actually a fool is like a pudding

Story Time

During middle school and junior high, I was known as the kid who’d laugh at “anything,” so people would come up to me and say words to make me laugh. The most common word used was “pudding.” Now, I knew people were doing this as a way to make fun of me; I wasn’t stupid, but there was just something about a person coming up to me, looking me in the eye, saying “pudding” for no reason at all, and staring at my face as they anticipated my reaction.

Everyone thought I was laughing because I found the word “pudding” funny, when I was actually laughing at the person sounding like a fool as they repeatedly said “pudding” in my face. 

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i know nothing about bts and im thinking about getting into them. can you describe each member please?

Suga (Min Yoongi)- lead rapper

Called Motionless for reason since being lazy is his specialty…but actually works really hard when he’s not somewhere sleeping. Hates being woken up which we witnessed for a thousand times already thanks to Bangtan Bombs. Before he joined BigHit he was an underground rapper. Even though he appears to have ‘’i don’t give a fuck’’ attitude he probably gives most fucks. Cares deeply for his fans (he even prepared them something special for his last birthday). Has a soft spot for Jimin. 

Jimin (Park Jimin)- lead vocalist, main dancer

Biggest cutie! Even when he’s not doing aegyo he’s too cute for words so it kind of ends up being the same. His high notes can destroy you with their perfection. So can his dance! Had little chubby cheeks which are kind of gone now but they will forever stay in our memory! His eye smile has to be mentioned to since it’s precious and his eye kind of dissapear…is a big cinnamon roll which turns into a sinnamon roll stage. Big fan of Jungkook.

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)- leader, main rapper

His specialty is accidentally breaking stuff so that’s where the nickname ‘’God of Destruction’’ came from. His English is ‘’very hard’’ according to Hobi…he studied in New Zealand so that’s where he learned to speak very well! Big fan of Converse and fashion in general. If you’re watching a Bangtan Bomb he’s usually somewhere in the back looking at his phone or surrounded by coordi noonas while other members are making a mess in the front. Very intelligent also and omg his voice…

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)- lead rapper, dancer

Literal ball of sunshine and fluff. Again..if you’re watching a Bangtan Bomb he’s the one screaming somewhere in the back or right in your face  depends on the video. Chose his stage names because he wants to be our hope and let’s all be honest he is. His aegyo is special. Loves teasing Jimin…and well all of his dongsaengs. He’s also a scaredy cat (example: roller coasters). His hips are illegal I have to add.

V (Kim Taehyung)- vocalist

Wasn’t exactly sure of how to pronounce his stage name at first how precious can you get. If someone has some weird idea it’s usually Tae. He also has this cutest rectangle smile and a voice so deep that you can actually disappear in it. Doesn’t know how to keep his tongue in his mouth which destroys us all over again during live performances. During War of Hormone MV even if you weren’t planning to look at V you don’t have to lie to yourself because you were indeed looking at him! Did I mention that his smile is sunshines and rainbow?

Jin (Kim Seokjin)- vocalist, visual, oldest

He’s the visual of the group and I just learned that last year people went crazy because they were blown away by his beauty when he opened the car door, arriving at Melon Awards I think?? That’s so Jin like. He’s the ‘’prince type’’ of a guy I guess. He has his show ‘’EatJin’’ where he…well, eats and it’s the cutest thing ever and I can’t believe we’re all laying in our bed and watching a grown man eating his pizza ‘’pija’’ but it’s so satisfying! He’s also the mom of the group and loves cooking too! And OMG I almost forgot…he likes pink, Disney princesses and Mario! He himself is our Princess Jin.

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)- main vocalist, rapper, lead dancer, maknae

Golden Maknae…because there’s nothing this boy can’t do…except doing math and talking to girls (if you haven’t seen the elevator prank already watch it now). Always seen in plain white t-shirts alternative is the black one Don’t let his confidence on stage fool you! He’s actually a bunny with cute bunny teeth (why do I always see him eating pudding in Bangtan Bombs? that is the real question). Suddenly became a tower!

Ok, this was just a quick introduction! I probably missed a lot of things but oh well…


Years 1-6 they go ALL OUT like NO HOLDS BARRED and they come just short of actually hurting someone or getting expelled like they normally toe that line but April fools calls for letters home

And seventh year they’re like “how shall we top the pudding fiasco of ‘78???”

And they don’t

They do absolutely nothing

On their best behavior all day

It’s the anticipation for something that never comes that sends three people to the hospital wing.

The clock strikes 12:01, April second.

“Mischief managed, motherfuckers.”