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After the success with the mongoose language, Taako, Lup, and Barry were given the unofficial role as crew linguists and translators. Every time the group encountered a world that spoke a different language - which was often enough - the three of them spent the first several months together figuring out the new puzzle. They were impressively successful, even when they had to improvise; one world communicated through clicks and noises that they couldn’t replicate with their voices, and they had to develop a system of claps, finger snaps, and whistles to make comparable sounds. One language was entirely whistles.

The result of these efforts is that Barry, Lup, and Taako are multilingual; they are also the only people on Faerun who can speak these languages fluently.

Kravitz is sitting in the kitchen, watching him cook while doing some paperwork at home instead of at the office. Taako is singing a simple song under his breath without thinking about it, and Kravitz is curious because it’s not familiar. He listens more closely and realizes he doesn’t know any of the words. He doesn’t even know the language.

When Taako and Lup want to talk about something (or someone) without being overheard, they pick any of a selection of different languages and do nothing else to hide what they’re talking about. Barry promises Kravitz that they’re never talking about him; eventually he also starts whispering translations to Kravitz, and Kravitz has to struggle not to laugh.

The whistle language proves useful for reaper business when the three of them have to communicate covertly from a distance. To the untrained ear, they just sound like birds; after they start using the whistles, the group becomes incredibly difficult to ambush and incredibly talented at ambushing in equal measure. (Roswell picks it up, and everyone agrees that they have the best accent.)

Eventually, Taako arranges classes to teach some of the languages at his and Ren’s school. But only some of them - some languages are just for the family.

Taako promises to teach Kravitz because he shouldn’t be left out of conversations; it’s a slow process, but they have so much time. Taako starts with a language made entirely of hand gestures. Sometimes when the morning is too quiet to break the silence or Taako is too lost in his head to say much, he presses a single gesture into Kravitz’ hand.

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Sherlock’s favorite case. 

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Every MareCal Moment in King’s Cage
⇀ the epilogue part 1 / ??

Because it is a choice. He need only say no. Or yes. One word holds both our fates. Choose me. Choose the dawn. He didn’t before. He has to now. 



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“Who even listens to this stuff now?” “They’re called classics, Spots n’ they’re fuckin’ good.” “Seriously?” “yeah, seriously.”

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You and H get into a fight at Anne's house while staying there please

It had been a stressful week for not only Harry, but you as well. And although you tried hard not to let your mood affect Harry, he wasn’t doing a great job at doing that himself.
Harry was sweet; a gentleman, that until he was pissed off and stressed. He became cold and would have his anger triggered by the slightest thing. Normally, he’d apologize an hour or two after he snaps which sends you both to your happy relationship again, both of you talking everything out.

But it had been a week, not a few hours. You had problems at work, the home cooked meal that you had been dying to try to cook from the internet was burned, you dropped your phone down the toilet and you had two cherries on top; Harry and your period.
But a week ago, Anne had invited you and Harry for dinner along with Gemma.

Harry was dependent on the fact that you remembered that tonight was the dinner night, getting ready with no words shared. You changed in the bathroom while he changed in the bedroom; something that you hadn’t done in so long.

The drive to Anne’s house was agonizing. No tunes playing and no words shared, just the uncomfortable silence and the murmurs of “for fuck’s sake”’s that left Harry’s lips whenever someone did something stupid on the road.
When you arrived to Anne’s house, you expected Harry to stay and at least say anything, anything at all. But Harry was the first to get out of the car. You sighed, unbuckling your seatbelt and getting out, following Harry who now stood on the doorstep and had already rung the door bell.

“Awe! Come inside!” Anne instantly opened the door, pulling the both of you inside before hugging Harry tightly. “Someone needs to shave that.” She patted his chin.

He chuckled, “Was meaning to, slipped out of my mind.”

“Move along, now. I want to greet my future daughter-in-law.” Anne giggled, pushing Harry aside.

You tensed. Although it was something Anne had always said but now, you weren’t sure how to feel about it; how Harry felt about it. You hugged Anne tightly, almost as if she was putting you back together.

“I miss you, too, but I do know that this is not just a greeting hug.” Anne whispered, rubbing your back soothingly.

You didn’t realize your eyes were tearful until you pulled back and Anne cooed sympathetically and pulled you back for another hug. “Is it my son? Did he do this?”

You only sniffled, pulling away to wipe your tears. “Can we talk about this later, please?” You asked quietly.

“Of course.” Anne rubbed your back before you both walked towards the living room where you were engulfed in a hug by Gemma the second she saw you.

She then punched you in the arm, making you wince and hold it. “What was that for?”

“For me having to find out you got promoted from Sarah the other day. We should have celebrated!” Gemma whined.

You bit your lip, feeling Harry’s eyes on you in confusion and shock.

“Uh, it'a nothing really.” You chuckled nervously, shrugging.

“Oh, stop with being humble now, silly. Of course it’s something! Gem, take out the champagne.” Anne grinned. “And come help me with setting up the table.”

“I’ll help you.” You said quickly, walking towards her.

“Nonsense. Gemma owes me a favor for something anyway.” Anne smiled.

“Do I?” Gemma asked, looking at Anne confusingly who shot her a glare, “Oh,” She whispered, “Oh! I do, yeah.”
Anne grabbed her giggling daughter’s arm, dragging her behind her and towards the kitchen.

You sighed, sitting on the chair opposite to the couch where Harry sat.
“Why didn’t you tell me you got promoted?” Harry asked.

Your head snapped towards him in shock before a bitter chuckle left your lips. “Really? Really, Harry?”


“I texted you the day I got it. Told you I have big exciting news. You came home, fucking looked me in the eyes when I had dinner for both of us, candlelit might I add and then you went to bed.” You whisper yelled, not wanting Anne or Gemma to hear.

For a moment, guilt washed over Harry’s face before he turned cold again. “You didn’t even check on me to see if I was fine that day.”

You gasped, “Are you listening to yourself right now?”

“I am actually, yes, very well.” Harry said sarcastically, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Why am I the one who always has to give up my comfort for you? You haven’t touched me, let alone talk to me at all for the past week. Every time I try, you find a way to turn it to a fight. You have been so fucking selfish, Harry.” You let the tears fall.

“I’m being selfish? So I have to fucking pamper you like a child now to actually show I care? What do you want me to do? Buy you stuff? Is that what you want? Is that the kind of comfort you want, Y/N?!” Harry shouted, standing up.

“What are you trying to say, Harry?” You gasped, standing up. “Are you telling me that I’ve been in this relationship for 2 years because I want your money? Is that what you’re trying to say?” You shouted, getting closer to him as he rubbed his face with his hands with a groan. “I told you that you haven’t touched me nor talk to me and you think I want you treating me like I’m a child?”

“Listen, this isn’t what I meant. I’m so-”

“If you’re not happy anymore then just say it. Break up with me. But doing this,” You cried, gesturing between you, “This is hurting me so much, Harry.” You let your head fall, sobbing.

“No, no,” Harry quickly put his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “Fuck,” He whispered under his breath, “I would never want to break up. I am happy with you.” He cooed.

“You sure don’t act like it.” You mumbled, not hugging him back.

Harry sighed before sitting down on the couch, taking a hold of your arm and pulling you down gently to him to make you sit on his lap where he wrapped his arms around you. “I know this isn’t an excuse for how much of a dick I have been but I’m so scared of how fast my life is going right now, my career. I started taking it out on you because you’re the only one who doesn’t give me shit for being myself and I guess,” He paused, shaking his head, “I guess I took this for granted. I’m so sorry, baby. I love you, so much. I’m sorry I have been a massive dick for the past week and I’m terribly sorry for not celebrating your promotion and making it seem like it didn’t matter to me. I really am proud of you, love. So much.”

“You really were a massive dick.” You mumbled, fiddling with your fingers.

Harry chuckled, tightening his hold around you before pecking your cheek. “I really was.”

“I love you, too.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around him, burying your head in his neck.

“I’ll be better, I promise. I’ll make it all up to you.” He whispered, his head nuzzling in your shoulder as he closed his eyes in satisfaction and comfort. Now he knew what had he been missing.

“Dinner and champagne are ready!” Anne announced with a cheerful tone.

“Also, no make up sex!” Gemma shouted before you both heard a smack and Gemma wince, “Just kidding, just kidding!”

You both laughed before walking towards the two, now with happy and warm smiles.

To the Tune of “Gaston.”

Noooooo oneeee

lies like A$,

falsifies like A$,

No one win the douchebaggery prize like A$.

Cuz of them the a-ble-i-sm’s escalating.

Their group’s a douche, that A$!

My impression about the new Castlevania series on Netflix:

  • Late 90’s anime aesthetic for the win.
  • Oh Dracula is going to fuck your shit up. And honestly, I don’t really blame him.
  • I imagine grandma going back to her house after the confrontation with Dracula and just leaving. “Why are we going?” “Don’t ask questions, Timmy. Just get in the wagon. We’re leaving. Now.”
  • You know, Dracula, when you promise people a year to get their stuff together and leave you really shouldn’t rain fire down on them 30 seconds later.
  • Am I actually listening to a conversation about fucking goats? What the hell?
  • Trevor Belmont is a snarky shit and I love him. So much. So very, very much.
  • The dialogue. I could sing odes about how awesome this dialogue is. Someone should give Trevor all the lines.
  • Wow that is a lot of blood. I feel like red ink was on sale when they made this show.
  • I admit it I laughed when the merchants were trying to get intestines down with a broom. “New morning, same shit as always.”
  • I’m rather happy they’ve worked in some of the enemies from the original Castlevania games.
  • Kick-ass female character yes! Even better, snarky and competent kick-ass female character.
  • Trevor does not like being sober. 0 out of 5 stars. Would not recommend.
  • OMG, Alucard, you can sleep in tight ass leather pants but putting a shirt on is just a step too far?!?!
  • They put Alucard’s fucking ridiculously long sword in there.

my-mind-is-my-sword replied to your post “I wanna write some sheith, anyone have any prompts?”

Fantasy AU where Keith is a blacksmith and Shiro is an injured knight who needs a new prosthetic.

This… kinda got away from me. *shoves it forward* Enjoy??

Shiro checks his map again, and examines his surroundings. He really does seem to be in the right place, but he doesn’t see how anyone could willingly live here, let alone a blacksmith as talented as he’s been told this one is.
There is nothing but sand and dry earth around him, so different from the lush forests and busy towns he usually favours. He’s travelled for quite a while in this desert with only his horse for company, and absolutely nothing on the horizon… except for the small house he’s now facing. 

He hesitates, thrown by how deserted it looks, all dry wood and cracked stones. Eventually though, he makes up his mind and dismounts, walking towards the door. At the very least, he can ask for water, and he could definitely use the shade. 

He knocks, half-expecting it to simply echo without answer, and for quite a few seconds it does, but he soon hears light footsteps approaching. He straightens his shoulders and puts on his best smile, because whoever decided to live here, he hasards the guess that it might be because they didn’t usually like people.
Then the door opens, and his diplomatic smile drops right off his face.
As a knight, Shiro’s met quite a few blacksmiths in his life, usually because he needs a new weapon, and he thinks he has a pretty good idea what they’re usually like.

The man standing in front of him is nothing like that. First of all, he’s pretty. Blacksmiths aren’t supposed to be pretty, they’re supposed to be rugged and intimidating, gruff men with muscles large enough to bend metals to their wills. 

He could bend me to his will, thinks Shiro dazedly, and then immediately flushes bright red. Oh Lord.  

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anyways so today on my way home from class i was to nobodys surprise thinking abt knight takes queen again and that led to me inevitably thinking “lol athos is truly like the obi-wan kenobi of this franchise” 

and then that led me to being like “wait …… oh ….. my god …..” so anyways here we are four hours later,, star wars au where anakin doesn’t go evil and padme has the twins but they’re still in a Secret Relationship so anakin has to pretend that he’s not the babies’ dad and he is just SO VERY BAD at not being an Obvious Father and obi-wan spends his time in the background developing thirteen stress ulcers bc he is the only one who Knows