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drawn for pocky day (11/11) but i forgot to post it here

makoto initiated the pocky game but couldn’t finish, and haru was tired of wating so he did it for him

Things Not To Do Or Say When Someone Tells You They’re Autistic
  1. Apologise - Don’t say “I’m sorry”. I know it’s well intentioned, but there’s nothing to apologise for. Apologising can mean to us, “It’s not good that you have this disorder”
  2. “But you don’t look autistic” - You may have good intentions again, but it’s a very ignorant comment to make. Autism is a wide spectrum and there’s no “autistic look”
  3. “You mean like (insert famous movie character)?” - More often than not these characters are never said to be autistic, only speculated. Even so, the traits are very exaggerated, and are often not an accurate portrayal of autism
  4. “So does that mean you (insert autistic stereotype)?” - This can range from asking them if they’re a maths or science genius to asking if they can’t understand emotions
  5. Talking down to them - You know this person, they’re still the same person they were previously. Don’t start talking down to them or assuming they can’t understand as much