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I don't want to support racists at all, but I just can't get behind the idea that if someone is peacefully talking, it's okay to beat them, maybe even to death, as long as their views are vile enough. Maybe I'm on the opposite end of Twitter etc from you, but I'm hearing a lot of "punch Nazis or else you're a Nazi supporter" and I can't agree that. (World War II was fighting a war, which is different from brutalizing someone for talking or marching, even if they're doing so to support racism.)

So I have a lot of different perspectives here, none of which fit very well with each other.  This is an issue that brings a lot of my principles into conflict.

1. I believe that justice should operate according to rules and limits.  It should look like “you committed theft, therefore you must return $X to your victim and perform X hours of community service”, not like “you committed theft, therefore you’re A Thief and should be made to suffer.”  I think it’s abhorrent when police beat suspects or prisoners are abused in jail, even if they’re guilty as sin, because cruelty is not justice.

While emotionally I’m not always on board with this, philosophically I think that the concepts of “bad person” and “punishment” are dangerous and toxic, and that it is never okay to declare that a person is so bad that they’re fair game for anything you want to do with them.

2. I believe that it’s better to be the winner than the sympathetic loser.  This is something that seems to come up in a lot of conversations about Nazi-punching–the idea that it’ll make them look like the victim and thereby win public sympathy.  I’m not on board with this being a major concern.  Yes, victimhood can confer some kinds of PR/psychological advantages–but not nearly as many as power can.  Ditch the reverse psychology and when you’ve got an opportunity to win a battle by winning it, go for it.

3. I believe that Nazis aren’t the biggest threat out there.  Yes, it’s disturbing that there are any out on the streets or the Internet, and it’s really disturbing that the Trump administration seems to want to play footsie with them, but in terms of numbers and political power they’re definitely still on the fringe.

And meanwhile nice normal non-swastika-waving politicians are taking away healthcare from nine million children.  Why aren’t we discoursing about punching them?

4. I believe that social messages are powerful.  That is, the best way to win people away from Nazi sympathizing isn’t always rational argument–sometimes it’s making the Nazis look pathetic and unpopular.  We want to send the message “society doesn’t want these people” loud and clear.  A swift punch to the nose will do that.  It may not be a logically sound argument, but if it stops people from thinking Nazis are cool or tough, it’s a good thing.

5. I believe that it’d dangerous to create acceptable targets.  If it’s okay to punch Nazis, what stops someone from saying “my enemy is like a Nazi” or “they’re a secret Nazi” about someone they just really want to punch?  We’ve all seen things like this happen before.

6. I believe at some point you have to separate right from wrong.  It’s really appealing to want totally generalizable ethical principles like “all speech should be free” and “never use violence except for physical defense.”  It makes us feel safe to have no exceptions–it frees us from fear that tomorrow it’ll be our speech that’s considered hate speech.  It feels right and fair.

But sometimes you do have to set some standards.  You do have to be unfair and say “it’s okay to have magicians at birthday parties but it’s not okay to have rabid raccoons.”   Instead of avoiding all judgments that one thing is better than another, we have to make them correctly.  Stop saying “no group is inferior” and get the courage to say “actually, some groups are inferior, such as goddamn Nazis.”

7. I believe that punching Nazis is not really an important discussion.  It’s mostly just tough guys on the Internet going on about how tough they’d hypothetically be.  Whatever.

Of course, I’ve also gotten in long discussions about whether Simba and Nala are related or what, so who am I to say we should only talk about important things?

8. I believe that punching Nazis is going pretty easy on them, considering.  I’m Jewish.  Part of my family is from Germany, part from Poland and Hungary.  One of my grandmothers had permanent eye and heart damage from untreated illness during the Holocaust.  She was also beaten, her father’s business destroyed, and her grandfather shot.  My grandfather’s brothers and sisters were all murdered, and we’re still not totally sure when or how, and will never even know where their remains are.  My other grandmother didn’t talk much about what happened to her during that time, but she was missing a fingernail.

And Tumblr wants to clutch their pearls about whether it’s okay to give these people a bruise?

A-Level Advice From A Newbie

So I’m (almost) done with my final AS exams, and having at last completed my first year of college, I feel like I’ve picked up on a lot. I know that there are a LOT of GCSE students on here - particularly in Years 10/11 - who are planning to start their AS Levels in September, so I thought I’d make a post of things I’ve learned (both through success and a lot of failure) that might be helpful!


This definitely sounds pretty basic, but you would not believe the amount of people who either switch their subjects around or drop A Levels entirely within the first month or so. As much as the change is definitely okay and it’s great to switch to what works for you, if you make these changes after a week or two, you’re going to have a LOT of work to catch up on regardless of what course or subject you move to. In regards to A Levels as a whole, here are some aspects that could be helpful to consider based on how you work:

  • AS moves fast; content is covered extremely quickly and although you’ll be eased in gently, you’re expected to keep up.
  • There’s a lot of content. I struggled more revising three AS subjects than 11 GCSEs.
  • They’re very academic; although some subjects have coursework, a lot of this is written (essays, investigations, etc), and there’s a big reliance on exams.
  • It’s much stricter on homework. In my college, if we don’t keep up with work, there’s a pretty high chance we can be kicked off the course.

In terms of individual subjects, I feel like there’s a big misconception that all of your subjects should relate to one another, which isn’t true at all! If you have a specific career plan in mind, sometimes similar subjects can be helpful (for example I know people taking chemsitry/physics/biology or drama/media/film), but having a backup plan is always nice! A couple of things to consider with subject choice are:

  • How will you be assessed? This is a pretty important one; if you don’t like writing, but take three subjects which evaluate you on your essay writing ability, you’re going to struggle.
  • What’s the content of the course? You may think a subject sounds great, but not the actual curriculum and topics!
  • Do you like the teacher? This is an iffy one, but if you meet the teacher and absolutely 1000% can’t get along with them, it’s going to damage your motivation. Just make sure you can tolerate their class.


I am telling you now that you will be told this by every single adult you meet in college. every. single. one. And you’ll probably argue that you don’t have enough work to fill all of the time, or that you’re too tired, or, you know, something that seems reasonable at the time but regrettable three months later.

At my college, we’re expected to put in five hours of study per subject per week, not including homework or in-class time. For most people, this’ll mean around 15 hours a week, which doesn’t seem much, but whEN YOU DON’T USE IT, IT IS SO MUCH TIME LOST. I don’t know anybody who puts in 15hrs/week, but now that it’s exam season we’re all regretting it real hard.

Get your homework done, and find a way to revise your work. Flashcards. Posters. Past papers. If you don’t have any new content to learn, put in the time every week to study the stuff you do have, and I promise you it will pay off.


Honestly this shouldn’t even have to be something that I have to remind people, but here we are.

In sixth form and particularly college, there’s much less of a power imbalance between students and teachers than there is in school; we’re on the same grounds, we’re both pretty independent, and we’re both there doing what we’re doing because we want to be. So have some respect.

A lot of the time at colleges, teachers have actually had experience in the field that they’re teaching and they’re so genuinely excited about the topics; one of the best things I’ve found at my college is how enthusiastic the teachers are, and how much interest they have in anything you have to say, especially if it’s relevant to the subject.

Also, when you show respect to teachers, they show respect to you. Many a time I’ve been given a short but extended deadline on a piece of work just because I’ve dropped a teacher an email or spoken to them before/after class, and in the words of one teacher, ‘the fact that you’re concerned enough to ask is enough proof that you’re putting effort in’.

But yeah. Talk to your teachers. Let them know if you’re missing a class. They’re human beings; don’t be a dick.


Not all places do a lot of these, but I know my college has done a few bits. What I mean by this is things such as higher education/career fairs, work exploration,  and visits from people in specific careers. Even if you think that it isn’t relevant to you at all, you could learn or come across something that could be beneficial or helpful to your future, a qualification, or even just enjoy an hour or so.

I did an afternoon at the StonePillow Homeless Shelter in my town; I didn’t change my mind about my career, I didn’t gain any qualifications from it, but I definitely found it interesting and it certainly had an impact on my worldview.

On the same note, join a club. Not only is this something which can be later used on CVs and personal statements, but you can learn a lot of skills which can help you in your actual subjects.


Not exactly a tip, but something that I really think A Level students need to keep in mind.

There’s a big thing that I keep seeing of A Level students joking about being better than people doing other courses (BTEC, apprenticeships, vocational, etc), and it’s not true at all. Everybody is working equally hard to get the qualifications that THEY need to get to where THEY want to go.

If you’re thinking like this, just stop.

I really hope this was helpful to anybody considering A Levels - best of luck to anybody currently sitting exams!

To insecure self typed INXJs (and others needing insight in Fi/Fe distinction)

SUBMITTED by rainismyfavouritecolour

This is a personal, very recent discovery that I’m indeed INFJ. It took me a very long time to understand, but now that I’m finally here, I want to share this with you.

Maybe you’ve been told you don’t look like an INFJ. Maybe you can’t fully identify with hunches or always being right. You might have read a ton of Ni vs Ne descriptions and found the Ni one always more accurate, but were too filled with self doubt to really go with it.

There’s no surefire method I can tell you will work for you, other than continuous study of the functions and yourself. But maybe some of what I’ve written will help you identify yourself better. This is my very subjective experience only, but I’m sharing it in hopes that this will help at least some of you.

— O —

On Ni:

I get hunches. Constantly. And I go with them so fast, I don’t even notice. It’s an immediate reaction, a bolt of lightning hitting me from above. The reason I didn’t realize it before was because I was much more insecure and self doubting. I didn’t pay enough attention to this happening, nor did I trust it. Instead of implicitly trusting myself, I constantly analyzed and questioned, wondered if I was wrong - running around in constant circles. But tuning into myself a bit more, I caught it. I took it for so granted and natural before, I didn’t see what was meant by ‘hunches’.

I don’t think about it, in fact, I will usually be elsewhere with my thoughts or preoccupied with something completely different, and suddenly the solution to some thing I’d been worrying about appears (provided I have enough/correct info). That’s Ni.

I easily see parallels and similarities between things that may not appear similar at all. That sounds Ne but you need to pay attention to what your mind does with all the impressions you take in. If they converge, that’s Ni. If they diverge, that’s Ne. See, when I draw parallels, separate entities become essentially the same thing. They carry the same meaning, become a symbol for the same thing. Ne would likely assign two (or several) different meanings to a single object instead.

Another thing is that it’s stated pretty much everywhere that Ni is always right. That’s false. Ni THINKS it’s right. It doesn’t have to be. That’s an important distinction to make. Ni’s accuracy largely depends how much accurate information is available. The more there is, the more likely it will be that Ni actually will be right. The less information is considered, the more likely it is that Ni will completely miss the mark.

So, coupled with how insecure I was, how was that stereotype anything I could much identify with at all? I’m very well aware I could be wrong, even believe I will be, because that’s what the majority of my life taught me to believe. It’s really hard to trust yourself if you’ve got no self belief. If you don’t know how to.

So, some advice for insecure Ni-doms, or really anyone - work on trusting yourself, on self belief. Take a step back and stop questioning/analyzing. It’ll become clearer in time and your confidence will grow.

On Fe:

I display a number of behavioral characteristics that are both Fi and Fe. That made it difficult to identify with either over the other. What decided it for me though, was how I process emotion. Of course, Feeling functions aren’t primarily about emotion but that’s an important part not to be overlooked. I use Extroverted Feeling simply because I don’t process emotion internally. I can’t. I need to, ideally, talk them out to truly understand what I’m feeling, the exact nuances of it, why I’m feeling it etc. I share them naturally, openly, one of the few things about me that actually are external. I’m vaguely aware of my feelings, when I have them, but trying to figure it out in my head is headache inducing. I simply don’t work that way. Writing my feelings out works as well, but there seems to be something in the act of sharing or hearing it verbalized that makes it a better solution than just writing.

Fi, introverted Feeling, cannot do this so easily. It feels everything much more internally, and sharing emotion is extremely uncomfortable, impossible even. This is a very clear distinction I can see between real life Fi vs Fe users, more easily in high Feeling types. Fe will tell you exactly what they’re feeling, raw and in the moment. Fi will do that indirectly by hurling insults or accusing you of things. Emotion is obvious in both but one is direct and to the point, while the other is less so.

If I talk about my feelings, they see it as whining about my problems. They don’t see that this is how I process and identify my feelings and problems in the first place. To them, it’s an unnecessary and tedious thing to do.

Now, Fe values are about making sure other people are comfortable first while Fi is about making themselves comfortable first. The reason I use Fe is because of how natural and easy it is for me to look out for how people feel/may feel. That’s not because I value being kind and considerate. It’s instinctive. It just happens.

An example of this is how I react to criticism. I don’t wonder if it’s true or how I feel about it, but panic about how to best adjust my behavior to remedy whatever the criticism was about. I adjust myself to make the other person more comfortable. For example, my family once remarked on how odd it was that I continuously, naturally explained my reasoning behind doing certain things (thanks to one of Charity’s posts I realized that was Fe - sharing ‘emotions’ openly). I’ve grown up in a pure Fi family. No Fe whatsoever. So, doing that was perceived as me being defensive which never even occurred to me. Taking this as an unconscious command of 'don’t do it, it’s making me uncomfortable’, I did away with that. I still want to do it and often catch myself in the middle of it - but wanting to maintain outer harmony is so unconscious, it’s like breathing air. You don’t pay attention or aren’t even aware but it’s still happening.

This kind of stuff has been influencing me so much, I blended in with my Fi family. I now superficially appear like a Fi user despite not being one. Often, I’m told I look like an IXFP. My empathy is so high and unconscious, I take on the attitudes and emotions of others and don’t even realize it until slapped in the face with it. I’m just learning that I’ve adopted a lot that way. The differences only become apparent if you know me (and MBTI) well enough. I’m simply unable to do anything without considering what consequences this may have on someone else.

Now, I’m not the stereotypical host. I’m not particularly warm or fuzzy unless you know me well. That’s because my brand of Fe doesn’t care primarily whether you’re physically comfortable, something that probably has to do with with low Se, but if you’re okay emotionally. That you feel safe and comfortable, unjudged and not rushed. That you feel understood. I want to make sure you’re feeling good. I instinctively wait for others to 'give permission’ before proceeding, all because of this unconscious need to be considerate, even if I really want to do it. Like turning on the AC when it’s hot. My sister and mother just go for it while I always either ask if it’s okay with them and wait until they say yes, or silently consider whether one of them has a cold or whatnot, if the AC will make them feel worse. If they object, I don’t do it.

Additionally, my 'values’ change and expand constantly. Sure, I’ve got a few that are pretty set, but generally, if you can make me understand, it becomes adopted into my world view and values. Live and let live, for example, is a pretty Fi value. Fe is about collective values which is why 'live and let live’ can be bypassed in favor of 'the greater good’. The individual can be ignored as long as the majority are taken care of. I remember my sister telling me how intolerant I was being by not going by 'live and let live’ - now, it’s a natural part of how I think. I can’t even pinpoint when it became part of me, but it did.

On Ti:

Aah, Ti. How I love and loathe thee. Truth be told, I’ve probably been stuck in a Ni-Ti loop for a really, really long time. I still am in one. To keep it short and simple -

Ti needs to understand something before it can apply it/is taken in. It takes apart a thing into its single elements, examines each one from all angles until fully understood, and by the end can put the whole thing back together any way it wishes. It continually adjusts itself with each piece of incoming information, making sure its always consistent with its inner logic. Ti asks 'does this make sense to me?’

I have never been able to apply any concept until I fully understood it, going by exactly that process.

On Se:

The ultimate blind spot. I get lost embarrassingly easy to the point of getting anxiety attacks. My body coordination is complete crap. I continuously run into walls or door frames (it gets worse the more I try concentrating on how to avoid it). I cannot react right away but need time to process. Try to force me and I become catatonic, unresponsive. I slow down and come to a standstill, a mental stutter and state of paralysis.

I’m wary of physical intimacy to the extreme. I’m quite disconnected from my body or the physical world. The line between my thoughts, imagination and reality is blurred and very easily questioned. But solitary exercise or walks are amazing. They make me quiet my mind until I’m left with nothing but pure physical sensations and the inner peace and calm it fills me with.

— O —

I hope this has been at least a little bit helpful.

I want to thank Charity for her amazing explanations, her infinite patience with putting up with so many of my (sometimes really stupid) questions, and finally for letting me post this.

Charity note: there are no stupid questions. :)

I don’t want to hijack one of the many posts about it, but there’s this thing where, like, people dismiss the impact of expanding the societal definition of beauty. It’s usually phrased as like, “body positivity should be about reducing the importance of beauty rather than telling people they’re beautiful”

and like, ok, yes.

but consider this: if you’ve spent your whole life only getting compliments like “you’re a good person” or “you have a great personality,” and you know that they’re actually backhanded pity compliments, because nobody thinks you’re pretty, and no matter how good of a person you are or how great your personality is, nobody believes you will ever have a happy, fulfilling relationship because you’re not beautiful and you’ll never be beautiful and no one will ever think you’re beautiful –

then maybe, if you’re one of these people, expanding the societal definition of beauty is really fucking revolutionary and also healing a really long-standing wound.

like, obviously beauty is not the most important part of being a human, and obviously we should also raise up other good parts of being human and give them more spotlight and more importance, but honestly, as a fat woman, I feel like people who are condescending and patronizing to people who want to be thought of as beautiful are people who have never had to worry about other people thinking they’re ugly.

IT’S BEEN ONE FULL YEAR!! since I opened up this blog, and in that time I’ve accumulated a lovely 1,550+ followers. This is quite a feat for me, because before I made this blog, the activity on my other roleplay blogs only lasted consecutively up to three months. I’ve been active on this blog this entire time. CRANIUMANIAC is my favorite thing I ever created. The amount of positive feedback given from so many people has made me feel wanted and appreciated more than anything else I’ve ever done. It’s made me never want to leave ( though I’ve mentioned recently I might leave for different reasons, but so far that’s turned out to be bullshit ). In all truthfulness, I couldn’t be here without you all. All of our interactions have helped me develop Guzma into who he is today, which I would say isn’t much different especially after the release of Sun & Moon, but things have definitely gotten more in-depth to the point everything about him makes sense and I understand him completely. I started this blog with the expectation it would be a lighthearted experience I could play around with from time to time, but then the games came out and clearly I was stuck here with developmental baggage I didn’t sign up for, but quickly wanted to really commit to. I know and love Guzma like he’s a real person, and maybe that’s weird, but it’s also a very big deal to me and I sincerely thank you all for it.

Below is a list of ( active ) mutuals whom have impacted me in some way over the past year, whether it be we’ve interacted ic, we’ve talked ooc or both, or I’ve just often noticed and been infatuated by your presence on my dash before. It’s ( lazily ) alphabetical. Also below the cut are special thank yous to the blogs/muns who mean something extra to me ( particularly ones who’ve been around for a good deal of time ).

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Knot a Problem

For sterekwriters Spin the Bottle event (prompt from captaintinymite): I’m on the verge of tears because of a rude customer and you step in and stand up for me’ AU- Bonus points if it’s Derek that’s near tears and includes angry, yelling Stiles.

Derek feels a tickle at the back of his neck like he’s being watched, and sure enough, when he glances up suspiciously from his book, he catches a now-familiar pair of brown eyes darting away. He scowls. At least the customer looks abashed to be caught staring; he taps his long fingers nervously along the display shelves as he ducks into the aisle of condoms at the back of the store.

The guy’s tall and slim, young-looking enough that Derek had double checked his ID when he came in. He’s got an adorable pert nose and enticing triangle of moles on his cheek, and it would have been great to have an excuse to kick him out, because he is distractingly Derek’s type. Unfortunately, he’d obviously been at least the 24 years his ID had given him on closer inspection. He’d been hotter, too, all whiskey-brown eyes and easy wide smile.

Now, though, his behavior is more distracting than his looks. After quickly making his purchase, he had gone right back to wandering aimlessly around the store. Well, wandering and eyeing Derek. Probably he’d just come here to grab a gag gift for somebody’s bachelor party, and figured he could enjoy the view while he was here. Derek grits his teeth and flips to the next page in his textbook, refusing to acknowledge the guy again. He’s not unused to being treated like a piece of meat when he subs in for Cora here, unfortunately; this is a sex shop after all. Specifically, it’s a werewolf sex shop, which only makes things worse.

It was Laura’s idea, of course. It had seemed like a joke at first, but she’d gone through with it: getting a lease, registering her business, leasing this space just off the main downtown drag. “Knot a Problem” is generously stocked with gag gifts to bring in the curious, toys for human couples who want to try out knotting (or for weres who want to experience taking one without the emotional complications), alongside nice-to-haves like the knot cozies and specialty pillows to help couples wait the tying period out comfortably.

They also have a schedule of after-hours classes for various were-related topics like managing bonding hormones, how to prep for anal knotting, and incorporating a third without triggering territorial behavior in your wolf. It’s probably the only place in town where people can get unbiased info on that kind of thing, actually. The store’s true purpose, in other words, is advocacy and education. Advocacy and education that just happen to be wrapped up in an acceptably capitalist package that includes giant purple knot dildos.

Derek still feels like it’s kind of a joke, but it’s his sister’s baby. She and Cora tell him all the time that it’s important to demystify werewolf sexuality, make it fun and playful, and considering the long history of speciesist misinformation and fetishizing that’s probably true. Even though his grad school schedule is pretty full, he’s happy enough to help out at the counter while both of them are in Seattle at a conference for independently owned sex shops.

Correction: he’s happy except for the fact that, in practice, it’s a minor nightmare for him to be behind the counter. He’s not bold and unembarrassed about sex stuff like his sisters are, and it’s awkward as hell to sell people vibrators and lube and straws with tiny knotted penises on them. Sure, he’d love for society to view him as less of a ravenous sex beast just because he’s a werewolf, but he really doesn’t enjoy the process of teaching people like Laura and Cora do. It’s not prudish, as he’s often snapped at them, to want to treat sex like something intimate and private. He feels the tickle at the back of his neck again, and rolls his eyes. Only four hours ‘till closing.

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Wait the beauceron is helped create the doberman? Could u tell me more about that I'm so fascinated! I knew they looked similar but I had no the beauceron was such an old breed (or is it not??)

the beauceron is an incredibly old breed, and actually has a pretty interesting history! 

the first ever mention that we know of of the beau was in a manuscript from 1578. before that, the ancestors of the dogs were thought to be Chiens des Tourbières, which is the oldest documented european breed from the neolithic period:

however something important to bring up now is that the beauceron and its cousin, the briard, were actually the same dog for quite some time: they were considered to be longhaired and shorthaired variants of the same thing, and in the oldest illustrations of beauceron and briards you can see that there was more coat variety which can be attributed to this

in 1809 (click) the first differences between what today is known as the two distinct breeds were mentioned, and later in 1863 they were split by coat length. later still, the breeds would be officially named based on the region of france in which they were most common, and for the beauceron, the first breed standard would be created in 1987

as for the doberman, as i understand it the beau was one of the foundation breeds for its creation (and some argue the foundation for the rottweiler as well, which is very possible as it predates both), and if you look at vintage photos of both, you can see quite a lot of similarities:

vintage photo of a doberman from 1915:

vintage photo of a beauceron from some date i dont know:

Sangwoo can be really freaking stupid sometimes

The first time I was reading KS I was marveling about how Sangwoo seemed to have all the plans and seemed really smart (no idea why) but now that I’m rereading it I realized that Sangwoo really needs to chill because he is NOT good at staying lowkey about his hobbies. At all.

His first and most obvious one that we see is that he killed the DAUGHTER OF A CEO.

If I was going to start killing people I’d at least go for people who don’t have a close family/many friends, NOT people in rich families. Killing a CEO’s daughter just attracts a ridiculous amount of unneeded attention, and from what we know about Sangwoo, I doubt he had a specific reason for killing this girl other than that she was probably easy to fool.

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Domestic headcanons for solider 76? What's married life with him like??? I just love that man. (Love u too!!)

Soldier 76

  • Absolutely is head over heels for you
  • The two of you marry after almost 2 years of going steady
  • He ends up retiring from Overwatch in hopes of finishing his last years building a home with you
  • At first all is smooth
  • First bump happens seven months after retirement
  • Jack just isn’t used to not having all the action and not being in command of something
  • The two of you start to argue a bit more, it getting bad one night that almost ends with you both splitting up
  • Ana literally smacks Jack and tells him to stop being a wimp and man up, because if he loses you then there will be nothing left for him
  • Jack is forced to realize that she’s right, and tries to make amends
  • Makes himself some projects, and Jack finds himself actually pretty damn good at wood working
  • Likes the tools and considering he’s no longer carrying a gun, a tool is surprisingly the next best thing
  • You find out your pregnant 10 months into retirement from overwatch
  • It kind of scares Jack
  • Jack is afraid of being old and worse, of not being a good enough father or husband for you. It sounds weird, because he was in charge of overwatch
  • But losing you really is the most important thing to him, and if he fails you that what is he good for?
  • He lavishes you in gifts and treats and treatment fit for a queen while your pregnant
  • You end up having a daughter
  • At first he treats her like china. He’s overcautious about everything, literally. Her baby room is baby-proofed and has some of the highest security on the planet. Her clothes are the softest material
  • Its kind of cute seeing him dote on her. She’s totally a daddy’s princess
  • You two have your second child almost two years later, a son
  • Soldier is more prepared this time
  • Literally, Ana and Reinhardt are like the grandparents over every weekend to see the kids
  • Despite retirement, almost all of overwatch visits 60% of the time
  • Soldier become a soccer dad. Despite being a bit older then most of the kids fathers, Soldier wants to be there for his kids while they participate in sports. He is the best soccer coach ever. His daughter loves him even more for it
  • Is the best dad and husband ever and proves it over the years to come, no matter what bumps the two of you might take

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Why don't you like Colin?

I don’t necessary dislike Colin, I just hate the concept of him and how everyone treat him compared to every other character Damian has interacted with.

Damian had one small comic run with Colin in 2009. And that’s it. We haven’t seen Colin since then.

Meanwhile Damian have met Maya (A Latina/Black girl) in 2015, and had gone with her through many adventures that pulled them closer and she became his first real friend outside the Batfamily, to the point where they call each other sister and brother (And mind you, Damian NEVER called anyone his sister/brother before Maya. Not even his actual siblings)

Yet, you go through the fandom. For every fan-fiction involving Maya, there’s 100 involving Colin, for every fanart involving Maya there’s 100 involving Colin and for every headcanon involving Maya there’s 100 involving Colin. Ask yourself, why? Why would people hold on so much to a minor/side character like Colin for so long over a current character like Maya who is still existing and actually has more importance to Damian’s character and comics?

I will tell you why: Because these people don’t care about Colin, not one bit, the only thing they care about is to have a little pretty white boy be near Damian so that they can get their feels™. Matter of a fact, didn’t you notice that ever since Jon Kent (Superboy) Have partnered with Damian, Colin’s fans & shippers have declined in numbers? It’s because now they have another white boy to pretend that he’s bff with Damian and to write/make art about them instead of the, you know, the brown girl he consider a sister and would chose over both Jon and Colin any days. But who cares about her? She isn’t a cute little white boy.

anonymous asked:

Writing Blake and Yang as couple would be forced, they're best friends who care for each other as sisters. They were never meant to be gay. Yang clearly been interested in guys since the beginning and Blake has been planned to end up with Sun. Making them gay now would just pander to the fans and ruin what's been established. You should watch JAC onemanband's video "Rwby talk: a fandom divided" it's interesting and brings up the point there

First of all, I’m not entirely sure what part of my blog made you think that I had any interest in receiving this message. Was the the plethora of Bumbleby related posts and theories? The overwhelming amount of fics and arts that I’ve shared of them? That had to be it right. Cause it certainly wasn’t due to me jumping into ship wars and shoving my feelings down people’s throats. 

Secondly, surprise surprise, you can be interested in more than one gender. Bisexuality is a thing that exists and is actually a thing that a LOT of people who work at Rooster Teeth consider themselves to be. Including the girl who voices Blake Belladonna. 

Thirdly “they were never meant to be gay” unless you’re the oldest fly on the planet and you happened to be on the wall the day the RT braintrust started plotting out this series, then you have absolutely no idea what was “meant to be”. Even if it was, even if putting them together would pander to the fans. So fucking what, do it, your fans are what matter anyway. Shockingly enough - making fans happy is pretty important on the list of how to run a successful series

LASTLY, if you think I’m going to waste my time watching some person on youtube sprout their opinion about this ship and this fandom or ANY ship in any fandom and try to pass it off like they know more than the rest of us or have some kind of clearer picture than we do, then you are as dense as this message makes you look. 

What I ship and what I want out of this series is my business and I keep it here, on my blog. You want to come into my ask box and try and tell me I’m wrong or act like you have some secret knowledge I don’t, you better come with scripts and video from Kerry Fucking Shawcross himself. Otherwise you’re just gonna get ignored. Share your trash with someone else

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Don't you think that Touka's characterization is getting bland lately? She's just there, doing nothing but to warm Kaneki’s bed and look pretty? I'm not saying she has to fight. There are tons of female characters out there who can't fight but somehow can still appear useful and badass like Lacus, Integra and Winry. Touka has done nothing but pouting and acting tsundere. I remember loving her fiery spirit. Now she's just a pregnant woman who pouts.

Mod K:

Honestly, the mods and I are all done being nice about this topic. You have to be like the fifth person to ask us this question – we’ve answered it before and our answer still stands. Maybe you just aren’t paying attention to what Touka has done recently, but how in the world is Touka a pregnant woman who pouts – when she came up with a plan on the fly, is actively trying to protect children, and has been fighting as well since the oggai got underground?? Do ya’ll have squirrel memory or something?

This is Touka taking out like two oggai kids while pregnant.

This is Touka injuring Hajime while pregnant.

Even before this she – made up with Akira, and actually got Akira to think differently about ghouls, she went toe to toe with Mut//suki and escaped. She is trying to protect a bunch of children who cannot fight right now WHILE. PREGNANT. I think Yomo said it best in chapter 135, “You aren’t an onlooker of powerless, you just have other things to protect, right?”

Granted, the way that Ishida Sui treats his female characters can be shitty (like Hinami not being able to go toe to toe with Haji//me, what lol) but Touka has been actively doing a whole lot of shit during this battle. I honestly have no idea how you can’t see that. Maybe you need to read better? And I say this as nicely as I can because I honestly do not understand how you missed any of this? If you can just reduce Touka to a “tsundere” then I have no idea what to tell you.

Saying that “she’s just warming Kaneki’s bed and looking pretty and just pouting and being tsundere.” just sounds like the same boring sexist rhetoric that everyone else in this fandom uses when she has actually been more active in the story right now then she’s in the majority of re. She is doing A LOT more than just being “pretty.” I don’t understand how you can see her making plans, fighting to protect the weaker ghouls in goat – and you consider that not doing anything. Touka has done a lot of plot important things from chapters 117- to present and I’m amazed some of you just overlook those things. Maybe you have a problem with the way that you view female characters and you view them through a skewed lens? And yes, I’m saying that even while you’ve tried to use examples of other female combatants like Winry. I love Winry to death as a character, but I’m really shocked that you like Winry but then claim that Touka has been useless lately? Anyway, I don’t get this.

Like, I’d understand better if she really wasn’t doing anything (I have a problem with her not being involved in the GOAT strategy meetings) but this? Really? You are using some really sexist language here, even if you don’t realize it.

She can’t sit and fight an entire battle because she has to worry about the baby – it is very easy to lose a baby during the first trimester.

Quick Fix

Another day, another prompt … Someone stop me please.


Quick Fix

[Fandom]:Voltron: Legendary Defender

[Rating]: Teen Audience/ Gen

[Genre]: Friendship, character introspection, Hurt, Comfort

[Word count]:  4.000

[Warning]: Angst, detailed depictions of depression and its symptoms/ read at own risk

[Status]: oneshot/ completed

[AN]: Please note that Allura is not the villain. Allura is the leader of a group fighting a war. She has to make the hardest decisions and I think she is painfully aware of that fact. And I greatly admire her for her strength and willingness to take on the burden her father left her with.

The real enemy in this is homesickness and people not properly communicating. (and depression)


He wanted to get a grip on it. He needed to get a grip on it.

But he just couldn’t.

Lance did not know when it had gotten out of hand like this, couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when his whole inner world had collapsed. Funny thing was: he could not even say if he meant this literally or not.

Because fuck did everything hurt at this point.

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I hadn’t noticed before, but in the Silmarillion Manwë is said to be the ruler of Arda, not Ëa. He “was appointed to be, in the fullness of time, the first of all Kings: lord of the realm of Arda and ruler of all that dwell therein.” Which would mean those who don’t “dwell therein” wouldn’t be under his jurisdiction. And there do appear to be a number of spirits that live in Ëa, but outside Arda, because we are told that Melkor “gathered to himself spirits out of the halls of Ëa that he had perverted to his service,” during a time he had temporarily fled from Earth. And Varda is one of those spirits, not perverted to the service of Melkor, obviously, but one of the Ainur from space: “Out of the deeps of Ëa she came to the aid of Manwë.”

And now I want to know about the space Ainur. What are they doing, besides making and controlling most of the universe? Do they have a ruler? If Manwê was the “first of all kings” then it sounds like they might not, since they would have been going about their business for a while already before Earth really got going (unless they have a ruler that isn’t a king? Queen maybe? …Varda?). Although maybe they don’t need anyone in charge so much since they aren’t dealing with sentient beings (aside from themselves), and the main conflict in the World appears to be centred on Earth. And while Earth does seem a pretty insignificant place to be the centre of so much Tolkien would like to remind us that  Earth is actually important even though it “might seem a little thing to those who consider only the majesty of the Ainur, and not their terrible sharpness;… or who consider only the immeasurable vastness of the World, which still the Ainur are shaping, and not the minute precision to which they shape all things therein.”

Where it all started…

Happy belated Second Anniversary Undertale!

Thank you to @utdtproject for organizing this event!

My Story UC

So I’m going to keep this pretty simple. I discovered Undertale relatively later than most people especially considering the hype of its first two years. I had people talk about Undertale but I dismissed it as another “thing” people liked.

But a few months after its first anniversary, I gained an interest for it because one of my friend’s constant begging (I’m not kidding). Then I started watching walkthroughs of it, then I started searching up fanart, then I bought the game, and the rest is history.

I think the most important thing I kept from Undertale excluding gameplay (player’s choice actually matter! Take notes Telltales) and its band of quirky characters is the community. Sure, some parts of the community is toxic but what fandom isn’t? I met so many wonderful people, improved my style in both art and in writing, and it actually helped me through some difficult points in my life.

So with that, I bid all of you with two simple words:

Stay determined!!!

anonymous asked:

Jaehwan as a boyfriend please? If youre feeling up for it. Youre an amazing writer💛thanks


- let’s start with The Confession first because it’s cute!!
- okay so jaehwan would confess by using his strength
- and what is jaehwan known for being amazing at?? that’s right sweetie, it’s singing!!
- he’d be holding a guitar in one hand and he’ll just go up to you
- “pick something, anything,”
- you were questioning why he was being so random but it’s your crush so
- let’s say, for example you picked flowers
- he’d start singing cherry blossom ending by busker busker
- wow beautiful
- when he’s finished he takes out a bouquet of flowers and confess to you
- “y/n, will you go out with me?”
- and after you accepted, daniel and seongwoo just pops out of nowhere and starts to whooping
- cue the Cackles™
- it started out normal
- he’d walk you to work/school, and fetch you at the end of the day
- and if you both are feeling up for it, he’d treat you for dinner too
- threatens that he won’t clean himself for a week if you paid
- generally it was all warm and cute and fuzzy for the first few weeks
- but you always felt that there was still a gap to achieving the kind of trust only found in couples??
- you could tell that jaehwan was definitely hesitating
- he didn’t want to proceed at a pace that’s too fast for you and he doesn’t want to mess this relationship up since he really really likes you
- so you decided that you would guide him for a little to let him know that you’re fine with proceeding at a certain pace
- and you slowly started to observe jaehwan carefully
- and you picked up his habits and his preferences
- like how if eating meat, he’d avoid using his knife as much as possible
- or how he pours the milk first before putting in the cereal
- and you began to start inviting him over to your house and such
- or dates where you both enjoyed yourselves so much
- and the once reserved skinship became more, and you also find yourself willing to share your problems with jaehwan
- you were glad that things were coming along well
- and jaehwan notices this too
- he’ll often ask about your day and make sure you’re all happy before going to sleep
- also brings you coffee every morning
- and the first time something got to you because you were so stressed and you broke down
- you called jaehwan
- and he rushed over to your house in a matter of minutes and just drowned you in a hug after seeing you cry
- his heart broke seeing you so sad and stressed
- he really just wants the best for you and wants to see your smile all the time
- your happiness means so much to him
- thankfully he was able to advice you on some things like creating a schedule or rearranging priorities things like that
- so that you’d be able to work this out pretty systematically and it’ll be over soon
- it was actually great advice, considering how your stress levels went down
- he would also pop by time to time at your school or office or at your house
- to bring you something to eat or drink
- because while you work, it’s important to have short breaks in the middle too
- he never stays long since you have to get things done but it’s enough for you
- and once the crisis passes, you’re so thankful to him
- you knew jaehwan was busy as well but he never fails to take good care on you and worry about your wellbeing
- by this time, you were ready to be a Full Fledged Couple with him
- on one of your dates, when jaehwan was going to bid you goodbye at your doorstep
- you pulled him in for a kiss
- which was honestly pretty shocking for him
- the most you two have shared was a peck on the lips
- not an actual kiss
- he was so excited and dying inside
- but he responded to your kiss and goddamn that boy is good at kissing
- you didn’t peg jaehwan to be good at kissing? surprise!!
- when you pulled back, the both of you just kind of stared at each other’s eyes and jaehwan wasn’t even blushing while you,
- you were like youngmin’s pd101 hair colour
- and from that day on, good luck with shameless jaehwan
- you knew he could be random as hell and weird at times, but this??
- you loved it
- while he twerks to downpour, you’re just questioning your existence and laughing really hard at the same time
- how tf do you twerk to downpour
- but you’re happy because at least it meant that you two actually reached t h a t level of trust and love
- jaehwan would be the type to bring to you shops selling those old records
- or asking you to go to a club where he’s performing for the night
- usually those decent clubs since he won’t want you in danger
- and then y'all would grab some street food
- it’s your tradition every weekend to over to jaehwan’s apartment to clean the mess up
- and teach how to do some things himself
- favourite type of kisses probably cheek kisses
- it’s cute
- you’d probably be cleaning or complimenting his singing when he leans over and kisses you on the cheek
- and then cackles over you blushing
- calls you his blessing because you keep him in order
- y'all are really, really cute.

Match-Up Series: No. 1


And who might you be?

You are a noblewoman hailing from the Oshu province. In your childhood, you’d often felt somewhat helpless to the ongoing wars that the men of your family would be set out to fight for–but since you were never very much the type to let yourself wallow in what you could not do, you simply set out to find a way to make use of yourself. There had been a rather skilled doctor that had served your clan for years, and after much persistence and arguing on your end, he eventually gave in and named you an apprentice. Though he’d only vowed to teach you the basics, you figured that had been all you needed to know–your resourcefulness led to self-study, and you’ve learned better from helping soldiers and villagers alike. You’d hardly call yourself full-fledged in the medical practices, but you are pretty damn good at it, if you do say so yourself. Your handmaiden is a girl by the name of Hana, and she often assists you in the tools of your trade and has a rather extensive knowledge of herbs.

Being more enamored with your studies, you’d never given much thought to your marriage–you’d just accepted that it was inevitable and that you’d have little place to argue when it would be put in place. But you were always a bit more on the optimistic side, weren’t you? Adventure lies in any corner of the world for you.

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Quick Thoughts on TRR Book 2, Chapter 9

• So this chapter is basically filler, with one important piece of information (that pretty much all of us saw coming really) towards the end. I’m actually pretty okay with that considering there’s been so much going on in the last so many chapters? Something monumental has been happening every week since the book released and we’re almost midway through, so I consider this a breather.

• I’m…not going to be very kind to Drake today, I’m afraid. I understand where he’s coming from and I know he’s immensely hurt, but I still take issue with at least one thing he’s said.

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