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You're pregnant with your first child with Ashton. Would you rather a boy or girl? why?

It’d be cute if it was a boy because then if the next kid is a girl, she’d have an older brother to look after her and idk just that concept is like goals for me :) 

best friend- ashton | calum | luke | michael

I feel like you and michael would bond over your love for tv shows and video games…lots of late nights spent with him gaming ;) 

boyfriend- ashton | calum | luke | michael

I ship shashton so much like I actually can’t even. You’d be the cutest couple ever!!

the one who secretly likes you- ashton | calum | luke | michael


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use somebody- kings of leon

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first date with ashton at a cute little restaurant :) 

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i ship you with ashton bc you seem super sweet & so does he and you guys would be that couple that everyone wants to hate because you're always holding hands or giving forehead kisses, but they cant because you're actually perfect for each other and the cutest couple ever pLZ GET MARRIED!!

Aww! Thank you so much :-)

Ship: Mikeyy

Who Falls In Love First: You/Him

Who Always Starts the Fights: You/Him

Who Always Apologizes First: You/Him

Who Wants To Move In Together First: You/Him

Who Always Picks The Movies Watched: You/Him

Who’s The Little Spoon: You/Him

Michael came into your shared flat and flopped down on the couch next to you. “Hey Megsy Pegsy!” he said. You rolled your eyes at his stupid nicknames. Megsy Pegsy being one of the worst.

“Hi Mikey,” you replied, cuddling into his side and turning the movie on. Saturday was always your date night. Sometimes that involved going out, but it was usually watching movies or marathoning whatever show the two you had recently become obsessed with it.

“What are we watching tonight?”

“Nightmare before Christmas,” you said with a smile. You had already seen it at least 20 times, but still got extremely excited about it.

“As much I love that movie, you do realize it’s the middle of summer?” he said with a smirk. You jokingly punched him in the arm.

“Fine. If that’s how you want to be, I’ll just be over here,” Michael responded, getting up and moving to the other couch. You pouted and held out your bowl of popcorn as a peace offering.

He came back over to you, shaking his head. “Starving me out? That’s beneath you.”

“But you still love me,” you responded, handing him the popcorn as the movie started.

“Yes, I do Megsy Pegsy.”

I hope you liked it! :-)

Want one?

anonymous asked:

You and your boyfriend are actually the cutest couple I've ever seen! Where can I find a boyfriend like yours?

AW thank you so much!! I’m certain he’s one of a kind..but I’m confident you’ll find a great guy