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No bother at all, Anon :)

The requests that I’ve been doing have been ones that I got a while ago and NOT new ones. I don’t take new ones when my requests/suggestions are CLOSED, I only work on the older ones. You are a very lucky exception. haha

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Thinking about issues of privacy/safety, I wonder if those Starbucks M&Gs were originally set up as a privacy measure. While there were certainly times stalkers were tipped off to Louis's location, there were also times that suggested Louis had stalkers following him/parking outside the rental. Setting up a regular spot for people to meet him may have curtailed that problem, though it then opened the door for safety concerns (which they now seem to be addressing w/ these car selfies).

Yeah I answered an anon a bit ago about why Starbucks would actually be a smart place to do the fan service that he has to do. It’s an easy entrance and exit situation and having the fans go there instead of trying to follow him to his home or stalking him while he’s out working, driving, or relaxing seems like a much better idea. It protects his privacy and allows him to live. Using the exact same location does seem a bit risky, but still could be the best option right now. I wonder if we’ll get more of the car thing moving forward or if there will be more fan service directly in Starbucks, but I do think the location is being used as a privacy/safety measure as you suggested.