[Making Film] 수란(SURAN)-오늘 취하면(Feat.창모)(Prod.SUGA)

Explanation of Acrush fan names
  • All fans of Acrush are called Juicers (榨汁机 zhà zhī jī), presumably because of the “crush” in the group’s name.
  • An Jun Xi calls her fans Bacteria (细菌 xì jūn), because it sounds like her name reversed. She uses this very often. 
  • Min Jun Qian calls her fans Puff Pastries (千层饼 qiān céng bǐng), because it shares the character 千 with her name. She has only used this once. 
  • Peng Xi Chen calls her fans Castles (城堡 chéng bǎo), because it sounds similar to 辰宝 chén bǎo, which means Chen Babies. She uses this very often. She also briefly considered Oranges (橙子 chéng zi) before settling on this one. 
  • Lin Fan’s fans have come up with their own name, Ice Cream (冰淇淋 bīng qí lín), because of the lín sound shared with her name. She has not used this herself, but has liked a weibo post where fans use this name.  
  • Lu Ke Ran does not have her own fan name yet, but she uses Juicers more often than the other members. 

This post will be updated if more information comes out!

Trans cr; Cindi @ acrush-trans
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@deanssweetheart23 tormented me with this gif and most of the dialogue, so now I’m torturing back. Let’s call this a joint effort.

You leaned back in your chair with a yawn, stretching your arms up above your head. God you were exhausted, but you had to get this paper finished. It wasn’t due until tomorrow afternoon, but you knew that if you kept putting it off it would just get worse. Besides, despite your phenomenal procrastination abilities, you really hated rushing to finish things at the last second. You were more of a get-it-done-the-night-beforehand even-if-that-means-an-all-nighter girl. 

You squinted at the word document open on the screen, watching the little cursor appear and disappear at an almost hypnotizing rate. Writing it really shouldn’t be that hard, and you were making steady progress, it was just a lot slower than you’d like it to be. You risked a glance at the digital alarm clock across the room and immediately regretted it. It was far beyond late at night and had become early in the morning. When you looked back at the screen, your eyes began watering and you wiped at them tiredly. God the screen was bright… why the hell didn’t it dim anymore than that? 

“Sweetheart?” Dean’s low voice cut through the silence, making you jump. 

“Hey,” you said quietly, peeking up over the top of your laptop to look at where he had propped himself up on an elbow on the bed. “Sorry, is it too bright? I can go to the other room,” you said quickly, worried that you had woken him. 

“No, no it’s not that,” Dean said, his voice thick with sleep, “why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“I’m a little busy, D,” you reminded him with a small smile at the sight of his bedhead. Dean huffed out a sigh and collapsed back against the pillows. “I really can go outside if I’m bothering you,” you said in concern, but Dean just shook his head.

“S not that,” he mumbled, making you arch an eyebrow.

“Does the mighty Dean Winchester want to cuddle?” You teased, a full blown grin spreading across your face now. Dean groaned again, rolling his eyes as he flipped onto his side to face you.

I do not cuddle,” he informed you with a scowl. 

“Sure you don’t…” you chuckled, glancing back to your computer screen. 

“I just sleep better when you’re here, alright?” Dean admitted, rubbing his face and then running his hand through his hair. “Now come to bed already. It’s- shit, Y/N it’s two in the morning!”

“One more paragraph,” you bargained, blinking a few times as you tried to refocus on the page in front of you.

“Nope,” Dean mumbled, “need to hold you. C’mere.” When you looked up again, Dean’s eyes were bright from where he watched you, his head resting against the pillow. You had more to do, but dammit he looked so comfy.

“I gotta finish this, D…” you said, but he heard the hesitancy in your voice, saw the weakness. And god damn that man, he pouted. Those perfect lips combined with his puppy dog eyes completely did you in. You just couldn’t say no to him. With a little groan, you flipped the screen shut, making Dean’s face light up in a grin. You pushed out of your chair and made straight for the bed, where Dean had scooted over and pulled back the covers for you. 

A little sigh escaped your lips as you hit the mattress, letting the exhaustion finally wash over you. Dean pulled you in against him immediately, tangling his legs with yours and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled as he nuzzled against your neck, but your eyelids were already so heavy you couldn’t keep your eyes open. You barely felt Dean plant a soft kiss against your hair before you were asleep.

Martin Freeman's smile

Do you ever just look at Martin Freeman’s smile and just…

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