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this is like, one of my fav ships

  • me, whispering to myself as i redraw a background 12 times: this would be substantially easier and faster if you didn't avoid drawing them all the time
  • also me: sounds fake but okay

Now you know what Simmons was mad about. That walking disaster we all know and love.

By the way, I forgot to mention this on my other two posts but you can use my pixel art for your blog if you’d like. Just be sure to credit me. A link would be appreciated so I can cry over it, but that’s not necessary.

Simmons | Original GrifAlternate Grif


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I decided to make custom R/B sprites for the current Twitch Plays Pokemon team! They’re transparent! Feel free to use them anywhere you like, you don’t have to credit, but it’d be really nice if you did. :>

aaabaaajss (Bird Jesus): Obviously looking holy, the laurels in beak represent victory.
AATTVVV (All-Terrain-Venomoth): Self-explanatory.
OMANYTE (LORD HELIX): The appointed god of TPP, risen from the Lord Helix. It’s facing away from the viewer because it is guiding Red.
AIIIIIIRRR (Air Jordan): Ready to SURF some waves and shoot some hoops.
AA-j (Double-A Jay): Also known as “Archangel of Justice.” It’s the battery bird, who’s had both positive and negative effects on Red’s adventure.

( G/S colors | Evolved LORD HELIX, Abby, DUX, and BigDig sprites | Flareon sprite )


I almost never finish stuff i draw for myself now, but i really wanted to make something decent for Of Orcs and Men, it’s one of my favourite games.

I hope there will be a direct sequel one day, and that it’ll have Arkence in it. There was painfully not enough of her in the game.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a patron? You deserve the monies for your great art work and game bc you work so hard on them.

not gonna lie, i stared at this for a long time because i’m kinda floored that… that anyone would be interested in being a patron for me…

ah, but, no - i currently do not! it would make a huge difference, for sure… but i’ve seen so many creators ran off with figurative pitchforks for being fan content creators with a patreon. so… i’ve always been a bit nervous to do so, even with something as comparatively large and unique (i think) as the fangame i’m working on.

i do have a Ko-Fi, though! if you like what i do, you can always donate to me there - it makes a big impact on me and holy hell i totally missed one that i got in the sleep-coma i had after releasing the Great Noodle Jape - okay you know who you are you utter sweetheart, please let me know if i can make a lil art for you-! ahhhh i’m gonna be able to put that towards some really important things, thank you so much… OTL <3 <3


Here are some fake screenshots for a lazytown visual novel idea I had that I like to call “The Laziest Show in Town!”

It would star you, the player, coming to LazyTown! You are Stephanie’s pen pal, and you’ve always wanted to dance live on a stage! So Stephanie invited you over to help make your dream come true!

Each of the main characters would help you get ready in different ways, from song selection to set pieces! It would end with you choosing who in town you want to perform your big dance with!

I do want to make clear that these are fake screenshots for a fun idea I had. I’m a busy kid so unless people are really really interested in this and someone really, really wanted to make sprites for all 9 main characters + bg’s + cg’s for me, this isn’t gonna be a real thing. I just thought the idea was worth sharing!


Post pacifist ending I figure these guys would hang out on weekends and play sports and stuff in the park. I also would imagine that these nerds all watch a fabulous amount of sports Anime, so any game they play would naturally be very dramatic.

Actual Size:

I’m no pixel artist, but inspiration struck at 5am and I’ve been working on these all day. I had a lot of fun with them, even if I had to remove some of the details (mainly from Agnès outfit). Ringabel, Edea, and Agnès have custom designs for their jobs, Tiz and Yew have altered designs for their jobs, and Magnolia’s design is based on some concept work from the artbook ❤