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Ahh I literally just wrote out a whole thing about – in the absence of an actual Elektra show – putting Elektra into Iron Fist so she can become Colleen’s big sis …they can commiserate and work through their joint traumas and Elektra can train Colleen to be more badass than ever and the more I talk about this, the more I want, nay, NEED, to watch this show :p

This is such a good idea it brought actual tears to my eyes. FEMALE FRIENDSHIP AND MENTORSHIP AND ASSKICKING. PLEASE.

(Okay, Iron Fist Season 2, Episode 1: Danny decides he needs to take a break from this whole “raised to be a warrior since he was nine” thing, but immediately afterwards he and Colleen get temporarily mindmelded by Angar the Screamer like in the comics. That’s this guy:


Anyway, the mindmeld passes the iron fist power to Colleen, and Danny tries to teach her how to use it but he’s rull bad at it. ENTER ELEKTRA, and teamups, and healing, and lots of Elodie and Jessica being absolutely I N C R E D I B L E at stunt fighting, and Danny is mostly just there for comic relief. Also all three of them get to process the fact that they were all essentially child soldiers, far more than Matt was. And also the writing team is entirely different, mostly POC, at least half women. GREEN LIGHT IT, MARVEL/NETFLIX!)

the only one he listens to
  • Grog: It's better live bait than dead, right?
  • Scanlan, clearly perturbed by the idea: *sucks air in through his teeth in a "Yikes" manner*
  • Grog: At least when you fish.
  • Scanlan, shaking his head vehemently: Nope. Nope.
  • Grog: Pretty sure that's true.
  • Scanlan, quieter but still resolute: Nope.
  • Vex: Do you wanna be bait, Grog?
  • Grog, enthusiastically: Yeah.
  • Vex: *makes a distressed noise*
  • Keyleth, a little concerned: Does this sound fun to you or lik-
  • Grog: I do-
  • Vex, panicking: There's exploding things around here! Are you sure you want to be in this area?
  • Grog, after a long pause to think: Yeah!
  • Pike, who has been watching intently this whole time: *stares at Grog in "are you fucking kidding me"*
  • Travis: *barely stifles a laugh at Ashley's expression*
  • Pike, sternly: NO. You. Don't.
  • Grog, recoiling, in unison with Pike: No... I don't.

If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck




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i'm gonna be honest with you. this is probably the only imagine blog that i actually like. a lot of imagine stories are really short but not yours. you put a lot of love and thought into your stories also idk but a lot of the ca/mp ca/mp blogs that i've seen don't like doing lgbt requests which is pretty disheartening.

AH! I’m so glad you like my writing so much! It also means a lot that I reached someone! I also noticed a few blogs had, in their rules, no male/male or female/female. And I’m completely understanding of people sticking to their comfort zones when it comes to writing, but I understand how saddening it is to not have representation. I try to keep most things gender neutral, but it means a lot to me that I can write for the lgbt community. It means even more to me that I actually managed to cheer someone up with my writing! I hope to continue providing quality content!



The Adrien Diaries...

7 Feb 2017

…I don’t know where Plagg is hiding at the moment, but when I find him he is a dead Kwami. Dead. I’m gonna transform and Cataclysm my own ring because this is ALL HIS FAULT!

So, apparently, I am developing some “cat-like” tendencies as a result of the mira-curse-lous… which is normally all fine and dandy. Feline reflexes, awesome. Better night vision, I’m down. The temptation of napping in the sun- all over it.

The urge to try and sit in every damn box I see– WHAT THE HELL! Because of course Marinette brought a box of croissants from her family’s bakery for the class today, and of course she had forgotten about setting the empty box next to her seat and OF COURSE I HAD TO TRY AND SIT IN THE STUPID THING WHEN NO ONE WAS LOOKING– only for Mari to come back for the box to find me crouched down in it.

Like a flipping psychopath. Good job Agreste.

And was that the end of it? No, no, because of frikkin COURSE some of the tape from the box had to get stuck on my hand as I tried to come up with an explanation for WHY I was in the damn thing. And do I pull it off like a normal human boy?


No I do not.

Instead, I start shaking my hand like a beauty queen on meth, and whimpering in distress.

…I had actual tears in my eyes over this, I kid you not.

Marinette helped me get the tape off, but couldn’t even look at me, and was so red (probably from holding in laughter) I thought she might faint. 

Now excuse me, I have the murder of a magical bobble-head to plan…

-Adrien If-I-Fits-I-Sits Agreste