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Since my Baby Reigen Post surprisingly have gotten some pretty positive feedbacks, I decided to make the continuation a bit more faster~! o(≧∇≦o)

Hope you enjoy more Baby Reigen~! (/^▽^)/ and Serizawa’s manly tears LOL

P.S: I actually got really embarrassed while making these pages, especially the Baby Reigen part when he said, ‘Mam~ Mam~’. I just…. (。・//ε//・。)

Some Undertale Headcanons

I figured I’d post these and contribute something to this fandom. Some of these are from my brain and others were influenced by other posts or fan fics. Anyway these are a few of my headcanons for various undertale characters x reader.


-he’s actually pretty good at cooking spaghetti and when he cooks for you on a date he makes the spaghetti from scratch and it’s delicious.

-he always plans something really fun for a date and even if some of his ideas are a little childish or strange you always end up having a blast 

-he makes you shirts for your dates (like his “cool dude” shirt) that are very cute and while you were originally a bit embarrassed about wearing them you eventually end up wearing them all the time because they’re comfy and he always looks so happy when you wear them.

-in terms of intimacy he really wants to make you feel good and to make sure you’re comfortable. He spends a lot of time learning what he should do and then has a long conversation with you about what you like and what you need to make sure he does everything perfectly


-he flirts with you through his puns and enjoys saying really cute things that make you blush

-however he gets flustered VERY easily and just the smallest of sweet comments will make him go very blue and he’ll spend the next hour at Grillby’s underneath his hood blushing furiously because he can’t stop thinking about you

-once he realizes you’re flirting with him he has no idea how to handle it starts to act really nervous around you until you finally drag him to Grillby’s on a date because every time you’ve asked him out he’s just cracked jokes because he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions

-the first time you kiss him he practically passes out

-He regularly tells you that you are the best thing to ever happen to him

W. D. Gaster

-the first time he rips through the void to see you it absolutely terrifies you and while you can see signs of his presence for the next few weeks (like late night dishes being clean in the morning and revisions on your essays) he doesn’t try to contact you again

-you start leaving him notes and cups of tea when you go to bed

-you still have to call out to him to get him to finally materialize which he is very scared to do because he doesn’t want to frighten you again

-he loves to talk to you about science and his eyes just light up when he gets going, even if you don’t understand what he’s talking about you still love when he talks about science stuff with you

-when he gets flustered he gets gloopy and starts to speak in wingdings until he calms down

-he thinks you are incredibly beautiful and doesn’t understand why you would like a messed up monster like him

-it takes forever for him to be comfortable with letting you get close to him physically, eventually he lets you get close to him and you start having cuddle sessions with him 

-because he can influence the form of his body he is the best. cuddler. ever.


-very easily flustered and its super noticeable since he goes bright blue and you have almost too much fun making him blush

-he is very skilled at healing magic and when you fall victim to your own clumsiness he patches you up

-and lectures you on being more careful

-which you both know will have zero affect on your future actions

-his chuckle is the sound of a fire crackling

-however when he really laughs its a loud bellowing laugh as well as the crackling but to laugh like that he has to open his mouth which he rarely does as it looks quite monsterish and he’s super self-concious about it

-one day when hanging out at his place you tell a joke that makes him laugh very hard and its the first time you actually see his mouth, you think it is the coolest thing ever.

-he, however, is mortified and locks himself in the bathroom for half an hour while you call through the door to try and get him to come out, eventually when he realizes you haven’t run away he comes out blushing and the bathroom is filled with steam - which is his form of crying - and you reassure him that you aren’t afraid

-his biggest fear is that you will find something about him terrifying and it will scare you away

-he is incredibly worried about burning you so it takes a long time to get him comfortable with being physical with you

-he is also nervous about you being around any open flame, even a candle, which is mostly because burns are the one thing he can’t heal


-as flirty as he is, he doesn’t actually know much about relationships and is very nervous when he finds himself falling for you

-he doesn’t blush, but when he overheats his fans start whirring and the sound is very noticeable when its quiet, he also happens to be very embarrassed about it

-he doesn’t know how to handle it when you ask him about why his fans are always running and he begs Alphys to make them quieter which she says she can’t so the next time you fluster him he turns the fans off which causes him to get way too hot and glitchy and he eventually has to force shut down which terrifies you

-you take him to Alphys who figures out what happened rather quickly and when she gets his systems back online she yells at him for turning off his fans just because he likes you so much that he gets very flustered around you very fast and that’s how you find out he has a crush on you

-he loves to get you gifts but he really just wants to do what will make you happy, and if that’s movie night then that’s what you do

-that being said when he can get you out in public he does because he just adores showing you off to the world

-he marvels at your body, your softness, your curves, and he regularly tells you how beautiful you are

-he’s incredibly gentle and in terms of intimacy he is very vocal, asking you just what you want and he picks up on what you like an don’t like very quickly

Scenario Masterlist

After receiving a request and realizing that my scenario index page may be a bit inconvenient for some, I’ve made a rebloggable masterlist for scenarios only. The format in which I posted my older scenarios are a bit different from the format I post them in now, which explains some subtle differences.

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The next two posts in my legacy will be sort offff…pg 13? The writing. There’s no PRODIGIOUS MANHOODS about (thank you, Clan of the Cave Bear for ruining my life with that phrase) but it’s a bit ehhh. I don’t know. I’m actually 12 years old and embarrassed just writing this PSA which I planned to cool and just letting you bros know but instead it’s rambling and awkward but not the cool kind of awkward. Ok cool.

Some reassuring facts about high school from someone who graduated high school a few years back, for the anon: 

  • no one gives a shit about high school once you graduate. the only people who care are ones who peaked in high school
  • you won’t regret not going to more school events. in high school, everyone said I would regret not going to my prom, not going to dances, and not going to rallies. honestly? I don’t regret it one bit. 
  • what happens in high school doesn’t determine the outcome of your life. If you fuck up, it’s not the end of the world. 
  • you probably won’t be in contact with any people from high school unless you actually make some effort. Usually it’s just trivial facebook interactions and weird happy birthday posts. 
  • no one remembers that dumb rumor about you (except for the person who started it). 
  • the popular kids in high school aren’t the popular kids after high school. 
  • if you were embarrassed by the dumb things you did last year, it’s a good sign. you’re growing. you know you’re successful when you can’t remember high school because it’s just one cringe-y repressed memory. 
  • community college is a good & valid option. One of my friends dropped out of high school to get a full time job because his girlfriend got pregnant. Once his kid started going to school, he got his GED and started studying at the community college. He just started as transfer student at Stanford studying materials engineering. 
  • and again, no one cares about high school once you graduate high school

I apologize for not posting anything big recently, guys… I’ve just been doing sketches here and there (that are a bit embarrassing to show..), while animating and trying to fix some work up to make it look a bit more… presentable(?) and then personal things…. oy… I’ve been all over the place friends I’m sorry.

Sooooo uh…. 

Have some good ol high quality animation frames yeh!

^^^ Actual real poster design for third movie ^^^

anonymous asked:

Psst... Guys... I have a secret. I might actually be a tiny bit into vore... And all the fetish art you post... It does something to me... And by that I mean IT MAKES ME DAMN EMBARRASSED AND TURNED OFF FFS

i just woke up so you really had me caught up until i finished reading this oml

~Mod Woulfrun

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ok but putting aside all the drama about whether dan is/isn't traumatised by his audience (i really don't think he is lmao but eager to read your thoughts on that in another post) i want to know what you think about him admitting to k i n k s??? also IS DAN A FURRY? ? ?

lmao i hate him so much for prompting this discussion but let’s have it. i’m gonna be honest, i’ve always imagined dan to be the sort of person who likes the idea of kinks (probably reads/watches kinky porn) but who would feel a bit embarrassed or sheepish to actually want to try any of them irl. even with a partner with whom one is completely comfortable it can be hard to get out of one’s own mind and completely eliminate the ~weirdness~ of certain kinky acts, u feel? and i think dan would succumb to that awkwardness more than the average person. but i think that that could be part of the reason why he’s resorted to joking about this so much, as a way to gradually grow out of his own internalized kink shaming and become more comfortable w the idea of them?? it would fit w his behavior about other things (joking as a way to deal w more underlying internal conflicts). and it’s def extremely applicable to the furry comments. but. who really knows …. ..

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Did you draw that? That's amazing! I can't even draw a stick figure 😕😂

Yeah! I actually drew his whole face but its a bit wonky and the app only allows me to do so much (since its the free version) and I was pretty embarrassed to share the whole thing so I only posted that small portion but thank you!!! it was kind of a pain bc i’ve ever drawn digitally before…….

every single one of the friends i have online are more loving and supportive than people i actually know in real life and that’s… actually kinda heartbreaking really
because irl it’s always just “savage culture” - roast roast roast, and it never actually stops being roasting and starting to be supporting… it’s always the banter and jokingly being mean to each other and we all just forget to actually be nice to each other instead of insulting and not knowing whether we mean it or not
that was the kind of friendship that felt like a painful but relatively harmless slap on the shoulder rather than the comforting hug kind of friendship which i’ve been lucky enough to experience
i think i’ve honestly changed so much after interacting with people online… i learned how to be supportive and show kindness instead of being nasty all the time, and i’m actually working on learning how to like… actually talk to people, improve my people skills, which is something i’m terrible at…
idk.. it’s just being around some people and their influence has shown me how to express my emotions better and be kinder and more loving and supportive and it’s something i never learned from friends irl, only from people i don’t know anywhere else other than online
thank you so much for extending your kindness to me, because in truth i’ve learned a lot on how to connect with people more and i owe you a lot!
sorry, just felt like writing something sappy

  • People be making me blush staaaaahp!
  • Ok a bit of news. I actually did schedule a hotel room for me and a long time buddy of mine to stay in on Friday night. He's into the same stuff we are and massages, tickles and worship is most likely on the menu.
  • I just risked embarrassing myself at walgreens when buying some pedicure stuff and lotion for my feet before the big night.
  • I'll be sure to make a whole detail post about it so you get the details ;)
  • Oh and i maybe also bought a new electric toothbrush for....reasons of hygiene yes.

GUESS WHO’S BACK! …*crickets*

Well not actually because the above sketch took me a long ass time to make. I”ve become so rusty. I referenced FF Sora from the 6* KHUχ medal.

The Riku sketch is quite old now, and I had to tweak the photo a bit because it was really dark when I took it.

Told Therapist about client jealousy O_O

I let my T read everything I wrote this week in my journal. Sometimes I journal FOR the purpose of her reading in order to save time in our sessions - almost never because it’s hard for me to talk about (at least not for the past few years). But the last half of it was all stuff I journaled without that intent in mind. It was written for ME, but the last bit was actually ABOUT her and it’s something I’ve wondered about and so I let her read it to see where discussion went with it.

It was about the jealousy stuff I posted about yesterday. The stuff ALL of us on Tumblr talk about but NO ONE EVER tells their T about because we’d die of embarrassment. I felt really… I dunno, edgy? Brave? Vulnerable, too, having K read it.

She was actually SURPRISED that this is a thing.

The TL;DR is (and K read all this) I wrote about how K seems careful not to give any kind of praise that can’t be immediately quantified in an objective manner, and how that saying you’re proud of someone is kind of egotistical and ultimately unhelpful and that saying objective things is part of a boundary that reinforces self-esteem. Which she agreed about.

Then I wrote about valuing a subjective vs objective opinion from someone and how one doesn’t support stable self-esteem while the other one does, and how anything K has ever told me has fallen under the realm of the latter.

Then I wrote about the jealousy issue and how I don’t feel it at all anymore and why.

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We might as well just…

In honor of AU week, I didn’t know which category to post this in so I picked this day. It’s inspired by The 1975′s ‘Sex’ which becomes rather apparent after a bit. Rated M for the tiniest smut but so many f-bombs I’m actually embarrassed. Roughly 6000 words so brace yourselves.(Un-beta’d)

They meet for the first time his sophomore year at Temple University. He’s studying Marine Biology. She’s majoring in Communications(because she never thought college was an option anyway, and public speaking gives her a confidence boost). He feels like he’s underwater the first time she speaks to him.

She’s effervescent, from golden locks to emerald eyes that make him think of yellow brick roads on the way to meet the wizard. And he needs a fucking wizard to get her to think he’s more than some weird biology major with no friends.

He has friends.

He also has a shy side that comes out in the face of beauty. She’s remarkable so consider him speechless every time he gets a glimpse of her angel face in Biology.

The fourth week into the semester and her lab partner drops. ‘Good riddance’ he thinks of the brunette too obsessed with their ‘handsome’ professor to stop asking questions when he’s only trying to learn what the blonde beside her likes for breakfast.

She’s beautiful, yes, but she’s also damn sexy and a man as young as him has a healthy libido.

She gets partnered with him the next lab. The spark flares, but he’s too shy to ask her out just yet.

The semester ends and he only finds out about her boyfriend the day of the final, when he found the courage to ask her out.

She says she wants to stay in touch, that she hopes their classes intertwine again because he’s too smart for her to not utilize.

He doesn’t want to believe her, hope breeds eternal misery.

Besides, she’s got a boyfriend, anyway.


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don’t you (forget about me) ||{post-hogwarts au} sam & helen

If you’d asked Sam where he saw himself three years after graduation, what he’d be doing the weekend after his 21st, he’d have said, ‘no clue’. And that would have been actually accurate. He really didn’t know the name of this place, or what he was doing here. The bass from the dance floor was giving him a bit of a headache, but he’d learned by now the only way to get over that was another drink, and doing whatever stupid shit he wanted to in the moment. The fresh bottle was already in his hand when his friend Rich leaned over. Despite the roar of the night club, he still caught part of what Rich was saying, and his eyes followed where the other guy had pointed.

His friend’s message and implied encouragement was clear, but Sam hadn’t gotten much better at getting girls, and the blonde swaying in the scattered light was clearly out of his league, so he kept his beer with him as he went over to her and began dancing. He’d need something to nurse when she crushed his ego, inevitably. Her long hair was swept back over one bare shoulder. She had a tattoo, script that he couldn’t quite read in the dim light. She hadn’t turned around, so to get her attention and in part to start a conversation— something he could manage only marginally better than dancing— he asked, leaning closer than he would have normally dared, “Hey. What’s your tattoo say?”