Do you have to be special? Do people have to recognize you, no matter what? I don’t think so. At the very least, not when it comes to this child…

night6 asked:


nah brah….my art isn’t good enough i need to master backgrounding and actually color instead of just doodling sketches.

let me disappoint you with a thing in a few min.


Again a smaller maiko kanzashi, but smaller in size only.

I got a hint from a very good friend that there is a new susuki (pampas grass) design coming. I sadly can’t show any photos yet, but you may trust me on that ;)

Susuki grass is an August motif, and is usually shown as a burst of long silvery leaves - either made of silver paper or iridescent textile. Sometimes you can see them as an extra motif in other kanzashi (like the bunny and bell flower one). It comes with a classic silver burst background

This kanzashi was made using iridescent organza and silver thread with addition of Aurora Borealis rhinestones.

Had to use colored background to actually show the kanzashi at all :)

help idk if this color scheme and look is like… Good

i’m using stevonnie’s official colors (but the rose quartz gem is the lineart & stevonnie’s hair color) but the shades are the background color (stevonnie’s actual hair color lmao) with like 40% (if i remember correctly) opacity but hue adjusted for more contrast…

but yeah i’m not sure i can like achieve the painterly look i’m going for?? i need Assistance

you know that thing that synesthesia does sometimes where it makes you associate certain letters and numbers with certain colors?

i decided to try approximating the colors i “see” in each letter and number for fun.

i also “see” colors in punctuation but this took forever as it is so no punctuation today sorry.

you may need to tilt the screen or your head to see 1 but it is there.

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Who are you: I'm Mary! Nice to meet'cha. Whats your favorite color: Actually, I really like the background color you have for your list of "how to feel better and become better". Favorite ship: Too many to list just one... I really like Wendia and Jerza from Fairy Tail, Maleigh from Pacific Rim, and Iryumako (ot3) from Kill La Kill. Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Cookie from Ben&Jerry's. Do you have a cat? Yes, I have two! (Also, I love your new color palette!)

Nice to meet you, Mary! Thanks for introducing yourself, I love to get to know new people. Have a great day! :)