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So I headcanon Taako having some form of depression. My dad, who has depression, even told me that you have to watch out for the people who always seem happy, because they could be suffering and no one would know. Plus some people probably use humor to cope. I don’t have depression myself so I can’t say much for it, but I feel like being through what he (Taako) has been through might be an instigator for it, even the events before the SC. Either that or he’d have separation anxiety.

tbh canonically i dont think theres enough evidence to say either way, and i tend to ehhh play the mental fuckery up or down depending on the Mood, but it makes for a real interesting headcanon. and also some real big sad. you wanna hear my thoughts? we’re gonna hear my thoughts with the caveat that sometimes i personally feel weird about headcanoning mental illnesses on characters. 

actually you know what i wanna expand on this, because like. heres the thing about taz, right? is that if you take the premise seriously, then what you have in the postcanon is a recipe for literally the entirety of faerun needing some fucking therapy, holy shit. 

like. ok. lets talk first a) faerun, which just witnessed what is the equivalent of like five zillion natural disasters/wars, coupled with the sudden realization that a) many of their memories are fake and that the actual events of history were erased from their minds b) a threat as large as the hunger exists, c) the fact that aliens exist and d) now they’re faced with reconstruction. lads, i dont know about you but im pretty sure that most of the people on that plane are a bit fucked in the head. 

and now lets talk the crew. or at least in general, or part of the crew cause ill be honest i haven’t thought about all of them. but as a whole i think there have to be some deep psychological repercussions to fighting an unwinnable war for a century, to losing the idea of mortality, to being perpetual foreigner, alien, to knowing that you are now so different from the people you are trying to protect. how easy would it be to stop? what would keep you going? but anyway yeah im like pretty sure that if you take the premise of stolen century seriously you end up with seven people who are uniquely damaged in particular ways that may or may not be an analogue to like, anything we have. 

since ya asked tbh i headcanon taako as having something although i really dont know what it would be. but there’s gotta be something, right? two tracks of memory, two tracks of lives, what do you remember is real and what do you feel is real? how do you fuckin interact? uhhh if you want more about this ask me about it later i can’t really word great rn and thats its own separate post. 

i think the headcanon that taako has depression is a pretty fuckin reasonable one and one that’s interesting to explore, kid wants to be perceived as the way he projects himself, kid fronts like a fucker, kid jokes and makes cutting remarks and doesnt let anyone in — if you run with the idea that he’s mostly fronting all the time then i think you have the beginnings of a pretty solid headcanon…. but also this is one that i’m probably not gonna poke at too deeply, probs haha. or maybe i will. we’ll see. 

…you know who i think has depression post-canon? lucretia. but hoo boy that’s a whole ‘nother story. 

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Hm, I usually consult the Korean scanlation to find out how they have written character names. ナムセク was 남석 (Nam-seok). I'm aware that it doesn't match the katakana spelling, but I assumed that the Korean scanlators had found an obvious typo in the Japanese text and tried to correct it. What I know is that セク must be the Korean eum (on/音) reading of a Chinese character. My Korean IME says that there's no kanji with Korean reading 섹 (sek), so his name can't be sek. On the other hand, セク could(1/2)

also be 색 (saek), and my IME finds 47 different kanji with Korean reading saek. (2/2)

You can’t rely on Korean scanlations for how to spell the names because AnY isn’t set in Korea. Kusanagi has been saying over and over that Kouka is a fantasy world inspired by ancient Asia but the places and names are completely made-up (i.e. there’s no rule that says you have to write them the Korean or Chinese way).

If you need references, take a look at those 2 posts on her blog:

“For my current series, Akatsuki no Yona, I’m trying to come up with international names / names from around the world. I want them to be easy to remember, but it’s a bit difficult because a lot of them don’t actually sound like Japanese names.“

‘‘Q. I noticed the names and places in Akatsuki no Yona don’t exactly sound very Japanese, but are closer to Chinese or Korean. Is the setting [for Kouka] actually based on an existing country?

A. […] Yona’s world is loosely based on ancient Asia, but it’s purely a fantasy world. I use references for the clothes or architecture, but Kouka is a fictional country so it has no relation to an actual country or actual History event.”

So really, people can write those names the way they like. Sorry if write I wrote in the previous post sounded aggressive. Readers can choose how they want to spell it based on what Kusanagi said.

That said, it is my personal opinion that when the author/publisher doesn’t specify rules regarding the names and places (like setting a story in a real-world country), we should stick to using the closest possible pronunciation to the Japanese one available in our own language. How the Korean scanlators chose to write the names is nothing of my concern since I’m not Korean myself.

About the typo thing, it can happen. However usually Kusanagi posts something on her twitter or her blog to let us know about it, like the time Yuuno was written Yuuna in the magazine. This time she didn’t, so we can assume ナムセク really is what she was going for.

I’m not too bothered with the way scanlators and publishers chose to “koreanize” everything, because it’s true some names really do sound like they’re of Korean origin, however I tend to be particular about spellings that exist in Japanese but would be written differently. For example, Jeno, Yeon, Nam-Seok would be written ジェノ, ヨン, ナムソク if they were meant to be pronounced that way. Lastly the reason why Kusanagi uses katakana instead of kanji is because she wants readers to know the names are foreign/made-up and not derived from Chinese/Japanese kanji.

How to argue with an atheist... 11 guidelines...
  1. Don’t pretend to be an authority or representative for your god…and don’t purport to speak for your god… Atheists don’t believe god exists, so you will appear as a liar and deceiver…
  2. Don’t quote from the bible, or it’s apologetic “experts”… Atheists don’t believe the bible is anything more than man made fables and lies, so you will appear as a liar and deceiver…
  3. Don’t use emotions or feelings or impressions or “encounters” or “miracles” as proofs for your god… Atheists don’t believe they originate from anything more that your hysteria fueled imagination…so you will appear as mentally unstable and delusional…
  4. Don’t point to nature as proof for your god… Atheists don’t believe nature proves any god…in fact the exact opposite…they see nature as disproving that any god was ever involved in it…
  5. Don’t pretend to be godly, or born again, a new creature, god infused, more moral or in any way better than a person who does not pretend to be religious or follow the bible…for atheists will simply expose your blatant hypocrisy…
  6. Don’t regurgitate religious propaganda, or pretend it depicts actual events or history… Atheists don’t believe god exists, or did any of the things religion claims god did…so you will appear as a liar and deceiver…
  7. Don’t make excuses, or try to conceal all the immorality, self-aggrandizement and financial defrauding religion and religious leaders have done… Atheists see that as immoral behavior…
  8. Don’t try to force your subjective religious rules on others, through legislation… Atheists see that as immoral behavior…
  9. Don’t try to force your religious fantasy on children, or on others within public facilities… Atheists see that as immoral behavior…
  10. Don’t preach to an atheist…directly…or through prayer… Atheists see that as deceptive and immoral behavior…


11. Simply present any verifiable “evidence” that you have, for your god…or honestly admit that you have none…and then let your god appear and speak for itself…(if it exists at all…!)

Knight Takes Queen (Lokane) -- Coming soon!

Knight Takes Queen

Forced to marry Thor, King of Asgard, for protection, Jane finds herself thrown headfirst into the fray of “virtuous” knights and needy courtiers of her husband’s court.  Chief among them and nearly equal in power is Loki, the king’s bastard brother who may have been raised by a witch near a lake, but no one ever talks about that lest they find themselves at the wrong end of one of Loki’s weapons. 

Jane hates Loki and his acerbic wit almost instantly.  Though she finds him alluringly attractive, she knows he is also conceited, domineering, and very, very, very dangerous.  None of the other men of the court seem to trust Loki, save for Thor who loves his brother unconditionally despite all evidence to the contrary.  Knowing that a goodhearted, though brutish, man like Thor would not accept someone into his inner circle who was unworthy, Jane attempts to give Loki the benefit of the doubt. 

She realizes too late her mistake in giving him an inch and allowing him to take a mile—and that she has lost her hatred along with her heart—placing herself in a precarious, potentially deadly situation between two exceedingly powerful men.


Notes: This is based on the Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot legend, with a Marvel twist.  I’ve borrowed pieces of various retellings and iterations of the legend, including Chrétien de Troyes, Geoffrey of Monmouth, the musical Camelot and others.  Instead of setting it in England or another actual country or over an actual event in history, I’ve chosen to create Asgard as a fictional kingdom, much like Camelot was in the original legend.  The knights of Thor’s “Round Table” will be recognizable Marvel characters that have gone medieval.  Mostly it is all medieval fantasy, based in medieval fact, set in a medieval land.  I hope you enjoy it!