actually a lot angsty

while the earth spins

Summary: In this universe, boys he liked couldn’t like him back. They were straight, they had girlfriends, and reading more into it only led to disaster. He wanted to be with them. He wanted to be them.

Pairing: Even/Isak

Words: 3,010

“You’re my best friend, you know?” Jonas said. He was always more relaxed when they were high, and Isak wasn’t sure what to do with this freer, looser Jonas. Jonas flung his hand through his curly hair and threw his head back, dangerously close to landing on Isak’s shoulder. The space between them buzzed with possibility. “Shit, bro, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Isak almost laughed. Jonas had no fucking idea.


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(Tumblr is stupid, don't worry) OMG, yes. And Oiks at first was 'They're friends in normal life, what can go wrong? They'll talk and become superhero friends and will be epic badasses who kick asses togehter and save people together' and then he will be so confused when they won't even want to talk about it and so tired and frustrated with them, haha. Btw, some angst came to my mind - you wrote Oiks will probably feel so stressed and all. 1/5

So what if one day Makki, Iwa and Mattsun go on one of their missions (idk how to call that) and one building almost collapses? One of them gets hurt trying to save people inside (maybe Iwa, he’s strong, so he can holds falling walls or fragments of the ceiling or something???) and when he goes to school the next day he says he was unfortunately in this building at that time (he don’t like to lie and well, there were a lot of people so it wouldn’t be weird. 2/5 

Besides it’s pretty big wound, it needed stitches, so it would be kinda hard to come up with believable lie). He’s a bit bitter, but it’s understandable - it was accident that was impossible to foresee. But the true reason why he’s so bitter is because they were arguing over who should help these people and these assholes was incredibly stupid again. Someone could die! 3/5 

But the thing is - Makki and Mattsun are kinda terrified and mostly mad, because ‘if these two idiots didn’t argue with me, just went to this building, it wouldn’t happen. Iwaizumi wouldn’t be hurt. These stupid motherfuckers’. And then imagine - Oiks is talking with one of them, just the two of them, and Oiks just can’t stand that his friend is blaming the other two. Because it wasn’t their fault, if you really want someone to blame you should think about your behaviour too! 4/5             

Because you all fight with each other instead of cooperating. And then Mattsun/Makki/Iwa (blinded by their own pride and anger) is like ’…I told you about them. How annoying and stupid and irresponsible they are. Why do you defend them?’ Oiks doesn’t know how to answer that. 5/5    

holy shit–

oikawa’s not sure if he should call them all out on their bullshit, or if he should just come clean and tell them about the others’ secret (which he knows he shouldn’t do, because again he’s terrified of losing their trust and friendship).

so instead he resorts to calling each of them out about all three of them arguing over shit, and he’s just so sick of his friends not getting along as heroes because they have to eventually work together or else something like this will happen again. and he’s terrified. when he found out about iwa getting injured he almost burst into tears.

and the others are just like “….”, they’re not sure what to say to that. and oikawa will straight up yell “you have to make a truce!!” because he doesn’t want to lose his best friends over something so petty like them fighting. they can’t keep doing this forever.

this is all putting oikawa on edge, because one day he just knows he’s going to snap and tell them that someone is going to die and it’ll be nobody’s fault but theirs.

so @samwell-womens-hockey​​ was talking about how in soulmate aus with “first words” soulmate marks there’s like…. a weird lack of free will since you’re predestined to say a specific thing no matter what happens????

and like i have personally thought about that issue a lot aaaaaaaaaand i actually have also thought a lot about a super angsty soulmate au that explores this exact issue. SO. i’m typing it out now.

1.3k, rated t. this is zimbits but fyi there is also sad pimms backstory and some talk about jack’s OD. so read at your own discretion.

honestly, jack doesn’t believe in soulmates anymore, and he certainly doesn’t want one.

he doesn’t see the appeal in being forced into a relationship with some stranger. just because someone says some random assortment of words, it doesn’t suddenly mean they’re good for you. just look at what happened with kent.


so. what happens with kent is bad.

they meet for the first time in a locker room—jack is shirtless and bent over, lacing up his skates, and kent reads the words written on the curve of his waist aloud, slow, a little confused: “well, you’re all real tall, aren’t ya?”

jack gasps and sits straight up, whipping his head around to look over his shoulder, and then he sees the blonde guy staring back at him. jack can’t think of anything to say: he’s in shock, he can’t believe it’s happened. it feels like already? and finally all at once.

eventually kent blinks and says, “uh, hi. i’m kent?”

and jack says, “hi. i’m jack.”

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Summary: The only word he can think of is a color. 

“Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit. Maybe love stays - maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t.” [x

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My dear, when the full moon rises, come see me
Before the night is over, before the sun comes up, hurry
My dear, when the full moon rises, give me your love
Before the night is over, before the sun comes up, come see me (x)”

I FINISHED IT HOLY CRAP THAT TOOK FOREVER. This is highly experimental so please forgive errors and such. It’s been years since I did full comics like this.

Anyway, so I saw the music video for Sunmi’s “Full Moon” and got bit by the inspiration bug. I just loved the aesthetic so much and the song itself is just catchy as fuck. Granted the actual comic that came out is a lot more angsty and cute than sexy but I’ll take it.

I don’t have a fully fleshed out story for vampire!Asami and werewolf!Korra but people are free to expand on it if they want. 

fanfiction i’ll be releasing soon, hahahah

because people are actually interested, holy shit, you’re making me blush

i literally only write angst, but it’s what i do best lmao. there is this soma fic that is pure fluff, but that’s like it


the abruptly discontinued adventures of moonlight zombie boy and sunshine megaphone bitch

EXO | Zhang Yixing (LAY) & Kim Jongdae (CHEN) ft. clingy baekhyun

actually angsty lmao, a lot of swearing, implied references to depression & add,stress and really, y'know, i hope that irl zhang yixing just chills out and stops overworking all the time.

I don’t have a summary yet, but: yixing’s stressed and overworks too much – and no one really ever sees him in places other than school or the dance studio; so jongdae takes it upon himself to take him outside. let him feel how it is to be a teenager again. his idea somehow does not work


tell me what you want from me

BTS - Min Yoongi (SUGA) / Jeong Hoseok (J-HOPE)

starter for 130 Mood: trbl series

angst, unrequited love

yoongi falls in love easily, but sadly with the wrong person.

+ sequel ‘you’ve got me’; the story from hoseok’s pov; platonic!namseok


130 Mood: TRBL series

BTS - various pairings

a series of angsty bts fanfictions that are themed by DEAN’s album 130 Mood: TRBL; with the exception of the first fanfiction (tell me what you want from me)

  • outro
    taekook it’s been eight months since tae was the one crying outside his door for him to listen and jeongguk didn’t; so really, he doesn’t understand jeongguk’s presence outside his own.
  • pour up
    nam2seok in order for a satisfying ending result; somethings have to be removed, broken. the unnecessary parts. hoseok’s one of them.
  • bonnie & clyde
    jihope they’re just friends. just friends. jimin reminds him that.
  • what 2 do
    yoonjin sometimes, yoongi remembers when jin used to be around and it just fucks him up even more.
  • d (half moon)
    minjoon jimin scared namjoon away and now the bookstore is missing it’s prized customer. he can only smile.
  • i love it
    vhope  hoseok is really pretty and hugs from him are something he wishes could last forever. fuckboy tae & sunshine hobi, lmao
  • 21
    jinkook for the hundredth time, maybe thousandth, jeongguk tells jin he loves him. and he just smiles.


artificial love

Soul Eater - Maka Albarn / Soul Eater, Maka Albarn & BlackStar (platonic shit)

fluff, comedy, crushes, bossy prince soul & nonchalant maka, shit tags

Soul didn’t want to go to a new school, but his parents are fucking idiots. And everything is actually going okay, until some hot girl shows up out of no where in his class and honestly, how fucking rude


letters from hell

BTS (ft. EXO & AOMG) - ???? idk, platonic (so far) vminkook, hyung line seem to all wanna fuck eachother so far lmao, onesided junghope

violent shit, graphic, references to rape/non-con, recreational drug use, drug empire, idkk?

well, the main plot is, is that tae was supposed to (*judgemental look*) give jimin’s whereabouts + info so then this guy could take him to MOM to then be sold off by EXO, but he didn’t, so now EXO’s main branch are angry at us; so we’re allowing you guys (jikook) to be in danger with us too.


drinking oil and water

BTS  - Kim Namjoon (RAP MONSTER)(with the appearances/cameos of people from DNH, BLACKPINK and EXO)

emotional detachment, dysfuncinal households, rape/non-con

namjoon doesn’t know why.



BTS - Min Yoongi (SUGA) / Jeong Hoseok (J-HOPE), Park Jimin / Min Yoongi (SUGA),

unhealthy relationships, implied references to depression, very heavy angst. i’m sorry lol, cheating

yoongi slept with someone and hoseok says he doesn’t care.


i ain’t happy, i’m feeling glad / dumb & dumber

Gakuen Alice - Mikan Sakura & Kokoroyomi Yume

angst then fluff, platonic relationships

mikan feels empty sometimes and koko reminds her that she’s actually an idiot.


pitch black light / i’m a first class let down

Kuroko No Basuke - Aomine Daiki / Kuroko Tetsuya, Kuroko Tetsuya & Aida Riko, platonic!kurokaga, Momoi Satsuki & Aida Riko (slow burn)

heavy angst, implied references to depression, unhealthy relationships

(again, i know),

they’re happier in the end dw, crush

So he looks at them with an eyebrow raised, which is immediately furrowed at the sight because he sees familiar, dead tired, stressed eyes look at him with sleep deprivation marked all over them. Kuroko thought he was looking at himself for a split second.


i guess that’s life / smoke + mirrors / hopeless opus


angst, dysfunctional families, friendship, what else???idk

–maybe they could actually get lost in the forest or something and just be namjoon and hoseok, living off junk food they buy in fast food restaurants and cold stores.

of course, that’s impossible, always has been. they both have 'lives’


d epigram / eventually / rhinestone eyes / satoshi nakamoto / 1 VERSE

BTS - Min Yoongi (SUGA) & Kim Namjoon (RAP MONSTER) & Jeong Hoseok (J-HOPE), Jeon Jeongguk / Kim Namjoon (RAP MONSTER), Kim Seokjin (JIN) / Min Yoongi (SUGA) / Kim Seokjin (JIN) / Kim Namjoon (RAP MONSTER), Park Jimin / Jeon Jeongguk, Kim Namjoon / Jeong Hoseok [UNDECIDED],  tae & yoongi are there and are cute, OT7

highschool drama, underground scene, clubs, crushes, Love Triangles, angst, scouting, friendship, awkward shit, queer characters

no summary but  basically rapline are underground rappers in highschool and well, yoongi is getting more popular than anticipated


ducking / investment alliance


angst, heirs & heiresses, pressure, dysfunctional families, platonic relationships

jennie used to think that namjoon was her older brother as a kid – and despite the sad new being broken to her that she wasn’t she still thinks of his as one (ik it sounds boring but it’s like, just, sibling relationship fluff & angst, okay)

-  and yeah that’s it (as for the ones i’m working on right now? i hope you enjoy them when they’re out – i’ll be posting them on ao3, asian fanfics & maybe livejournal

Broadchurch Edit; DI Hardy; Mudvayne Inspired

burning whispers, remind me of the days
i was left alone, in a world this cold
guilty of the same things, provoked by the cause
i’ve left alone, in a world so cold