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If Yoongi was a University Student

- “the guy at the back” “where the fuck is yoongi” “what the shit, he’s sleeping again” “fucking hell” “you at the back, wake up”
- Studies Bachelor of Sound and Music Design
- since its “just uni” his fashion is really lazy but trendy, beanies and masks, sticking to colours like black or other darker colours > his bag is often hanging from one shoulder with his hands in the pockets of his ripped jeans or sweatpants
- hoodies are almost a ritual for this guy. if he’s tired, annoyed, or dont want to talk, he’d be the guy to pull up the hoodie, slump into his chair with crossed arms and shut out everything

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- probably has a secret life of 420 blazing smoke weed everyday
- lectures are always during the afternoon so he can sleep in
- the type to never pack his lunch because he wakes up 5 minutes before being on his way to uni > the mother of the group (seokjin) is always worried about him and makes sure to feed this guy the most
- knows how to party despite the fact that he hates humans during uni days
- the type to be able to do all kinds of pen twirling tricks with his elbow resting on the desk, chin on the palm of his hand as he glances from board to teacher to scanning the class in a bored manner
- The hidden genius in hands-on projects
- The type to be the admirable senior due to his cool, chill aura > actually not chill when he gets excited or passionate about something he likes
- Part time jobs and multiple shifts during the night to support his family, coming home late and tired, body exhausted
- tries not to enter a love-life as much as possible > “yoongi, aren’t you ever gonna date?” “priorities, fam.”
- Staying in after-school hours to develop amazing sounds/beats > undying willpower to finish something ASAP as soon as he begins
- surprisingly dumb when it comes to confessions > “oh wait what that was a confession?”
- neck rubbing/scratching when he is frustrated or feeling awkward
- When asked by another student for help, he’d give a simple directions so they can finish up the rest themselves and learn without him having to showing them every single step
- “fucking- FUCK i forgot my earphones, fuck my life, fuck this shit, im done, this is the end of me bye”
- will probably admire his crush from afar because he thinks he isn’t a good enough person to approach them and get to know them
- “No I did not eat that fucking cake you had okay… okay fine I had a bite, so what humans get fucking hungry.” >> lots of swearing
- the type that MUST do what he wants. he will follows his dreams and does things through life which will eventually help him land his dream job
- occasional university-hosted radio commentations/music mixes
- student during the day, rushing off to some underground club to show off his jams and sick beats while rapping as well
- always scolded by seokjin for being too thin and not eating much
- when having a crush > “she can find someone better than me for sure.”
- “do you have food.” “shit im hungry.” “no i woke up at 2pm what the fuck, do i look like i ate today”
- “ew no get off me”
- past history of delinquency during high school :3
- probably knows how to fuck with your mind without you even realisin it
- he acts like he’s always annoyed at his friends but deep down he loves them to bits
- if you feel down/something has happened in your private life, he is one of the few who catches onto it quickly and confronts you about it > “hey. you okay?”
“I don’t care if you hurt me. But hurt my friends and I will make sure I screw you over 100 times worse in every which way I can fucking come up with until I’m satisfied.”

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