do you every cry because laura hollis made a best friend that she cared about more than anyone and when she found out that her friend was hurt her first reaction was to ask if it was her fault and her second was to try and get her out of there 

and she asks carmilla to stay the night because even though she knows she can’t fix it forever she can keep carmilla safe for one more night and that’s worth something



okay so, i had to draw this zacharie holding a juice like im literally required to do so bUT I DONT THINK I CAN even fucking finish it because im laughing so fucking hard at it like i am in tears looking at this stupid fucking picture i am required to do of zacharie holding an orange juice. look at zacharie. look at him and his gay ass orange juice. hows he gonna drink it. zacharie you fuckhead enjoy your pulp beverage.


If You Were Gay (from Avenue Q) - Alison’s in denial