actually crying because of these two idiots

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????

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Nookie and musician!but secret popular!pornstar!Nate who's secret life is somehow discovered by fans headcannon

…Can I go cry now? 😂

•Obviously he was stupid to go into two professions that involved his face in the open constantly

☆There are many ways this can go☆
•Either Hunter is actually his partner when they film because they’re comfortable “work” partners (admit it, they’re screw balling it on the side):
-They both try to keep their “secret lives” hidden
-But the idiots also have YouTube and such, and everybody recognizes their voices
-Not to mention, Nate being on stage, e v e r y o n e knows it’s him
-They tease the bois about it, but still love them nonetheless

•There’s also the one where Nate tries to keep his pornstar life hidden:
-Hunter is completely clueless at first when they start hanging out and slowly start dating
-But like?? Some fans are sitting here like “Boi, Nate looks so familiar– Why tho?”
-Everyone knows this rock star from somewhere, they just don’t know why
-And like, the more perverted fans are like “Oh, this is why he looks familiar” and send links to his videos and such
-And Hunter ends up seeing a link and clicking on it
-And like, the boi is shook 😂 Like, listening to Nate moan and whimper and plead like that is just… D A M N

Dr. John Doe's Patient Notes (Eyeball)


Today’s session with Eyeball was very different from most.

Instead of the usual routine we’ve established over the past two years.

(Fuck you! I’m entitled to my motherfucking guilt! I couldn’t save her because I’m a goddamn useless idiot! *Lots of crying* I know I’m not responsible but I still feel responsible.)

She actually explained how she lost the use of her eye and didn’t use an one of her excuses like when I normally press the issue. (I tripped into a rose bush, accident while “eating out”, I took my Deathstroke cosplay far too seriously, or my personal favorite I needed an excuse to dress like a pirate everyday.)

She said she felt that she could trust me and that I’d be one of only six people who know the actual reason why she lost her eye. (Apparently the only other people who know are the two EMTs, a nurse, a doctor, her sister Navy, and a good family friend named Greg.)

After she had came home from her second tour (Thanks for serving our nation by the way) she found herself still dealing with the misplaced guilt of Sgt. Rosa Diamond’s death. One especially bad night she decided to get smashed and came up with the brilliant idea of killing the woman responsible for Rosa’s death. Fortunately she didn’t made to the woman’s home and ended up in the alley way behind the local carwash.

Feeling consumed by guilt she tried to kill herself with the small pistol she had. (didn’t work obviously) According to her it refused to fire. Getting mad at this fact she threw it on the ground and bam! It went off and caused her to panic making her trip over some junk in the alley and land face first on some broken glass. Most it obviously scratched up her face but some ended up tearing through her eyelid and permanently blinded her.

She said she was ashamed that she lost her eyesight in one eye because she was scared of a single gunshot and despite knowing she isn’t responsible for her death she still feels that it was a fair punishment for not saving Sgt. Diamond’s life.

Admittedly I didn’t tell her anything to change or even nudge her in the direction of realizing that kind of thought process isn’t a healthy one.

I did however talk to her about her progress to coming to terms with her guilt, combating her suicidal thoughts, (which she said she had only had eight since our last session two weeks ago. That’s a hell of a step up from several most days when she became my patient) and most importantly realizing it’s okay to open up with others about what’s bothering her.

After all of that we fell back into our routine of us talking about what’s bothered her lately and how she wants to get into a better mental state for her nephew Steven who she says sees her and everyone in general as the best person they could possibly be and not the fuck up’s they are.

My current thoughts on Eyeball’s progress

She’s making her way to a healthier mind state at a steady pace and that sometime in the foreseeable future she’ll be able to handle monthly sessions instead of bi weekly. Helping her through her suicidal thoughts and deeply imbedded guilt is my current goal now that we have finally reached a mutual footing.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to learn Eyeball’s side of the story of Sgt. Diamond’s death which is almost exclusively the reason for her current issues.

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios!

I don’t own Hetalia but I own my keyboard

He has a nightmare about losing you part 3



It’s two a.m., and you’re just lying in your bed, staring at the ceiling. It’s difficult not being able to sleep, especially when Japan is fast asleep next to you. After a while he starts to mumble something in his sleep. It sounds like Japanese, and though you don’t understand much, he looks pretty sad.

   “Japan?” you whisper. “Are you alright?”

   Suddenly his eyes pop open and he’s panting, as if he’s having hard time breathing.

   “Japan?” you say again, now getting really worried. “What’s wrong?”

   “I… It was just a nightmare”, he swallows. “I’m sorry if I disturbed your sreep, (Y/N)-chan.”

   “No, I was awake anyway. What was the dream about?”

   “It… You wourd never reave me, right? Even though I have probrems with touching and…”

   “No, of course not”, you assure him and carefully take his hand in yours. “Did that happen in the dream?”

   He nods, looking down at his hands.

   “Japan, I will never leave you, no matter what. I promise. It was just a bad dream.”



It’s three in the morning, and you’re a having a lovely dream about dancing tomatoes. Then suddenly you feel something wet on your cheek, and you’re slowly waking up. You blink a couple of times, and then you see Romano. He’s actually crying in his sleep, his tears dropping on your face.

   “Romano”, you whisper and gently wipe his tears away. “Wake up, please. Don’t cry.”

   But he’s Italian – he’s not so easily awakened. It takes a lot of shaking and pulling his curl before you get him to open his eyes.

   “R-ragazza?” he swallows, looks heart-broken for about two seconds, and then he tries to be mad at you. “Why did-a you wake me up, you idiot-a?”

   “Because you were crying in your sleep. Are you alright?”

   “Y-yeah, it was-a just a stupid-a dream”, he puffs, but then the tears start to come back.

   “What was it about?” you ask, hugging him tightly.

   “T-the usual”, he stutters. “You choosing-a Feliciano over me, like everyone else does-a.”

   “Oh, Lovi, I’ll never leave you. You’ll always be first my choice.”

   “I promise.”



You wake up in the middle of the night, feeling unusually cold. Rubbing your eyes, you take a look at the clock: four a.m. Well, at least you can still sleep for many, many hours…

   “Njet”, you suddenly hear Russia mumble next to you, and you turn around to face him. That’s why you’re feeling so cold; his arms aren’t around you. Instead the Russian is tossing and turning in your bed, looking very upset. “Njet, you… you…”

   “Russia”, you say, grabbing him by the shoulders and trying to shake him awake. “Wake up. It’s just a dream.”

   His violet eyes pop open, and you can see the tears glittering behind them. Russia doesn’t usually cry, but he looks absolutely heart-broken. Before you can even say anything, he pulls you on top of him and nuzzles your neck.

   “You will never go near any bridges, da?” he whispers.

   “What? Why?”

   “Because I had a dream where my sunflower was falling off a bridge, and it felt… I was so alone before I met you, (Y/N). I couldn’t take it if I were to lose you.”
   “You won’t lose me”, you smile. “And I won’t go near any bridges.”


It’s three in the morning, and you’re happily asleep in Spain’s arms. Well, at least you were, until you started hearing a very familiar voice. After blinking a couple of times, you realize that Spain is talking in his sleep. It’s Spanish, and he’s talking way too quietly for you to understand anything, but the tears running down his face speak volumes.

   “Spain”, you whisper, gently touching his cheek. “Wake up. Please, I don’t wanna watch you cry.”

   “C-chica?” he swallows, and eventually manages to open his eyes. “W-what… Is it morning already?”

   “No, you were crying in your sleep. A nightmare?”

   “”, he sighs and pulls you closer to him, nuzzling your hair. “In the dream, you… You were dying, and it was because of me and it was the most horrible feeling ever. Promise me you’ll never die?” Okay, perhaps he isn’t completely awake.

   “That’s kinda hard to promise”, you yawn.

   “Promise anyway”, he mumbles. “Please.”

   “Fine. I’ll never die. Now, back to sleep.”

as if we were in love~

Protective Marinette

“Have you ever gotten hurt like that before?” Marinette asked the next week, idly running her fingers through his hair as they lounged on her couch once more. She had no work to do that night, a miracle of miracles, and used her time off to snack and rest with Chat Noir snuggled up on top of her. The thief opened his eyes – her petting constantly lulled him to sleep, she noticed – and tilted his head up to stare at her.

“Once or twice, princess. Comes with the job.” He winks and pretends to flex for her. “Don’t worry. Your knight can handle-”

“Was it bad?”

Chat had seen the same worry swimming in her sky-blue depths last week while she patched him up, and he had already decided it was a bad look on her. His princess should always be happy; he would do whatever he could to ensure that. But they both knew he was a lousy liar – only when it came to Marinette; she read him like a book and he didn’t mind in the least bit – so he would answer honestly.

With a sigh, he lifted both his hoodie and his shirt to show a jagged scar running from his sternum to his navel, a mark he had intentionally hid from her last week. Upon seeing it Marinette gasped, covering her mouth with one hand as the other reached out, as if to touch it and confirm the scar’s reality. “This is the worst I’ve ever gotten hurt, Marinette. I was new to the job and careless, and I paid for my mistakes.” She whimpered quietly and Chat was quick to add, “But I’m fine now. It’s just a scar.”

Hesitantly, she touched the mark, running her finger from one end to the other. Chat shivered under her touch, watching her closely. Finally she met his gaze, hand resting on his stomach.

“Promise me you won’t do it again,” Marinette whispered, tears pricking her eyes. “Promise you won’t… don’t you ever come through that window again, bleeding and dying and scaring me half to death. I’ll… I’ll call the police if you do! I’ll arrest you myself! I’ll… I’ll…” Silent tears slid down her cheeks as she turned away. “What if you hadn’t come? If you never…”

“Princess…” Chat murmured, gently brushing his thumb against her cheek to swipe away her tears. “Don’t cry over me, alright? I’m purrfectly fine. I’ve got nine lives, remem-”

“You’re not an actual cat, you idiot, don’t you understand that you could have died?! And I wouldn’t have known! You would have died on your own in the middle of nowhere and I would have stayed here, waiting forever for you to come and you wouldn’t you’d never come back and I’m not losing you because of your stupid selflessness!”

Two pairs of eyes widened at the words as a bright pink color dusted across their cheeks. It was one thing to know, in their own odd ways, that they cared for each other to a certain degree. Marinette, for her part, had admitted before that she didn’t hate Chat Noir – that didn’t mean anything, she had claimed, just that she probably wouldn’t call the police that night – while Chat had flirted as long as she would allow before throwing him out of the window. The idea that they would, or could, lose each other was something neither had spoken of. The thought had never occurred to them, until now. Now, when Marinette realized that had he been seriously injured, she would have lost her black cat.

She would have lost the friend that had wiggled his way into her heart, and that scared her more than the fear of losing her own life that night. She made a promise to herself that night, that no matter what, as much as she could help it, no harm would come to Chat Noir. Criminal or no, he was her friend, a good one, and she refused to ever witness him bleeding again. So maybe all the information they had tracked thus far on Chat Noir had mysteriously disappeared. So maybe Plagg’s knife had vanished from the evidence locker. So maybe she was sort of kind of maybe helping him get away with it so that no one would go after him and hurt him. He was her friend, and she always protected her friends.

Finally, after a long moment of silence, Chat smiled softly and, wiping the last of Marinette’s tears away, murmured, “Purrhaps I can try to be a little more careful from now on… just fur you, purrincess.”

“This is no time to joke-”

He cradled her jaw, forcing her eyes to lock with his. “I know, Mari. I can’t promise you nothing will happen to me. It will. I’m a thief, after all. But… if it worries you so much, I will do my best to be as careful as I can.”

Marinette swallowed thickly, placing her hand over his. “…I can’t lose you.”

Heat climbed up his neck at her words. “Y-You won’t, princess. I’ll always come back to you.” She still looked upset, so he flashed her a wink. “Aren’t you lucky? The great Chat Noir, coming to woo you every week. Won’t your neighbors get jealous?”

A smile threatened to curl her lips, but Marinette fought it as best she could. “I don’t want to have to bandage you up ever again… okay?”

He nodded, taking her hand in his and pressing a kiss to the back of it. He could have sworn she blushed, but that was probably just a trick of the light. “It’s a paw-mise.”

Marinette groaned and shoved the laughing thief off the couch so he wouldn’t see her smile. To think she actually cared about this pun-loving criminal… Her eyes flickered down to the floor and caught his emerald gaze, smile wide and eyes gleaming.

Well. Who could blame her when Chat looked at her like that?

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Imagine a Rapunzel AU about Goethel where she isn’t evil though - just long sufferingly done with the world and things that happen around her. Like yeah, she’s definitely a Witch with a garden full of delicious looking fruits and veggies, but that’s her buisness okay. She’s not harming anyone.

And then one day she hears noises outside that IDEK interrupt her nap and she catches this dude who’s asked her numerous times for some of her fruits and she’s told him no stealing veggies and fruits

  • from a witch’s garden
  • a witch’s clearly magical garden.
  • he is clearly not magical or someone who dabbles in magic

And the dude bolts, so of fucking course she goes after him because stuff from a magical garden, what the hell was this idiot thinking? And of course by the time she finds him, she comes in to see his heavily pregnant wife eating most of what’s he’s stolen. And they both look at her fearfully expecting her to curse them, and the man and wife both start babbling and pleading for mercy and how the wife was craving. And Goethel realises:

  • pregnancy makes you irrational
  • the idiot is whipped for his wife
  • he was clearly not thinking
  • eating fruits and vegetables from a witch’s magic garden
  • without asking and hence knowing what they’re for
  • while pregnant
  • for bloody hell’s sake
  • they’re lucky they haven’t turned into toads or cockroaches or weird insecty chimeras or worst
  • why this why her

And of course because she’s a decent human being and more importantly a decent self respecting witch, she sits down and explains the foolishness of their actions to them. Of course it devolves into:

  • no she can’t undo it
  • no because she doesn’t know half of what was stolen
  • and she doesn’t know what it’ll do in the combination it was taken
  • even if she tries, she’ll risk harming the baby
  • which she won’t do unless the mother gives her the go ahead
  • which of course doesn’t happen

And this is how she becomes the de-facto doctor and long suffering friend to Rapunzel’s parents, and helps bring the baby girl into the world and declares her seeming okay but Goethel can’t tell yet. That’s when the idiots two name Goethel the baby’s godmother and name the baby Rapunzel and Goethel is all

  • wait what
  • why am i her godmother
  • you didn’t even ask it you two idiots
  • also
  • why rapunzel
  • that is a horrible name
  • why would you name your child after a fucking vegetable
  • stolen from a witch’s magical garden
  • which could probably affect her
  • like why summarise all your bad decisions into her name?
  • as her grudgingly appointed godmother i am offended on the behalf of my godchild

And then of course Goethel gets suckered into coparenting with the Idiots Two. And Rapunzel might be magic time bomb because of her parent’s bad decisions, and because magic is a shitty sentient trickstery fuck, of course she’s beautiful enough to catch all sorts of attention. So like after the fifth or so attempted kidnapping of the “beautiful magical girl” before she’s even six, Goethel just goes “fuck this shit” and whisks Rapunzel to a magically protected high-ass tower far far away from anything that might harm Rapunzel until they can figure out how to undo the magic problem. And it’s a good arrangement, Rapunzel’s parents visit her often and Goethel is good at raising Rapunzel. And when Rapunzel’s parents pass away because of an accident Rapunzel and Goethel spend many nights in Rapunzel’s bed wrapped around each other crying. (Because Goethel actually grew to care for those two idiots.)

And then of course Rapunzel grows more and becomes a teenager, and Goethel thinks that maybe now her problems will lesson.

  • she thought wrong
  • so so wrong
  • she should have known better than to tempt fate
  • the universe hates her
  • teenagers are the fucking worst
  • so many tantrums
  • no rapunzel, you cannot have a cat you’re allergic
  • no rapunzel you cannot get out of hunting if you want meat for dinner
  • no rapunzel i won’t teach you that spell it’s too high level magic
  • no rapunzel just because you’re taller doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat vegetables those are healthy
  • and of course there’s some asshole who finds the tower and tries charming rapunzel
  • he’s a fucking prince
  • of course he is
  • no rapunzel it isn’t true love
  • he probably knows about the magic thing
  • also, you’re bloody seventeen
  • and if it’s true love, why won’t he come around when I’m there, why when you’re alone
  • that’s skeevy as fuck

And then because teenagers the damn Prince has convinced her baby to run away with him and Goethel find out when she comes back to the Tower and finds it empty with a note. And because this is Goethel’s life by the time she’s found the Prince it’s to find out he’s in fact skeevy as fuck and has duped Rapunzel and kidnapped her and

  • He did not
  • He DID NOT.
  • He did not kidnap and hurt her baby.
  • Goethel is going to rain down hell on him
Going to a Concert with Ten


  • This kid had been planning this for months.
  • Bugging you everyday to save money and remember the date.
  • He’s probably already bought the tickets for you guys anyways.
  • Ten has always seemed like he had connections. Always having the hi-touch passes.
  • He knows all about the fan meets. He probably runs a blog about the band/group too.
  • He has a calendar with the date. 
  • A event on his phone of the date.
  • He more than likely has an app to count down to the second of it.
  • Why is he so prepared? He even has a checklist to make sure you guys have everything you could possibly need.
  • A week before the concert you both will be hyping it up together.
  • A day before the concert you’ll be jittery. You both slept over at his house.
  • He’d wake you up super early just so you both can get ready.
  • No time to waste. Eat something quickly and head off to the concert as early as possible.
  • “Y/N are you as excited as I am? I don’t think you are. Are you excited? Come on just tell me.”
  • “YES. Ten… I am excited.”
  • “Oh okay. Just making sure.”
  • Jumping around like idiots before the concert starts.
  • Practically crying in line because the wait is so painstakingly long.
  • Once you two enter the venue he’s practically squeezing your hand to the point that it’s red from his excitement.
  • Please get this boy some water and a paper bag. Poor thing is already hyperventilating.
  • When his favorite is up he will flail around and smack your shoulder.
  • “Look. Look. Look. Oh my gosh. Wow. It’s them!!.”
  • Frantically takes pictures. 
  • Get’s upset when they don’t come out clear because he’s too giddy.
  • He’d stutter when you actually meet them.
  • “Ah my name… Oh it’s.”
  • “Ten. Just write Ten.”
  • “Ah, thank you Y/n.”
  • Awkward laughing towards the band/group members.
  • Literally hugging the poster or CD with their signatures on it.
  • “This is my life now..”
  • When you get home all night you’ll be talking about it.
  • Hardly any sleep was done the night before the concert and after.

Guess who finished the OnS game and is depressed because the game is over but happy because I’ve finally unlocked all the Mikayuu events lol

Anon-san requested this video, so here it is! Making these videos really helps me clear my mind when I’m stuck with my other translations and they’re so easy I want to cry (compared to some *ahem* seiyuus who sometimes don’t speak clearly lol).

Back to the video, it’s so heartwarming watching Yoichi standing between these two idiots *cries*. Actually, watching almost any character of the series in this game makes me cry *thinks about a friendless Guren and wants to tear up again*

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okay but wait yoonmin and their child. imagine after the child's birth the two has to watch them at night and you know being what babies are they cry in the middle of the night and then jimin would be the one to cradle it at like 2 in the morning and telling stories. then yoongi would wake up and find jimin rocking the baby to sleep and he's smiling like and idiot. so yoongi comes up and backhugs jimin as they gaze at the baby even if it's 2 in the morning. -- hardcore yoonmin anon

Yoongi was actually really worried when the baby was born, because it was his baby and not, technically, Jimin’s. He knew his husband loved kids and he’d been really into everything, the baby’s room, names, clothes, and yet he couldn’t stop worrying about whether Jimin would actually care about the child.

Obviously, his worries turned out to be useless, for as soon as the younger’s eyes landed at the little bundle of blankets, Jimin was ecstatic. 

“What is it!?” He squealed excitedly, jumping right next to the crib.

“A boy.”

“Yoongi…! We have a little boy…!” He giggled quietly, bending down over the sleeping baby and gently moving the mock of black hair from its forehead “He’s so small… Hello there Hwanjae… Do you know who I am? I’m your daddy~”

Meanwhile Yoongi just dying from all the cutenness

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Wait... Dude... I don't remember the name of it but there's this one anime in which this guy writes romantic novels and has this girl who works as his assistant and they have to act out all the cute stuff in his novels to make sure they make sense and eventually they fall in love I guess I don't know I didn't watch the whole thing lmao but like it'd make a great au man I love

I’m almost 100% sure that I read a manga like this once, except it was a girl who was a manga artist and used this one guy who was literally a bishounen as inspiration for her cutesy scenes. They were like 12-15 and they got married? And had kids really young? I dunno I gotta ask Zane if he still has it because that whole synopsis sounds really familiar. Anyway, here you go :)

(Also, I’m sorry that this was late. I’ve been putting it off for ML Week)

  • Adrien is a fairly popular novelist, and his works are well-respected for their writing style and characterization
  • The only thing that people don’t like is how unrealistic the romances are, because apparently, grand sweeping gestures aren’t that big a thing anymore
  • Solution: find a girl and reenact the romantic scenes from his rough drafts to make absolutely sure that they were realistic
  • Problem: Who does he pick? Who would actually agree to this?
  • New Solution: Adrien’s friend, Nino, introduces him to his friend, Alya’s, friend, Marinette, who is 100% single and 100% available
  • New Problem: How’s he gonna get this Marinette to agree to this?
  • New New Solution: Marinette is an up-and-coming fashion designer who needs a model for her new men’s line. In exchange for his modeling her designs, she’d be more than happy to assist him with his writing references
  • At first it’s super awkward because they don’t know each other at all, and Marinette seems kind of jumpy around him, and since Adrien has no experience in the romance department at all, he’s left with nothing but his clichés
  • Little does he know that Marinette loves all of his works and has the biggest crush on him
  • Adrien wants to hit this romance full force with fancy dinners and extravagant gifts and galas and all that and Marinette has to be like, “whoa there friend you need to slow down”
  • So Adrien lets Marinette take the lead for a bit because he has no idea what he’s doing
  • She takes him to go see a movie, and while Adrien wants to go see something romantic, Marinette insists on going to an action flick
  • After the movie they have dinner at like a Friendly’s or something and they talk about the movie and how bad the plot was and it breaks the ice between them and it’s easier for them to have conversations and Adrien’s amazed because he never would have thought of that in a million years
  • So Adrien continues to let Marinette lead him on the romance thing, because she knows way more about this stuff and as time goes by, he finds himself taking the lead
  • Nothing totally extravagant like he wanted at the beginning, but something real
  • He remembers Marinette saying that she used to go to this theme park as a kid and he takes her there and she’s just so happy, and something squeezes in Adrien’s chest but he doesn’t know what it is yet, but she’s so happy and he’s so happy that he made her happy and they have the best time ever
  • Somewhere along the line, he realizes that he’s in love with her and kinda just goes, “shit,” because this wasn’t supposed to happen. Marinette probably thinks he’s a goof and just views him as a friend
  • So he kinda draws himself away and shuts her out, but poor Marinette, who’s been in love with him from the beginning, absolutely refuses to let him do this and takes every chance that she can to talk to him and get him to come out of his shell but he doesn’t want to because he can’t face her or his feelings about her
  • It’s Nino who gives Adrien the kick that he needs because he tells him that Alya told him that Marinette was in love with him, and Adrien gets back into gear and texts Marinette to meet him at the Friendly’s from their first date
  • She shows up at the Friendly’s and lo and behold, Adrien has made a huge romantic gesture and the restaurant is empty save for a single candlelit table and it’s got two ice creams sitting on it, and there’s Adrien in a suit and Marinette kind of wants to die because she’s so surprised
  • Adrien confesses to her and Marinette actually starts crying because here’s all this stuff that is just so Adrien and Marinette is in sweatpants and smudged eyeliner and doesn’t look at all the part for what’s happening right now
  • But she tells him that she loves him too, and that she’s loved him from their first date and she’ll always love him and now they’re both crying
  • Shortly after, they start dating (for real this time), and he ends up writing his most popular book, “Amour Chassé-Croisé,” starring two dumb idiots who taught each other the true meaning of love
Drabble: About Champagne (is it weird verse)

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Also on the subject of celebrations, happy 3rd anniversary, my beautiful wife, my inspiring soul mate, my almighty anchor, @tinacochang! (and a pair of drunken sleep-deprived lunatics @bee_is_abuzz @KHusedtobemysignature)

(1 hour later: 1909 notes)

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Exo reaction to their best friend being used by their boyfriend.


Baekhyun: Once you tell, Baek he’d be mad but would be calm because it won’t comfort you at all. He try to crack a joke or two and make you smile. “Well, you don’t need that idiot, when you have an awesome Best Friend like me.” Byunpup proceeds to cheer you up by cuddling you.

Chanyeol: You would burst out crying to him not being able to form actual word. After you tell him everything, the only thing he does is try to comfort you. “Are you ok? Do you need anything? Do you want some tissues?” Channie would become some cute little dork.

Chen: You’d cry because of what your ex did to you. Chen would come over and give you a sweet loving back hug to comfort you. “It’s gonna be okay, Y/N. You are a strong person and that douche bag didn’t deserve you at all. So Baby Don’t Cry~” He’d make you smile and feel somewhat better than before and even throw in some lyrics from Baby Don’t Cry. Cuddlychenchen

D.o: You cry to him saying how you wish you would have never met your ex-boyfriend. This makes Kyungsoo feel horrible because he introduce him to you, but he never meant for you two to get together. “Y/N, I am so sorry. I didn’t want this to happen, for you two to even get together. My Best Friend deserves better.” He comforts you and even hints that he wanted to be the only one for you. Squishysoo

Kai: “Hey, it’s okay best friend. You don’t need him besides you are way to out of his league anyway. I would have dumped him a long time ago if I were you.” Kai would pull you into his arms giving you a comforting hug, making you smile. He’d rest his head on your shoulder and tell you how good of a person you are.

Kris: You tell him why your ex dumped you over video chat. “That Bastard. Do you want me to go beat him up?” He listens to you and turns away from his phone furious and goes to have a little talk with your ex.

Lay: You stand in front of him with a tear stained face. “Y/N, come over here so I can heal all your sorrows away. I won’t ever hurt you, let me take care of you.” Lay will call you over to invite you for a warm hug and maybe even some love from your Bff.

Luhan: Luhan would be furious at your now ex-boyfriend. He will probably want to go beat him up for what he did to you, but you would stop him. He’d break seeing the sight of you almost in tears, and he can’t stand seeing his bff and crush heartbroken. He’d hug you and tell you. “You know what Y/N, forget him. I would never treat you that way.”

Sehun:”Aww, Y/N, you don’t need him.Come here let your best friend comfort you. Don’t worry me cause I love you too much.” Sehunnie would pull you in for a hug and tell you that he loves for you. He’d say how you don’t need that guy and your bff is there for you. Cutesehun

Suho: “Ugh, what kinda of person, more like creature, would do that to you.” Suho would comment that your ex has no sense. 

“It’s okay, Best Friend, you are a queen compared to that piece of trash.Okay?” He’d make you feel better and do some aegyo to cheer you up.

Tao: You come crying to him telling him your relationship was all based on a bet. “See I told you I heard him talking about some bet about you. Now come over here so we can eat ice cream and watch some dramas to get your mind off of him.” Taozi would tell you he was right and then make you feel better by mentioning ice cream.

Xiumin: “Hey, cheer up. At least you have me.” Xiumin poses cooly trying to make you smile and feel better that you have him caring for you.

Hope you’ll like it~ Thanks ^_^

tatinof australia

you know those two idiot sons of mine, yeah. guess what. i’m meeting them. I FUCKING GOT VIP TICKETS TO MEET DAN AND PHIL IN AUSTRALIA WHAT THE HELL I CAN’T EVEN FATHOM IT. i get to hug them and tell them how much they mean to me, i get to experience the show and i get to be IN THE SAME ROOM, THE SAME SPACE AS DAN AND PHIL. WHAT THE HELL?

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Although I loved the finale’s mansion scene with the (supposedly) fake ‘I love you’ I have to say that the scene where Felicity asks Oliver 'why her?’ after he sleeps with Isabel in Russia is probably, in my opinion, the most honest scene between Oliver and Felicity. 

And since I cannot think of anything but Olicity on my Friday night I am going to analyze this scene in depth. So be warned this is going to be a long post. 

Felicity first asks Oliver “Why her?”. Now to many, this might seem like baiting or fishing for a reaction. But I honestly don’t think its either.It’s not a question that asks “Why not me?”. I think there is no hidden agenda, its just an honest question. In my eyes it stems from Felicity just holding Oliver to a higher standard than the playboy persona he displays in public.  I just think she wants to know why Isabel? Especially since Felicity is clearly not a fan of Isabel Rochev. 

But I think what really lends honesty to the entire scene is Oliver’s and Felicity’s reactions to each other (kudos to Stephen and Emily here). 

He starts out by almost trying to brush it way. He says it just happened and it didn’t mean anything. But what I think is that its his way of trying to slip on the playboy facade in front of her. What he doesn’t realize is that, that night might have not meant anything to Isabel or to himself, but it means something to Felicity. But its her response to this statement that really allows the truth to sink in. 

She looks at him disbelief and a little sadness. She isn’t affected so much by his actions as she is by his little 'act’ in front of her, of all people. She looks away with disappointment at his attempt to be dishonest with her. 

Now he realizes how much he has actually hurt her and all he can whisper is “Hey”

She looks up almost expecting him to keep play acting.

But he is now back to being her friend, the real Oliver. And says those words that made all our hearts and knees melt. 

“Because of the life that I lead, I just think its better not to 

be someone that could really care about." 

What really killed me in this small sentence was that little pause and indrawn breath right before he talks about someone he could really care about. It almost felt like he struggled with saying those words even though it was the right thing to say. The safe thing to say. He doesn’t want to ever put Felicity in harms way. But I also think he still struggles to seem himself as someone worthy of love. Here is a man who was an irresponsible kid before he was ship wrecked, and there he was forged into a killer. He swung from one end of the spectrum to another like a pendulum. And to make matters worse he believes that a woman he once loved was killed because of a choice he made.

As Felicity nods her head in acknowledgement of what he has just said and walks away we see how much those words actually hurt him. Not only has he told the woman he cares about that he cannot be with her, she walked away from him without a word. It almost seems like he is using every ounce of self restraint he has to stop himself from stopping her.

As he turns to face her, he is expecting to hear her voice her disappointment in his actions almost bracing himself for onslaught of words expressing how let down she feels by him. He is used to that because of his experiences with others,

but then her words stun him. 

He is shocked because she thinks him worthy of anything, much less someone better than Isabel. He has hope because she has hopes for him. He releases a breath he doesn’t know he has been holding. 

There is nothing hidden, there is so much raw emotion in this scene that it actually made me tear up. 

Clearly I am not okay. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner. 

Possibly the Saddest Kanda Thoughts Yet (ft. Neah, Allen)

Man my mind is just filled with nightmare scenarios about Kanda’s near future.

Like, it’s a given that he’s gonna fight Neah-as-Allen at some point, and I don’t think that’s a fight he can win.

I’m thinking that maybe, for the sake of beautiful narrative symmetry, Kanda might try to pull the reverse of what happened during Almageddon and let himself be mortally wounded in an attempt to break through to Allen.

(He’s losing the fight and knows it–his regenerative abilities are burned out. He’s slowing down. He has no illusions of survival anyways, or winning by force, and if it worked on his own stubborn ass, maybe it’ll do the job for Allen. He never wanted to kill him anyways–not really.)

This could go a number of ways. None of them are good.

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Nick Grimshaw's Hands: Part II

A while back (a while, while, WHILE back) I did a quick “YES, I DO INDEED LOVE NICK’S HANDS/WRIST SITUATION” thing, and since then, I’ve been half-heartedly collecting pictures for another post.


Like. I just have a lot of feelings about his whole entire self, but especially, at this moment in time, his hands. LET’S EXPLORE.


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Do you ever just stop and think about how Oliver, this totally badass but broken guy who survived a whole lot of Hell, is actually just a huge teddy bear with rock solid abs?

Like, this idiot is totally all about cuddling (especially after sex, or a hard day, or any day that ends in Y), and picking up the thing that Felicity mentioned wanting once like two months ago in the middle of the week for absolutely no reason, and insisting that they have ice cream for breakfast on Saturdays because it totally counts as a dairy product, Felicity.

Do you ever stop and think about how Oliver is a ridiculous softy cleverly disguised as a vigilante, and cry?

Because I do.

Of Books, Coffee, and a Boy

I asked for quick little prompts and eisschirmchen gave me this short coffee shop situation. Hope y’all like it! Also, it’s fluff because I think the fandom needs some of that right now :)

When Maka started reading, time was nonexistent. She was immediately warped into the world of the book she was reading; whether it was a dystopian novel or period novel, her mind immediately took her there.

On that particular day, she was reading one of her favorite period novels titled Jane Eyre in the middle of a Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. She had read the book many times before, and knew it was silly of her to read it in public, but she was dying to get out of the house. Her parents were bickering once again, and she didn’t want to get in the middle of it. It wasn’t her fault that she had chosen to follow her father multiple times to see where he was going when she was younger. She was a naturally curious person, so of course she would want to know where he was sneaking off to (even if she did regret it when she realized it was to women who weren’t her mother).

So instead of lazing around the house, she chose to drive over to the nearest Starbucks, buy herself a pumpkin spice latte and coffee cake, and read her book. She had started reading it the night before, getting to the good part before she finally fell asleep. She still had a few pages until the saddest part of the novel, and a part of her hoped she would be able to keep her cool this time around. However, another part of herself knew she wouldn’t — it was the same part that had been yelling at her to leave the coffee shop and go back home.

But Maka refused to listen.

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To say that this was an emotional episode is an understatement. Although I think some of the flashback for the Inho hand mystery is still unclear, we finally get to see why they both hate each other, why their friendship went down the drain. Inho and Jung very obviously thought of each other as family way before the dad brought it up. What hurts the most isn’t that they’re enemies now, but that they only reason they hate each other to that extent is because both cared about the other deeply, because both of them thought of the other as their precious friend, because both of them couldn’t stand the thought of that person betraying them until their disbelief turned to anger, pain, and eventually the hatred we see now. 

On another note, Jung’s confession to Seol was heart breaking. “Am I really that strange?” People give Jung a lot of crap for not being honest and hiding his true feelings, but I think Seol was spot on when she told him, “You probably haven’t had many chances to be truthful. You were probably very lonely, right?” Because from early childhood, every word, every action Jung has taken, his father was always watching over him with that fearful gaze, afraid of his own child, thinking that there was something wrong with him, that he had to be fixed. Imagine growing up like that for a second and maybe you’ll understand a little why Jung is the way he is. Any sign of anger or frustration or negative emotion, which I might add are all HUMAN characteristics that exist in everyone, and his father would loo at him as if a monster. No wonder he eventually had to hide behind that fake passive exterior, in an effort to become what he had constantly been told was normal, not realizing that he was losing his true personality as a result, never thinking that his true personality even had the right to make an appearance.

When you take that into account, Jung’s friendship with Inho becomes even more special, even more heartbreaking. Because it was obvious that Inho realized who Jung really was and got angry whenever he tried to hide that side of him and cover it up with fake smiles and nonchalant words. In that way, Inho and Seol are also very similar as they both saw past Jung’s act and accepted his true personality. It’s sad to think of how Jung might have changed had he had Inho with him all this time and had the misunderstandings not interfered with their relationship. For now, however, Seol’s acceptance of Jung is enough and will hopefully allow him to be himself, and maybe take a step back into the past and understand that it was also what Inho had been telling him all along.