned that the hard way.

“Right! You guys want to join. There’s always room for more people” She asked Tom and Harrison. Both of them declined, and she walked away again. It didn’t take long, before the rest of the cast was gone as well.

“I’m sorry about that. We got a lot of inside jokes”  All of the make-up was gone from your face, and you felt so much lighter. “And it’s really not to be rude, because I would really love to catch up with you, and get to know you, Harrison, but I’ve got a long day tomorrow. So I’m just going to grab some take away, and then head home”

“Sure, it’s fine. What are you doing tomorrow? After whatever you’re practicing?” Tom asked.

“I don’t have anything planned. And I’m just going to be dancing, and singing. I’m doing two round of every dance, so I don’t plan on doing anything at all” You smiled, already looking forward to tomorrow. “I could really just use a movie day. It’s the first time in weeks where I have the afternoon off, so I’m going to enjoy that”

“So. You don’t want to do anything tomorrow?” Tom asked, suddenly sounding disappointed.

“Yes. I mean no. yes? No?” You didn’t really know, how you were supposed to answer that question. “I would love to spend the day with you. But can we please, just do nothing? Like, sit on a couch, and just catch up”

“Really? Yeah. Yeah, we could do that! We can totally do that. Harrison, what do you say?” Tom’s dark eyes were almost glowing, as he looked back at Harrison.

“I think I’ll pass. I can already feel the sexual tension between the two of you, and I’m not going to get in between that. So I’m just going to leave right now, and let the two of you schedule your date. I’ll be just outside the theatre” Harrison said, before walking out.

“There’s not. I don’t. what?” Tom struggled to find the words, and you found that you were both blushing.

“So it’s a movie date? Because I would like that. I would really like that” You gathered the courage to say. Luckily, you had become much more confident since you got the role in Burlesque, so you were able to almost play it off.

“I’ve never been so thankful for Harrison”

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Bloodhound&Kitten WiP fic - Just a little somethin’ I’m workin on that takes place after their wedding, but like…. *before* their wedding night. It’s leading up to it ;3 but I have no idea when I’m gonna finish this so I’m gonna share a little part of the beginning (I’ve got a lot more than this actually) just to give everyone a glimpse

also I posted art for this story ages ago which you can find here and here

“Aaaall Aboooard!”

The train engine hissed and whined, the smell of burning coals heavy in the evening air as the conductors readied the machine to depart. The few people left lingering at the small open-air station were still lost in saying their goodbyes; wives placed tender kisses on the cheeks of their husbands as they sent them off to work in the city, their children tugging on their trousers to be picked up and hugged before they disappeared for the week. A mother fussed over her young son and daughter, making sure their shirts were tucked in and warning them about talking to any demons before they boarded the train to stay with an aunt for a few weeks. Shifting nervously from foot to foot was a young man just old enough to set out on his own, ready to board the train to leave the stuffy old town for the big city, and standing a few paces back was a girl just a few years older seated on a steamer trunk, not looking quite as eager to seek her own fortune.

At the train attendant’s cry to board they gathered up their belongings and formed a line, readying their tickets for inspection and calling back a final goodbye to their loved ones. They sky had turned purple as the sun settled behind the hills and rimmed them in gold, and aside from the whistles and bells of the station it was as calm and serene a setting as ever the country station had enjoyed.

At least, it was, until the sound of screeching tires shattered the stillness and sent a few crows flying off in protest.  Hearing the squealing car stop just the other side of the station master’s house, the line of passengers craned their necks to try and get a view of what was sure to be unfolding drama. It wasn’t hard to guess that someone had misjudged the time and almost missed their train, and they wondered who of their neighbors had been so unlucky.

But none of the voices reaching them sounded familiar, and even the attendant left off in his ticket stamping to try and glance through the brick station for a better view of the disembodied voices.

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A Thousand Words Unsaid

A Thousand Words Unsaid, by potionsmaster

Rating: T for implications of sex, language

Summary: Kaidan finds a piece of their past he wasn’t expecting.  WYWH universe, game three.  Kaidan’s first time visiting the captain’s cabin after the relationship is official.  Find it on: AO3 and FFN

A/N: for relationship week on tumblr, Tuesday’s prompt ‘Pictures of You’.  The picture was taken on Kaidan’s birthday.  It was given to Shepard on his birthday.  And this is posting on mine.  ^__^  It fits.  Much thanks to @joufancyhuh for beta’ing!


Kaidan wandered aimlessly around the lower part of the cabin, awed at how spacious it was.  Back on the SR-1, the loft had just been storage, but it made sense that when the ship was doubled in size, it became a bit more than just a forgotten area to stick spools of wire and other various items to repair minor things on the ship.  Shepard -no, John…he had to remember he could call him John again, at least in private- was down in the mess, getting a couple of mugs of tea prepared and asked Kaidan to ‘stick around for a bit, if you want…’

He passed over the cables and open panels, smirking at the fact that Shepard finally had someplace to work on his armor in his cabin.  Kaidan chuckled to himself as he scrolled through the interface menu; Shepard had always seemed to gripe about the inconvenience of his locker being on crew deck instead of down in cargo hold with the rest of the team’s gear. Especially because the workbench was down there. Damn inconvenient when he had an issue with his armor. He felt his ears tip pink; the last time Shepard had trouble with it, he had called Kaidan up to help him and-

He closed his eyes with a sharp intake of breath, stopping that thought in its tracks.  That had been the last day he had seen Shepard alive on the original ship.  The memory was mixed; he gained the world and lost everything all in the span of a few hours that day.  No sense living in the past; done was done and the future was going to be what it is.  He was just grateful they had a second chance.  Damn miracle was what it was.  Not everybody got what they had.

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mindykahling  asked:

If you're taking requests, can I please get a fic of Ginny where she's Mike's daughter's kindergarten teacher?

oh, geez, Joudie. Do you see what you’ve made me do? I am tied up in all these feelings about Mike as a single dad now. Like 8000 words later and I’m still not over it. 

anyway, i hope this makes you smile!

easy as 1, 2, 3 | ao3

“Daddy, look!”

Obediently, Mike stopped, one of Maddie’s little hands still curled in his. The other pointed up, towards a wall of artwork. (Well, calling it “art” was maybe generous, but the kids were five and six. He could cut them a little slack.) He tried to follow the line of her tiny finger, but wasn’t sure what she wanted him to see. 

“What am I looking at, Mads?” he asked with a frown. 

Impatiently, she raised her arms, the imperious “Up!” left unsaid. 

With a groan—his girl was getting too big or his knees were aging too fast for this—Mike hauled her up onto his hip so she could point with more accuracy. Apparently, now that she had a better vantage, pointing wasn’t enough. Instead, she curled her fingers into his beard and tugged, like it was a set of reins and he was her noble steed. 

He really needed to stop letting the guys give her “horsey rides” if this was what he got out of it.

“Ow! Mads, gentle,” he reminded her, still moving to the right. The way she’d wanted. Geez, that was effective. 

Satisfied he was doing as she wanted, and—unfortunately—probably not because it was the right thing to do, she released her grip on him. She reached out and smacked her hand against one of the pictures. Immediately, his eyes zeroed in on the familiar, slightly shaky, handwriting of his daughter in the bottom corner. In painstaking letters, she’d spelled out “Madeline Lawson,” each letter a different color.

Honestly, how he’d missed it before was beyond him. 

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battle of the blades au

Laurent was beginning to think that Damen either hated him or loved him. It was hard to tell for certain, because the look that existed in Damen’s eyes after Laurent made him redo the step sequence or told him to balance himself more on his pick or yelled ‘no, do it again and do it better’ after every single - probably acceptable - jump was one of steely resolution. It seemed like Damen wanted to win this competition as much as Laurent did, except that he had none of the same reasons, so it really came down to  where his motivations lied. Either he was determined for determination’s sake and was therefore willing to put up with Laurent’s brutality…  or he was doing it for Laurent himself.

Laurent didn’t really care so long as the effort was there.

“Sometimes I think you’re trying to kill me,” Damen said as he recovered from the latest bout of Laurent’s insatisfaction.

“Sometimes I think you would actually push yourself to that point just to complete this program.”

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Hii, so this is a little idea that I had for a while now. There’s plenty more to come ,at least I hope so. Let me know what you think about it and if you want me to keep going with this? Thanks xxx

Chapter one

“Can you come here for a moment?”
Harry rushed into the kitchen of the apartment he quite grew to like over the last eight weeks. His band was finally taking a break after five years of nonstop working and traveling from one continent to the other. If he was honest he still didn’t feel like they were on a break. He still felt the constant jetlag and tired eyes but he enjoyed his time off. He was staying with his sister Gemma in London right now. Gemma all but begged him to stay in her apartment for a while because she missed him so much over the past few years. Harry agreed immediately, he was planning on staying with his family anyway.
“What’s up, Gem?” he asked his sister who looked like she would have a meltdown in a few seconds.
“My co-worker is coming over in half a hour. She’s really amazing and I’m so excited that I can work with her because she’s so talented. I really want her to like me and feel comfortable here because she will probably spend quite some time here during the next few weeks. I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t walk around half naked or do something stupid, yeah?”
Harry chuckled at her nervous rambling and leaned against the doorway of the kitchen. He met her last co-worker on a party a friend was hosting. If he was quite honest he doesn’t like people from the journalism industry all that much. It wasn’t even because of all the things those journalists and press people wrote about him or what rumours they spreat about him. It was the way they acted. Every journalist he met yet who wasn’t interviewing him and his bandmates was a bit strange. They were arrogant and cocky and he thought that some of them thought they were better than other people with different jobs. He really did bot like journalists.
His sister of course was different. He loved the way she wrote and how passionate she was about her job. And she wasn’t arrogant and cocky.
“Don’t worry. I’ll say hello to your new, ‘amazing’ co-worker and then I’ll leave you alone. You know I don’t like those people anyway.”
Gemma shook her head at him and walked over to the fridge to get herself a water bottle. She opened the bottle and took a sip from the cold liquid.
“She’s not like them.” she said when she turned around again to look at her brother.
“She started in this industry about three years ago. We have this big project going on. We’ll be working on stories together.”
“Sounds nice. I really she isn’t like the others I met.” Harry rolled his eyes at the thought.
“No, she’s really sweet.” Gemma smiled.
“Oh, did you say sweet?” Harry asked as if he didn’t hear her correctly.
“Yes, she is sweet. But don’t you dare make a move on her.” she threaded and pointed a accussing finger at Harry.
“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything embarrassing. Unless-”
“Harry, no! She won’t be interested in you anyway.”
“Oi! What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“Nothing. Just go and do some work or something.” she rolled her eyes with a cheeky smile on her lips.
Harry shook his head at her and turned around to leave before he remembered something.
“I’m going to go out with Niall tonight. I won’t be long though because he is going to fly to LA tomorrow.”
“Alright. Please, don’t get drunk. Don’t want you to be sick.”
“I won’t.” Harry said and rolled his eyes at her.
He went upstairs into Gemma’s bathroom where he took a shower and shaved the little stubble that grew over the last two day he didn’t shave. He was quite looking forward to this little night out even though he didn’t enjoy those type of things as much as others did his age. Tonight he’s going to be alone with Niall which was good because that meant nobody would end up drunk. They both weren’t that into alcohol, a beer or two were okay but they both knew their limits.
He got out of the bathroom with a white towel around his hips and made his way to the guestroom. The room wasn’t big but more than enough for him to stay for a few weeks. He went over to the little drawer on the opposite side of the room where the bed stood. He decided he would wear a black see-through button down with black ripped skinny jeans and some boots.
When he was dressed and was finished with drying his hair and spritzing on some cologne it was almost seven o'clock. In ten minutes he had to leave in order to be on time.
He made his way downstairs when he heard something that made him stop dead in his tracks.
A giggle.
A very cute and pretty giggle.
And it was definetaly not his sister giggling.

He walked down the last few stairs and over to the living room. He stopped right in front of it though, he didn’t want to be seen yet.
“So I thought that maybe we could separate our stories, you know? I don’t think it’s a good idea when we write everything together because that will probably get a bit too much. What do you think?”
That was his sister talking. There was a little pause before he heard the other girl speaking.
“I think that’s a very good idea. What I’ve seen from your previous writings is that you quite enjoy to write about nature and food and stuff like that, right? I love to write about girly stuff like makeup, fashion. But also about love and sex.”
Hell, Harry thought. He needed to know what that girl looked like. Her giggle was pretty, her voice was pretty. And somehow the fact that she enjoyed to write about sex awoke something in him.
No, it wasn’t because he was a horny teenager who started to blush and giggle whenever someone said the word ‘sex’ but the way she said it was somehow… sexy? And the fact that she wrote about it was kind of hot.
Harry rounded the corner and when he saw her it seemed like everything around him stopped.
God, she was pretty.
She smiled at him when she saw him and he didn’t think he ever saw such a breathtaking sight before. Her plump lips were stretched in the most beautiful way and her teeth were the brightest shade of white teeth could ever be. Her eyes were literally shining and looking so beautiful and perfect he almost cried. Her hair was just the right length and suited her beautiful face perfectly. She was dressed in a white shirt and blue ripped jeans and she looked so cute how she sat there he almost wanted to pinch her rosy cheeks.
“Hi! You must be Harry. I’m Y/N, Gemma’s new co-worker.” Y/N stood up from the couch and reached her right hand out with a bright smile.
“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Harry mumbled and smiled softly at her.
He shook her soft hand and he was sure that he felt tiny electric shocks on his skin when he touched her.
She really was amazing, Gemma didn’t lie.
And incredibly sweet.
She was one of those people Harry’s mum Anne always called sunshine. Anne always said that Harry was a little sunshine because when he walked into a room the whole atmosphere changed and when he smiled he world looked like a better place.
Y/N was a sunshine too. Her smile left him breathless and he almost didn’t find any words to reply to her.
“Nice to meet you too, Harry. I hope I don’t disturb your evening or something.” she said and her eyes widened and her smile fell a bit.
“No, no.” Harry was quick to answer.
He wanted her to smile again.
“I had plans anyway, don’t worry. I think Gemma is quite happy when she gets rid of me.” he grinned over at Gemma.
“True.” Gemma laughed.
Y/N smiled again and Harry felt his heartbeat racing when she looked into his eyes again. He never felt like that before when he looked at a girl. Of course, he met pretty girls before but never did he meet someone like Y/N. Something about her felt different from the very first glimpse he caught of her. He wouldn’t call it love on first sight, though. He didn’t believe in that. But maybe it was a massive crush.
“Well, I’m going to leave now. I’m already a bit late.” Harry chuckled and waved at the two girls.
“Bye.” Y/N smiled at him.
Harry left the livingroom and when he was sure that they couldn’t see him he leaned against a wall and took a deep breath. That was… intense. He wondered if Y/N felt the same way but…
Let’s just say that Harry is a hopeless romantic. He loved the idea of finding the significant other and loving them forever.
She won’t be interested in you anyway
The words his sister said earlier were replaying in his head. It was true. He was almost certain that she had a boyfriend because well, look at her. Someone who does not see her beauty must be blind. And even if she was single he wouldn’t have a chance. She was perfect and he was… Harry.
And she worked together with his sister.
She was taboo.

He left the apartment after he put his boots and a jacket on.

When Y/N heard the front door of the apartment fall shut she turned to Gemma.
“So I’m not some weird fangirl or something but I have to admit that I was quite nervous about meeting you’re brother.
"Oh, there’s no reason to be nervous around him. Sometimes he’s a pain in the arse but most of the time he’s a absolute sweetheart.” Gemma smiled at her.
“So you actually enjoy having him here?” Y/N asked curiously.
“Yeah, I do. I didn’t quite get to see him that often during the last few weeks is it’s nice to finally spend some time with him again.”
“That’s nice.” Y/N hummed.
“So where were we?”
“Yeah, right. So…”

Harry got home around midnight, absolutely sober. His thoughts were still consumed by the girl he met a few hours ago. He knew that he was probably overthinking everything and he only felt that way because he hadn’t met a girl in a very long time and he was pretty lonely. But he also knew that something happened when she touched his hand. It was somehow magical.
He was still sitting in his black Range Rover even though he was already in the driveway of his sisters apartment. Y/N’s car was still parked as well. His heart raced at the thought of seeing her again and a smile spread on his cheeks.
He got out of his car and made his way to the front door. He unlocked the door with his key and closed the door quietly behind him. He took off his boots and coat before he walked to the kitchen. When he walked inside he saw her placing down two wine glasses.
“Hey.” Harry spoke quietly so he wouldn’t scare her.
“Oh, hi.” Y/N turned around with a soft smile playing on her lips.
“I’m sorry that I’m still here but we wrote a lot and now Gemma fell asleep. She had a bit of wine so…”
“Always falls asleep after she had some wine.” Harry chuckled and leaned against the doorway.
“She’s on the couch. Did not want to wake her.”
Harry nodded and smiled at the way she took care of his sister. She was sweet. Inside and out.
“Alright so I’ll leave now.” Y/N said.
Harry’s smile fell and a frown took over his features. He knew he couldn’t ask her to stay a bit more because well he didn’t know her and she probably did not want to spend any time with him. And it was late.
“You came here by car, right?” he asked and she gave him a nod as answer.
“Oh, you’re not annoying at all. It’s sweet that you worry about me but I only had a little sip and I’m a big girl.” she gave him a little wink and a cheeky smile.
Harry chuckled and nodded.
“I know you are. Just don’t want anything happening to you.”
Y/N’s smile fell a bit at his words and he almost thought he said something wrong but she caught herself pretty quickly again.
“Don’t worry. I’ll give Gemma a text when I’m at home, alright?”
“Okay.” Harry nodded.
Y/N wanted to make her way over to the living room but right when she reached the doorway of the kitchen she stumbled over her own feet and almost fell on the floor but Harry caught her. One arm was around her waist and the other hand was holding onto her arm.
“Careful, love.”
Y/N looked up at Harry with wide eyes and a blush on her cheeks. Harry really did not have a dirty mind but the way her eyes were so big right now and her cheeks had that flush made him wonder what she would look like on her knees for him, about to take his-
“I’m so sorry. I’m really the clumsiest person ever.”
She moved away from his hold and looked at the ground a big embarrassed.
“Don’t worry. I’m clumsy too. I stumble over everything. And most of the time I can’t control my limbs.”
Y/N looked up at him again and a quiet giggle left her lips.
Yes, her giggle was really cute.
“I should really leave now.” she said after a while of just looking at him.
Harry nodded and moved aside so she could get her stuff from the living room. She returned a few seconds later, smiling softly.
“Thank you for saving me from hitting the floor.” she blushed.
“Anytime, clumsy.” Harry grinned cheekily at her and poked her nose with his finger.
Another giggle left her lips and now Harry was sure that he never heard something more beautiful.
“Good night.” she whispered and got up on the tips of her toes to press a soft kiss against Harry’s cheek.
Harry felt his cheeks heating up immediately. He didn’t think she would do that.
“Good night.” he whispered back.
She sent him another smile and left the apartment. He didn’t know how he could stay so calm while talking to her because on the inside he was freaking out. Harry still felt the ghost of her lips on his cheeks and he still smelled the whiff of vanilla that hit his nose when she leaned up for the little kiss. He was sure he could die happy now.

The next morning he woke up with a smile on his face. Y/N got home safely, he saw Gemma’s phone lighting up with her message half a hour after she left.
He made his way downstairs into the kitchen were Gemma was already sitting at the table with a croissant on her plate and a cup of tea in her hand.
“Good morning.” Harry smiled at her and went over to the counter were Gemma already prepared a cup of tea for himself.
“Good morning.” she replied irritated.
“What got you all smiley this morning, hm?”
Harry had to admit that he was quite grumpy in the morning. There was never a reason to his bad mood though and after twenty minutes he’d be a little sunshine again.
“Oh, come on now.” Gemma eyed him suspiciously.
“I know that smile. It has something to do with a girl am I right?”
Harry stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to look at his sister. The problem was that he always told her everything and vice versa, but he couldn’t tell her that.
T/N was taboo.
“No. There’s no girl. I’m just in a good mood.” he sent her another soft smile and sat down across from her at the table.
“Alright. Anyway, Y/N is so amazing. We already wrote on our first piece last evening and it’s so great. I love her ideas and she’s so inspiring. It’s going to be so good, we really are going to write about everything. I’ll write about lifestyle, nature and cooking and stuff and she’ll do girly stuff and some juicy stuff like love and sex. I can’t wait to finally start writing on it.”
Gemma sounded so exited Harry couldn’t help but smile at her. He was proud of her and everything she achieved lately. And the fact that she now worked with someone like Y/N who she admired was amazing.
“Sounds great. I’m excited to read some of it.”
“Oh, yes. We’ll upload the first one in like two days. And the beginning we wrote is already so good. Y/N will finish it up at home and then it will be up.” she grinned.
“Nice.” Harry nodded and took a sip from his tea.
Oh how he wished he could make a move on Y/N. But he didn’t want to ruin that experience for Gemma. If he asked Y/N out on a date or they actually really started dating it would be quite awkward if they would end. So that was probably not that great of an idea.
“Y/N told me she was pretty nervous about meeting you because of who you were. She was cute about it.”
“She knows me?”
“Of course she does! Who in our age doesn’t know who that weirdo from that strange band is? And when she found out that she was working with the sister of Harry Styles she probably had a little fangirl moment.
Harry chuckled at the thought of that sweet girl fangirling over him.
"Anyway, what do you think about her?”
Gemma’s question made him suck in a breath and he closed his eyes briefly. Goodness how he hated to answer that question. What should he say? That he was in love with her from the second he caught a glimpse of her perfect face? That he didn’t stop thinking about her since she kissed his cheek?
No that probably wouldn’t be that smart.
He hated lying to his sister.
But well, here goes nothing.
“Umm, well…”

And Then There’s Martha

By creepypasta user egodram

I live in the middle of nowhere, far away from the rest of my friends. I have to wake up very early in the morning to catch my bus and I usually eat my breakfast as it’s bringing me to school. I don’t have any brothers or sisters; There’s just me, the Ziggy the cat, and my Dad.

And then there’s Martha, the chronically pissed-off woman who insists that I call her my Mother. But lately I don’t feel so inclined to do so.

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Dan and Phil versus the World

Well, here goes. This marks a lot of firsts in my internet life. How do people post fics on Tumblr? I don’t even know.

Artist: Sadly, none, but if you send me a link to art for this fic, I will promo it!
Beta: Sam (@phantropolis)
Word count: 12k
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some coarse/inappropriate language and one description of a panic attack
Summary: In an alternate universe (where Poe the cactus survived), Dan and Phil revisited Japan after TATINOF. Now they’re back in London, but something’s changed, leaving Dan tense and restless. Maybe they’ve been so busy selling Dan and Phil™ all these years that they’ve forgotten how to be themselves. Storytelling has a way of seeping into real life, but it only confounds things when you start to believe it.
Author’s Note: I signed up for the PBB in May on an impulse, having never before worked with either a beta or an artist. Thanks to Sam for her top-notch beta reading and bants. This story is dedicated to you, without whom it would probably still be half finished and abandoned. I hope it’s not (too) crap for a first phanfic. The themes are friendship, understanding, growth and dreams, and there is a lot of introspection, analysis and flashbacks. Really, the whole story is one long existential crisis on Dan’s part. And procrastination station.

Read on AO3 here!

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Laughter Lines

Summary: A fic based off Laughter Lines by Bastille, where Dan and Phil meet up again after twenty years spent apart. Prompted on phanfic.

Word Count: 1k

Genre: Angst

Warnings: None beyond sadness

*song link*

Dan was nervous.  It was the first time he was going to see Phil in over twenty years.  They had been forced to split apart then.  Phil needed to move back home to take care of his ailing mother and Dan had been offered a job as a TV host staying in London.  They had decided it was best to say goodbye to their best friend for the time being.  It was only meant to be temporary.  But then the years flew by.

However, now Phil was back. And he was picking Dan up from the train station with a kind smile and a face worn with age.

You took me to your favourite place on earth

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2 Year Anniversary of Daydreams!!!

With the understanding that my mark of two years is quickly approaching, I decided to go through my daydream tag, deep into the masses of more than nine hundred writings only to find my worst, most embarrassing, and favorite daydreams; this also includes a note to all of my little readers, self-reflection through the use of commentary, and a ‘looking back on thethingsiloveabout1d’ segment. 

I know a lot of you don’t read/like het and find it weird and think it’s entirely stupid but thank you SO much, I can’t begin to say thank you enough, if you’ve stuck with me. 

I went through more than 80 pages of this stuff for you. I just about died from embarrassment, but frankly, it’s all worth it. Six p.m. on Daydream Nights have never been more fun, or as rewarding. 

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Okay, I’ve accepted madness now . . .

But, I decided to go and re-read some of the FB arc per chance (partly due to the fact they’ve returned) and I feel like these two pages are rather … stand-outy:

Now, when I was on the second page, my eyes immediately focussed on Giriko’s thing about timing. Why does it feel so bloody appropriate to this arc - like Kubo’s handing out a bone with a wink? Especially as the FB finally made their return now?

Now add on this theory I put on another forum (Its a long one, but please bear with);

Okay, so I’ve been in a bit of an anxious state since the past couple of chapters (this one included) no doubt thanks to the whole 5 weeks left thing. And Whether Ichiruki will become canon is really speculative to me at the moment (I’m sorry if this is making no sense) However, I’ve just had a watch of this video.

Now, I would seriously advise watching this before  reading the rest of my post. I, like I’m sure many of you guys did, found when Yhwach was talking about the future being written individual grains of sand was super connotative of the sand and rotator poems Kubo did years ago. Add that to Urahara’s statement and we have some kind of canon that Rukia will be important to this fight. I just wasn’t sure how. Now, since the last two/three chapters and the revelations of Bleach ending  (or ‘ending’) I’ve been really worried that Kubo’s going to troll us (and nothing happen).

However, after watching this video it’s got me thinking. Now, I’m assuming the guy hasn’t read the rain drags black sun/rained dried by white moon poems as he’s got it flipped with Rukia as the sun and Ichigo as the moon (although he did use the words 'Rukia is Ichigo’s light’ separately from a Kubo-quote  ) but his points still stand. Mainly the point about the grains of sand themselves (bringing it back round to Yhwach).

His theory states the sand has a sun and moon on each side, and one of the sides, Yhwach can’t see. Now I want to add in my own bit here with the idea that Yhwach has to sleep. If we’re assuming he’s the standard diurnal god, he sleeps at night. Night hosts moon, moon is Rukia - you see where I’m going with this?
The reason I think he’s hit the nail on the head with the sun and moon on either side of a grain, is thanks to the names of the chapters  - Side A and Side B, I always assumed this was thanks to Kubo’s love of music and having two sides to a CD (ehe ) so this makes a lot more sense to me. She’s still the rotator, I guess (not gonna lie, I’m a little confused with that bit, but eh), but also being the other side of the same coin (shinigami side of Bleach, VS human side of Bleach ? ).

Then turning it back to introduce Aizen as the actual antihero - who knew this could happen and so orchestrated the whole thing, I mean, it would explain Kubo’s quote as to him still having a role in this arc, his real agenda, why Ichigo felt loneliness from his blade. I mean it would make an awful lot of sense, AND seems like the kind of massive plot-twist  Kubo is known to pull. (Seriously, watch the video if you haven’t already)

Like fuck, it’s a long shot, and like he said it’s vague but if this turns out to be correct, and Kubo ties it up. Like fuck. I don’t care, I’ll leave Bleach knowing it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading - if it turns out it has been foreshadowed for 400 chapters. Like ugh.

Anyways, I kinda hope that makes sense, and puts some hope back into a few (including myself) - (Goddamnit I don’t want any mroe holes in our ship!) 

*Edit* - Thought I should add, could it mean Ichigo might transfer his powers to Rukia this time? 'Flipping the coin’ and rendering a future Yhwach can’t see - with Rukia as the power house? Maybe that’s stretching it. I mean with the thing about 'one of their bonds being bound to Ichigo and the future’ (I can’t remember the exact line) in the page regarding Rukia and Renji? Just maybe? Agghhh, I’m getting too hopeful!

And finally, we get to these pages:

Namely the bit about the badge responding to Ichigo’s heart and time of pride in his shinigami powers - I never quite got the pride in his powers with that panel though - unless he was proud that he lost them, so he couldn’t see Rukia? (Which makes no sense whatsoever, so …  yeah …) 
Now, all four of the panels I’ve added were from the same chapter the ‘Time Discipline’. Considering Kubo’s all about the timing, time, and now the FBers, I can’t help but wonder if this certain ‘pride’ may have something do do with how his powers may change or grow, or something. It’s still to do with Rukia, whatever this mess of a post/theory is. 

If you made any sense of that, fucking wow. I wanted to just kind of put extra thoughts on an already spewwy kind of theory. Like I said it’s a massive long shot (confusing and vague), and I’m definitely clutching at straws because of my shipper heart wants these two lovely’s to be in love and then get together and be together forever, but it’s probably not likely. 

Any thoughts/additions? 

Hey late night Tumblr peeps!

So I’m very excited about my big collab I have coming up this weekend. I’ve already got 20 YouTubers’ finished videos and I have 46 people confirmed. I’ll probably round the number to 50 in the video to be honest. No biggie.

However, on the topic of the collab, I talked a lot about it during my live show last week. Due to the nature of things, I wanna just put some stuff out here which deliberately has not much context. I saw some comments about my show on a YouTube video so I just wanted to clarify a weird thing… Cherry Wallis is going to be in my collab. Yes. Cherry. From Birmingham. I hadn’t wanted to reveal any names yet, but figured in the liveshow I’d cheekily give one away as her name fit my sundae analogy so well. I even snapped at the wordplay. I’m a bit surprised not many of you picked up on that, but I guess that just means I’m better at keeping secrets than some people would make you believe! *airhorn.wav*

I don’t know how many people that left random comments on this video actually follow me on Tumblr, but I’m assuming if they did, they’d read this post and go “ooooooh….oh…” and if you’re a random passerby confused as to why I needed a wall of text to announce one friend was in my video, enjoy your blithe state. 

This is the vaguest, yet least vague post I’ve ever made. 

While you’re here though and I’m still jetlagged looking at the clock and thinking, I figured I would chat about that thing that happened this morning. For the most part, I hold negative people from me with a 6 foot pole. Living with Dodie has been a blessing as she’s always full of positive energy. I will miss her greatly. However, I do know many people that thrive on negativity. I don’t make it a mission to hang out with these people. If I’ve had to “stand up” for friends who these people will happily talk shit about behind their backs continuously as if their lives revolve around it then I try to avoid them in person as much as online. I’ve always disliked the notion of “YouTube cliques” and for the most part, I don’t consider myself part of any of these “boxes” of friendship groups. I don’t pretend to be friends with everyone. I consider myself light friends with a many, but I only truly have 4 close friends, Dodie, Connie, Gabby, and Lucy. I hang out with lots of people and I get on really well with many more, but if I’m ever upset about something (losing job/moving/etc) I can always rely on these 4 to help me. Each interestingly enough has their own group of friends separate from the rest for the most part as well. 

In terms of negativity, I don’t post any. At the end of the day, I’d like to have that as a personality trait. At Playlist Live 2 years ago when I had a chat with Louis I realised I’d never once heard him say a negative thing about a soul. I thought that was such an amazing quality and so I began to transform myself that way. The only reason I’ll get involved in anything nowadays is if I wanna make a joke about it. For instance, I’ve never met the Fine Bros and tbh I haven’t ever watched one of their videos spare the one that blew up, but I didn’t agree with their trademarking of “react” so I tweeted a joke or 2 about it. For the most part, the joke is about this trademark issue and not really them. Like I said, I don’t know them at all to say anything of them really. Then again that doesn’t stop a lot of people.

But! (this is finally coming around) I don’t wanna see negativity on my twitter timeline especially when it’s against someone I’m also friends with. That’s not cool. Like heaven forbid if someone I know decided to be a dick to Dodie; idk what I’d do. No matter how many times I’ve asked her not to get involved with situations, Dodie will always defend me when I’m needlessly attacked. I’m thankful I haven’t had a chance to return the favour. ANYWAY, after reading the offending post, I just sighed. It was just an old rehashed attack at someone I consider a friend. Half of me was tempted to just unfollow and let it be, but I felt it disingenuous not to at least inform her that I found what she said in poor taste. I didn’t want to get involved past that. It wasn’t my battle nor is it in good taste, especially publicly. 

In the end, Lucy made a great post summing up everything right and wrong with the post and all was well. 


  • Don’t spend your life putting down people you don’t like; it makes you bitter. Raise up people you do like instead. Add positivity to the world; it’s got enough negativity without you.
BTS - Namjoon scenario

This isn’t requested but it’s something I was gonna post on my Wattpad ages ago but I never got round to finishing it…but I finally did so here it is I guess. It looks kinda short but idk I think it’s kinda cute. Also I wrote this whilst listening to Dean, literally the best vibes for writing stuff like this omg.



You were awoken from your sleep by your phone excessively buzzing on your beside table.

“I swear” you think whilst turning over to check it “if this is another bunch of game invites from Mum on Facebook I’m gonna scream” You squint as you unlock your phone, the bright light like staring straight into the sun.

A text from Namjoon; with a photo attached…oh god. “If he’s sent me another cryptic photo with some deep meaning, or some philosophical quote I’m supposed to understand…” You say as you swipe and go to view the photo. A photo of a city skyline illuminated by the stars is what you actually opened, along with the caption “beautiful isn’t it…?”

“WAIT” You reply, before quickly sending a second message “are you on the roof of my building?!” you question as you recognised the meagre attempt at a garden on the roof.

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