warriors fandom: wow tigerstars death scene…..super gory and clearly not meant for kids…..cats dying from awful ways??? i dont know man i dont think this should be for kids,,,, this series is like watership down….so gory and violent….

also warriors fandom: okay but why are you guys complaining about homophobia and sexism in wc???? its for kids!! actual fetuses!!! kids dont know what a gay is!!!

Mark Talking About NCT Dream

Mark: “I raised these kids from the time they were actual fetuses to the somewhat strong, smart, and partially independent toddlers they are today!!!”

Donghyuck: “If we’re toddlers what does that make you? A kindergartener?”

Mark: “No! I’m a first grader. Get it right.”

i don’t really have an opinion on abortion but one thing about the pro-life movement that really pisses me off is shit like this. worst of all this wasn’t even the worst  pro-life posters some of them ACTUALLY SHOWED DEAD FETUSES. then some off the pro life people say “some woman kill themselves after abortions”. i wonder why….. BECAUSE YOUR MAKING THEM FEEL LIKE MURDERS WITH THIS BULLSHIT

gothicmewmew16  asked:

Hey Kat. The antichoice idiots are using "Black Lives Matters" for fetuses , not actually black people. They are appropriating this movement and try to make it all about their hypocritical movement.

it’s also racist. 

A Day In The Life - 14th April 1963: The Beatles see The Rolling Stones perform for the first time.

The Beatles have a rare night off so, after their third appearance on the ITV show Thank Your Lucky Stars, they drive to Richmond to see a new group, The Rolling Stones, perform at the Crawdaddy Club.

“We’d been at Teddington taping Thank Your Lucky Stars, miming to From Me To You, and we went to Richmond afterwards and met them.
They were still on the club scene, stomping about, doing R&B tunes. The music they were playing was more like we’d been doing before we’d got out of our leather suits to try and get onto record labels and television. We’d calmed down by then.” - George Harrison

I remember Brian Jones came up and said, ‘Are you playing a harmonica or a harp on Love Me Do?’ because he knew I’d got this bottom note. I said, 'A harmonica with a button,’ which wasn’t really funky-blues enough; but you couldn’t get Hey! Baby licks on a blues harp and we were also doing Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel.” - John Lennon
This is the first time The Beatles see The Stones, the group who would become friends and occasional chart rivals with The Beatles throughout the 1960s.

“We first went to see the Stones at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond and then at another place in London. They were run by a different guy then, Giorgio Gomelsky. When we started hanging around London, the Stones were up and coming in the clubs, and we knew Giorgio through Epstein. We went down and saw them and became good friends. - John Lennon

Do you know why Planned Parenthood has to do “damage control?”

Because too many people are reacting to the smear campaign videos and not critically researching.

Because too many people are scarfing down the lies, without looking at the situation from a neutral standpoint.

Because too many people are ignorant about gestation and think fetuses actually have body parts that are “black marketable.” (Instead of, you know, researching and finding out about stem cell research that helps further many studies.)

Because even Republicans are happily, asininely choking down the lies.

Just because you have to do “damage control” doesn’t mean you’re an evil-doer. It means that too many people are buying - without thinking about it - into a sham of an organization and their misleading videos.

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Comparing aborted fetuses (no memories, no personalities, no attachments, no dreams) to Holocaust victims (who had all of those things, were fully formed human beings) is incredibly disrespectful and shameful. Comparing a human being with ambitions and feelings to a clump of tissue that looks like a chunk of vomit in a petri dish is not only profoundly illogical, but heartless and belittling to those victims. You do not represent this generation, and your work does nothing but harm.

Which part to cover first? How fetuses can actually dream or recognize their mother’s voice? Therefore debunking what you said about attachments and memories and dreams? 

About how you think this (9 weeks, from this website) looks like vomit, and not a human being? And apparently thinking looking like vomit means its okay to kill something no matter what it is, just based on what it looks like? (I thought about making a joke about me being ugly here, and couldn’t get it to sound the way I wanted. Plus I’m not.) 

I think I’ll just say yet again, that we compare the abortion to the Holocaust sometimes not because the victims were good or bad, worthy or unworthy, old or young, but because they were human beings who were killed en masse. 

There are three prerequisites for being a human being that is worthy of dignity and, you know, not being killed. Distinct, alive, and human. (Distinct and alive could be a bird, distinct and human could be a corpse, human and alive could be your fingernail.) But a fetus, which has its own DNA, processes wastes and can hear and dream, and is of the same species as both its parents because that’s how nature works, is all three. (Death penalty advocates might add innocent, but I’ve never heard of a fetus committing one of the Seven Deadlies, and you did not specify that Holocaust victims were innocent. So.) Holocaust victims were also all three. And they were massacred. 

So our comparison simply says “look at all these millions of human beings being killed because someone decided to say they weren’t human! All humans deserve rights, not just the ones you like! Killing is wrong and terrible!” And you looked at that and saw “heartless”. 

I think the reason for that is that it would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t it, to have something you advocate be compared to one of the worst acts in the modern world - perhaps in all of history? Yeah, that would suck for me too. That’s why I don’t go in for the Holocaust analogy. Not because it’s inaccurate. But because I’m pandering to your feelings. I’m actually trying to be sensitive to the fact that you don’t like to be called a murderer. 

Well, I don’t like to be called disrespectful or heartless, but when you said it, I looked at it and thought about it logically and wrote out a reply. I’m asking you to look at what you said and what I said and think about it the same way. Maybe do some research. Read up on it more. Try to start friendlier dialogues. Wonder if maybe the Holocaust analogy is more sound than you think. Not perfect in every particular - that’s what makes it an analogy. But sound. 

You made me angry, which is what I think you intended, so good job. But I’m not going to respond to you angrily. Because I don’t want you to be my enemy. I want you to be my ally. Not because I want to be right, but because the right already exists, and I want you to see the truth and join with me in my attempt to stop the idea that millions of deaths mean nothing. That’s why we say “we are the pro-life generation”, you know. Not because every single one of us is pro-life. We’re not talking statistics. We’re talking hope. 

We say that in hope that this will be the generation that will win people like you and me and R and G and everyone else over to the truth. And in the hope that this will be the generation that will stop the slaughter. That will see that trying to do that isn’t harmful, it’s good. It’s a rally cry. And we’re not trying to leave you out of it, we’re inviting you in, so you don’t have to get defensive when analogies like that are made. 

Think about it. 


middle school girls n high school girls grow up 2 fast these days and i think youtube tutorials and instagram and to blame the other day i was in sephora and these actual fetuses were hounding the sales rep about like a specific countouring kit and they all had victoria’s secret bags… like who ARE you trying to impress you’re 11 go watch a sponge bob

Pro-lifers are mostly concerned with women having sex.

Yesterday, a pro-life bill in Ohio made it out of committee on its way to a vote in the House and Senate.  If it became law, doctors would face a fifth-degree felony for performing abortions after the first heartbeat is detected, which is sometimes six weeks after fertilization.  Many women don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks, but under the new law, they wouldn’t be able to terminate their pregnancy if a doctor could find a heartbeat.

At six weeks, the fetus is about the size of a lentil.  It can’t feel anything.  It doesn’t have lungs or intestines.  Instead of arms and legs, it has nubs.  Instead of eyes, a nose, or a mouth, it has dark “spots.”

That’s not a baby.  That’s a clump of cells.  The state of Ohio would like to make it a crime to terminate that clump of cells under the guise of protecting the life of the baby, but it’s really about regulating the sex lives of women.

Watch this video.

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