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Symbol Starters~
  • Send for our muses to share an umbrella on a rainy day.
  • Send 📱 for my muse to send yours a random text.
  • Send 📞 for my muse to call yours.
  • Send  for our muses to meet in an empty church.
  • Send  to challenge my muse to a duel.
  • Send 😢 for my muse to comfort you.
  • Send 🌸 to receive flowers from my muse.
  • Send for our muses to watch the clouds together.
  • Send  to ask my muse what time it is.
  • Send  for my muse to discuss the temperature with yours.
  • Send 👻 to tell ghost stories with my muse.
  • Send 🐩 to play with my muse’s pet (or have my muse play with yours).
  • Send 😘 to see my muse’s reaction to yours flirting with them.
  • Send 💅 to do my muse’s nails.
  • Send 🐎 for our muses to go horse riding together.
  • Send 📺 for our muses to have a TV/movie night.
  • Send 🍸 for our muses to have a drink together.
  • Send 💪 for our muses to workout together.
  • Send 💤 to wake my muse up from their nap.
  • Send 🍔 for our muses to have lunch together.
  • Send 💢 for my muse to get mad at yours for something they did.
  • Send 😓 for my muse to apologize to yours for something they did.
  • Send 💖 for my muse to tell yours who they currently have a crush on.
  • Send 💘 for my muse to ask yours who they have a crush on.
  • Send 💋 to randomly kiss my muse.
  • Send 🎃 to carve pumpkins with my muse.
  • Send 🎁 for my muse to give yours a gift.
BSD Chapter 53 (51.3) Summary

This  is part 3 of Chapter 51 “Echo”. Well, things happened quite fast and out of everyone expectation I guess. I myself think that it’s the calm before the storm but the storm itself might not happen so soon. 

Anyway, here’s some summary as usual… Trust me the kanjis in this chapter are killing me. So I skipped a lot of parts, as a lot of things can be understood just by looking at the picture already.

I most likely will make mistakes here and there, both English and Jap are not my mother tongue, but I hope I help explain something. I have seen people either getting excited or criticizing the chapter and I hope I can help pointing out some good things after all. 

                                               SPOILERS AHEAD

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Let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for.

Here’s a Maria bust I worked on today as well, because I Love Her, and needed more bust practice for the aforementioned opening of commissions, hahah.


“Ada? My, I never thought I’d actually hear back from Ada Shelby. I called you like three weeks ago.” You giggled into the phone, slightly relived that your best friend from school had not in fact, forgotten about you.

You had known each other when you were kids, and because of who she was, Ada didn’t have many friends in school. But why should that ever stop you? You were like her in more ways than not, having grown up with your own 3 younger brothers terrorizing you accordingly. But you had both grown since then, moving up in you’re developing careers and growing further apart.

It was only a week ago when you ran into her at a club in London and chatted for a while before she was whisked away to some family business. “We’ll have to do a proper reunion, maybe tea?” she had offered to which you responded with “I’ll give you a ring.”

Which you had. Three weeks ago.

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So for my birthday my friend got me my first mystery minis and OH LORD THEY ARE SO CUTE my heart can’t handle these robo children

This seemed super appropriate seeing as how I just recruited X6 for the first time a few days ago

perpetuallyfive  asked:

The team starts taking care of a stray cat they found in the quarry.

Since becoming a Ranger, Jason has learned something about fear — about the difference between fear for yourself, for strangers, and for those that you love, and how it can escalate (can cause actual nausea) as you advanced from the left side of the spectrum to the right. It’s kind of like those charts with the smiley faces at the doctor’s (on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your fear?)

Right now, as he sprints across the quarry with all the speed he can muster (his legs, knees, and chest aching), Jason is pushing into that dangerous orange-red area that features a whole lot of frowning, but not quite tears — mainly because he’s too busy running, trying (and failing, as usual) to catch up to Kim, who isn’t about to slow down for anything… except for the sight of a smiling, unharmed Billy, waving up at them from just alongside the lip of the gorge.

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anonymous asked:

companions react to Sole tossing glitter on them and now they can't get it off?

It’s been a while since there was an actual written reaction, enjoy!

Ada: “I think the glitter has gotten into crevices I don’t think have been exposed since I was put together Sir/Ma’am, surely this is disadvantageous to our objectives?”

Cait: Almost strangled Sole when they pounced on her, and now that this shit was on her she almost tore her skin off, scratching to get it all off. Cait could be seen for several hours walking around consistently scratching allover, as well as being found several times nude in the river trying to remove the shit

Codsworth: “Uuugghh this will take some time to clean up, wont it Sir/Mum?” Codsworth was thusly given the title “Floating Disco Butler Ball” by Deacon

Curie: Lets out a gasp of excitement “Oh… the way it dances, it is so beautiful, but… what are we celebrating??” Curie adores the way the glitter lands in her hair, she feels it makes her look beautiful.

Danse: “Is this a prewar method of attempting to scare the enemy?” After Sole’s attempt to explain, Danse simply replied with “Well I don’t see how this would have ever lead to being that intimate with anyone”

Deacon: “Ohh, you thought I wouldn’t come prepared to this “glitter royale” well game on boss, game on” Deacon proceeds to throw a pre-made glitter bomb and cover half of Sanctuary in the stuff.

Hancock: Rocks the glitter ball look. It’s like a 70′s disco took over Goodneighbour

Gage: Growls profusely at Sole. “I’m not sure about the rest of these assholes wanting you dead about now, but I know do. Huh, still doesn’t look as dumb as half the Pack do…”

MacCready: “Greeaat, it’s on my clothes, my hat, it’s in my boots. Fantaaastic it’s got into my rifle…” Mac continued on to moan for several minutes, leaving Sole to ponder “God.. does this idiot ever shut the fuck up?” Looking through his clothes Mac looked at Sole laughing “Geez, this stuff has gotten places you haven’t even been yet.”

Nick: “I don’t suppose you got some stuff to clear up this stuff, in that bag of tricks of yours, do ya kid? Thought not… don’t, really think this stuff does wonders for the old interior workings” Nick continued to imitate rusting/ breaking down, similar to the Tin Man

Old Longfellow: Continues to stay seated and let out a long sigh before taking another sip of whiskey

Piper: *Ackghh* “Blue… I think I swallowed some… it’s in my eyes” She really plays up the choking part to make Sole feel bad, but seeing them down she gets up and hugs them saying she was only playing

Preston: “I’m sure this’ll do something for our cause, at least by making us stand out, eh general?” Preston was to busy giggling to himself to notice Sole already had painted a majority of Minuteman equipment in glitter

Strong: “HA! Human look funny covered in shiny rain, will probably be dead soon. But Strong, Strong look good, Strong use shiny rain to strike fear in hearts of enemies!”

X6-88: “Well… any hope of camouflage is now gone. Still… this new addition to our armour will disrupt enemy targeting.” With Sole almost tearing their face off X6 realised that this in-fact, was not the intention. “What?”

Maxson: Thanks to Sole Maxson’s beard was infested with pieces of glitter, leading to a joke among paladins and senior officers, of whether the carpet matches the drapes

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Hello! Could I request some headcanons with Chuuya and Dazai where their s/o is a very talented pianist, but is too shy to play in front of anyone except them?


  • He loves that you’re musical, he thinks it’s very classy.
  • When you play, he likes to lounge in a velvet chair behind you, sipping on a glass of wine. 
  • He’ll try to get you to play at a laid-back bar that has a piano. If you’re too nervous, he’ll try to coax you into it. He’ll even sit next to you and whisper encouraging words into your ear.
  • A huge smile appears on his face as soon as you get into it and start pouring your soul into the peace, like he’s so proud of you, he just wants to break down and cry.
  • He’ll continue encouraging you so that you’ll be able to play in front of others on your own.


  • Of course, he freaks out when he finds out about your talent. He immediately makes you play for him.
  • Sometimes you’ll come home and he’ll be posing on top of the piano in some ridiculous position while he “seductively” tells you to play for him.
  • When you tell him that you’re too shy to play in front of others, he’s astonished because someone as talented as you has absolutely no reason to be insecure.
  • He’ll actually run around the ADA boasting about your “secret talent” so much that everyone gets so annoyed that you have to reveal it. After that, everyone immediately wants to hear you play at the next social gathering.
  • You’re way too shy at first, but after hearing everyone encouraging you, you play for them and then Dazai smiles down at you as he gives you a gentle kiss as he tells you that he knew that you were going to be great. Of course, he planned it all.
Attacked ~Rafael Barba Imagine~

Originally posted by sherrykinss

Rafael Barba X OC (Kelly)

Summary: Rafael Barba believes he is keeping his family safe by keeping the threats a secret. However, Barba is shaken when the threats materialize too close to home and suddenly everything Barba holds dear is Attacked.

Warnings: Assault, Anxiety attack, cursing 

She was perfect. Her thick dark hair was full of body and was already beginning to show signs of curls that tickled her small, delicate ears. She had inherited my blue eyes encased in long, dark lashes and Rafael’s mouth and a small, button nose was nestled between her full, round cheeks. She was a blessing, our little miracle.

Gabriella Lucia Barba

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reunited | tommy shelby

you and tommy were good friends before you moved away, you come back after the war and end up becoming the blinders nurse, eventually you and tommy talk about ur feelings for each other

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“I can’t believe you’ve actually come back.” Ada grinned as you both walked out of the train station.  

“I said I would. Just needed some time to get things sorted and get a job.” You told her.  

“Did you manage to sort something out?” She asked.  

“Yeah. It’s only a part-time job working at the clinic but it’s enough to keep me going. I’m hoping I’ll find something full-time soon.” You answered.  

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