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Strange Hollow Skies, Pt 4: Save Me

I overheard her speaking once, to one of her silly, vapid friends. About her brother, The Scientist, The Smartest Man Alive, The Hero We Needed But Didn’t Deserve. Ah, but the praise would have gagged a maggot. Her absolute, unwavering sincerity made it all the more intolerable. Sickening.

But I had sought him out afterwards, hadn’t I? I’d gone looking for him, The Scientist, The Smartest Hero We Didn’t Deserve, with an obsessive, lusty zeal. Begged him. Take me, use me, transform me.

Save me.

Until the show actually shows Bunsen and Beaker doing an actual job on the show, my headcanon is basically that they don’t have an actual job. Like they are literally just blowing shit up backstage and when people are like “who are you what are you doing?” they are just like “I am the show scientist, and this is my assistant. He is the assistant show scientist. We do science.” and that sounds official enough, so people just let them go on their way.

Kermit thinks Piggy hired them. Piggy thinks Kermit did. They’ve both done stranger things.

Meanwhile, Bunsen and Beaker have been “working” there for years.