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My local comic book store is a really nice place. Tons of comics and merchandise, a coffee shop in the back, all super hero themed. It’s also part of a big chain and attached to one of the normal stores, but they handle the comic book part as it’s an independent location. The guys who work there set up a chat to let us regulars know when new comics arrive and hold em for us a couple weeks before we can buy it. The coffee shop opened recently and the “normal store” customers go there a lot.

I went to pick up my comics and decided to get coffee. There isn’t a line just a middle aged lady asking the girl at the counter how much each thing costs. She ends up getting a coffee+muffin combo, which is on sale advertised on a big poster - plain coffee+vanilla or chocolate muffin. Lady pays and girl goes to get it (she is the only one working the coffee shop) but lady changes her mind and asks for a cappuccino with cream and one of those fancy muffins that are obviously more expensive. Girl gets the muffin and before making the cappuccino she says the cheap combo is actually plain coffee and plain muffins, tells her the price difference and asks if she wants it anyway. Lady isn’t having. She starts a ranting about how the girl lied to her and demands what she wants for the cheap price. Girl apologizes, very polite, but lady accuses her of false advertising. 

I’ve worked retail and I know how it is (also this lady is putting up a scam wtf), so I cut her up and point the poster (the girl did it too), that could not have been more clear. She says “just give me the cappuccino and my muffin”. Girl hasn’t made the coffee yet so she asks if the lady wants the plain combo or if she is going to pay the difference and lady THROWS A FIT. The poor girl ended up giving what she wanted for the combo price. It’s my time to order so I ask if it won’t be trouble for her and offer to take her side if she talks to the manager, but she says it’s her second week and she doesn’t want any trouble. We talk about how the lady did it on purpose and the girl looks relieved that I believe her and a lil happier.

I was so mad that this sitty woman would do something like that to a young girl who’s busting her ass in a new job, in a store where everybody is super nice and helpful and all the employees will go way past their job to make sure customers are happy. I actually got the cappuccino and an expensive muffin too and sat right in front of her, glaring at her nonstop the entire time. She got uncomfortable really fast didn’t even finish eating before leaving the store, a good third of the muffin lingering in the table. 

Maybe you scammed your way through this but you sure as hell don’t get to enjoy your STOLE muffin and cappuccino, b****.

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I like the Idea of an AU where No one takes Quirkless seriously, and A Quirkless hacker becomes a Nightmare for both Heroes and Villains aka Izuku is tired of people thinking he’s mentally and/or physically handicap because of his lack of quirk and proceeds to do his best to ruin the lives of any horrible person he can while the world freaks out and doesn’t suspect a Quirkless nobody is causing the chaos.

Hmm, not quite what you asked for. 

Also cookies if you catch the stealth crossover reference. 


Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

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Izuku’s fingers flew across the board, strings of code flashing across his screen and he poked and probed firewalls and sensitive information.

These days numbers and bits of code were his only friends. He ventured into online forums, making friends with other faceless icons, but never staying for long, always moving. The cold internet was now his haven. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t nice, but if it meant not seeing people to face to face, he would gladly throw himself into the world of data and codes.

He paused, stumbling across a chatroom where someone (a guy if the picture icon was anything to go by) making inappropriate remarks to another person. Pulling on his lip, Izuku’s curiosity got the better of him as he peered closer.

Hotdudebowdown3249: Why don’t you give me your number?

blu3skyluvR: no

Hotdudebowdown3249: don’t be like that! We’ll have fun!

blu3skyluvR: leave me alone!

Hotdudebowdown3249: c’mon! I’ve already seen your picture! You’re so hot!

Hotdudebowdown3249: Or just send me a pic of your chest. :D

Disgust filled his stomach as what his hacking revealed. Hotdudebowdown3249 was indeed a guy, middle age and single. Office worker. blu3skyluvR was a young girl, middle school and probably didn’t know how to fend off the pervert. Disgusting. This was what humanity was like.

Izuku scowled, fingers flew across his board. He cut off the connection between the two of them, destroying the chatroom. Then he dived deep into Hotdudebowdown3249 computer. He pulled out a name Takara Souta, pulling up all the dirt he could find.

Ugh. Terrible. This wasn’t even the first girl Takara had done this to. Right there in his internet history, sending pictures of his dick to other women he could find on the internet, harassing them and the ones he could stalking them, even after they blocked him and moved to other websites. Completely disgusting. Izuku wasn’t even sure if this man was human.

The first thing he did, he emailed all of the information he found to Takara’s boss. With any luck, he’ll be out of a job in the morning. It was almost an a guarantee, actually. One of the young girls he was harassing was his boss’ daughter.

Then the more damaging things. Izuku didn’t care how he ruined this guy’s life, just that he did. The information was also sent to the police and Takara’s neighbors. Timed with a delay to make sure he did get fired first. Then Izuku hacked into his bank account, transferring out the money. He would probably find some nice charity to dump it into.

Ruin this bastard life the way he was doing to others. Karma in its finest.

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Inko stared forlornly at her son’s bedroom door. The slight tremble in her hand rattled the dishes of tonight’s dinner on the tray she was holding.

Hikikomori. She missed the days where Izuku would leave his room, when he had been a bright child with a smile on his face. She missed the days when he would proudly tell her how he would be a Pro-Hero, Quirk or no Quirk. She missed the moments they would have, quiet mornings, happy evenings, memories.

She could count the number of times she had seen Izuku this month on one hand.

People were cruel. Children were cruel. And this all started because Katsuki-kun couldn’t stop bullying Izuku. Because the teachers turned a blind eye. Because everyone looked at her son and thought ‘worthless’.

They beatdown her son, burying his smile and optimism. They wore him down, telling him he was useless. Izuku drew into himself little by little under the weight of their words. Until he locked himself in his room and refused to come out.

Inko wanted to rage against society. Wanted to demand justice for her son who hadn’t done anything wrong.

But mostly, she was so tired. She didn’t want much in life. Izuku happy for starters. Izuku to look her in the eye and smile again.

Inko set down the tray in front of Izuku’s bedroom. Knocking, she said, “Dinner, Izuku.”

“Thanks,” was Izuku’s soft reply.

Inko stared at the door and quietly retreated. She would be back to collect his dishes later.

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Alibaba: Hey… do you ever think about going outside?

Izuku blinked at the question. Alibaba was one of the few people he could count as a friend online. She had been the one to teach him the finer tips of hacking when they had met on an online forum. They kept regular contact even has their interest expanded into other fields. He pulled on his lip and replied.

Allmightfanboy: No.

Allmightfanboy: Why?

Alibaba: Long story, but I got a new big brother. And he’s always asking. Not pushy or anything. But, like patient.

Izuku felt a brief pang of guilt, thinking of his mother who he knew stood outside of his door, patiently waiting.

They don’t speak much about their personal life, but Izuku knew that Alibaba was a hikikomori like he was. Something had happened to her parents and she landed with her adopted dad and hadn’t been outside since.

Alibaba: He doesn’t even want me to leave the house. Just wants me to join them for dinner.

Alibaba: He’s kinda a dork. Just sits outside of my room, talking to me. Even though I don’t answer.

Alibaba: I think he’s lonely.

‘Like us,’ Izuku thought. He felt a brief flash of jealousy. There was a part of him that wanted tell Alibaba not to do it. But… he hesitated, pulling on his lip. That wouldn’t be a good friend would it?

Allmightfanboy: Try it then.

Alibaba: Right! I’ll let you know.

Izuku smiled to himself, biding Alibaba goodnight. He pushed away from his desk, turning to look at the heavy curtains that covered his bedroom window. Izuku hesitated, reaching out for the curtain. He pushed them open, watching as the sun slowly rose over the horizon.

Outside, huh?

Outside was cruel. Alibaba wasn’t Quirkless, but Izuku was and everyone had made it clear that he had no role, no place in society. There was no point to going back outside.

Izuku closed his curtains and collapsed on his bed. He didn’t need to go outside at all.

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Giving a hand Pt. 11 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 9553

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not a typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed you’re comfortable. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you will use your abilities to please seven guys.

There are some moments in life where you just have to ask yourself, what are you doing? And this was one of them. You were sitting on a coffee shop with no one else than Sunny. Both of you drinking from a ridiculous new drink with the thematic of a unicorn that she picked, and tasted horrible.

Last night after you received the text from Jimin, and after Taehyung left, you received a text from Sunny asking to see you. You didn’t want to do it, and there wasn’t a real reason of why you should do it but there was a little voice in your head begging you to accept, just to hear what she had to say. So that’s why you did it. Let’s say you’re pretty impulsive.

“I hate you.” That’s the first thing she said to you when you entered the tiny coffee shop and sat in front of her.

“Feeling is mutual.” You agreed and she pushed the drink towards you.

“This is my peace offer.” She said and you stared at the pink drink with distrust.

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Managerial Enslavement

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Another story from for a follower. Interestingly enough she shares a name with another previous story request. Don’t get them confused, folks, they’re not connected.

Enjoy and keep the requests and the comments coming.


If there is one thing that Rachel had learned, working the music industry, it’s that the egos of her coworkers were almost as fragile as musicians that they worked with, and they were almost as temperamental.

She had worked hard, working her way up through the ranks of her employer, a small, but well-known, music studio in Austin Texas.

Texas wasn’t a well-known for its treatment of women at the best of times, and the music industry was still somewhat in the dark ages. She had worked hard, and she had been focused. It had paid off and she had worked her way up to the co-manager of the marketing department and she took her job very seriously.

In fact, she sometimes took it more seriously than anyone else did. Having great musicians, excellent equipment, and engineers, all of that was important, but if you didn’t market it right, it wouldn’t matter, and soon nobody would be making any money.

Unfortunately, there was still the stigma the strong woman and what would’ve been a “go-getter attitude” in a man, was just being a huge bitch in her. It didn’t help that those that didn’t take her seriously, due to the fact of her relatively slim, 5’5” frame, that made it very easy for people to underestimate her, only made that mistake once.

She had no qualms at all about looking the said person right in the eye and raking them over the coals and putting them in their place, audience or not.

It didn’t matter who it was, if you were wrong, if you weren’t doing your job the right way, you would face Rachel’s wrath. She had left more than one co-worker or subordinate seething in rage at her matter-of-fact delivery of their shortcomings.

The thing was, she didn’t do it to be cruel, she just wanted the job done, and unfortunately, she had a slight blind spot for the repercussions of what she was doing. In short order, she had developed a reputation and she was willing to take full advantage of it.

If the reputation of being a hardcore bitch could get people to do their job without her having to actually be a bitch, then so much the better.

In reality, she was a very nice person. She liked people and she liked to make people smile, but at work, she had to be the Mr. Hyde to her normal everyday life kindhearted Dr. Jekyll.

It was, she had learned, the only way to get things done.

Unfortunately for her, small men with bruised egos had long memories and that would eventually turn out to be her undoing.


It was a normal Friday night, just like any other night she was finishing work and it was long since dark, and she’d sent everyone else home long ago; she worked best on some things when she was by herself. Mostly because she didn’t have to bother the putting on airs.

She could just be who she was and get the work done.

Tonight, she was setting up everything for the following week, since she was taking a well-deserved vacation.

As she left the studio, and headed for her car on automatic pilot, as she had made this trip so many times the past, she didn’t pay attention to the instincts within her. Instincts honed by millions of years of human evolution that warned her the predator was nearby.

The first indication of trouble was when the hand clamped over her mouth, and the arm wrapped around her waist. She tried to scream, but of course, the hand left no room for the sound to escape and her small frame was easily picked up and thrown, none too gently, into the back of a van.

The impact in the rear of the van knocked the wind out of her, and by the time she got her wits together and her air back to scream again somebody had already stuffed something into her mouth blocking the sound once again.

Then there were multiple sets of hands upon her. Her own hands were yanked behind her, and she felt duct tape wrapped around her wrists repeatedly pinning them in place. Soon her high-heeled shoes were gone and tape wrapped around her ankles and then her knees. She continued to struggle and fight, but as increasing layers of the tape were wrapped around her body, her movements became less and less effective and, eventually, became little more than symbolic efforts.

Then, to her horror, she recognized a voice that whispered gently, yet mockingly in her ear, “you didn’t think we were gonna let you get away with it forever, did you, you stupid bitch?”

She knew that voice, it was Jonathan, one of the people in her department that she often had problems with.

Jonathan thought he was a lot better at his job that he really was, and when he failed at his job, he blamed everyone else but himself.

The sad part was, he had the skill, and he was an intelligent and well-educated individual if he would just listen to those that tried to help him, rather than blame and attack anyone and everyone when he messed up, he’d be pretty good at what he did. Instead, e relied on the fact that he was the son of a friend of the owner, and the chances of him ever being fired were virtually nonexistent.

Rachel didn’t want him working in her office because he wasn’t reliable, and his presence was practically caustic to the office environment. She’d stopped giving him jobs to do because she just couldn’t count on him to get them done.

He confronted her several times about that saying, how is he supposed to impress anybody if he wasn’t given the opportunity to do so?

They had had an argument two days ago, and tempers had flared as he, once again, asked why he wasn’t being given assignments would help him improve and move up. He even accused her of trying to keep him down because she didn’t want him to show her up. That had been the last straw and she had pointedly told him, “I can’t count on you, we can’t count on you, how and why the fuck would I give you extra responsibility when I know you’re going to fail?”

For a moment, she had been afraid that he was going to attack her; the cold dark angry look in his eye had made her shudder in fear.

Then, as quickly as it appeared, he’d gotten himself under control and said, “you’re going to regret that.”

She tried to report the not so veiled threat to her boss, but he had blown it off as, “the kid’s just shooting his mouth off”

now apparently, the “kid” was very serious.

She tried to call his name, hoping to reason with him, with them, but whatever they stuffed in her mouth and taped in place made intelligible speech impossible. Soon, the inside of the van was filled with the sounds of clothing being torn as her clothes were shredded from her body.

Rachel started to fight even harder, as she knew there was only one thing that removing her clothes could precipitate.

They were going to rape her.

Not if she had anything to say about it, and she continued to fight and kick and even caught one man with her legs doubled up but it wasn’t enough.

They simply held her down, using their own body weight to overcome her relatively ineffectual strength.

Eventually, she was rolled over and sat up, and that’s when she noticed that the other men were all wearing masks to hide their identity. Only Jonathan’s head was uncovered, and he held her head in place, his arm wrapped around her throat, as he whispered in her ear, telling her how much he was going to enjoy teaching her a lesson. How much he was going to enjoy putting her in her place, “once and for all.”

Finally, they arrived wherever it was they were going and she found herself carried, unceremoniously, into a basement. When they got to the bottom of the stairs they all stopped for a second, giving Rachel a chance to look around the room and see all the things scattered around. She realized, with a shudder of fear, that they had been planning this for a while as there was a multitude of equipment and gear all around and hanging from the walls. She wasn’t an expert or anything, but even she recognized, almost instinctively, that the gear had basically only two purposes; to bind her in place or to hurt her.

They carried her over, to one area and her legs were untapped but soon bound to a long pole that kept them apart, her arms were bound tightly behind her, and a large wooden block was bolted around her neck and then suspended from the ceiling.

Jonathan laughed at her as he lowered a foul-smelling bucket over her head and said, “smelly bucket for a smelly cunt.”

She growled and yelled in gagged protest as the men tied her tits and proceeded to fondle and molest her helpless tied body with their hands and even a vibrator.

She raged and fought, having no idea, that this was just the beginning of her ordeal.


Rachel was losing track of time and as a result, she didn’t know how long she’d been here now.

Days, surely, and she was sure it had been at least a week at the very least. The first few days were almost nonstop, she knew that had been the weekend. The men had almost taken shifts, using her body, raping her, or beating her.

When they weren’t all ganging up on her at the same time and abusing her, that is, which happened a lot. Even if it only started with one, forcing himself into her, while making her kneel on top of him, the others would soon follow.

They had no qualms about wrapping her head in plastic and duct tape. Completely ignoring how dangerous that was, and how difficult, if not impossible it nearly made her breathing.

They’d simply laugh and stuff her holes, all the while telling her what a nasty, horny, greedy little cunt she was. She wanted to tell them that she couldn’t help her body’s reaction, not that they’d care of course.

All they cared about was getting as many dicks into at once as they could.

The first day she’d woken up after a night of awful rape and abuse Jonathan had come in with something in his hand. He told her that while the others could wear masks, they were hot and uncomfortable, and he didn’t think that was fair to them.

He could, he said, just blind her, he figured, and when he said it such a matter of fact voice that Rachel shuddered and started mumbling and pleading incoherently behind her gag. He smiled and laughed for as he watched her for a while before slapping her thigh with the cane he had in his hand and told her to shut up.

He said he wasn’t going to do that because then he couldn’t appreciate the fear as much so he had a solution.

Over the next twenty minutes, with occasional beating on her tits with the cane to get her to cooperate, he put black contacts in her eyes.

“That way,” he said, “we can still see your fear, but you can’t see us.”

Of course, the added bonus was that with the contacts in, and no way to remove them due to her arms being so well bound, even if, somehow, a chance of escape presented itself, it would be very unlikely she’d be able to take advantage of it.

Rachel had no doubt this had been considered when the decision was made to force her to wear the contacts.


As her ordeal continued she learned very quickly that Jonathan had an unhealthy obsession with beating her ass. He was when he wasn’t otherwise abusing or raping her, always counted on to come down and lock her into a frame she’d learned to fear. When bound to it, she could be easily beaten on her poor ass with no chance to protect herself.

Johnathan took full advantage of this and most of all and enjoyed her agonizing screams as he beat her ass with strap, whip, and paddle.

These men, that she had eventually recognized from work, at least by voice, were not a sadistic, at least not in that way. But every single one of them had taken great delight in her helplessness as they fucked her and ass, cunt, and mouth multiple times, with no consideration of her well-being or consent.

They degraded her, they insulted her, they belittled everything about her, but they didn’t enjoy torturing her like Jonathan did.

In the back of her mind, the thought came to her that she was sure that her ass was going to scar, with the amount of punishment he had dished out to her poor cheeks. That was when a voice in the back of her head whispered, ‘if he lets you live.’

She shuddered when she heard that voice, and tried desperately to ignore it, instead of trying to gather some strength in the hope that she would get out of this.

Surely, they were going to make mistakes. Eventually, she was going to get away, and she was going to see every single one of the sons of bitches sent to prison for the rest of their lives. Then they’d be the ones getting raped.

It was that thought alone that allowed her to endure what she was suffering, the chance for eventual vengeance.

Sadly, that wasn’t to be.

What Rachel didn’t know, what she couldn’t possibly know, was that that friend of the owner that was Jonathan’s father, had a very secret life, a very covert source of income. He was a professional white slaver, and when Jonathan had come to him with the issue of the “bitch boss” his father had offered him a simple and elegant solution.

It hadn’t been hard to get some of the other guys at work to agree to the gang rape. These were men that were shady in the past, to begin with, and they didn’t like the bitchy attitude Rachel demonstrated any more than Jonathan himself and so they all agreed. A pact had been made, that after they were done with her, Jonathan would handle making sure that she could never ever go to the cops.

So, once their enjoyment had ended, poor Rachel’s nightmare was just beginning.

“Well”, a new voice said, causing Rachel to stir from the near catatonic state she was in at this point, “you boys weren’t nearly as rough on her as I thought you would be.”

She tried to see who was there, but, as always, the contacts prevented that. She settled for squealing and crying behind her gag, but she was simply ignored as Jonathan and this new person continued to talk about her like she wasn’t there.

“I knew what was going to eventually happen,” Jonathan’s voice said, “I tried to keep the damage to a minimum.”

“Yet her ass is pretty well scrapped,” the voice said, chuckling. Jonathan said, in the defensive voice of his, “I know what I’m doing. You taught me well.”

“That’s true,” the voice said, then after a moment, “no one’s asking about her at work, then?”

“No,” Jonathan said, “she was supposed to go on vacation for a week, not supposed to be back to work until Monday.”

The man nodded. He’d already made a covert visit to her home, taking her packed luggage and other items she would have taken for her vacation. Her car and been left at the long-term airport parking. With Monday being a couple of days away he still had plenty of time to make sure she vanished completely.

That was, of course, dependent upon some loose ends.

“You’re sure that the others that were with you, aren’t going to break and spill the beans,” the voice asked, “do I need to arrange for that to be dealt with?”

“No,” Jonathan said quickly, “they’re all cool. I’ve been dropping hints all week that I’m going to give the little cunt here a chance to leave town and never come back because of the videos that I’ve been shooting.”

His laughter echoed in the basement as he continued, “edited right, they would make her look like a slut in heat and it would ruin her and her career. If she ever tried to go to the cops, the videos would make it very difficult for her to get a conviction. Especially since, thanks to the contacts, she doesn’t even know who they are. She can guess, but she can’t prove it. Not that any of that matters.”

Jonathan’s voice was earnest and the man knew why. Regardless of their relationship, Jonathan was the only one that knew what Rachel’s ultimate fate would be. If the cops came sniffing around the man would have no qualms about plugging the leak, and Jonathan, if that’s what it took to protect himself.

“All right,” the other voice said, “I guess you should get out of here, it’s time for me to get the work.”

Rachel heard Jonathan leave and she rolled over, intent on begging through her gag for this new person to help her, but before she could utter a single word, a hand locked around Rachel’s throat and squeezed hard enough that her body flooded with adrenaline, and she was instantly awake.

“I’m sure you think that you’ve gone through the worst thing you can possibly imagine,” the voice said, coldly, “that being raped over and over and over the past week is the worst thing you could endure. Let me assure you, that worst hasn’t even begun, yet.”

The hand released her throat after another warning squeeze and Rachel realized it was a warning to stay silent, “I might as well let you know what would happen.”

Rachel tried to follow the man’s voice as she looked out into the artificial blackness the contacts created. If she had been able to see, she would have noticed that the large man had slightly familiar features and a cold, hard, and dark look in the eye that would have made her want to run, “My son, Jonathan,” the man began, and she started at that information, “alerted me that you’re an ignorant arrogant fucking cunt and that you’re making his life difficult. He asked me what he should do with you and that’s what has led to your current situation.”

Rachel just stared in shock as the man continued, as if the conversation were completely normal, “once I saw photos of you, I made a decision,” he knelt next to her and ran his hands, knowingly, over her fear hardened nipples. When she tried to pull away his fingers tightened almost to the point of pain and she realized he would hurt her if she tried to fight so she resigned herself, once again, to letting someone molest her body.

“In my particular line of work,” he said, smiling at her surrender, “a woman like you can be worth quite a lot.”

The confusion on Rachel’s face was obvious, she understood the words he was saying, but she wasn’t comprehending his true meaning.

He seemed to instinctively understand this, knowing that the last week had played with her cognitive abilities quite a bit. She was exhausted, morally defeated, and hurt in ways that she had never imagined in her entire life. All that was making it very difficult for her to think.

The man, therefore, chose to spell it out clearly and said, “I am going to make you disappear, Rachel, I am going to train you, and turn you into a sex slave.”

Rachel jumped as he said that, and started to squirm against her bondage. The man just ignored her, and ignored the screaming coming from her gagged mouth, “that’s right, I’m going to break you. I am going to turn you into a slave. Everything that you know, everything that you are, everything that is important to you is going to be systematically stripped away and when I’m done with you all that’s going to be left is a biological pain unit to be used for entertainment or for sex and you will embrace that willingly,” this time he did squeeze her nipple painfully, as he leaned in even closer to her face, and his hot breath tickled her throat and caused goose bumps to rise on her skin, “at that point I will find a buyer for you and I will sell you to the most sadistic individual I can find and you will spend the rest of your miserable life on your knees in agonizing servitude.”

He released her nipple and stood, and then said, “So, let’s get you packaged up so I can get you back to my workshop, and we can begin.”

The scream that simple statement pulled from Rachel came from the very depths of her soul.


Over the next several months, the man proved to be true to his word.

He took great delight, in telling Rachel exactly what he was doing. Exactly how he was stripping away her humanity, her defenses, her self-respect, how he was breaking her spirit, her will, her very soul.

It didn’t matter. Even knowing what he was doing and how he was doing it, was no defense. Between the pain that he would inflict, the various forms of bondage, the whippings, electrical shocks she was forced to endure, and of course, the rape the seemed almost perpetual in its nature.

Everything he did was designed to humiliate, hurt, or defeat her.

Whipping her tits, became one of his favorite things early on. To his delight, he learned that they were extremely sensitive, and he took advantage of that by banding them whenever possible, applying tight rubber bands to the base of her nipples, squeezing them tightly, and, incredibly, making the traitorous buds even more sensitive as they jutted out from her chest, begging for attention, and abuse.

Her captor made sure to take full advantage of that, concentrating on her nipples whenever possible such that, after a few weeks of her training, she would literally beg for anything, anything, to prevent the whipping of her nipples.

Yes, it hurt when he whipped or punished her pussy, or cunt, as he made her call it, but her nipples were just somehow worse. So, she’d beg and she’d promise to do any and all sorts of depraved acts if he would just show her some mercy.

Unfortunately, for her, it didn’t work that way. He would do what he wanted to her anyway, usually stopping, when he became annoyed with her whining, crying, and begging, to subject her to something short, painful, and humiliating, and then he would go back to torturing or whipping her nipples anyway.

That happened a few times before she realized that was another lesson, all on its own.

It was a way of helping her to learn that she had nothing to negotiate with. There was nothing he couldn’t make her do. If he wanted her to stick her ass up in the air so he could slide his cock into it, all it took was the application of enough pain and she would do it.

Her first few days, were where she’d tried the muster some resistance against what was happening, had taught her this well.

They’d also taught her that resistance got her nothing. Only more pain. If he wanted to fuck her in her ass, he would fuck her in her ass. If he wanted her to blow him, she would blow him. The only question was how much pain she would endure beforehand and how much she would suffer after.

Even her orgasms were just another way of degrading, humiliating, and breaking her.

He would make her ride a Sybian, for hours. So close to orgasm, but never quite able to achieve it, she felt as if she was going mad.

Then, he would change it up, and leave her to orgasm again, and again, and again.

The results mean that her pussy was constantly raw, and constantly dripping with need. She would often catch herself, pumping the air, with her the need and desire. He always seemed to be there to witness that and laughed at how she had become just a wanton, desperately needy whore.

He often liked to combine the Sybian and her tit torture together. Mounting her on the wall like a perverse trophy, forcing her to ride the Sybian as he applied stroke after stroke of burning agony to her nipples with a whip. A tight rope around her neck attached to a pully and a heavy weight reduced her ability to move considerably. The result was that all she could do was scream, beg, suffer, and slowly lose her mind.

He always laughed at her and told her how well her training was progressing when he did this. She wanted to swear and scream at him when he said that. The problem was, she could tell he was right. Her mind was breaking, he was defeating her, and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

She knew what was happening, she knew how it was happening, and she was still completely helpless and powerless to change the course of her life.


That lesson, her utter helplessness, and powerlessness to stop what was happening, was never more real than when the lesson centered around her very life.

On more than one occasion, her captor liked to play a game in which he made it very clear that that, her life, was his to command, totally.

He bound her into a position with her feet tied to her throat, a hook in her ass, tied to her head, and her hands, bound in front of her, the only way to take pressure off her throat and keep breathing.

Then the bastard had put a plastic bag over her head, and taped it into place.

She’d struggled and fought to breathe, eventually begging, pathetically, for mercy. Of course, he’d laughed and even as he tore an air hole in the bag he’d told her the price of air was sucking cock.

She’d done it, knowing there was no other option, opening her mouth wide and taking his cock into her mouth. Obediently sucking until it was hard and then continuing to work it with her mouth till it was hard. She knew she had only a short time to get it hard or he would torture her for her “failure”.

It always seemed there was some way for her to fail him, some way to make it necessary for him to punish her more.

She knew that was part of the training, he’d told her as much when they started. Still, she was completely demoralized as even knowing this was just a trick he was playing on her mind, she still couldn’t help but respond to it, and try to be better, for him.

As much as that disgusted her, she did remember that it was also a survival trait.

 This wasn’t the first time he’d bound her like this and she remembered the first time they’d played this “game” her refusal to suck had earned her tortures with both the cane and an electrical wand.

He had shocked her for what had seemed like hours. Telling her what a disappointment and a failure she was. What an ignorant and pathetic cunt she was to not even appreciate her master enough to suck his cock.

On and on it had gone, for what had felt like hours, shock after shock to her tits, her ass, her side, even occasional shocks to her asshole.

Then the cane, blow after blow on her feet. None of them especially hard, but the accumulation of impacts left her struggling and screaming in utter agony at the slightest impact.

As time passed she went from accepting and agreeing to suck his cock, to even asking for it, anything to stop the suffering.

Finally, the pain had reached a crescendo where she was screaming and begging at the top of her lungs for permission to suck his cock. He’d made her claim herself to be an unworthy, useless cock hole that was a failure when she wasn’t pleasing cock to the best of her worthless ability.

The shame had crawled across her mind and into her soul at that, even as she opened her mouth wide, and accepted the cock.

The humiliation became complete that day when, as she was sucking his cock and trying her literal best to please him, he spit in her face and told her she was barely adequate.

He asked her if she could think of a single reason he should bother to keep her around.

She’d closed her eyes in defeat and, rather than trying to answer him, knowing it would get her punished for stopping, she swallowed the tattered vestiges of her pride and started sucking harder on the cock in her mouth.

She didn’t see the smile that crossed his face but she did feel the hand as it gently caressed her head and said, “good hole.”

She didn’t think she could hate herself more at the pleasure that praise brought her.


At one point, just after the first time she’d referred to the man that held her as “Master” in her own mind, depression had mixed with the last vestiges of her resistance and she had decided, inexplicably, to kill herself.

Unfortunately, there was no way to just do it, so she had decided, rather insanely, that she was going to starve herself. It wouldn’t be quick, but it would be her decision.

She was ready, she convinced herself, to endure anything he dished out, but she would not eat. Even if he made her eat, occasionally, the overall effect would be her life ending. She would end her life on her terms and he would have no say in that.

No one could say this was a good plan, and if she were more rational she’d understand that, but the weeks and months she’d been held had played havoc on her rationality and she simply was not thinking clearly.

All she could think about was making it all end, the suffering, the pain, the degradation, the humiliation, the rape, and most of all the undeniable feeling that she was losing herself.

Better to die the woman she was and wanted to be than to live a life as the thing she knew he wanted her to be and, undeniably, could force her to become.

She was so naïve.

He’d realized what she was doing early and offered her some food, just to see what she’d do.

With as much defiance as she could muster, she refused and turned her head away.

He stood up and she expected he’d torture her in some vile way, perhaps even rape her, to force her to comply.

He did neither, and, to her utter surprise, simply chose to walk out.

Three hours later she realized why as she was strapped tightly into a device and a woman, whom she’d never seen, was there.

No words were said, no introductions made as the woman simply picked up a pair of shears, and incredibly, began to shave her head.

She tried to fight, of course, and cried the entire time, but she was ignored as the shears were eventually replaced with shaving cream and a razor.

Eventually, her head was completely hairless and the woman strapped a contrivance into her nose and forced her cheeks open, and effectively immobilized her head. The woman nodded once she was satisfied with the tension, saying something about it, being easier to see this way.

The woman also, once that was done, took great delight in, at her Captors insistence, played with her cunt until Rachel was screaming for release, and mercy all at the same time.

Once again none came and she was left a quivering, balling wreck when the woman walked away to the other side of the room. Her Captor simply stood there silently and watched.

She was still crying when the woman walked up in front of her with some equipment, and before Rachel could do anything, the woman began stuffing something up her nose.

She choked, sputtered, fought, and cried but was helpless to stop whatever it was sliding down the back of her throat and on down into her stomach. She was terrified as she had been able to feel it the entire way on its journey.

Eventually, the woman stopped and used some medical tape to attach whatever was running out of her nose, to the back of her head.

Rachel knew that, whatever this was, she wasn’t going to like it.

Then, her captor was there, with one of his dreaded helmets.

He looked at Rachel and said, “You’re not the first that’s tried to starve themselves, and you won’t be the last,” Rachel looked at him, fear was the main look on her face, but there was anger there too.

“That’s why I got Amanda here to help me,” he indicated the woman, “she’s a mean mistress and one of the very few women on this earth that I think doesn’t belong in a collar.”

He wasn’t looking at the woman, Amanda, but Rachel saw a look of loathing cross her features at that.

If the man saw the look on Rachel’s distorted face he didn’t say anything as he stepped closer, “But that’s not what’s important. What is important is that when Amanda isn’t breaking bitches of her own, she’s a part-time nurse.”

Rachel looked at the woman, somehow that information seemed not to fit, how could someone so cruel have a job that required compassion.

The man grabbed Rachel’s chin, “What she did was stick a feeding tube up your nose, and down into your stomach,” Rachel looked at him in horror.

“That means I can feed you and I don’t have to let you use your mouth. I shaved your head because I wanted this,” he held up the helmet, “To fit as tight as possible because I’m not taking it off for a long, long while.”

Rachel screamed and started begging at that point. Apologizing for her defiance, promising to eat right now if he would just let her. Both he and Amanda, or rather, Mistress Amanda had laughed.

She was balling as he removed the device Amanda had used to keep her head still and the mask went over her head after he’d inserted the earplugs. She was plunged into virtually complete silence, and utter darkness.

She didn’t know how long she’d been in the mask. Time completely lost all meaning. Her Master still tortured, her, raped her, punished her in unspeakable ways.

For her, it was an eternity as time had lost all meaning. Days became hours, hours became days, and days became weeks.

It was an eternity of suffering in total darkness.

Only occasionally was her mouth even exposed, let alone used, and she’d learned after the horrific beating she’d received, when she tried to beg for mercy the first time, not to try to speak.

She learned, in no uncertain terms, that when the lower part of the helmet was unzipped, her only purpose was to suck, swallow, and be silent.

Even in the helmet, her training continued, as he trained her as one would an animal, with pure tactile positive and negative reinforcement.

Over the course of the months he kept her hooded she learned to stand, kneel, walk, crawl, and position her body perfectly, all with little more than a touch of the hand, cane, or whip.

She moved without thinking and obeyed with no thought at all beyond pleasing and obeying the Master. That is what her mind had been reduced to.

When the mask finally came off, she had nearly three inches of hair and was completely and utterly destroyed.

The darkness and the suffering had truly broken her spirit, dominated her mind, crushed her will, and shattered her spirit.

When the helmet was removed anything that had been Rachel had simply collapsed into the broken slave that had stopped thinking, stopped fighting, stopped doing anything except obeying, instantaneously and without question.

The idea of escape had vanished from her mind entirely.

Everything she had been had been chipped away at and forgotten little by little, day by day, until, by the time the helmet and feeding tube had been removed, she had to fight hard to even remember what her name had been.

He continued to train her for an additional two months afterward, making sure that she was as broken as she could possibly be, but he needn’t have worried; the helmet had done its job.

She was a masterpiece.

A wanton, desperately needy sex slave, who he knew was going to bring him a fine, fine profit.

He allowed her hair to continue to grow. Pleased at its natural auburn color. Dye jobs might be worth money in Hollywood, but on the open market, they indicated a level of upkeep and maintenance that most simply were not interested in.

Her new owner, most likely, would have shaved her head anyway, so this simply saved the trouble and allowed her to have some amount of hair that could be styled just right to add to her price. Overall, he was quite pleased with the outcome and knew that he was in line for a very high profit.


Rachel’s sale was now far, far behind her. She couldn’t even tell you what year it was, or the date, so she certainly couldn’t tell you how long she had been a slave. She couldn’t even tell you what country she was in as things like that didn’t matter to an object.

In truth, it would have been very difficult for her to tell you anything at all given the fact that, due to her Master’s connections, he had arranged for a surgery that, once completed, resulted in her complete muteness.

While others might be appalled or cry at this, the slave that had been Rachel simply accepted it as what her Master wished, nothing more.

Her purpose was to serve and obey, and that was all.

Her new Master had paid nearly 6 figures for her but felt that she was worth every penny. She suffered beautifully and could be counted on to struggle just enough when the pain started, just enough to make it entertaining.

When he first purchased her, he happily used her in several of his parties, as a pain object.

This action served to destroy her mind even further, and continue to break any spirit that might be trying to recover. Any remnants of who she had been before her sale, were completely eradicated in those parties.

Now, she was his.

Bound into permanent bondage, she knelt obediently beside his couch, waiting for any order. No longer gagged, as, given her muteness, there was no reason. Besides, it was much easier for her to suck his cock when he wanted, without the need of removing a gag.

Of course, sometimes he still gagged her simply because he liked the look, but her ability to scream in pain and suffering had been severely curtailed, due to the surgery.

That didn’t matter to him, he knew the pain that he inflicted, and he knew the suffering that she endured when he did so. He did not need the validation of her screams to know how effective he was. Besides, in doing so, he left her mouth free to suck his cock whenever he ordered it, and she did so like the obedient pet that she was.

For now, it was feeding time, and he laid the dog bowl down in front of her so she could eat the paste that was her only form of sustenance beyond his cum and that of his guests when he used her for parties.

As she sat there, licking her bowl clean, he noted, absently, that he could never believe she was the arrogant, bitch executive that she had been advertised as.

You just couldn’t see it anymore.

He was quite sure, if there had been any of her mind left, that she would’ve been very sorry for the way she acted, and would’ve happily made amends if possible.

Sadly, for her, there were no amends to be made. She would spend the rest of her life as a used, abused, and violated sex toy.

However, deep, deep into her psyche, there was just a shred of Rachel left. It would never be seen, and would never have any influence or control again, but it would watch as its body and mind were further abused, and violated.

And as it did so, not a microsecond would go by, that it didn’t wish it could go back and make things right.

Never the same. 1

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Featuring: Harrison and Tessa

Words: 1885

Warnings: -

Taggs: @imabloodynerd

Request: -

Notes: I know I said I would post it next week but here it is the first chapter! I hope it calls your attention somehow and you like it. As I already said, in this story there will be plenty of things about me, my own life, my thoughts so I’m a bit anxious about sharing it with you guys but any beedback is appreciated! I will post every Sunday or Saturday, depending on how drowned uni has me lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

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England was a rainy as she remembered. Third day there and she still hadn’t seen the sun for more than ten minutes straight. She didn’t complain though. After spending the whole summer at home back in Spain, coming to such a cold weather during August was helpful. Still, it was a great change and she knew it was going to take her a time to get used to the climate. After all, she had only been in London in order to visit her brother for short periods of time, never more than a week, and living there for at least six months was something completely different.

Luckily for her, she had been dreaming about living in London since she visited it for the first time, almost ten years ago, so adjusting should be easy. She wished she could have afforded a place in the city centre but she, and her family, forced herself to be realistic: that was too much. That is why she ended up renting a cute and nice apartment in Kingston, an hour away from the city centre. At first, she didn’t like the idea of living there since she had never visited it, despite all the trips to the city she had made since her brother Alex came to live to the city more than ten years ago.

Eventually, she got used to the idea and by the time she got to her new home, she already loved it. It was small but cozy, clean and in an attic which allowed her to see Richmond Park from the window. It was a third floor so there was no noise from the street that could get to her and annoy her in the morning. Plus, her landlady, Mrs Darling, was the nicest woman she had met yet. She reminded her of her grandma actually. She lived in Southampton, with her son and her two grandsons with whom she was in love with. She had left the apartment ready for her to use it. Clean towels, bed clothing, and even some fruits on the kitchen counter. She smiled at the gesture the moment she stepped into the apartment and saw her note.

That was three days ago. She had already visited her brother in town, she had bought groceries, bathroom and kitchen items, along with some other stuff she liked for the house. She had also gone to the enterprise where she would be doing her internship on Audiovisual Translation. They were really nice to her, which actually took her by surprise, and explained her what she would be doing at the beginning until she got used to the job. She asked if she had to go any other day but they said it wasn’t necessary. She could just go in September.

So there she was, third day in London with nothing to do. She had woken up later that day since it had been raining and her bed was too comfortable. By the time she got out of bed it was almost noon and the rain had stopped. She sighed and looked out of the window towards Richmond Park, deciding it was about time to discover what was going to be her neighbourhood during the next months of her life.

She took a shower, got dressed and prepared her bag. It was something her brother had taught her: a small back pack could be more useful than a bag since you never knew if it was going to be warmed or colder. She had to be prepared. So she put a sweater in the bag and also a small umbrella in case it started raining, which wouldn’t be really surprising. When she was ready, she checked the fridge, deciding to have lunch out instead. She wasn’t the cooking type. Once she had made sure she had everything, she went out and locked the door of the apartment.

The first thing she did was looking for a place to eat. She was starving so anything would do the trick. It surprised her at the same time it made her happy to find a Subway just around the corner. She was planning on eating as healthy as possible but she knew herself and she knew that restaurant was going to be useful.

When she walked in and ordered, the guy behind the counter gave her an awkward look which confused her until she checked the time. It was 2 p.m., too late to eat for British people but for her, being Spanish, was even early since she was used to have lunch around three. She smiled at him and took her food, heading to a table next to the window. Getting used to the British timetable was going to be tricky for sure.

By the time she finished the sandwich, she left the place and looked around. She wasn’t really sure which way to take to the park since she was a bit disorientated but finally she choose to go to the left. As she walked around the borough she found out about many small coffee shops and stores, she also saw that it was more like a familiar neighbourhood and, on top of everything, was beautiful.

Before she realised it, she had been walking for like 40 minutes and there were no signs of the park or her own building. It was strange since she had assumed it wasn’t too far away. After a few more minutes of walking, she came out of an alley and found herself in a residential street, with houses on both sides on the street, completely empty except for the cars outside the houses. Defeated, she took out her phone to check the maps but as she pressed the unlocking button, the screen didn’t light up. She frowned and pressed it longer.

“You have to be kidding me…” she mumbled when she saw the sign of no battery on the screen. “Great”, she added looking around.

She had no idea where she was, where her apartment was, which way to go or where she could charge the phone. How could she have been so stupid? She should’ve checked the battery before leaving the apartment but no, she was too hungry to pay attention to those details. With a groan, she looked around and started walking again as she looked at the sky. At least, it didn’t look like it was going to rain.

“C’mon Tessa!” She heard a voice said, followed by a bark.

Then she saw a black dog running out of one of the houses, followed by two tall guys who started walking down the street. She considered the option of asking for help. It would definitely make her look like an idiot but what other choice did she have?

“Excuse me!” She exclaimed hurrying behind them. They stopped and looked at her, making her stop slowly. “Hi, um…sorry to bother you but I-“ she frowned as she looked at one of the guys.

His face was familiar –she had seen it somewhere-. She narrowed her eyes at him as a small smile appeared on his face.

“You’re Spiderman!” She exclaimed. The other guy laughed a little, making her blush. “Sorry, the… guy who played Spiderman” she corrected herself.

“Yeah” he nodded smiling a bit more. “I’m Tom” he said offering his hand. Of course, Tom Holland. She had also see him in The Impossible¸ of course. “This idiot is Harrison” he added pointing at the other guy.

“Nice to meet you. I’m (Y/N)” She introduced yourself shaking his hand. “Sorry to bother you but, um… I’m new here in Kingston and I’m lost and my phone is dead so there’s no way I can get to my apartment or…anywhere really. I don’t even know where I am” she told them.

“Oh that sucks!” Tom exclaimed. She chuckled and nodded. “What’s the name of your street?”

She thought about it for a moment before looking down at the turned off phone on her hand. Of course she had to type the address on her phone. She couldn’t have a notebook or anything, it had be just on her phone. If he didn’t think she was an idiot, he was going to know she was one.

“You saved it in your phone right?” Harrison chuckled. She nodded, trying to hide her embarrassment. “Alright, then…” he scratched the back of his head and looked at Harrison, trying to find out what they could do.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll find somewhere to charge my phone” she shrugged it off. It scared her a little to go alone since it was getting darker but obviously they were going to take the dog for a walk and she didn’t want to bother them. Not anymore. “Thank you anyway” she smiled at them.

“Wait”, Harrison said before she turned around. (Y/N) looked at them. “What about you leave your phone here charging, come with us to the park and then we come back here to get it? You check the address, maps and you’re free to go” he suggested.

“That’s a good idea!” Tom exclaimed with a smile. “See? That’s why I keep you around”, he added.

“I can’t do that” she shook her head. “It’s really nice of you but it’s too much to ask” she added.

“C’mon, it’s nothing really. A phone doesn’t take much place and you don’t have to be around on your own” Tom smiled.

(Y/N) bite her lip looking at both of them. She really felt bad for doing this but it was the best option she had at the moment. With a final sigh, she nodded and handed her phone to Harrison who went into the house immediately.

“Thank you for that” she smiled at Tom thankfully.

“You’re welcome” he shrugged. “Tessa stop” he told the dog who hadn’t stopped moving around any second.

She smiled and bended down. When the dog saw the girl, she approached her slowly, smelling the hand she was offering before licking it. Smiling, (Y/N) stroked her under her chin before getting up.

“She likes you” Tom pointed out.

“She’s just being polite. Like you” she smiled.

“I can’t just let you walking around on your own when it’s getting dark” he shrugged. “Especially when you don’t even know where you are or where you have to go”

Before she could reply and tell him he was completely right, Harrison came back out of the house. It was then when she actually checked out the house. It had two floors, it was made with red bricks with white windows. A chimney could also be seen on the roof. It was beautiful.

“Shall we?” Harrison said, taking her out of her thoughts. She nodded with a smile.

“Which park are you going?” (Y/N) asked walking between them.

“Richmond” Tom replied.

“That’s great!” She exclaimed with a smile. “That was my destination” she explained.

“Then you were completely lost, darling” Tom said with a laugh.

“Thank you then” she shrugged. “Is it far?”

“Not really. Just fifteen minutes. With Tessa it will be ten” Tom replied. (Y/N) smiled looking at the dog. She was cute.

Mom Zircon! Mom Zircon! Mom Zircon! (Again, based off of @drawbauchery’s au.)

Peridot didn’t know how long the banging had lasted. It could have been minutes. It could have been days. Frankly, she would have believed any amount of time that you told her.

It was awful. She regretted the restraining order. Somewhere in her brain told her that this is all 8XA’s fault and not hers. Something told her that the restraining order was necessary and she should report this as soon as possible.

But she was terrified.

If one restraining order got her this mad, what would a second one do? Was 8XA right? Was she overreacting? Did she let Zircon convince her? 8XA was actually pretty nice when Peridot wasn’t snapping at her about her job. Or accusing her. Or getting restraining orders on her. Was this all Peridot’s fault? Part of her told her to go out there and make amends and suck up whatever 8XA had to offer. Part of her told her that was a stupid idea and she would get hurt. Part of her told her that this couldn’t be much better. She was about to get up when she heard some other Amethysts run over and try to calm 8XA down, or chew her out. She didn’t know why it helped, but hearing the other Amethysts say that what 8XA was doing was wrong made Peridot feel better. Made her feel like this wasn’t all in her head.

Peridot stayed put. She heard her superiors come up and try to figure what was going on. She heard 8XA snarl “God, now everyone’s against me. I didn’t even DO anything.” before storming off. She heard the other Amethysts trying to explain what had happened, most of them saying things like “She’s been pretty close to 5XG a lot lately” “We don’t really know what happened. We just saw her banging on the wall.” “I don’t think she’s gonna come out anytime soon.”

So many different gems had peered their head in, trying to get Peridot’s side of the story. Trying to fish her out. Trying to help her for something she wasn’t 100% sure she even deserved to be helped with.

And then she heard a familiar voice, panting and trying to get answers from everyone and anyone “Where is she? Is she alright? What happened? Where’s 8XA?”


Peridot didn’t quite know what happened in between, but she had suddenly went from sitting while holding her knees to out of the hole and hugging Blue Zircon. Logically, she must have got up and went out. But she didn’t remember doing it.

Blue Zircon was surprised to say the least, but she was pretty familiar with more emotional clients. Especially with more emotional cases. So she ran her hand through Peridot’s hair and calmly talked about how they were gonna go to her office and figure out what to do next.

Peridot wasn’t sure of the gem word for what she felt with Blue Zircon, but she made her feel safer and better and like she could fix the whole world.

Peridot needed to think of a word to call her. Any random letters put together would do.


No. That sounds ridiculous.

She would have to think of something later.

(Thank you so much Shadow. I think I finally got out of my writer’s block slump because of this Au)


◇ Maybe your love is a first - and maybe that’s okay.

◇ Mingyu x reader x Wonwoo

◇ poly!au + wolf!au

◇ more poly!wolf!meanie - Say What You Want


Days are never dull when you have two mates.

Yes, two mates, you’ve explained it before - Wonwoo and Mingyu are happily mated to you and each other. Nobody knows how it happened or why it happened, but it was safe to say that apart from the influx of hate and disbelief you got from other wolves who only had one mate, you were doing just fine. More than fine. You all had more than enough love in your hearts for each other, and that’s all that mattered.

As you had mentioned before, many wolves were in hate or disbelief at your state, which was one of the main reasons that you three had moved into the city and a distance away from your pack house, in the forest. You only returned when you were needed as a healer, and you often felt guilty because of this; you knew Wonwoo and Mingyu liked the forest, and as most of the hate was directed at you, you really had no right to get them to move.

Mingyu and Wonwok had been happily mated before you came along, which caused most wolves to come to the conclusion that you must be faking, or lying, just to mess up a perfect relationship. You almost wish that was the case - if you had been faking, you could just walk away from this trouble. But you weren’t, and you couldn’t.

It happened on a perfectly normal day. You had woken up, wrapped up in Mingyu and Wonwoo’s arms, Mingyu had cooked breakfast after you had had a shower, and then you were off to work. You were lonely because Wonwoo and Mingyu had the day off, and you’d be working in the coffee shop while they cuddled their day away.

Either way, you stepped into the coffee shop and got to work. It was small, yet popular as it was on the main street, and in the morning many people wanted a coffee. You spent the next few hours making coffees and taking orders, almost finished your shift, until they came in.

You recognized them immediately, and instantly you wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. They were a few girls from your pack, and they were the people who bullied you most when news of your mates spread. They were one of the reasons you had moved away from the pack house, and you feel your heart pound as they approach the cashier desk, laughing and smiling - which quickly dims to smirks and snickers as they catch sight of who’s behind the till.

“Who do we have here?” One taunts. You gulp, keeping your head down and your stature humble. “It’s the mating intruder!”

You try to ignore the hurt and frustration welling up inside of you, willing the stinging behind your eyes to go away. “What would you like?” You try to murmur, fiddling with your fingers nervously.

“I’d like you to leave Wonwoo and Mingyu alone and find your own mate, freak,” she hisses, leaning forward on the counter to bring her point across. At least she’s keeping her voice down, can’t have any humans overhearing - though Nayeon glances over from the coffee machine when she spots the group of girls looking at you in a less-than-nice way. “Though, I doubt your actual mate would want you anyway. Who wants a freak who ruins other relationships?”

A chorus of laughs resound throughout the coffee shop - was it always this empty? - and as your bottom lip trembles, tears starting their emotional trail down your cheeks, you hear them start to coo mockingly - Aw, she’s upset. Would you look at that?

You don’t know what to do - should you just leave, possibly putting your job in jeopardy? Or should you stay here, in tears, and take their remarks-?

“Excuse me?” Nayeon’s voice is rock hard. You can barely look over at her, vision blurry and throat clogged as she stands in front of you, almost blocking you from the girls. “I’d appreciate it if you left this shop right now - and never come back.”

The girls look surprised - but they frown, scoffing and voicing their dislike for the shop (“The coffee here is horrible, anyway-”), and they stride out of the shop seconds later, leaving you in tears and Nayeon wrapping her arms around you worriedly.

“Are you okay?” She asks, concern dripping through her words. She pulls away from you to glance at the clock hanging on the wall. “Look, your shift is over in 20 minutes - I can handle this by myself. Go home and get some rest - and don’t mind whatever those girls said.”

You’re glad she doesn’t pry - the tears running down your face would be weak in comparison to the flood that would come if you thought to much about their harsh words. You can only nod, wiping your tears away (which really doesn’t do anything, your tears are still covering your flushed skin).

Your limbs are weak when you walk into the back of the cafe to fetch your bag, discarding your apron and avoiding the eyes of any other workers who were doing their jobs - Jennie looks at you in concern and tries to stop you and ask what’s wrong, but she backs off with a shake of your head.

As you walk out of the back of the shop, you almost curse yourself for being so weak - the thought of catching the bus home in your mental sight makes you groan. The tears have slowed but they haven’t slowed down, thoughts flying through your mind that make you feel small and pathetic.

Maybe… maybe you should just leave Wonwoo and Mingyu, you think numbly, beginning to walk out of the alleyway and into the main street. You hope nobody notices your wet cheeks and red eyes but it’s obviously inevitable - you’re just glad nobody stares as you walk alongnwith the crowds. I - I caused this. They could have a normal relationship, they could live in peace, in the forest, like they always wanted.

They wouldn’t miss you, that’s for sure, a devious voice giggles. It sounds suspiciously like the she-wolf that had been brought on this breakdown. Just like she said - you intruded on their relationship. And it’s not like your real mate would want you either. You’re a freak, right?

But - but what I feel with them is real! You argue back, frowning deeply and looking out of the window of the bus. You don’t even remember when you got on it - all you know is that you’re almost home, which unlike any other day, you were dreading.I… I love them…

I’m sure you do, the voice taunts as your bus stops at your stop. But I can assure you: they absolutely do not love you.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry,” you chant to yourself desperately as you step off of the bus, clinging to your bag in an effort to stop yourself from giving in to the knot in your throat. You approach your apartment block with a heavy heart, your mind made up.

You couldn’t do this anymore.


“_____!” Mingyu exclaims as soon as you step through the door. The smell of something delicious You try to place a big smile on your face, but you’re sure it looks more like a grimace. “How was work, princess?”

Don’t call me that, you whimper internally. It’ll make it harder for me to leave. Nevertheless, you shrug, setting your bag down on the couch, making your way to the kitchen where he’s standing. “Same old, I guess. Where’s Wonwoo?”

“He just got out of the shower,” Mingyu replies, turning from stirring the stew he was cooking to beam at you. The smile sends a shock through your body, and you want to screw your eyes up to stop the emotional pain from coursing through your brain. Why can’t he stop being so cute?

“Are you okay? You look kinda ill, sweetheart…” Mingyu frowns, cocking his head to the side in concern. His hand darts out to feel your forehead, and you jerk away from his touch so unnaturally that you have to give a fake laugh to stop the worry blooming on his face.

“I - I think we should have a talk,” you murmur - Mingyu’s face contorts in confusion, abandoning his cooking to look at you fully, but you avoid his eyes, biting your lip and turn, striding into the living room. Mingyu follows you, mumbling to himself about whatever you could possibly want to have such a serious conversation.

Wonwoo emerges from the bedroom 10 minutes into the thick tension, Mingyu constantly asking you what exactly you wanted to speak about - but you couldn’t answer him, not with the questions swirling around in your brain and making you feel sick to your stomach.

Could you do this? Could you throw away this love (unrequited, but still love), and leave the two people in the world who had actually made you feel such indescribable love?

You feel sparks whenever you touch them. Seeing them smile makes butterflies swarm in your stomach. When you firsr saw them, your first instinct was to love them, to protect them and never let them go. It was such an amazing experience, and the you from a few years ago never would’ve doubted that her love was real. How things have changed.

“Is something wrong?” That’s the first thing Wonwoo asks when he spots you and Mingyu, sitting on the couch opposite each other. His signature crooked smile dawns on his face as he clutches the ends of his sweater in his hands, “You both look so serious.”

“______ wants to have a talk,” Mingyu frowns, folding his arms. “She won’t tell me what for, though.”

“A talk?” Wonwoo echoes, plopping down beside you. “About what?”

The air is still - for a second, you don’t want to disturb the peace, but you figure it’s too late to go back, and blurt out what you’ve ben thinking. “About moving back to the forest.”

Their reactions are immediate - but your heart aches as you see such happiness cover their faces. You took this away from them. Seeing how happy they were… how could you just take that away from them?

“I mean - that’s a great idea, but,” Wonwoo shakes his head, a smile still on his face, “Are you sure you can handle it? We know how hard it is-”

“That’s the thing,” you bite your lip, willing the sudden growing knot of tears in your throat to back down, “I mean, without me.”

There’s a pregnant pause - and then, Mingyu is the one who explodes first (he’s always had an explosive temper, while Wonwoo was the one who tended to be colder and more passove aggressive). “Without you? What do you mean, without you? Why the hell would you want us to go without you?”

“I think it’s best for me to cut myself off from the both of you from now on. Find myself a home. Alone, this time,” you mutter, fiddling with your fingers to avoid seeing the hurt and confusion on their faces.

“What the fuck do you mean?” Mingyu asks in utter disbelief, his eyes narrowing and eyebrows furrowing as he leans forward to look closer at you. “You’re our mate, your home is with us-”

“Except I’m not, am I?” You demand, finally looking up at them. Tears are swimming in your eyes but you can’t be bothered to wipe them away, not when you’re so angry and frustrated - not at them, but at yourself. “Nobody in the history of the universe has ever had more than one mate - which means that obviously, somehow, I’ve tricked you both into thinking that you feel something for me, because having more than one mate is unnatural and weird, and you both deserve a happy, normal relationship - and I - I can’t give you that…”

Your words have turned into sobs, burying your face in your hands as you let all of your pent up emotions go. The atmosphere is a confusing mix of fear, sadness, hurt, anger, confusion, pity… love. Mingyu is still voicing his disbelief, his voice full of emotion and angry - Wonwoo is still sitting beside you, frozen in shock and hurt. He hasn’t spoken yet, and you don’t know if you want him to, because he has a way with words that will lower your guard and compel you to go back on your decision.

Then you feel his arms around you, encasing you. You want to push him away, to tell him that your decision is final, but you can’t. You can’t find the strength inside of you to push him away, to scream at him, to make him hate you. You want the best for them. If this is the way to give them the best then… then you would go through with it.

He rocks you back and forth until your tears have stopped, leaving your cheeks flushed and nose blocked and eyes red. Mingyu is left in a state of tears, bottom lip trembling at the thought of you leaving. He slips off of the couch opposite you and squeezes himself into the space between the arm of the chair and you, hugging you close, clasping your hands together and screwing his eyes shut tightly, wishing this was all a dream.

“How could you ever think that what we feel for you - what I feel for you - is fake?” Mingyu whispers helplessly, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “How - did I… Did I do something wrong? Did we do something wrong?”

His voice sounds so helpless and small and sends tremors of guilt through your body. Of course, when you tried to make things better, everything got worse. “No!” You shake your head, “You - you were perfect, Ming… I’m the problem.”

“Stop saying that,” Wonwoo’s voice is completely different from the light tone he had used earlier. As it usually did as he got angrier, it had grown stone cold - though you could still sense the hurt and sadness hidden beneath it. “Stop saying you’re a problem, ______. We’ve been over this.”

“We could go over this a million times and the facts wouldn’t change,” you try to persuade him urgently. “You and Mingyu, you’re made for each other-”

“And we aren’t?” Wonwoo interrupts, voice raising. “Are you telling me that whatever I feel for you isn’t valid?” His tone takes on a hysterical note, “Are you - are you saying that you don’t feel this?” He grasps your hand tightly, holding it directly above his heart. “Because I do, and I know what it means.”

“I’ve caused you guys so much trouble,” you conclude softly, “You don’t deserve the amount of nonsense I’ve brought your way…”

“You don’t either!” Mingyu exclaims, suddenly shooting up from the couch to pace in front of you hurriedly, hands running through his hair as he thinks, face scrunched up in displeasure. “Why are you being so hard on yourself?”

You go silent. They don’t need to know about what happened today. “Something happened, didn’t it?” Mingyu demands, eyes flickering between you and Wonwoo, “Something happened at work. That’s why you looked so weird when you came home, isn’t it?”

“It was nothing major-”

Tell me.” You seem to be compelled to tell them whatever they want to know under their intense, worried gazes - and, as if under a spell, you reveal everything that was said to you earlier. Everything that had happened, from when the girls had arrived to the thoughts that had been brought to your attention as you travelled home.

“Please,” Mingyu begs, falling to his knees and nudging his nose against your stomach, wrapping his arms around your torso, “Understand - there’s a first time for everything. Maybe, maybe we’re a first. And that’s okay, alright? You didn’t trick us into loving you - we’re mates, and nothing will ever change that.”

Warm tears slip down your wet cheeks, emotions swarming inside of you like a hive of bees that you can’t get rid of. Maybe - maybe they were right? Maybe your love was valid. Maybe your love wasn’t fake.

“People are afraid of the unknown, princess,” Wonwoo murmurs, kissing your hair gently and beginning to rock you back and forth. “But our love isn’t unknown, not to us at least. There’s no reason to be ashamed of it.”

“I’m sorry I get like this,” you sniffle, wiping your tears away. “It’s annoying-”

“It’s not annoying,” Mingyu whispers, shutting his eyes and just revelling in the feeling of having you in his arms. “It’s not. It never has been and it never will be-”

“You still don’t understand that we would do anything to make you happy,” Wonwoo sighs, “But that’s okay, too. Because we’ll be here to remind you, for as long as you need.”

Maybe, you think to yourself as Mingyu presses a kiss to your lips, muttering sweet nothings against you, as Wonwoo peppers kisses over your cheek, cracking a few bad jokes that make you giggle - maybe your love was different. Maybe it was a first - but that was okay.

Everything would be okay.

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Characters: Slytherin troublemaker!Jae  & Hufflepuff prefect!You

Setting: Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff, humour

Summary: Secrets don’t exist in a castle full of speaking paintings. (Aka they know about your little crush and won’t shut up about it.)

Word count: 3.7k

For the September @day6imagines task, school prompt.

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Auston Matthews #6.2


Anonymous said: How about a part two to that Auston Matthews #6??

A/N: i dunno if i really like this, but since someone requested a second part i thought i’d give this imagine an end. hope you guys liked it though :)

Word Count: 1,663

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It was Sunday morning before the boys home game, but more importantly it was your last game being employed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Therefore, it was a sort of sad day for you. The moment you woke up and drove to the arena you knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day to go and leave what’s been your dream job for as long as you could remember. 

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Dishwasher Safe - Four

A/N: as per previous post, writing style has changed slightly

“So are you just going to stand outside all night or are you actually going to come in?”

Y/N been waiting for him, almost playing what could be considered a cruel game with him. She’d had been right about her suspicions, and his apology earlier and the admission that he was intrigued had confirmed that. Spencer was hot for her, or at least for her body. And that worked for Y/N right now. The bedroom door had been left open on purpose and when she’d heard the little thump on the wall she was quite certain that all systems were go.

Caught red handed Spencer had no excuse,  no where to go. And he didn’t want to, they both knew that much. Y/N had changed when she’d gone to bed, wanting to feel sexy for Y her little solo - which she hoped wouldn’t be solo for long - play session. A black lace bralet covered her chest, her nipples hardened against the lace. Black French knickers, the centre of them soaked with her excitement. She loved the feeling of lace against her skin, the extra friction it provided could be magical. Y/N could see Spencer taking in her outfit, his eyes raking over her skin. He gulped loudly, retracting the hand from down his pants where it had stilled, the prominent bulge still there. He didn’t say anything though, he was too scared, too nervous, too fucking turned on.

“I’ll ask once more,” Y/N breathed. “Are you coming in or just going to stand outside all night?”

His eyes widened, his pupils dilated with lust but there was still no answer.

“Alright then. I’ll just leave the door open then, you can stand and watch.”

She started to walk away until a hand reached out and gripped around her wrist, stopping her. Even Spencer look suprised at his own actions, releasing his grip almost immediately. Y/N just grinned.

“So you can be forceful then, eh? I wonder what else you can be. Come on then…. ” she walked further into her room and waited for him to follow. “Close the door behind you please, Dr Reid.”

He did as Y/N asked and then stood by the door, still incredibly unsure of himself. She decided to take the lead, her voice soft and gentle.

“So I feel like we’ve been dancing around this since the dishwasher incident, right?”

He nodded, his cheeks flushed.

“Because if I read the change in your behaviour correctly, you started imagining things about me that you think you shouldn’t have. Am I wrong?”

He shook his head this time and she continued, walking closer to him again.

“Curiosity got the better of you so you went on a little treasure hunt to see what you could find. And you may have found more than you bargained for. Yes?”

He spoke this time, his voice shaking oh so slightly. “Yes.”

“But you’re intrigued. Which interests me greatly.” Y/N placed her hand on his chest, feeling his heart pounding ten to the dozen. “Earlier, when I pushed you to the bed and told you to sit. How did that make you feel?”

Reid gulped again, his mouth suddenly very dry.

“Answer me, Spencer.” Slightly less soft and gentle than before.

“I… I liked it.”

“Good. I like that you liked it,” she took him in, running her eyes over him from head to foot. He was nervous but she didn’t think he’d run away. Not now 

“I know that you have knowledge of how this sort of thing works, right?”

He nodded again.

“So choose a word Spencer.”

His mouth opened and then closed again and Y/N suddenly questioned whether he would go through with this or not. And then, “Lamp. My word is lamp.”

“Lamp. Okay. Mine is pigeon, just so you know.”

Y/N saw him mouth the word to himself and she smiled.

“Take off your clothes Spencer.”

He stood in frozen to the spot, as if he hadn’t heard. But she knew he had.

“Take. Off. Your. Clothes. Spencer.”

He heard it, the change in her voice. The command that been there earlier, the command he’d heard her use during interrogations and out in the field. And now she was using it for something else. And oh, how much it excited him.

“You stood outside my bedroom listening to me get myself off, and I’m stood here in front of you in my underwear. I feel it best we level the field here. So strip. Down to your boxers.”

She waited for a beat or two as he willed himself to move.

“Now Spencer. You’ve already done things you shouldn’t have done, like violate my privacy. Don’t give another reason to punish you.”

Punish him. Oh. Oh! Would he like that? This was all so new to him, something he’d never really considered. He quickly switched into gear, pulling his t-shirt over his head and pushing his pajamas pants down leaving him standing in his boxers. Y/N’s eyes moved to his groin and he knew he was still straining against the fabric.

“Very nice. Now Spencer, I have some questions for you. When you found George in the dishwasher, did you think about me using him on myself? And answer honestly, I’ll know if you lie.”

Of course she would. Working where they did would give her an extreme advantage with this.



He was confused, what else was she expecting? Y/N rolled her eyes. "When I ask you a question, you answer Yes Miss or No Miss. Understood.“


Y/N raised an eyebrow, waiting.

“Yes Miss.”

“Good boy. Next question. Did you go back to your bedroom and touch yourself whilst thinking about it?”

“No… No Miss.” He hadn’t. Although he’d wanted to, so fucking badly, he hadn’t allowed himself that luxury. Y/N scrutinised his face.

“Did you want to?”

He nodded, “Yes Miss.”

“And when you were stood outside my room, listening. You were touching yourself then.”

Not a question as such because she’d caught him. But he answered none the less,“Yes Miss.”

Y/N smirked, a smirk that Spencer knew if he saw again he would forever associate with this side of her. “Take off your boxers and kneel on the floor in front of the bed.”

He balked only slightly before following her instructions. She moved to the bed and sat down in front of him, leaning over and reaching into her drawer, pulling out the purple toy that had started this whole situation. He felt slightly self conscious now that he was fully nude and she was still in her underwear. Not that the lace actually covered much. Although apparently this was to be rectified. He watched as she slipped her fingers into the waist band of her panties, lifting her butt off the bed and slid them down her legs, kicking them to one side. When she then slowly spread her legs wide, Spencer thought he was going to die.

“Can you see how wet I am, Spencer?”

He could. Her bedside lamp had been left on and was illuminating her body perfectly. He could see her folds, slick with excitement.

“Yes Miss.”

“Did you know that when I fucking myself earlier I was thinking about you?”

Oh God. Oh fuck. His dick twitched and he so badly wanted to touch it.

“That was a question Spencer. You need to answer,” she ran her hands over her thighs, her eyes watching his.

“No Miss. I didn’t know that.”

“You have very nice hands Dr Reid. And a very nice mouth. I think they could be put to excellent use.”

He didn’t know what to say, he almost couldn’t believe his ears.

“As much as I want to feel your hands on me, there’s something else I’d like to see instead.”

He waited, his eyes following her hands and they roamed over her thighs, inching closer and closer to her center.

“I want to see your hand wrapped around your cock. I want to see you touching yourself Spencer. And I always get what I want.”

He didn’t doubt it.

“Touch yourself Spencer. Take your dick into your hands and stroke yourself like you were doing outside my bedroom door.”

Spencer couldn’t refuse, his dick was so sensitive right now he nearly whimpered when he wrapped his hand around it and started to pump up and down. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when Y/N pressed her fingers to her clit and began lazily rubbing herself.

“Are you enjoying that? Touching yourself whilst watching me?”

“Y-yes Miss,” he began to move his hand faster, the need for release becoming urgent. Y/N’s fingers dipped inside her opening and she let out of moan of her own. Retracting her hand, she held her fingers out in front of her, her slick coating them.

“Would you like to taste them?”

He suddenly wanted nothing more, nodding eagerly like a puppy being asked if he was ready for walkies.

“Too bad. Maybe if you hadn’t been a naughty boy earlier, creeping around my room, then you’d be allowed,” she moved her fingers to her own mouth, licking them clean as Spencer let out a loud grunt. He was nearly ready to come already.


What now?

“Stop touching yourself Spencer.” Her voice was cold and demanding now and he reluctantly stopped, breathing heavily.

“Open your mouth.”

He did as he was instructed, a feeling of dread filling her as she reached for the dildo.

“I bet your lips would look so pretty wrapped around an actual cock. But for the now, this will do.”

She placed it to his mouth and he almost refused, knowing he could stop this at any time. But…. He was curious. He took the silicone toy into his mouth, trying to ignore the rubbery taste of it. Y/N held the base, pushing it in and pulling it out a few times.

“Get it nice and wet for me Spencer.”

Was this what it was like when girls gave blow jobs? The toy was filling his mouth, making it awkward for him to breathe. She finally pulled it out after a few moments and inspected it.

“That should do. You thought about me using this, yes?”

“Yes Miss.”

“So watch.”

Reid’s mouth gaped as she pushed it slowly and deliberately between her pussy lips, letting out a low groan as she did. Excitement surged through him and he could feel his dick leaking with pre come. God, he wanted to touch her so much. Y/N gripped the toy with one hand, her legs spread wide so that he could see everything, with her other hand she started to tease her clit. Spencer moved his hand back to his cock, needing desperately to touch himself.

“No. You don’t get to touch anything right now. Just watch.”

Ugh… He wanted to, he needed to. The sight of her fucking herself with that toy whilst pinching and teasing her clit was too much. But he kept still, trying not to surge forward and take over from her hand. Her groans grew louder and he could feel his cock pulsating with each moan that left her lips. Her eyes were kept locked on him the whole time.

“Are you…. Are you enjoying this Spencer?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, touch yourself again.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. He gripped himself rougher than he usually would, knowing that it would be all be over within a minute or two. Y/N’s movements on herself slowed down and he watched her pull the dildo nearly all of the way out before plunging it back in, a strangled cry leaving her throat. He was so closing to coming when she spoke again.

“Do you wish this was you?”

Oh fuck yes. “Yes Miss.”

“I thought so. Now stop.”

No. No no no. He didn’t want to and he didn’t. She froze in her movements and leant forward, pulling to toy out of herself.

“Stop what you are doing or else you’ll be instructed to lie on this bed whilst I strike you as punishment.”

Even though Spencer knew that if he didn’t want to happen it wouldn’t, he stopped.

“You can only come when I tell you that you can, understood.”

His head was pounding, blood surging through his veins.


“Y-yes Miss.”

“Good, now open your mouth again.”

He did what he was told, his mouth watering when he saw the purple toy covered in her juices coming his way. She held it just centimetres away from his lips.

“Do you want this? Do you want to taste me?”

“Oh God yes.”


“Yes Miss, please Miss,"  three bags full Miss, he might as well have said.

She moved the toy closer and he breathed in the scent of her sex, his mouth opening wide to accept it.

"Suck it clean Spencer, and I’ll let you come whilst you’re doing it.”

Never before had Spencer wanted to suck something so badly. He wrapped his lips around the toy and used his tongue to lick it clean, her juices filling his mouth.

“Good boy. You can touch yourself now.”

She kept the toy in his mouth, his cheeks hollowing around it as he began to pump his own dick. One, two, and three thrusts later and he was a sticky mess, his fluid coating his hands.

Y/N pulled the toy from his mouth and tossed it to the bed, looking down at his hands with distain on her face.

“What a dirty, dirty man you are. Go and clean yourself up now. And then go back to your own room.”

Reid was mildly confused now, had he done badly? He scrambled around for his clothes, tugging his boxers back on and standing. He made it to her door when she called his name, her tone back to normal.

“You did well tonight Spence…. And when you find George in the dishwasher tomorrow, you really can’t complain this time.”

He guessed he really couldn’t.

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hey bb! idk if you’ve gotten any requests but the lt boys in sweaters or a blanket would be lovely 😌 i’ve missed your art! it’s so nice.

I love you - I am at rest with you - I am home. - Dorothy L. Sayers

Thank You ♥♥♥

Jared Leto x Reader - The Savior

Author’s Note; Thank you so much lovely, I very much appreciate that. Feel free to send in as many as you want, i’m down !! currently I am accepting imagines so please, please, please, feel free to send me some so I can start working on them.

The distant stinging in your right eye was overshadowed by the distinct feeling of betrayal that resonated through the center of your abdomen. You knew you had lost all right to be shocked at his actions because it wasn’t the first time he had raised his hand to you, but it was the first time he had done it to this much of an extreme. Four months ago was the last time; he had grown angry with you for saying something out of line, and as a result the outside of his right hand had come into contact with your bottom lip and chin. It was easy enough to hide compared to the bruises you had now. Currently, your collar bone, your stomach, your upper right left arm, and your eye was bruised. The only way to excuse the damage when confronted by others was to simply lie and say you fell because no other “accident” could be explained with bruises like this. 

“I’m sorry baby, sometimes you just make me so mad.” he spoke in the distance leaning against the door way as you attempted to cover your face with make up. You didn’t say anything and you felt that, that was a bold move considering you don’t really know what set him off the first time he had hit you. The bright side about it all was the fact that all of this took place over 2 days ago, meaning the sores weren’t as painful as before, and slightly easier to hide behind foundation. However, the pain from the fact that he had beat you so abruptly was still there, and you couldn’t fix your eyes to look at him. “You forgive me?” He questioned except this time you spoke. “Yeah.” A gentle nod passed through your frame and you flashed him a small smile before attempting to walk past him. His hand reached out for you, but instead of touching you he placed his hand in front of the door way to stop you. Your eyes finally connected with his and he moved closer to plant a kiss on your lips. You didn’t kiss back and instead you simply stood there with his lips on yours. You did not forgive him for this and even though you knew your forgiveness was inevitable, you still wanted to take a moment away from him. How many times had you done this with him, and how many times had he followed up by continuing to hurt you? 

delicate fingers slide down the key pad of your phone as you texted your best friend, your best friend in which your boyfriend did not like. You could truly never understand the issue your boyfriend had with Jared, you guys had been best friends since before you even met your boyfriend. Yet every time you spent time with Jared, your boyfriend would become distant, cold and sometimes more verbally abusive than usual. however, you normally dismissed it as him being slightly upset about you not spending more time with him and it secretly made you feel needed. 

Jared’s response was quick as usual and he urged you to join him for lunch at his house, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him what happened to you, at least not yet. Jared was usually extremely passive with you and the idea of him being beat up by your boyfriend did not sit well with you. Your boyfriend was extremely short tempered, strong and he already held a strange distaste for Jared, and the last thing you wanted to do was to create an even bigger rift. 

A gentle knock was placed on his door as you fixed your hair to slightly cover your injuries. Your make up had already done a good job of hiding your dirty little secrets, but a little extra coverage was never a bad thing. You were ill prepared for him to open the door without his shirt, but you suppressed the urge to gawk by pressing a piece of your hair behind your ear. 

“Where’s the fire, ya late for some stripper convo?” You joked feeling a sly smile tarnish your lips in a wicked glee. she enjoyed what you saw, the delicate ridges in his torso tightened as you walked passed him, and his upper body vibrated slightly when he laughed. How had you not noticed this about him before? He was drop dead gorgeous. 

“In my defense, you weren’t supposed to be here for another 20 minutes.” he stated in an as a matter a fact tone before closing the door behind you. You could feel your excitement return to your body and for the first time in months you felt like yourself again. 

It didn’t take long for you to make your way to his living room, where like usual, his slightly large middle table was littered with papers full of music, writing and what looked like photography. You couldn’t help but wonder what sights he had taken photos of this time. Usually, they were well taken photos of the mountains he had recently climbed or trails he had hiked with friends. You liked the idea of travel, but with your job and lack of athletic talents you never really found yourself going on any adventures with him. You had hoped that one day that would change and you’d at least try, but with your boyfriend’s constant eye, it was extremely difficult. 

Your fingers lightly trailed over his work while you followed the trail of food to his kitchen and to your surprise it actually smelled nice. Although Jared was a talented cook, you didn’t share his lifestyle of being a vegan, meat was one of your favorite things. 

“That doesn’t smell like rabbit food.” You teased with enthusiasm as the knee length sundress attached to your frame bounced with you. 

“That’s because it’s not. “ he chuckled and you heard him move freely about the dinning room a few feet away from you. “I tell you all the time that vegan is not just rabbit food. Somebody’s closed minded.” He joked hanging on to the last parts of his sentence casually while moving over to the kitchen stove. The shirt he slid on over his frame read “holy guacamole” in black letters and the white cotton hung loosely from his skin in the most delectable of ways. 

his concentration was keen on the food in front of him and you couldn’t help but laugh at his tunnel vision. You feared the day he fell in love, for his focus was always so engulfed in things that he didn’t always pay attention to the people around him. 

You could feel your blood run cold as you glanced away from him, why were you worried about him falling in love? That was none of your business. The deep rooted smile that plastered against your lips was as comfortable as the cotton sweater that hugged the upper half of your skin over your sun dress and you tugged at the fabric gentle to ensure that it was still secure over your injuries.  

You were distracted and you didn’t hear his voice speaking to you. “Huh?” you asked and a slight jump rippled through you when you saw him so close. He chuckled casually while wrinkling his eye brows. “I ask if you were hungry….you alright?” a small hint of humor in his voice as he turned away from you and began putting things on the table. 

“Yes, Yes! I am….wondering what this is and how to let ya down gentle if it’s gross.” you joked even though you half heartedly knew it was the truth. His face displayed a humorous grin before finally looking up at you. He had prepared a pasta, in which he knew was your favorite thing in the world, and followed it up with some juice. You couldn’t help but laugh at it all, he had actually put some thought into it. 

“What is this?” You asked questionably as you poked your fork at it. It smelled undeniably delicious, but you always seemed to take a peak at what’s in your food before actually eating it. You looked up to find his gaze disapproving and for a moment you could swear that you had hurt his feelings. His stare reminded you like that of a father looking at his child after that’d said something that was incorrect.

“It’s Veggie Fajita Pasta, I’ll have you know.” He answered plainly and you instantly mocked him by twirling your fingers in the air and repeating after him, which earned you a laugh from him. You couldn’t help but laugh with him until the tip of your fork tapped against the glass sitting on top of the table with your juice inside. It toppled over towards you, splashing against your sweater and slightly hitting the bottom of your sun dress. 

“I’m so sorry!” you apologized and it was strangely like a mantra that you didn’t notice that you were repeating over and over to him. His eyes narrowed at you as you attempted to clean up the mess and before you realized it, he was right by your side. 

“Seriously, why’re ya apologizing? it’s just some juice. Here, take off your sweater.” He urged dabbing at the mess and reaching up for your sweater. The combination of your shock and his grip coming into contact with the bruises underneath your sweater made you pull away. His eyes connected with yours and you couldn’t come up with an excuse. 

“I um….I’m fine. I just, am cold.” You answered but furrowed his eye brows. 

“The heats on, and wearing a slightly wet sweater isn’t going to help. I got a shirt you could wear.” he admitted pointing his thumb towards the back room and you shrugged.

“Come on, just here, give it to me.” He demanded, holding out his arm, but you didn’t respond. Instead you began fiddling with the ends of your sweater.

“Are you….hiding something?” He questioned, but it came out as more of an accusation than anything else. You didn’t want this, and the idea of him knowing what was going on only made you even more tense. It didn’t take long for you to make your way towards the door and you were surprised at how fast he had caught up with you.

“I think I should go.” you said simply before he called after you in a tone you had never heard him use before. It surprised you enough to stop you. 

“Take off your sweater.” You had never heard that tone before, it mirrored dominance but held a hint of concern at the same time. Who knew he could channel them both. 

“Why?” You asked narrowing your eyes at him as you turned to face him. He approached you faster than you could stop him and he rested his hand on your shoulder. Pinching the fabric between his fingers he was attempting to pull it away from your skin, but you stopped him.

“Don’t do this.” You requested, but he ignored. He looked into your eyes with a stare you had never seen on his face before. It was so intense that you stopped breathing before you realized it and the fabric was already removed from your body. It wasn’t until his eyes flickered away and landed on your bruises that you felt your lungs pull in air and your panic set in. 

He didn’t move, or speak, there was just a heart breaking silence that you couldn’t help but try and shield yourself from. You attempted to cover yourself but his fingers wouldn’t budge, they became steel bars around the delicate fabric that separated his eyes from the truth. 

“Please don’t look.” You begged and his eyes only grew darker. They traveled the edge of your skin with what looked like curiosity.

“Are there more?” He asked, but his eyes didn’t meet yours. They were instead roaming over the confines of your skin in search of more. You couldn’t answer him and the shame of it all over took you to the point where you were crying now. 

“Hey, hey, stop that.” he spoke and his eyes were softer than before. The small hint of rage behind them surprised you given you had never really seen him angry before, but when his hand touched you it was gentle. 

You felt his arms around your frame and they were warmer than you ever imagined they would be. He had picked you up and began walking you into the living room. He disappeared for a moment and returned with a sack of ice and some fruit. When you reached to take a piece to put in your mouth, he swatted your hand away. 

“it’s for your bruises.” He educated, but there was no humor or causality in his voice, instead, there was another emotion there that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. It resonated at the base of his throat filling his words with a subtle hiss and you didn’t  know rather to be afraid or grateful. His fingers were like skilled toy soldiers the way they trailed down the bruises on your skin, slowly measuring them and calculating what he would need. He would press lightly for a few moments as if examining how old they were and how long they took to regain their color. He would put ice on some of them, but the others he seemed to be preparing a paste for out of the fruits he used. 

“Papaya, Pineapple and vinegar?” You questioned and he shrugged. 

“Among other things.” he admitted. The more he seemed to do to comfort you, the more you began to feel guilty about what had happened to you to begin with.

“I’m so sorry.” you apologized again and he shook his head, once again so engulfed in what he was doing that he didn’t seem to be paying any real attention to you. He released his utensils slowly before moving around to sit in front of you so that he could see your face. 

“This is NOT your fault. You cannot control the actions of another person especially a person who is capable of doing something like this.”  he spoke motioning to the bruises on your body and before you knew it, his hands were on your face. 

“Look at me, Look at me. He will never hurt you again, do you hear me? You deserve so much better than this. Do you really not know how beautiful you are?” his question was more of an after thought when it left his lips and you tilted your head to the side in confusion. 

“You are…..beautiful and you are one of the kindest people that i’ve met and I…..I  know a lot of people.” he chuckled slightly which forced a small smile to play on your lips. Although he joked, the truth behind his words sent a flame to your cheeks. 

“You don’t deserve this. You deserve somebody who’s gonna treat you right. You deserve somebody who’s gonna notice when you change your hair, when you can’t sleep at night, when you don’t want to be alone. You deserve somebody who wants to give you every piece of pleasure your mind and your body deserves, NOT someone who does this to you. Who puts their hands on you all because of what? Hmm? What reason did he even have to do this?” He questioned standing up from his spot near you and pointing down at your injuries. You couldn’t answer him because you truthfully didn’t know what sparked it this time. 

His body language changed again and he suddenly grew quiet, staring into the distance as if seeing something that wasn’t there. 

“Is this…..this isn’t the first time… its?” He questioned as more of a statement than an actual question. You couldn’t help but stare up at him dumb found because no matter what you said it would still hurt him. If you said no, he’d know you were lying and be more hurt that you felt like you couldn’t tell the truth. If you said yes, you’d just confirm that he’d been blind to it this long. Such a terrible catch 22. 

“And you’ve kept it a secret all this time?” He asked and there it was, that hurt look in his eyes that you wanted to avoid more than anything else. Hurting Jared was different than hurting a normal person in your life because his eyes did this thing you hated. They peered into you searching for a reason for the pain and you couldn’t bare his stare any longer. 

“You know what, no, no. I’m not doing this with you. I have been in love with you since the day you smiled at me.That stupid, crocked, smile that you always give me when you’re actually sad and not happy. The one you give me when you’re pretending everything is ok when it’s not. The one you give the world so that it smiles with you instead of frowning. Now I look at you and that smile takes on a whole different meaning. Did you smile at me like that when you were hiding these bruises? When he’d hurt you and you didn’t want anyone else to know? No, no more. We’re going there tonight, you’re getting your things and you’re staying here. Do you understand?” his demand seeped through your facade and you couldn’t fight him on it. 

The ride to your apartment was utterly gruesome and the silence he was giving you was nearly overwhelming. Your mind was racing with so many thoughts and you couldn’t stop the fluttering idea of his words about his feelings. Did he just admit that he loved you ? You wanted to question him about it, but his mind was else where. 

“Thanks for letting me stay with you, but I can get a hotel room or something. I don’t want to be in the way and it’s really ok. I don’t really need much from the apartment either, just a few things you know? “ your words were mere myths to his ears as he nodded absently while staring blankly out of the window. That same stare as before, as if he was focused on something else that wasn’t you. 

“You’re not….gonna do anything right?” he was non responsive, and instead of speaking he simply nodded his head while poking out his bottom lip as if to say “sure.” 

The short ride was complete and you found yourself standing in front of your apartment complex. He stood beside you unbothered by what was about to happen, and when his eyes flickered towards the parking lot to see your boyfriend’s car, his jaw tensed. Yet another look you had never seen on his face before, what was it?

Your eyes followed him as he marched without warning towards the front door of your apartment and you followed behind him in a messy run. 

“You….you said you wouldn’t do anything.” you reminded him and he smiled before knocking at your door.

“I never said anything.” He stated as a matter a factly. 

In an instant the door was opened quickly by your boyfriend who seemed to have been waiting for you. Jared’s breathing kicked up next to you and he smiled. it wasn’t his natural smile, it didn’t reach his ears or feel his face with amusement, it was almost frightening. 

“Hello ( insert boyfriend’s name ).” He spoke politely before glancing inside briskly and returning his eyes to your boyfriend. 

“Mind if we come in?” He asked and his words were drenched in honey. Alas, your boyfriend couldn’t resist and he ended up moving the door wider for both of you to enter.

“Sure.” He said nearly childlike as he allowed his eyes to fall on you. It was strange how kind he could be compared to how he usually was when he was abusing you. 

Once inside, your boyfriend closed the door behind you and you moved over to the couch. You twisted your fingers within each other with anticipation as you wondered how this would fan out. The sound of glass breaking pulled you out of your trance and before you realized it they were fighting. After you two had walked through, Jared flashed him a smile before punching him directly in the face. What happened after that, followed up with broken glass, loud punches, a few groans, and numerous amounts of crashing. 

You tried to intervene a few times only to find yourself shoved out of the way. You couldn’t figure out the next thing to do except grab the nearest lamp and smash it relentlessly against the group. The small crash of it, pulled them from their current fight, and their eyes landed on you.

“Stop, just stop, please stop.” You begged and Jared’s eyes fell on you only for a second. 

“Get your stuff.” It wasn’t a question and as soon as the command left his lips, your boyfriend’s eyes went from Jared’s face to you.

“You’re not leaving.” He spoke and it sent a chill through your bones. 

“You aren’t in charge here. It doesn't’ matter what you say.” Jared spoke pulling his hand back into a fist and you could see him fighting the urge to hit your boyfriend again. 

“She’s not going any where.” Your boyfriend spoke confidently. Jared’s eyes narrowed and he returned to his original assault on your boyfriend’s face. “You’re done! You’re done telling her what she can and cannot do!” The distant sound of blows landing clouded your ears and you stood there in confusion. What to do. What to do?

“Are you kidding me?! Are you fucking kidding me?! How long have you been fucking doing this to her? Does it make you feel good?! - - Pussy.” Jared’s eyes flickered to you and there was something there you couldn’t place. 

“I promise, if you walk away with me, right now, I will give you better. I AM better.” he promised, his eyes never leaving yours. You didn’t waste any time getting your things, for you didn’t really have much in the small apartment. A few items of clothing, your computer, your bathroom supplies, and your underclothes. Two bags worth of things were within your hands and you smiled at him. 

“That it?” He questioned. You nodded. 

He opened the door before turning back to your boyfriend and landing a good punch near his chin, knocking him into the living room table and on to the floor. 

“That should give us some time.” He answered, grabbing your bags. “This is your chance. If you don’t want to do this, tell me now.” he urged and you shook your head. There was no going back.  

TMNT Fic 2k16 Raph x Reader Safe in your arms

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This is a TMNT fic requested by Nonny. I had so much fun writing this! I hope you enjoy it. :)

Summary: You were just coming home from a long day of work, and you were suddenly ambushed by strange men behind an Alley. A certain Red clad ninja turtle comes and saves the day. You do the unexpected and caught him off guard.

Warnings: slight cursing

It was a cold night on the streets of New York. You were just getting back from your job. You work for a telemarketing company downtown. You were walking in the streets alone at night. You didn’t have any means of transportation. You lived close enough to your job so walking to and from work wasn’t a big deal. I mean there was always the bus but you didn’t want to have to deal with all the crowds. You only took it when you needed to travel some place far. Plus you could use the exercise. Not that you were fat or anything. You were actually very fit and had a very nice figure. You were gorgeous in fact. Any guy would be lucky to have you. You lived in New York for about two and a half years now but there were times when you would get lost.

 You suddenly stop in your tracks. You turn around behind you. You feel like someone was following behind you but you brush it off as you thought it was just your imagination. Little did you know you were being followed by not just one but four different men dressed in black like ninja’s.  You wonder around the streets of New York still debating if you should get take out or have left overs at home. It was tiring eating the same old thing after a while so you had finally decided to go across the Japanese restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Before you could go across the street you were distracted by strange noises coming from the alleyway. You thought it might have been an animal making noises, so you proceed to continue to cross the street.

 Once you got your food you were on your way back to your apartment. Then you hear the strange noises again. This time it sounded more like laughs and deep voices. Surely not animal at all. “That’s weird.” You say to yourself. You know you shouldn’t but curiosity got the better of you and decided to go check out the commotion. “Hello? Anyone there?” You say as the talking gradually grew as you got closer. Finally you were in the alleyway and from behind you came one of the strange men that had been following you and wrapped his arm around your body and held a knife to your neck.

 “Hey there beautiful, you looking for a good time?” He leaned in closer to your neck and sniffs your hair. “Hey boys lets have some fun with this one. She’ll be perfect for us to have some fun.

 Your eyes start to get wide and you try to stay calm but you were so scared out of your wits. “No please let me go. I’ll give you whatever you want. Just tell me what it is? Money, food? Please I’ll give you anything just let me go!” You begged but they wouldn’t let you go.

 “Oh we want something a little more if you know what I mean.” The man looks at you and gives you a creepy smile. You try not to cry but the tears make their way down your cheeks and you start to shake uncontrobably. This could be it; you could die right here right now in these strange men hands. “Alright sweetheart here’s how it’s going down, we’re gonna take you back to our place and have a little fun. But first how about we give you a little preview of what we’re gonna do to you?” They all grin and smirk and tie you up behind your back and they start to strip you down to your underwear. You tried to get away from them but they were too strong for you to fight off. You start to scream but they quickly cover your mouth up where no one could hear you. Or so they thought.

 Up on the roof was a certain red bandana wearing giant green turtle. It was none other than Raphael himself. The rebel was out blowing off some steam after getting into one his daily fights with his older brother Leonardo. “Stupid Leo.” Raph says. “What does he know about anything? It’s tha same shit ova and ova. I’m tired of this team. There are times where I just wanna go off on my own, doing things my way!” The giant turtle says as he paces back in forth. He was cut from his thoughts by loud screaming and loud talking from below the alleyway. “What the?” The giant turtle looks at the bottom and see not just any men but some Foot Clan themselves. He saw how they were sexually harassing you and would not stand for that at all. “Why those good fa nothin bastards!” Oh how they made his blood boil. He hated that there were people like that harassing poor people like you. An innocent civilian that has done absolutely nothing wrong. He had to stop this now. He jumped down immediately like lighting from the roof top and into the shadows of the alley.

 As the Foot Clan continue to strip you down of your work clothes they stopped in their tracks as they heard a loud thud that came from behind the dumpster. They stop and stare dead in his direction. “Alright, show yourself buster, who are you?” The leader of the group says.

 “Step away from tha girl.” He says in a threating voice.

 “Or what?” The man says not sounding intimidated at all. Come out and show yourself punk! I ain’t afraid of ya!” The man says still not sounding scared.

 “I’m gonna give ya one last chance, step away..from tha girl..” He says his voice getting deeper as a warning to them.

 “And I said make me asshole!” Come on out and fight me like a man, unless you a chicken!” The man mocks at Raph. But Raph gave the men one too many chances. “If ya don’t come out, we’ll just make ya. Alright boys, attack!” He commands the other men to attack and they did as they were told, charging toward the dumpster.

 Like lightning he came out from behind the dumpster and knocked all of the other men out cold, leaving the leader standing with no backup. As Raph started walking toward him, what the leader saw made him shit his pants and wished he had never pissed him off. Okay look man I-I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me. Okay I’ll give you anything. Just please don’t hurt me! You want tha girl take her she’s yours!

 What you saw shocked you not just the way he looked but how he was able to knock out all those men with a single blow. And his speed was phenomenal like a ninja. Just who was this guy, and why did he save you? But you didn’t have time to worry about that. You were still trying to figure how to get yourself out of this mess.

 Raph leaned down and picked the guy up with one hand. “If I eva see you around here again, you’re gonna wish you had neva pissed me off in tha first place!” Raph gave him a low growl and threw him on the ground. And with that the guy agreed and fled and never looked back.

 Raph turned around and looked at you. Usually he would hide back in the shadows but it was too late and you had already seen him. His cover had been blown. ‘Nice goin big guy!’ He says to himself. He walks over toward you. “Uh…guess I should untie…” He took one of his sai’s and cut the rope and gently but firmly pulled the tape from around your mouth.

 It was your turn to start acting all dramatic and scream “monster!” or “freak”. Now he had wished he had kept you tied so he wouldn’t have to deal with those hurt words. But to his surprise you did the complete opposite of what anyone would do and hugged him tightly not wanting to let go ever. Was this really happening right now? This kind of situation hardly ever happens to him or any of the brothers for that matter so it was all so new to him he didn’t know how to act. “Thank you…for saving my life.” you say and look up at him in his eyes. Not knowing what to do he did the one thing he could only do in this situation, and that was to wrap his big arms around you. You felt so safe in his arms. He was like your angel sent from the heavens. You didn’t see him as a monster or a freak but a good person and a guy with a heart of gold.

 “Um…don’t mention it.” He says with his arms still wrapped around your waist.

 "My names (Y/N). What’s yours?“ You say to him introducing yourself.

 “It’s Raphael…but you can call me Raph.”

 “Raph, can we stay like this for a while please? I feel safe in your arms.” You say still looking into his eyes.

 “Uh sure thing (Y/N).” With that you rested your head on his plastron and you both stay like that for a good 10 minutes. This was going to be the start of something new, you both could feel it.

 The End.

 Phew how do you like this story? It just came to me. I was inspired by old action movies I saw a while back to help me wright this story. Anyway let me know what you guys think. I’ll be righting more fic’s soon. Thank you! :)

Favorite Things-chapter 5

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max gets to play bodyguard and takes Avonlea out on a real date. All in all, a pretty good day for him. They are starting to feel more confident in each other’s company and get to know each other better.

Warnings- Pretty fluffy. Like really really fluffy. Prepare yourselves for charming Max.

Word Count-2.5kish

Author’s Note- So, instead of feeling guilty about the whole agent thing…Max, has rationalized that episode and now he’s basically going to get rewarded for it. No creeping in this one. Next chapter yes, there will be a whole lot of creepy Max…like really creepy… and smut. I’m tweaking Max’s backstory a little. I added to it. I want to thank @supererogatoryblog for introducing me to the song Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill….it is such a Max song and it goes with this chapter soooooo well.  Her whole Anchor album is super cute. You are awesome. This chapter is not beta’d. None of them are.

I live for comments and feedback. Please share if you like it.

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Max waited in the hall for Avonlea. She returned a few minutes later. She wore jeans and t-shirt from a band he had never heard of. She had a purse and was pulling a rolling bag cart behind her. Her eyes were still red and puffy, her cheeks tear stained. It broke his heart knowing he was the cause of it, but if the results were her depending on him, then it was all worth it in the end.

They walked together in relative silence 2 blocks to the local grocery store. Avonlea looked around nervously down the street and over her shoulder watching and waiting for any sign of her possible stalker.

He reached out and put a hand on her shoulder. “Relax, its broad daylight. You’re walking with me. Nothing is going to happen.”

“Oh no…what if he comes after you next?” She looked at him with wide eyes. His heart fluttered at the genuine concern in her eyes.

“I promise you, I will be fine. C’mon. Let’s go get your food.” He held open the door to the store open for her and followed her in.

She stood over to the side of the entrance near community bulletin board with her little cart and pulled out her planner. She had a list written in order of isle and food type. She pursed her lips and tapped them with her fingers as she mentally made a plan for a path through the store. She set out to her first destination and Max shadowed her. He watched her as she consulted her list and scanned the shelves. She read labels, compared prices and ingredients. Occasionally, he would reach things on the higher shelves for her when her tippy toes failed her.

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DIY Sticker Tutorial!

@studentpassion had commented on one of my posts, and it really encouraged me to make a DIY sticker tutorial blog post for everyone! I really love purchasing stickers off of Etsy, but sometimes it can get a bit pricey. So I decided to make my own stickers and try them out! I’m not the best when it comes to sticker making, but it’s actually really fun to make. I thought that maybe some people would find this tutorial somewhat helpful.

This is the printer that I use. It is the Epson XP-630. I’m sure you can use any printer, so you don’t have to go out and buy some really fancy one. The images that I print with this printer doesn’t come out in perfect, nice quality, but it still comes out okay and does the job. I get all of my images off of Google. It’s okay to use these images for personal use in stickers. Please don’t sell or distribute these images or stickers, because you can get copyrighted. For my full boxes in the Happy Planner, I make sure the measurements are 2.25 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width. With the headers in my Happy Planner, the measurements I use are 0.25 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width. You can adjust these measurements in a Word document.

After you have all your measured pictures in a Word document, you can print it out using this “sticker” paper. These are just shipping label sheets from Avery and the one I use is #15265. When you print it out, you should get something like this:

I personally don’t own a Silhouette or Cricut (these are machines that can cut the images into stickers for you), because they are really expensive. So I just use scissors, or I use my X-Acto knife and a ruler. It’s honestly a really simple process to make your own stickers once you get used to it. If you guys have any questions about this tutorial, please send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible. I’ll be using these Sailor Moon stickers for next week’s spread, so please keep an eye out for it!

False Hope (Sleepless Part 2) [Hux x Reader]

Part 1

Summary: The reader is temporarily transferred to the Finalizer to oversee their maintenance department and unexpectedly runs into Hux, who she rejected just months before.

Warnings: None that I know of! Lmk if I missed anything!

Word Count: 6000+

“I can’t take her with me, Ohon. I can’t risk it.” You stood in Ohon’s quarters, holding a fidgety Millicent. Recently, she never seemed to want to stay in your arms.

Ohon furrowed his eyebrows. “Are you sure that there aren’t any precautions you can take?” he questioned.

You sighed. “I’ve been taking precautions ever since I found her, but she seems to get everywhere she’s not supposed to. There’s not going to be anyone to help me keep her a secret on the Finalizer. I won’t be gone forever, and if anyone finds her, you can appeal to Hux.” You set the cat down and let her run around the apartment.

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We have been so fucking privileged that I really am starting to think it’s making y'all not be able to see the shit from the clay.

Taylor didn’t have to do any of what she’s done for us but she did and she’s chosen to because she actually wants to. Just because she has to change now for her own safety/sanity/album vision doesn’t mean she owes us as a damn thing.

Would it be nice if she could still walk through crowds and give hugs? Sure. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she could spend hours doing M&Gs???? Of course. But it just isn’t feasible anymore.

She’s not disconnecting from us for fucks sake, she’s just a massive global super star now. Either the job gives or her sanity does and I know damn well which one I’d rather. Anyone who disagrees needs a reality check.

I question how much you can truly actually love Taylor if you don’t see that her safety/happiness is all that should matter here.

Taylor Swift was a person long before she was your idol.

Ok that’s all the tea I got.

Walls Could Talk Part 2 || Im Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
a bit fluff, angst
Idea: From Halseys powerfull song Walls could talk
*fake texts inserted*

The days went by. You still was hurt, cried alot but unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there for you. All you had, was Im Jaebum. Your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you. And you didn’t even know, how many times he actually did this behind your back.
Of course, he promised never doing something like this but after a few arguments between you two he seemed already weird. Distanced and introverted he acted. You thought, you knew the guy you shared 4 years the bed with.
He even texted you every day from that incident on. How do you dare to do this?, you thought every time you read a new message.   

It’s right. You moved right away after this whole mess happened. By walking in every room, you thought: Did he fucked here another girl?
Even if you loved your apartment, you couldn’t hold back all these pictures in your mind.
But another bad point about all this mess was that you couldn’t move to another city or country. It would have been too nice to be true. Doing your librarian job was your only dream which you could full fill here. And you got good money for it.

After 3 months sleeping in fortunately cheap motels you moved in a shared apartment with another girl you met in the library. The good thing was that she wasn’t there often, and  she was introverted, which was good because you hadn’t answer any   questions then. Talking about living actually on the street wasn’t the best impression you could get.

Even if it hurt you, you couldn’t delete Jaebum’s number. You didn’t know why because it was over but you just wanted to follow his status and profile pic to check if he got a new girlfriend.
But he didn’t change his profile picture even once. It remained as it was 4 months ago now.
Unbelievably 4 months passed by so fast, you thought as you made your way to work.

You had to admit that you thought of Jaebum still every day. Imaging how would things would have gone if you hadn’t caught him. But some when you would have found out.
As always this Friday wasn’t that much trouble at the library so that you could check the news and just hang out at the information area of the building.
‘Got7 moved to a new area in Soeul. Please respect their private comfort zone.’, you read. After that post you saw the district on a picture they moved to. You just glanced at the monitor as you recognized that it was 2 streets away of your apartment.
Shit. So the possibility of meeting again was high, because you knew that Jaebum liked jogging in the neighborhood.

All will be fine, your mind told you. But you still had the feeling of the energy and adrenaline in your veins while you thought of meeting him again. Of course, you was full of anger, even if 2 years   would pass by you still would be. But deep inside you hoped for meeting him, just to take a look at him and melt because of his attractiveness.

You couldn’t sleep this night. All you could was imaging meeting Jaebum again. Bumping in him or just seeing him walking on the other side of the street, like in movies. Smiling about your own stupidy you suddenly heard a knock on your door. Your apartment mate never interrupted you and barely that late at night.
“(Y/N)? I have a letter for you.”,   she said shyly. That was the first sentence after one week from her   mouth, so that you could remember how she actually sounded.
“Where did you found it? Was it in letterbox?”
Immediately she shook her head. “It was right in front the entrance door.” With these words she closed your door behind her. Curious.
You ripped the letter paper and a common handwriting came to your eyes.

First of all: I’m not a stalker. But you still might know that I love jogging in the neighborhood. So i found your address. i don’t want to pressure you, but i would like to talk to you about some stuff. Nothing serious. Just a talk with you and me. please answer this time. i would be okay with a 'no’. i just want to see you again. Your handwriting too. Anything would be okay.

I miss you.


You shed a tear. You couldn’t believe that he still didn’t give up on the relationship of you two. His sense of fighting for you, you recognized   just now. While your brain screamed: No, don’t do it. You will get hurt again., your heart said instead: you still have feelings for him. It’s just a talk.

After reading the letter a million times, your eyes closed because of their heaviness. 

A scream let your eyes open widely. Was it in your dream or did your silent roommate just screamed? More possible was the first opportunity but why were you in a shook status like someone spilled cold water all over your body.
You decided to ignore it and tried to fall asleep again before you heard the loud voice again.

Okay, now you didn’t dream at all., you said to yourself. What if there was a criminal in your apartment? What if he hijacked your roommate in this moment? Too many thoughts came into your mind. Before you could order them, you had a baseball bat in your hand, which was a gift of your father to protect yourself. The only thing that remembered you that your father wasn’t a selfish bastard.
With heavy breathing you slowly opened the door and took a look in the floor. Nobody was there, all you could hear was a quiet voice talking. In anxiety and fear you made your way to the living room. You didn’t recognise that you held your breath while waiting at the door case to jump in the room. “Stop it!”, you simply said, not that powerful as you wanted, but loud enough that the two eye pairs watched you confused.

Now was the moment when you took another breath before you hold it again. These two beautiful eyes stared right into yours and you in his.
“Jaebum.”, you whispered, before you dropped the baseball bat. That was even more shocking than hearing a scream, that made you waking up.
He was about to say something but closed his mouth, which was still beautiful as everything of him.

“How did you get in here?”, you asked with more confidence.
You let your gaze slip over his body and recognized a little bobby pin in his hand. A souvenir of some of his whores, was the first thing you thought. But then you saw the silver ball at the end of it. The one you missed for 4 years. It was the one you lost at the day when you met Jaebum for the first time, and he still had it, which made your heart flutter.

There I go, I’m wastin’ a Saturday, sittin’ at ho-home
Told my new roommate not to let you in
But you’re so damn good with a bobby pin


Prompt: Can you write an imagine for Jefferson where he and the reader are expecting their second child and tell Grace? Thank you

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: I’m back! Needed a little break and it was nice. Thanks for requesting!

Jefferson felt nervousness and excitement swell in him. The news was eating him up from the bottom of his stomach. You put both your hands on his face, smiling.

“It’ll be okay. She’ll be happy, or we can hope so. She’s always asking for someone to have a tea party with.” You said, genuinely happy.

Everyone called you Vixey, like from the Fox and the Hound. You were absolutely in everyone’s opinion and especially in Jefferson’s. That was only one of the reasons he married you. There was also your love for Grace, and the outdoors too. Hunting in the woods came easy to you as well. Though it looked like you would be out of that job for a while.

“I guess you’re right.” Jefferson said with a nod. Your smile widened, and he put a hand on your stomach. The baby inside you was growing quickly. You two couldn’t wait any longer. Grace was already catching on.

“Papa, Y/N, I found a beautiful rabbit outside! It ran away before I could get close.” Grace said as she came in the house. Storybrooke was actually a very nice place when problems weren’t happening….

“That’s fantastic, Grace.” You said, taking her coat off gently. She smiled up at you. You were the closest thing she had to a mother, and she couldn’t ask for someone better.

“We have something to tell you, dear.” Jefferson said. He prayed she accepted the baby well. Whether behaved or not, she was still a child, and could still get hurt or jealous.

“What is it?” Grace asked with concern. You knelled before her so you were eye to eye. You held her arms gently.

“You’re gonna have a little sister or brother to play with.” You said in a calm but happy voice. Jefferson watched carefully as Grace stared at you.

Suddenly a grin was on her face as she hugged you. You grinned as well, hugging her back.

“That’s wonderful news! I finally have a friend to play with.” Grace said to the two of you. Jefferson smiled from the side. This was great!

“Papa, come join us!” Grace said, pulling away so Jefferson could hug too. He knelled down and held his two girls close. The people he loved most in every reality.