A Day In The Life - 14th April 1963: The Beatles see The Rolling Stones perform for the first time.

The Beatles have a rare night off so, after their third appearance on the ITV show Thank Your Lucky Stars, they drive to Richmond to see a new group, The Rolling Stones, perform at the Crawdaddy Club.

“We’d been at Teddington taping Thank Your Lucky Stars, miming to From Me To You, and we went to Richmond afterwards and met them.
They were still on the club scene, stomping about, doing R&B tunes. The music they were playing was more like we’d been doing before we’d got out of our leather suits to try and get onto record labels and television. We’d calmed down by then.” - George Harrison

I remember Brian Jones came up and said, ‘Are you playing a harmonica or a harp on Love Me Do?’ because he knew I’d got this bottom note. I said, 'A harmonica with a button,’ which wasn’t really funky-blues enough; but you couldn’t get Hey! Baby licks on a blues harp and we were also doing Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel.” - John Lennon
This is the first time The Beatles see The Stones, the group who would become friends and occasional chart rivals with The Beatles throughout the 1960s.

“We first went to see the Stones at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond and then at another place in London. They were run by a different guy then, Giorgio Gomelsky. When we started hanging around London, the Stones were up and coming in the clubs, and we knew Giorgio through Epstein. We went down and saw them and became good friends. - John Lennon

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they’re like 4 what r u even talking about

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Yall freaking out over the CDC’s recommendation based on blown-out-of-proportion lies by news reports. Like rly yall what’s so wrong with saying that if you could get pregnant, and you aren’t sure you would get an abortion, then don’t drink? Like 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. If you’re sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant… Use adequate birth control so you won’t end up with a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome! If you’re sexually active and may be pregnant and would want to carry the pregnancy to term, then don’t drink because you gonna fuck up your baby!

If yall actually read the report you’d see that the CDC isn’t just telling women “lol don’t drink I’m a Puritan”, they’re warning women about the possible dangers of drinking to their unplanned yet still wanted fetuses. Like actually if you read the legit report not the bullshit “news” articles with spins then you wouldn’t actually be pissed I bet you