actually I am enjoying it so far

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I think the reason people are so harsh on Jasper is that she's never shown any redeeming qualities or truly had any good moments of sympathy. It also doesn't help in that she's the only gem seen thus far that actually seems to enjoy inflicting pain on others. And speaking of jerks, am I the only one shocked that Ronaldo was not just tolerable, not just funny, but legitimately sympathetic in the latest episode? It's almost like they rent conned his character.

I understand why people are skeptical of a redemption arc, but I see people who are saying that they will get upset if she got redeemed or that she can’t be redeemed. That is a bit silly. This is coming from somebody who didn’t want the Peridemtion arc until it happened (I thought Peridot would be a redundant presence because she was too similar to Pearl, boy was I wrong). 

As for the Ronaldo stuff. I was shocked that the episode made me feel really bad for him. Though if any character felt like they got retconned it was Steven. Steven is all about love and schmaltz so him not caring about ruining Ronaldo’s relationship felt really out of character for him. That’s probably why it bugged me way more than what he did in New Lars (his actions in that episode, while bad, was still arguably in character). 

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Hello! This is quite random, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the KFP movies? Personally, I adore them-they've got heart, humor, and action, even though they might seem silly at face value; just curious to know your thoughts. :)

I didn’t watch the first two Kung Fu Panda films in theatres, but actually discovered the great enjoyment of them a long time later when I was trying to watch all of DreamWorks’ films, probably mid 2015 or so. I had many companions tell me that the KFP franchise was very good and that the movies were full of humor and heart. I am very happy to have watched them. I love them, too, and definitely made sure to catch KFP 3 on screen in theatres. I also have plans to watch through the television series and shorts because I have enjoyed everything thus far that the KFP franchise has produced, and I’d love to give DreamWorks more love and business.

There are many things to love and appreciate about the films. In many respects, they are not groundbreaking, with fairly standard plots and cast of villains (Shen being the most interesting). There are a few minor plot pacing issues, I think the most apparent of which is in KFP 3. However, all these things are very minor, and I think that there are far more amazing than mediocre things to mention.

You mention a wonderful threesome of traits that the KFP movies exhibit: action, humor, and heart. I think all of these, as well as some other elements, boil down to heart. The music has heart. The visuals have heart. The dialogue has heart. The plot definitely has heart. The depiction of China, kung fu, chi, and all elements of culture… has heart.

This is why I love them. Everything boils down to heart, love, respect, joy, and celebration of a charming world of kung fu fighters. Everything.. is heart.

The stories are of a panda who is seeking his own, his strengths, his abilities, while at the same time fumbling with painful pasts and personal weaknesses. The humor is full of charm, but the KFP movies don’t stop there. There are many heartful conversations in the movies. Every conversation with Po and Mr. Ping. The depth of family questions between Po, Li Shan, and Mr. Ping and the resulting love of a son with two supportive fathers. The conversation Po and Tigress share on the boat in KFP 2 before they encounter Lord Shen. The entire concept of Shen hunting down and genociding pandas. There are so many moments of pain, so many moments of questions, so many moments of struggling and fumbling and wondering… and none of these feel contrived, fake, or dumbed down. These stories and the conflicts of these stories are focused on heart.

The music is a celebration of many instruments, from glorious Chinese instruments like the guzheng, erhu, zhonghu, gaohu, and pipa; to Western orchestra instruments; to contemporary instruments like the guitar and electric bass. The composers met with a Chinese music consultant to ensure that what they composed was full of true heart, and many of the melodies and moments you hear on screen evoke traditional Chinese keys and modes. The musicians on the team in the KFP movies include John Powell, Hans Zimmer, and Eric Whitacre, a combination that assures quite a number of sparkling moments. Both Powell and Zimmer are comfortable with instruments that extend beyond the standard orchestra. Powell is incredible with melody, motive, and symbolism, adding more memorability and depth to the melodies that you hear than in a typical film. Zimmer can bring his unique timbre palettes to make some memorable colors with unique combinations of instruments. Powell is great with working with folk musics and adding appropriate local flavor to a soundtrack. And Eric Whitacre’s harmonies with choir are always out of this world. Together, the music has a lot of happiness, a lot of excitement, and a lot of heart. The soundtracks aren’t perfect and have a number of weaknesses, but there’s no denying the heart.

The visuals have heart. It needs to be said: the third movie is eye candy. The separated screens is arguably overdone, but it gives a fun comic-book-like visual and interesting, artful juxtapositions. It builds up the beautiful idea of kung fu fighters acting in extraordinarily heroic manners. And then there are the superb and undeniably jawdropping is the color pallets. The use of bright colors swarms the eyes and makes for glorious moments… 




Honestly, what I see over and over and over again in the KFP films is heart and the celebration of something beautiful. The fighting / action scenes are bold, superheroic motions, celebrating the action and awesomeness of an intense martial art. The depiction of culture in visuals, dialogue, and philosophy is done beautifully. Now I am not Chinese and should *definitely* not be the first person to talk of Chinese cultural representation (so please nicely correct me if I make a wrong statement!), but at least from what I have heard, the KFP movies have been very well-received in China. The first KFP was the biggest box office animated movie in China with similar numbers to LOTR and POTC, and then KFP 3 overtook that amount and became the new biggest box office animated film ever. It looks like there is a lot of collaboration and communication to ensure that this story does not do anything insensitive or ignorant about anything in the culture, but instead celebrates the beauty of Chinese culture. KFP 3 was made from DreamWorks’ Shanghai-based location, and the makers’ love for their home sings in the movie. Some of my closest Cantonese-American and Taiwanese-American friends speak very highly of what KFP does, and they’ve spoken to me about aspects of culture that they find represented positively in the KFP movies. To me, that’s really awesome to see. 

Over and over, I see heart and love in the KFP movies. Everything is a celebration of something awesome.

So I adore them, too.

So I was pretty far, and I am 5ft and had to hold my arm pretty high xD but at least I got this, even though others will have a better one (ps this is zoomed in my phone plus editing) So I kinda recorded and kinda didn’t because i wanted to dance and enjoy my time there


ALSO! I was always surrounded by Youngjae stans, omg! I felt so happy hearing them scream his name! AHHHH! I know Youngjae couldn’t hear me, but hopefully he heard them (//^//)

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hi! i'm the anon from earlier that's reading acotar because of you, and i just wanted to tell you that i am indeed enjoying it so far! i'm only about 100 pages in, but i really love lucien and i just have so many questions and i'm really excited to see how things unfold

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^^ actual face I made! You have no idea what’s going to happen mohahaha. I can’t wait for you to finish reading both acotar and acomaf. I’m soooooo excited for you haha!!


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Part 2 of “Goodnight” is here :)

[Here’s Part 1 if you didn’t see

omg this is probably the most efforted (is that even a word) and longest work I’ve done so far. I was literally shaking with joy when I finished it. I even had one night that I worked on this till 4 AM because I really really really enjoyed making this that I actually forgot to sleep. Thank you so much to @friisans senpai for creating this wonderful AU and for being a fellow Soriel fan. I hope you could continue inspiring other artists like me and I hope you have a good day :D

A night with Pokemon go

I’ve seen some people and the media talk about Pokemon go in different ways. I’m a fan of it an I enjoy playing it so I decided to write down one of the hunts I’ve done so far.

Yesterday I was laying in bed the whole day because I didn’t felt good, but when the night went on I drank some whine and decided to go outside and check my surroundings for Pokemon. It was about 1 am when I went outside and I actually never go outside this late alone. It was Friday night and I actually didn’t really thought people would be around. I live in a big city but the district I’m in is not considered the best or safest.
Normally I would put ear plugs in and listen to music and ignore everything around me, but this time I wanted to take all in.
I went for a stroll and wanted to go to our graveyard but saw on the map some lures on a harbor of our lake. It’s an artificial lake and surrounded by expensive houses and buildings. I went to the stops with the lure and saw a lot of people sitting there. Some groups and heavy chatting. On group played music. I decided to stop right between the stops and simply sat down to a group. We started chatting about what Pokemon are in the area and what team everyone was in and so on. I normally wouldn’t do that. I don’t like talking to strangers. Media tells me everyone out there is either a murderer, rapist or thief and when you hear that long enough you believe it. But when I sat down there with my phone and watching all the people around me, chatting and checking their phones just having a good time I realised they are just people like me. None of them was mean or evil or anything. And I had a really good small talk with them.
When the lures ran out I decided to take a walk around the lake (which is a pretty long walk. I live in this city for more than 5 years now but I only walked around there about two times). At this point it was about 2 am. I encountered some groups of people coming in my direction and basically all of them had their phones out and were pointing out some Pokemon. Two guys were sitting on a bench and as I was taught I tried to avoid eye contact and just walk past them. But one of them saw my phone and asked if I was playing Pokemon. I said yes and he said he had it too and wanted to ask some questions about it. I knew it was a way to hit on me, but I just explained to him his questions and he became excited. He didn’t knew he had to got to stops to get new poke balls and I pointed him in the direction. It was a pleasant little chat and I didn’t had to turn him down and get scared he might get mad at me. I made my way further and encountered another group of people (it was about 2:30 am). They saw me with my phone out and pointed out I was playing. I replied “of course I’m playing Pokemon”. They stopped and we had a little chat. I understand that the media is telling them Pokemon is a bad thing and obviously they got influenced by it. They weren’t playing. They asked how old I am and why I was doing it. I tried to explain to them it’s some form of nostalgia for me because I grew up with Pokemon and when I was a kid we liked to pretend there were outside and we pretended to catch them so this is the closest thing to my childhood dreams I will ever get and its like a fulfillment of a longtime wish. I asked how old they are and they were all around 30 and I said they would be in the target audience. They asked me if I was unemployed that I would walk around and play this and I answered I just finished my bachelor in art and am self-employed for about 10 years now. It felt to me like they searched for a reason to justify my behavior and what was wrong with me. One of them said that the game is distracting me from important things in life like politics. I said I can stay informed and play Pokemon at the same time. He asked me about the most recent news and about politics and we talked a little about it. When we walked out ways it felt to me like they were still puzzled what was going on and how it could be that a normal person would play a game like that. I totally get that not everyone is into this game and it’s totally fine with me.
I walked on and made it around the lake without anyone chatting me up again. I witnessed still a lot of people out and playing. I hatched two eggs on my little lake walk. When I entered the shopping lane of the city I saw a police car and some cops arresting a man. I went on. I was asked by a guy if I had cigarettes and when he walked away his friend came up to me and talked to me. He was hitting hard on me but I just denied him and made my way home. At around 4 am I made it into my bed.

So what I’ve seen is a more enjoyable world out there. I talked to a lot of strangers and had a really good time, because most of us had at least on topic in common. I think we focus too much on the things that divides us and having the same interests in something helps to loose the fear from the unknown. It feels to me like Pokemon go does a better thing of integration than any other thing. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you set down a lure on a poke stop I will thank you. I really enjoy this aspect of the world right now, because it feels so peaceful too me and makes me loose my fear.

Finished S7

I am so, so happy that S7 got this show back on its feet in terms of world-building and characterisation. Really, it felt like two series with that odd little break in the middle, but it still worked rather well as a whole. 

Amy and Rory got more character development that really should have come earlier in their arc, and for the first time I actually felt like they were well-rounded characters instead of types. Sadly, that was with only a couple episodes to go for them both. 

As for Clara, I really enjoy her so far. She also seemed a bit of a ‘type’ to start out with, but her character development was far, far less delayed than was Amy and Rory’s. We get a lot more of an idea of what she’s like on her own, and how that plays into her interactions with the Doctor. I really like her bravery, but I also really like that the more we see of her motivations, the more it becomes clear that she’s doing it partly out of recklessness. You can really tell how deeply her mother’s death impacted her: the constant repeated image of that frail little leaf really instils the idea that Clara is all too aware of mortality, of her own tenuous existence. Her insistence on being of use to other people - whether as a governess or as a companion - seems like an example of a person desperately trying to find a justification for existing. For me, that’s a very relateable, familiar feeling.

It was also a very, very interesting season for the Doctor as a character. Up until now, a lot of the emphasis has been on the companions learning to trust the Doctor. But the tables got turned with Clara. She seems to trust him with no reservations, her only hesitation being in her obligation to others. The Doctor, having been repeatedly used and manipulated in recent series, is certain that it’s happening again, since she appears - in his perspective - to be playing dumb about their previous encounters. 

Overall, S7 seems to be really getting back on track with the overall tone of the show after the rocky S5 and S6. Now I just have to find the specials online as they’re not on Netflix UK…

Favourite episodes:

1. Asylum of the Daleks

2. The Rings of Akhaten

3. Nightmare in Silver


Title: Spoiled

Pairing: Jess x Reader

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: none

Request: Jess x Reader in which the reader and Jess are at the library studying and Jess is all serious but the reader just wants to go home and cuddle. Lots of fluff

A/N: I am so sorry, this took me forever to finish for whatever reason, and I just realized I did it wrong. I hope you still enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of it’s characters.

College had been great to you so far. It had gifted you with courses you actually cared about, new friends better than those from your high school days, and Jess, perhaps the greatest of them all.

Unfortunately, as of late, it hadn’t been quite as great. In fact, just the opposite- it was that time of year that every college student dreaded and every professor seemed to thrive in.

The time of the final exams. You had exactly thirty-eight hours and seven minutes until your first (and hardest) exam, and had already been at the library for a few hours. The sun had gone down long ago and most people had left at 10:30, which was when it technically closed. Luckily for you and a few others, the librarian liked you and was gracious enough to let you stay and study there.

Your phone had been silent except for the instrumental music playing into your headphones since 8:00. Do Not Disturb was a wonderful thing. You really hadn’t even thought about checking it at all for a few hours. The final was taking up too much of your mind to think logically. You had been taking care of yourself though, making sure to drink enough water and take short breaks. When you reached to take another sip, you found your bottle to be empty, save a few drops. You stood for the first time in an hour or so and stretched before going to refill it.

As you turned the corner to get to the fountain, you felt somebody ram into you so hard that you nearly lost your balance. It was hard to repress the urge to make any noise, but you did it, and looked up at the person who had so roughly shaken you. You opened your mouth to teach them a little something about watching where you were going, but stopped as soon as you saw a pair of wide blue eyes above you.

“Jess! What the- what are you doing here?”

Her arms wrapped around you, giving you a bone crushing hug before she answered you.

“God, Y/N, it’s almost midnight and you weren’t answering your phone! I was freaking out, so I went to your dorm and Jacy said that she hadn’t seen you for a while and figured you were either here or with me, so I ran here and-”

“Hey, hey,” you soothed, grabbing Jess’ hands while she tried to catch her breath. “It’s okay, I’m perfectly fine. I have my finals tomorrow is all.”

“Ohh,” She said quietly. “Right. I should’ve guessed that instead of freaking out.”

“Do you… Do you want to stay here with me then? I’ll be done soon, just a few more chapters to go over.”

Jess rocked back and forth on her heels, twiddling her thumbs. “Can’t you just check out a book and bring it back?”

You shrugged and began to walk back to your table, water bottle forgotten. “I mean, I guess. I’m just comfortable here, it’s something about the bookshelves. They’re comforting in a way.”

Jess chuckled. “You’re such a weirdo, Y/N, really.”

“You love me for it,” you retorted, grabbing a chair for Jess and sitting in your spot. “I promise I’ll be done within the hour, okay? Try not to distract me. This could make or break my grade.”

She nodded, but her promise was broken within ten minutes. You were maybe seven pages into the first chapter when you felt her foot touch yours. At first, it was presumed to be an accident, but after continuous interaction you could only guess she was trying to start a game of footsie.

“Jess,” you whisper, a ghost of a smile on your lips, “I gotta study, remember?”

Her foot drew back immediately, her eyes wide as a symbol of fake innocence.

“Why would you think I would ever get in the way of that? I’m just getting comfortable.”

Jess was impossible to ignore and impossible to be annoyed by. You always found her endearing, no matter what she was up to, and that’s what made you realize that you would get absolutely nothing done with her there.

Still, you had to try.

Fast forward twenty minutes and Jess had your foot trapped between hers, and had her hair tied up in that way that drove you crazy. Every few minutes she’d stretch and yawn, big gestures sure to catch your eye no matter which way you were facing.

“Are you tired?” you asked, eyebrows raised in amusement.

“Yeah, it’s just getting so late,” she answered, fighting back what was surely another yawn.

“Tell you what, I have half of this last chapter left, and then I’ll head to her room. Why don’t you go ahead and get back there now, so you can get ready for bed?”

She stuck out her bottom lip. “Don’t you want to be with me? You’re my heater. Besides, I could get snatched by some drunk frat boy and… well. You know how that goes.”

You sighed, glancing once more at your textbook before shutting it and slipping it into your book. “Okay, okay, I’m coming. I guess a good night’s sleep is important, huh?”

“Oh yeah, definitely. I would even say that it’s more important than the studying, but I guess that’s still up for debate.” Jess stood out of her chair so quickly you doubted she was even tired at all. “Come onnnn! Let’s go, before it gets chilly out.”

“You can wear my jacket if it’s too cold. You sure are lucky that I don’t mind spoiling you, Jess,” you sighed, shrugging your jacket off your shoulders.

“Oh please. Don’t act like you haven’t secretly been dying to get back to our room the whole time you’ve been complaining.”

It was hard to admit to not being the right one, but Jess definitely had a point. Snuggling up to her when you both got back to the dorm was more than enough to make p for not completely finishing your studying plan.

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We will continue to help you grow... since your helping several of us grow in a way as well. Just want to say I really enjoy you captions so far and reading several of them has helped me let of some stress. Also want to say that you are very attractive and maybe its a kink of mine but I actually think pubic hair is very sexy. Keep up the good work, I'm sure to keep cumming around to see your new captions.

Thank you so much, doll. I really appreciate it when you help me, and when I help you with all that growing.  I feel a little bit more natural keeping it, and I am glad that there’s somebody who appreciates it.  I’ve been considering a bit of a trim.  I am really super glad you’ve been able to release all that pent up stress for me, continue to do so for your little Chey.  =)

Booktube-A-Thon Day One Wrap-Up!

I began with The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m enjoying it so far, and am currently on page 80. 

Then I started Under the Lemon Trees, by Bhira Backhaus. I read 30 pages, but it wasn’t really grabbing my interest so I set it aside. There was nothing wrong with the book, and the writing was actually quite lovely, but I felt bored. Maybe I’ll give it another go at a different time. 

To replace that one, I chose another “book with yellow on the cover” that was about the same length (this is my long-ish read for this week, so I plan on reading a little bit each day) which was Ghostwalk, by Rebecca Stott. I don’t love it, but I feel like it’s going somewhere interesting, so I’m going to stick with it for now. I’m currently on page 46. 

For my “book to only read after sunset,” I started Mary Poppins, by PL Travers. This will probably be the quickest read on my TBR, so I thought it was a good fit for this challenge. I’m currently on page 63.

Page Totals:

Today: 217

Total: 217

Goal: 203

Number of Books Finished: 0

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Cesare @ Merick: Oh, hi again. So, you're here too? Ever been to an event like this before? Are you a big fan of stars or space, maybe?

“oh hey Cesare it’s good to see you again..and this is actually my first itme Being at an Event like this…and So far it’s Legit..I’m enjoying it.” Merick looked up to the Starry moonlit sky with a smile growing on his face

“I actually AM a fan of the great starry void above, the fact that theres so much exciting things are happening so far away…Stars being born..Stars dying..And More Planets and Galaxies out there…The Fact that we are possibly not alone in the universe is just…amazing.”

Postmortem - Book One

So we’ve come to the end of Caroline’s first foray into Outlander. To say it was a wild ride would be a serious understatement. We decided that we needed to do a recap of the book before posting the episode snap collections. Here’s a paraphrased version of the FaceTime conversation we had last night about Book 1, which we struggled to not discuss the first season of the show and book 2 because Caroline has already gotten really far into the book. 

Oh, Victoria (myself) is in regular type and Caroline is in italics. Enjoy the conversation.

I’ve already started book two - I’m actually ¾ of the way finished - and I hate it more than book one. (Which means she actually loves it.) (How dare you I am SUFFERING)

I can see, and I did see, while reading that there would be a bit that would be difficult to adapt, so it’ll be interesting to see how things were adapted and what was left out.

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My stuff so far! Not really taking anything seriously, just enjoying catching pokemon. Kid me couldn’t have even imagined this ✨

Fun fact, my first name is Ash and my middle name is actually Blue. Ash Blue! Just had to choose Team Mystic 💙

I’m also over at @what-an-ashhole and am gonna try to be more active on that blog