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What would a pisces and taurus be like in a relationship?

This would actually be the cutest cuddliest couple ever

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you and Delanie are actually the cutest couple I've ever seen like how

Stop this is so cute. Honestly hearing this makes me really happy because I don’t get any support at home for my relationship and being gay so hearing this is super validating and sweet ❤️ thank you ❤️

So here's a rant

I just watched paper towns and I fell completely in love with the movie (even if some parts weren’t true to the book) it actually has some good lessons in it, the number one thing that I learned is that happiness isn’t gonna come to you after you go to college get a job and have a family etc. it’s just a way of fooling our minds to stay motivated towards that “goal”. But why can’t we just live everyday like its the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I also learned that I need to take more risks in life, because everything that I want is actually outside of my comfort zone, and I need to go out and get it regardless. And just a side- Radar and Angela’s relationship is actually what I want in a relationship. Literally the cutest couple ever. Okay