First part of my dancing Valar (and maybe Maiar if I get to it?) project that I’m working on.

(This goes without saying but seriously this lady’s hair is fab omfg)

You know what

I’m way behind on AoS so I don’t know if things have changed.

But every time I now see a trailer or spoiler for Avengers: Age of Ultron I have this moment of utter dissonance because I mentally go: “They could just give Melinda May a beserker staff and boom day saved.”

Like I know this is super mean but there’s a part of me that genuinely wonders why we need the supes when we have Melinda May.


Forever my most favourite concert opening ever.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Microphone

pencilandpenink5 asked:

The idea behind frozen fever is wonderful in any way someone can see it! Elsa gets a cold! The queen of ice and snow gets a cold! She is not an almighty, untouchable godess....Well actually she's a godess :D, but she can get affected by her own powers. I love that they're keeping her humble and level with the earth.

Elsa trying to be perfect but realizing she can’t be.  Just being Anna’s sister is what makes Anna love her.  I loved the short.  And I seriously almost cried at Cinderella.  it was beautiful.

anonymous asked:

omg can u tell us about the concert?

YES omg, my cousin is visiting from norway and we went to a nicki minaj concert, i think we bought the tickets just two weeks before so our seats werent that great but we could still see pretty well and they also showed everything on 3 huge screens so it was alright. trey songz was first and he was really good but im not really a big fan of him but then NICKIII came and she was amazing live and she looked like an actual godess. im blessed that i have been in the same room as her seriously i wanted to cry she was so good!!! she ended the concert with starships which was great because everyone knows all the words to that song so eeeeeeveryone was singing and stuff omfg i love those moments in concerts when everyone is singing together and you just feel so alive idk

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I didn't get the chance to tell you today, but you looked SO GREAT TODAY!!!!! An actual Godess SOS

Aaah thank you so much, tiff!!! If I am a goddess you are 10x the goddess because you ALWAYS look SO amazing!