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i! dont know who i am! who the fuck am i!!! what the fuck do i want to do in life!!! what are even my own interests besides the things i cling to!!! i dont know !!!!

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Obi-Wan and Anakin on Christmas

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I have this plot I'm super much into. Through most of my fic all interactions between the two leads will happen through chatting on the internet. I have a bit trouble figuring out how to make it work though. Do you have any tips? :)

Thanks for your question, dear!  Fortunately, I’ve actually written a 30K+ fanfiction in this format, so I do have some tips for you!

Writing Chat Scenes

  • Whatever chat interface your characters use, try it out in real life.  Whether you’re using dating-website chat, Skype, Facebook messenger – whatever it is, make an account and check out how it works.  If you have a friend to talk with, that’s even better.  Get a feeling for how it technically works, how fast-paced it is, what kind of language people use, and what its target customer looks like.  That way, you’re using the right kind of chat interface for the right kind of story.
  • Get comfortable with (modern) chat language and grammar.  Writing a chat story means you’re vulnerable to looking pretty lame, if you don’t know what you’re writing about.  Try out Omegle or other online chatrooms – talk with people (be careful though) and watch how they type, how they talk to each other, what they share and what they don’t.  Don’t use outdated chat lingo (”rofl” and “xD” are not popular anymore, people!).
  • Exaggerate your characters’ voices.  When two people chat online, they don’t have tone of voice or body language to help convey their message.  This has two effects: either the conversation sounds dull/formal, or it’s enhanced with emojis, caps lock, and excessive punctuation.  If your characters are more shy/introverted, give them Effect #1.  If your characters are outgoing/expressive, use Effect #2.  And whatever you do, make sure the characters still sound distinct.  Even if you have two introverts, they have different voices, and this should especially be reflected in a chat-type scene.
  • Understand the differences between normal dialogue and chat.  Without telltale expressions, pressure to answer quickly, or mishearing each other, chat conversations (especially the more serious they are) are easier to control.  It’s easier to lie, and to hide things.  It’s easier to be funny and witty.  Chat dialogue is less formal.  Typical dialogue tools (like ellipses, stammering, muttering, and things like, “I didn’t say that!”) aren’t at your disposal, because people don’t type those things.  Everything your characters type is conscious, while everything said aloud is not always conscious.  Keep these things in mind.
  • Be aware of real-time.  While Character A is typing and sending their huge monologue, Character B is not frozen – they’ll likely be typing, too.  There are many overlaps in topics and responses and jokes, even with only two people chatting – some questions go unanswered and sometimes comments go by without explanation.  Time passes outside of chat, too, which means the characters rethink their decisions and experience external frustrations, emotional boosts, and positive interactions outside of their chat time.  People change between every chat session.  Don’t let them be static.

Those are my main tips, but if you have any further questions, my inbox is always open!  Happy writing :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

I have no idea how people consistently churn out thousands of words every week for fics, i’m a small potato and i’m fucking struggling

In other news, after the next update I’m gonna postpone the upload after that by a week so that i can catch up and stop stressing about my incompetence as a writer cos boi it’s seriously affecting the quality of my work sorry to do this to ya buds 

Clenching My Jagged Jaws (Over the Capture) by Marishna (T, 21.5k)

Derek Hale was never supposed to be alpha, but he’s a good one. He doesn’t need any help and he definitely doesn’t need an emissary.

Stiles Stilinski is Derek Hale’s emissary and come hell or high water he’s going to see the Hale pack through the impending arrival of the alpha pack, even if it means he can never return to Beacon Hills after.

Holy shit balls this had everything I love in a fic. We got emissary Stiles. We got tattooed Stiles. We got magical tattoos. We got Alpha Derek. We got GOOD Alpha Derek. We got the season 2 pack. We got an alpha pack showdown. And it was well written. This is a heavy hitter, and I loved it. So. Much. 

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Have you ever tried Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu with Veracity?

Commander Krole: *scowls* *hand gestures*

Melpomanei: “A corrupt style practised by warrior-warlocks of the Dragon Nations. Yasu Nagasena wrote a treatise attempting to reconstruct shiranui-ryū - the true style on which it is based - and I have found a number of the techniques he described useful.”

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Prompt setting: SPACE.

I see what you’re trying to do. I SEE IT. DON’T THINK I DON’T. (And it worked, because here’s a snippet. I don’t know if it makes any sense out of context, but here y’go anyhow.)

When they’d arrived on Bera, Stiles’ scent had been around him purely by virtue of cohabiting the same space for a period of time, but by the time Derek and Stiles return to the inn on the evening of their third day, Erica’s shooting him sly little grins from behind the bar. Derek doesn’t need to check to know that Stiles’ scent isn’t just on his clothes, anymore – it’s coating his skin: he can still feel the warmth of Stiles’ long fingers on the back of his neck, directing him to look at something; the brush of their arms together as Stiles gesticulated wildly.

 Perhaps the worst part about it is how simple it feels. There’s no awkwardness – Derek’s metaphorical hackles don’t rise when Stiles draws near, and Stiles never tries to treat him with kid gloves, doesn’t ever hesitate to come closer. The idea of hesitation doesn’t even appear to pop into his head, which—well, it’s possible that says more about Stiles than it does about Derek.

 No, Derek realises: the worst part is that he wants. Derek wants Stiles’ hands to linger, wants Stiles to press in close and keep going until there’s no space at all between them. He wants those pretty eyes on him, he wants Stiles’ smart mouth. It’s not just objective appreciation anymore – it’s bordering on full-blown fantasy.

 Derek’s so, so screwed.

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INTJ: How I Write, How I Dream

I’ll start off by saying that writing is my passion.

It’s that one intense, Ni-fueled vision that I’ve had for as long as I can remember and from which I’ve never wavered, not once. In typical Ni fashion everything I do is focused on writing; I take classes and camps, read all kinds of different novels to expand my exposure to styles and themes and I’ll gladly sacrifice my math homework for the sake of a superbly fantastic English essay.

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Sanguinius:… I can show you the world
Horus: don’t.
Sanguinius: shining shimmering splendid
Horus: you promised you wouldn’t do this again.
Sanguinius: tell me princes when was the last time you let your heart decide?
Horus: dad told me you said you’d stop.

In know batman and Superman did this first but I had to