actually a healthy weight

why body positivity is important for all body types (add more if I missed anything)
  • for kids who grew up over/underweight and don’t/can’t know life otherwise
  • for people whose parents were very strict about their weights all their lives
  • for people who have eating disorders
  • for people recovering from an eating dosorder who think their bodies are ugly now that they’re getting better
  • for people who can’t afford to eat every day or who can’t afford to not eat out every day
  • for people struggling with self worth
  • for people whose coping mechanisms affect how their body looks
  • for people who used to look one way in the past but now look different in a way society doesn’t approve of
  • for people who can’t excercise due to physical or mental illnesses
  • for people who can’t excercise because they don’t have time
  • for people who are seen as healthy by their weight but can’t pursue actual health because it would change their weight in a way that isn’t “good”
  • for the people who are healthy that don’t “look” healthy based on their appearance
  • for people who are hairy or who have no hair at all
  • for people who are intersex and are practically forced into conformity and hiding it
  • for people who are pregnant or have been pregnant and don’t like their pregnant/post pregnancy bodies
  • for boys and girls that don’t exactly physically fit with their standards of femininity or masculinity
  • for people with health problems that make it difficult to change their weights
  • for short people and tall people that are on “too extreme” ends of the height spectrum
  • for people who have been in accidents
  • for people who look at magazines and billboards wishing to be something that even the models are not
  • for trans people who aren’t passing, can’t pass, or aren’t out yet
  • for disabled people, for amputees, for people who don’t fit the strict definition of “normal”
  • for people who are bullied and made fun of
  • for people who have scars or stretch marks or bruises or pigmentation
  • for people who are self conscious about their skin color, texture, etc
  • for people whose lives are being run by western beauty standards
  • for people who bleach or tan their skin because they don’t like their natural color
  • for people who are stereotyped by the way they look
  • for people who were/are being physically/mentally abused
  • for people who look a certain way to please their significant others or family or whoever
  • for people suffering with mental illness who are unsatisfied with their bodies
  • for people who are told they are too skinny or too fat
  • for people that don’t hear that they are beautiful
  • for people who are valued for their bodies rather than their minds
  • for people who wear makeup to please others rather than themselves
  • for people who you need to “take swimming on the first date”
  • for people whose partners leave them after seeing them without makeup
  • for people with acne, eczema, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, etc;
  • for people with lines, wrinkles, bags under their eyes
  • for people who think they’re beautiful while everyone else is telling them they are wrong
  • for people with natural hair
  • for people who are older who think they’ve lost their beauty
  • for people who are younger who think that beauty means only one thing
  • for people who raise their children with the same beauty ideals they were raised on
  • body positivity is actually for literally everyone in the world

Stress made me lose weight really bad, and I absolutely hated the way I looked. Always wearing baggy clothes or just a bunch of layers because I was so uncomfortable with myself.
Things have been looking up a lot lately, and I’ve been gaining a healthy amount of weight and I’m actually really starting to like myself.
I don’t give a fuck if people give me shit for posting thing. I was hidden for so long and I feel good. 👌

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Hi I have a question about ed recovery if it's okay to ask, I just want to know how to deal with weight gain I'm trying to restore my weight but I'm finding it emotionally/mentally v hard and I was just wondering do you have an positivity or tips to make myself keep going bc it's really hard and I can feel myself relapsing and it's very scary(sorry if this makes you uncomfortable tho I apologise 💕)

hey! weight gain is a totally normal, albeit difficult, part of recovery. its actually what im struggling with most right now! ive gained a Lot of weight with recovery (and also from my relapse), and its like Really Hard!! i try and remember a few things:

1. even though it Feels like im getting/being unhealthy, its actually rly healthy. weight isnt a sole indicator of health

2. my body wasnt made for looks or aesthetics, its made to keep me alive. someone once said to me ‘your body needs fuel to survive. your soul needs your body to survive.’ and that always makes me feel better about eating and gaining weight. 

3. there is nothing inherently wrong with bigger bodies. ive seen a lot of ppl say things like ‘i could chose to love or hate my body, and i chose to love it’ so ive been trying to do that. a body is a body and we project ideas onto it, so try and like remove the harmful ideas in ur head and view ur body with love. idk if that makes any sense i have trouble explaining this one! basically, no bodies r ugly, but we decide that they are, and we can decide that they are beautiful instead

4. in terms of staying strong and not relapsing, something that was So Helpful and continues to be helpful in my recovery journey is ‘life without ed’ by jenni schaefer. it teaches you to talk back to the eating disorder voice/thought in your head, and address them as ‘ed’ who is a rly gross guy. a lot of therapists/professionals use this technique! whenever i find myself thinking ‘im getting too fat i need to skip a meal today’ i can respond to that with ‘i like being in recovery, recovery is healthy for me, and it doesnt matter if im gaining weight, because im treating myself well’ or just like ‘shut the fuc k uP ed’ 

5. something that rly helps me is talking to other ppl who have been through or are going through ed recovery, and hearing that they gained weight and struggled with it too. i struggle with feeling like ‘im gaining the most weight, im the only one struggling with weight gain’ and silly thoughts like that, but its not true. its rly nice hearing that other ppl have experienced and gotten through what im going through. i also notice that like i never view them in a negative way for gaining weight, and so i try to be nice to myself too!

i hope this was remotely helpful !!! if u need someone to talk to im here for u and ily and im wishing you all the best !! ♡♡♡

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Do you think when we hit a 'plateau' and we're actually at a healthy weight/size that it needs to be pushed through? Like surely that's your body telling you it's happy with where you're at and what you do and unless you want to add even more then what's the point in breaking past it? Know what I mean? People are obsessed with plateaus

Not necessarily since you are not “shocking” your body enough to continue growth or strength or whatever it is, what you are doing becomes too easy and ‘normal’. If I struggle to lift 10kg dumbbell bicep curl, then I keep practicing and I eventually am able to lift it very easily, if I keep lifting the 10kg that becomes light and easy to lift, my muscles are not going to have enough resistance to grow and get stronger.. In other words plateau.

With losing body fat, yes it gets to a point where there’s nothing left to lose but in general fitness, you can always challenge your body, get stronger and fitter (not only on the outside but inside). It’s about pushing your body to new limits (if thats what you want).

✧・゚: *  hey, guess who’s actually doing something to lose weight & live a healthy life? me ^,^

seriously though, i just feel like i need to share my thoughts. i’ve always dreamt of being a thin girl who can wear whatever she wants, who can do everything freely without being judged… i just wanted to be someone who feels comfortable and confident around other people. and finally, i decided to lose all of my fears, regrets & sadness by burning my fat.

i have no idea if i’m going to succeed because i don’t think i’m mentally prepared for this change yet. so if you’re still reading this paragraph (which is full of grammar errors lol :) can you please leave me something motivational? anything is appreciated, really. love you all ♥ have a nice day!

WOW I never realised EXACTLY how much weight I’d lost since my depression took a turn for the worse until I put on this pair of trousers I haven’t worn in a while that used to fit me more or less perfectly and had to constantly pull them up to stop them falling down all the way like,, I can only take a few steps without that happening?? I,, really need to eat more. According to BMI, I’m actually a “healthy weight” for a girl my size like,,,, perfectly in the middle. Around 9st (like 130 pounds) exactly in the morning. I may not be exercising much, but I’m having less than one meal a day and the meals I do have are little microwave ones (I usually have one like every 2 or 3 days or have one a day until I come close to running out and then go without for several days until I go shopping, rinse and repeat). The only things I’m having other than that are instant noodles and the occasional snickers to give me the energy to function. I’ve ran out of crisps but before then, I’d normally have like one or 2 packets a day (but again, I go for some days only eating 1 snickers and literally nothing else). Like,, I don’t eat much AT ALL. But BMI says I’m a “healthy weight” and yet… I don’t look healthy and I certaintly don’t FEEL healthy bc I’m NOT.

Moral of the story? BMI is bullshit. I’d rather be “overweight” and happy than a “healthy weight” and depressed. It doesn’t matter what BMI tells me, I know this isn’t healthy and I consider myself underweight. Because I’m only this skinny because I don’t fucking eat. So please, do yourself a favour and don’t measure your health by your body mass index. It’s not reliable at all.

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Are you naturally lean/of a body type that reverts back to being slim or athletic, endomorphoc, ectomorphic etc? I really believe that I'm never going to be lean and lose my small excess 'skinny fat' fat because i'm st a very healthy weight, active, will actually give myself credit for the fact i eat very clean, but i still can't shift bits of fat like hip fat, i just cannot seem to get to look lean and it feels so unfair! Is this just my shape I'm stuck with?

I am naturally stocky and pudgy LOL… i was a fat kid, so I have to work hard to not let my body go back to the way it “naturally” wants to be. I put naturally in quotes because we are so exposed to unnatural things every day… so there is nothing natural about the way most of us live our lives in modern society. 

I would say the best way to get rid of “skinny fat” is to focus on weight training and yoga to really tone that up. When I was in my best shape I was balancing running 9-12 miles a week, yoga 3-5 times a week and weight training 2-3 times a week, and just being regularly active outside of the gym. 

A lot of times the “lean” look isn’t necessarily healthy. Being too lean can lead to a whole host of issues including not being able to fight off viral or bacterial infections. 

Just remember that much of the world is simply photoshopped, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else or even yourself ;)

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My weight is 52 kgs and I am 164 cm talk. How much weight do you think I should lose?

Hi you actually seem to be skinny, youre on the lower end of healthy weight, there no need to lose more! Stay safe❤

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Okk so im kinda new to all this but ive struggled with my weight for so long. Im 5'5 and 162 pounds.. I've been told around 110 is a good goal weight. Do you think i can reach that in four or five months, if so how? Or what would be the quickest way. I do workouts at least five days a week. And i don't eat too horribly.

Hey darling, I actually wouldn’t recommend going that low. According to google the healthy weight range for 5'5" is 114-149, to narrow that down a little more I believe 120-130 is a healthy, maintainable weight range (but I am not a dietician, I’m just speaking from my own experience bc I’m also 5'5!!). I recommend downloading myfitnesspal, it’ll come up with a caloric amount for you to hit each day. Also, try different exercises and find something you enjoy and do it often. Working out blows if it’s not any fun. For me, I do yoga and weights and I’m starting to swim for cardio. Get creative and have fun, you don’t have to just double fist the treadmill and elliptical lolol ♡

@hockeycaptain and the two anons concerned with Oshie’s daughter’s weight: babies are supposed to be chubby. My cousin was really chubby as a baby and was a perfectly healthy weight. There are actually instances of women starving their children half to death because they want their child to not be fat. So the Oshies are taking good care of their child.

i’ve been trying to be better and eat healthy and try and lose weight but it’s really hard, especially late at night because those are my binge hours and i don’t really have anything i want to eat at my house that’s healthy enough. and i just feel shitty because i’m trying to be better but the people who actually lose weight and get healthy i feel like they devote their whole life to it and i don’t think i can do that. i don’t think i can work out every single day and eat healthy stuff every single day. 

yknow its taken me years upon years to actually feel comfortable with my chub but honestly?

ever since i lost 40 lbs from The Four Months Of Stress™ ive actually felt less healthy and im desperately trying to gain that weight back and, for me, gaining weight is actually harder than losing it

Fans of Celebrities do not get it.

A lot of the time, you see a video of your favorite celebrity and you see them acting at least half decently. Why? Because there is a camera. They know they’re being filmed and that millions of people will see what they’re doing.

But the videos you SHOULD be paying attention to are the ones being filmed when they don’t know. This Ariana Grande fiasco is a very, very good example of this.

Celebrities (and hell - almost everyone) acts differently when they think they’re not being watched. And some of you may think it’s not fair, but these videos are probably the most honest ones you’ll see. And you should always take videos like this into serious consideration.

Ariana showed her ass. And anyone looking in from the outside of her die-hard fandom can see that. And her “hating childhood obesity,” or being an “advocate for healthy eating” is not an excuse for her disrespectful behavior. When I read her apology I was more offended, because it was extremely clear that she wasn’t sorry. Everything she said was just a big excuse for her shitty behavior. And she acted like everything she put in her body was all natural, which I highly doubt.

And I hear that it is the BAKERY that’s actually getting backlash for leaving the donuts out on the display like that. This is ridiculous for two reasons. Many bakeries and grocery stores leave things out for display/sampling. That being said, they expect adults to act mature enough to refrain from LICKING the free samples/display food (crazy expectation, right?) and to stop their children from doing the same. What Ariana did was disgusting and immature.

And then she goes and insults the bakery’s donuts. Just watching the video I would have just thought she was being a bitch, but when I read her “apology,” I realized that she was being a bitch for a SHITTY REASON. Little does Ariana know, there are donuts and bakeries ALL OVER THE WORLD, and that those bakeries/donuts are not the reason for people being fat. People’s lack of self control and exercise are the reason for people being fat. But she used healthy eating and obesity as an excuse for her behavior. And to say you hate America/Americans for having these obesity rates and unhealthy food is outrageous.

I mean these foods can be terrible for you if you’re not careful, but what has she done as an advocate for healthy eating? What has she done to help fight childhood obesity? Because I haven’t seen some big campaign endorsed by Ariana to help those kids out. I’ve only ever seen shit about her own food on social media.

I am against accepting overweight/obesity as normal. It’s not, and it’s dangerous to think it’s alright to live that way. And I’m trying to be healthier myself. Healthy food is good food, and it’s food I grew up with. One of my favorite scents I remember from my childhood is one of the health food store my grandmother worked at. Her house smelled like it too. I would literally sit in that store for hours while she worked, and I still love that smell and most of the things they sell here to this day. If I could afford to shop in only those stores, I would. I would definitely love to shop exclusively at those stores. Living in Maine, there’s one in about every town on the coast, and they’re all locally owned, honest stores. I could get the highest quality food there. But local and high quality comes at a price that many people can’t pay.

But saying you hate America because of some donuts (which are made all over the world) is unacceptable. I don’t care how proud you say you are. It’s insulting. And it’s showed how little you think.

Now stop your backpedaling and just accept that what you did was wrong, Ariana. Your behavior was shitty and what you said was wrong.

thINNER BEAUTY and Project Harpoon

I’m calling bullshit for multiple reasons…
1) Studies show that body shaming leads to weight gain over time while promoting healthy practice independent of weight leads to actual progress.
2) Many pictures leave breasts at unrealistic sizes for the apparent weights
3) Many pictures Photoshop the women down to objectively unhealthy sizes
4) Once they started removing things like nose rings and tattoos their guise of health was lifted to reveal purely aesthetic and hostile motives
5) Scientists haven’t found a way to successfully loose and keep large amounts of weight off and yo-yo dieting is far worse than being initially fat