One year! 18, 369 posts. 222, 850 page views. 7, 903 followers. Countless amount of incredible memories. That is what my first year with mickeyandmumbles was made of. Tomorrow, on 7th of March, I have had this blog for a year and despite the fact that the anniversary is tomorrow I’m already going to post this post a day earlier. // A little over a year ago my friend Rita lured me into watching Shameless, and it may be the best thing ever happened to me… or the worst. Either way, the last year has flown by but it has been amazing. I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful people and get to experience great things during the hiatus and everything, with incredible people. // When I created this blog I never imagined I’d have this huge following after a year, heck, my actual ‘goal’ was to get at least twenty followers and I’m so incredibly grateful for every single one of you, I really am. // To celebrate my one year anniversary with this blog I wanted to do a follow forever and give a shutout to my favorite people and blogs on Tumblr. I’m a Shameless/ Orphan Black/ HTGAWM blog so I’m going to list everyone I’m following (in these fandoms + a few extra people!) in alphabetical order but not by fandoms. Don’t take the categories below too seriously. I just wanted to divide you all somehow! :) 
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for following me and the people above, thank you for being amazing and having amazings blogs!!! Love you all! ❤


both threelisabeth and ginny bookbroken tagged me in the selfies thing and, like, i just went on a deleting spree of 100+ photos of my face b/c my phone needed to update, so these are, like, the cream of the runts of the crop i guess 1. secretarial in the garden of eden 2. i probably never leave the graveyard, i’m probably there rn 3. hopeless 4. idk, like, bummertown prob 5. moody bourbon 6. creative outfit documentation for the lazy 7. more of a place than a person (i go in for magic numbers) i feel like most everybody has done this/been tagged already but so maughmar and stepone do it do it and also anybody who is #coven who hasn’t been included?? i’m so bad at internet/i wanna see everyone’s face!!


Time becomes elusive, when so much is happening (x)

how to draw yugi moto's hair

i don’t think i’ve seen a tutorial of this before? so i wanna show you what i do. it’s nothing really difficult, i promise. you’ll be able to conquer this problem like i have.

first, i draw his face and get the shape of his head to my liking. tend to draw one ear or the other because his hair tends to hide one or the other:

of course, i realized this too late that i drew him too far up the page so i got another piece and taped it down

then i put my hand on his face

tracing gives that spatial feeling for the spikes of his hair

i go ahead and add another finger on the other side and then add in some bangs

then i go over it with marker!


i literally just scheduled an appointment to get a tattoo oh my god

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Nicknames: “qq no”, “24/7 shitposter”

Gender: a miniature penis helicopter

Sexual orientation: this video

Favourite colour: red and black

Current time and date: 6 may 12:42 am holy shit i need to sleep

Average amount of sleep: 2-5 on school days, otherwise more around 8-10

Lucky number: 16

Last thing I googled: volleyballs

First word that comes to mind: boob knees

One place that makes me happy: swimming pools

How many blankets i sleep with: 3

Favourite character: Sugawara Koushi

Fav food: ????? shit. no, not shit. dumplings maybe.

Fav drink: ?!?!?!? water probably since i drink so much of it

Fav book: i fu  ckiiing. uhhhhm. idk brah. 

Last movie i’ve seen in the theaters: Annie, I think.

Last holiday: today was the uhhh Lantern Festival? i think that’s what it is in english. i had…..shit i don’t know the english for these. like. ……stew orbs is the most literal translation and that sounds gross but they’re so delicious trust me. oh god.

Dream wedding: standard smaller type not that expensive wedding. the moment before the kiss a shotgun sounds. birds fly in a swarm through the wedding area. the roof opens up, and a massive starship removes its stealth covering. a walkway descends from it. i walk up, pausing at the top to say some super witty one-liner before a swarm of cats appear around me and usher me in, the walkway recedes into the body, and i zoom off to space forever

Dream job: honestly idk maybe like… art designer? architect? something to do with technology but also a bit artsy maybe.

tag 10 people? wha

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Our lips never met,
But we shared breathe-
Inhaling each other’s scent while
Exhaling all of our sins;
She smelled like summer,
Like every good moment,
Riding with the windows down
Playing trashy rap
On our way to the beach,
The smell of salt
And back seat fast food
Mixed with some unknown perfume.
We spent two weeks together,
Erupting through waves
Holding hands,
Finally filling our lungs with
Gasps of sea spray.
We spent two weeks together,
Hearing her rest so close to me;
I was restless,
Listening to her murmured dreams,
Playing tug of war for warmth,
Faces an inch apart-
She became my breath,
My oxygen.
I needed her to breathe through panic,
Through all my mothers phone calls,
Chest contractions mixed with self doubt
“You’re okay,
I’m here and you’re okay,”
Endlessly repeated
As long as I needed to hear it.
I could breathe
When she was with me.
When she left,
She became sand.
I found her in every room,
Lining suitcases and baseboards.
She stuck between my sheets,
Replacing easy breathing
With fitful dreams.
No amount of laundry cycles
Removed the sand from my bikinis,
Where it grated on my nerves,
Wedged against my tan lines
Reminding me of the
Uncomfortable friendship
We now share.
I became buried in memories,
Searching between the grains
For gulps of air,
Finally drowning in her.
But sand,
Has a way of reminiscing,
Reminding us of castles and mermaids,
Reading crappy romance novels,
Letting the ocean sting and heal.
In this act of drowning,
In getting caught in her riptide,
I grew gills from my wounds,
Drinking in the bubbles
As if it were her lips.
I always catch myself,
I am constantly wishing
That the world that made the ocean
Out of the same thing as tears
Made her
Our of the same thing as me,
But I now know
She was as fickle as the tide,
And I was never worth her time;
She moved on,
Moved to some big city
In an attempt to forget me
And how the sand
Seemed to stick to my skin.
She is gone,
Just like the air from my lungs,
And though they keep heaving,
Remembering how we shared everything
As easily as breathing,
I will never cease to regret
How our lips
Never met.

rampant-noodle replied to your post:writing more diamonds and stars part II ATTACK OF…


OMG.  1. SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA IT’S GOING STRAIGHT INTO MY PODFICS PLAYLIST  2. NOT YEEEEET This is actually like a continuation of that first snippet and I’m probably going to fix that one up, finish them both and actually officially post them!  :D  I would hate for you to voice the first draft incomplete version and then I post an edited version that’s different and longer and doesn’t have big breaks in the story omg.