actually crying with laughter at that sweater

tea-me-and-smut  asked:

I am eternally crying with laughter over the Loyalists in ugly sweaters only those are actually the cutest sweaters I've ever seen. Also, Treavor with his perpetual drink in hand amuses me waaaay too much GAH AND I CANNOT GET OVER ALL THESE SMOOCHABLE LITTLE NOSES

I didnt do a very good job at making their sweaters ugly did I?  theyre way too cute XD

also, someone needs to revoke Pendleton’s eggnog privileges before Havelock punches him in the face things get any worse

granpappy-winchester  asked:

You just melted me with the image of Hannibal crying while he sucks Will off for the first time. (Would Will make him stop and ask what the hell is wrong or would he understand at this point that Hannibal cries. A lot. And go with it?)

I think by the time they got to actual blow jobs Will would be pretty used to all the weeping. Hannibal cried his way through their first kiss and got tears all over Will’s favorite sweater but Will just sort of soothing stroked his hair after instead of making a big deal out of it… But lbr he had to hold back some laughter at first because jfc Hannibal it’s only a kiss get it together.

After a while though he just starts to understand that firsts – and probably seconds and thirds –  with Will are very emotional for Hannibal and he has been so deprived for so long and Will actually starts to find it all kinds of endearing that someone could love him that much.

Will lovingly wipes the tears from Hannibal’s cheeks as he goes to town on his cock. He is both terrified and excited to find out how much Hannibal is going to cry the first time he fucks him.