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Blaine and Tina and baking?

It doesn’t start out of any great desire to be master bakers. Tina’s quick to assert that actually, since the great chocolate purge of the Too Young To Be Bitter Club, she doesn’t even like cake all that much. She won’t meet his eyes, though, and she develops a tick when she says it, and he’s too polite to point out that she’s still too young to be bitter, but anyway. It’s not like they have a desire to make 75 cupcakes, it’s just.

They’ve run out of other inventive things to do with a kitchen full of zucchini. They’ve stuffed them, spiralised them, put them on kebabs and julienned them in salad. They’re starting to think they might start to look like zucchini and they’re still drowning in them. Blaine had suggested leaving giftbags of zucchini in people’s lockers, and Tina had been halfway to the car with bags full of them when he’d said, “Haha, joking. No one wants this much squash.” 

Which is true, because they don’t want it. It just - won’t stop growing. And growing. 

So they’ve hit upon cake. The internet tells them that you can use zucchini to make cake, and it’s got to be worth a try. How hard can it be to make cupcakes? They’re young, they’re inventive, they’re creative. They can bake cupcakes. Blaine says if his mom can make a cupcake that didn’t come out of a box, then it can’t be that hard, and Tina’s smacks his arm. “Your mom is amazing,” she says, “She made that chocolate cake with mayonnaise.”

“You don’t even like cake,” Blaine reminds her, and she narrows her eyes to slits and smacks his arm harder.

The thing is -

The thing is, they get a little bit carried away. Twenty cupcakes doesn’t seem like that many. And neither does 40. And really, it hasn’t made a dent in the original problem, or not enough of one. So they head out in Blaine’s car, pick up more flour and more eggs, and more icing and decorations, and they just sort of keep baking until they have 75 identical cupcakes and no space left for more, and they’re both covered in icing and edible glitter and any other time, they’d be grinning at one another because mid-afternoon in the kitchen and with edible glitter in unmentionable places sounds pretty kinky… 

“Bake sale?” Tina grimaces, and Blaine looks around them, scrubs chocolate covered fingers through his hair and then swears.

“I guess we could use new costumes for Sectionals,” he says.

protip: don’t eat dried peppers

however, if you’re in a sityuation where you have to eat them, here’s some advice

  • nibble on the skin - if you take to much of a bit it will burn. most of the capasin is concentrated in the skin
  • once you get ¼ way through the pepper: dump out some of the seeds. the seeds are the least spicy part so if you’re mouth is burning you should eat the seeds instead of the skin
  • rip up the pepper into teeny tiny pieces
  • eat them
  • best way is to place them in your mouth and wash them down with water like you’re swallowing pills
  • eat the remaining seeds at the very end because you will be tired of eating spice
  • take it slower than you think you should
  • eat rice/bread. the grains soak of the capasin so you can either spit it out or swallow it
  • drink milk instead of water because water just pushes the capacin around your mouth while the milk actually carries it

drawn for pocky day (11/11) but i forgot to post it here

makoto initiated the pocky game but couldn’t finish, and haru was tired of wating so he did it for him