A while back I read something in the RWDE tag (big mistake) along the lines of “Ren’s Semblance is something literally everyone should have” and the more I actually thought about Ren’s semblance, the more I realized how stupid this person is.

Yes, at its core, Ren’s ability seems to be “Emotional Stability.” That’s the basic definition of what he has. Now, fair enough, every well-trained, grown adult Huntsman or Huntress with years of experience in battle should be able to maintain calm while fighting against Grimm.

Except that isn’t exactly what Ren can do. He can essentially neutralize feelings of intense stress in order to make himself invisible to Grimm, and extend that ability to others. As a child, he was able to pull himself out of a full-blown panic attack in order to save Nora, and then quelled her own fear with his Semblance so the Nuckelavee wouldn’t kill them.

So to review:

  • Lie Ren can “tone down” his emotions in moments of serious danger without years of training and experience in doing so
  • He can extend that power to other people, in other words, he can control other peoples’ emotions (albeit in a very specific way)
  • This power either only seems to occur around Grimm or otherwise is very specifically geared toward being “invisible” to Grimm since they are drawn to negative emotions.

Please tell me again how Ren’s semblance is some kind of basic life skill everyone in the RWBY-verse should totally know and not an actual superpower.