actually best friends

I love how good of a relationship I have with my english teacher. Like she saw me laughing in the hallway after I made a joke and was like “You’re always so happy Jasper.” And I like scoffed and laughed more before saying “What? No, I just use humor as a means to cope with my crippling depression.” And she didn’t say anything for a few seconds before smiling and saying; “Me too!” And high fiving me. I love her so much


When your friend makes a really bad joke

Okay so today I explained to my therapist what Lazytown was.

He looked it up on his phone and watched the beginning of an episode and thought it was amazing.

We then moved off that topic and started talking about my birth certificate name (because I’m a transguy) & discussing all that jazz. Then he asked my middle name and I told him. (Its a very girly middle name) So we brainstormed other middle names I might have when he looked at me in excitement and was like:

“OMG Change it to Sportacus! tHAT WOULD bE AMAZING.”

I am seriously dying of laughter wtf.

Please form a bond like this with your therapist.

gamingmas is giving me too much insight into what they are like everyday
all of the videos are unnecessarily cute and wholesome :(


my two most favorite people in the world

So I actually welcomed 2017 smiling and laughing because of Harry, Matt, Shelby, Esther and Kat just having fun together. This is really nice start