Armin’s parent revealed!

And it is %100 canon!

Do you guys remember Volume 22′s fake spoilers? There, Isa actually revealed a huge plot point!

One of Armin’s parents! 

Look how Armin is wearing glasses like Zeke. That’s important. Isa was dropping clues to us that Armin is actually Zeke’s son!

Other similar things Armin and Zeke accidentally have o.O

  • They are both blond. This is important.
  • Both of them were raised by their grandparents.
  • Both of them wear glasses like their parents, though Armin wears it only at High School AU.
  • Armin is so smart like Zeke. Father like son.
  • Both are Titan shifters.

Zeke met with Armin’s mom when he was spying within the Walls and they fall in love. 

Remember this couple?

Yes, these are Zeke and Armin’s mom. Notice how man is flying away while woman is staying behind? That’s Armin’s mom, who gave birth to Armin in prison then died. Zeke manage to fly away to Marley, but failed to take his lover with him and didn’t know she was pregnant. That’s why Armin was raised by his grandpa and this is the story of how he got that book about ocean and outside world.

And not just that, Armin’s incredible similarities with his long distant uncle Uri is impossible not to notice.

And it is ironic that he grew up with his own uncle, Eren Jaeger and then met with his distant related cousin, Historia Reiss.

I wonder if they’ll ever solve the origins of Armin Fritz Reiss Jaeger Arlert.

A shifter’s last rites?

Under @momtaku‘s request, I decided to address the issue surrounding Ymir’s death from my review in a separate post.

More accurately, this isn’t about how it was handled, but more about the circumstances surrounding it. After chapter 89 came out, I saw Ymir’s death coming from miles ahead, for logical reasons. Since Marley lost a shifter power on the road, they have to destitute it as soon as possible to arm themselves from conflict. Moreover, we learned their military relied mostly on titans, unable to expand past the sea, but dominating the land. Hence why they need to mobilize as soon as possible. From that point onwards, Ymir’s survival was ridiculous: they couldn’t let an ex-felon in possession of the titan power.

However, they didn’t execute her in the most tasteless way, the way some Eldians have been treated in the past, according to Grisha’ flashback and Ymir’s letter.

Fay eaten by the dogs (Ch. 86), the Kruger family burned alive (Ch. 87), Ymir being sent for a lifetime as a titan to Paradis, the fate of every Eldian opposing themselves to Marley (Ch. 89)

This world carries a strong hatred for Eldians, not just Marleans, as seen by that scared prisoner from the Middle Eastern Alliance, to the soldiers of the same faction calling them “descendants of that whore”. Yet the way Ymir was executed was rather… merciful.

Ymir about to be executed - Ch. 93

Look at the structure. Very reminiscent of a certain ceremony, isn’t it?

The Reiss passing ceremony. - Ch. 64

And everything there has been reproduced to a certain extent: the chains, the stairs, even the white costume. And in Ymir’s case, it was done for the sake of a single warrior. Not the future king, just a warrior.

Since Marley treats Eldians like canon meat and can execute them without suffering any severe consequences, I wonder if them imitating the coronation isn’t connected to some kind of superstition as the next warrior being haunted by their predecessors if not done correctly. 

While this isn’t as efficient as the coordinate, it happens shifters can pass memories between holders, under certain conditions.

Galliard seeing through Ymir’s memories - Ch. 93

Galliard was also able to understand Ymir a little and even felt pity for her sake, almost as if he and Ymir made some kind of connection between the moment Galliard crunched her and the moment he woke up as a shifter. Galliard didn’t say when he saw the memory illustrated above, so I assume it could happen randomly at any point in time.

Now what was the difference between Galliard and the rest of their shifters? Ymir was given a royal treatment for her status: she got to stay prisoner for a bit, ask a last favor to Reiner and delivering her letter to the girl she loves, and got a full ceremony. Others devoured shifters weren’t as lucky.

Shifters being quickly and brutally devoured: Marcel (Ch. 40), Frieda (Ch. 63), Grisha (Ch. 62) and Bertolt (Ch. 84)

I was reluctant onto putting Grisha to the list because he willingly let himself fed to Eren. If anything, it’s Eren who got coerced without much explanation, only agreeing with his father that he’s going to avenge his mother. According to this month’s chapter, Grisha left 22 years ago, where he became the holder of the Attacking Titan. That means he would’ve died 9 years before the present point… just the time needed to pass the power to his son before his time was up. He surrounded himself to his progeny without any further waiting, and is now relieving his memories through him. 

Now that any shifter can experience the memories of their predecessor, the coordinate probably kicked in once Eren read through the journals, because Grisha wanted his will to fight to pass down inside Eren, something he did successfully. Him raising his arms in a defense posture makes me think if he didn’t regret what he was about to do at the very last moment, though.

Of course, before succumbing to his fate, Grisha forcefully removed the Founding Titan out of Frieda’s nape. The two of them fought and Grisha won, devouring Frieda alive. We didn’t experience any aftereffect since Grisha died soon after, but Eren caught glimpses of Frieda here and there.

Eren through Frieda’s memories - Ch. 53

The coordinate allows Eren to delve deeper in the memories of his predecessors, but the most blatant so far have been Kruger’s and Grisha’s, since, as Attacker titans, they both shared the same ideology. That’s the reason why Kruger wasn’t in the list: him passing his power to Grisha was in his agenda. He wanted the leader of the restorationists to own it and the latter agreed, after a short conversation. 

Grisha finding resolution after hearing Kruger - Ch. 87

This panel clearly shows Grisha is ready to accept Kruger’s power. There’s consenting on both sides.

The same thing happened with the Reiss ceremony: each ruler was prepared for it as their time was near, and each successor did the same, promising they won’t let their ancestors dominate them, asking for their family to pray, and falling victim to the sin of their bloodline everytime.

In the next cases, taping onto memories is a very tedious thing to do:

Ymir and Bertolt discussing Marcel’s fate - Ch. 47

Ymir stated she had no recollection, nor vision of who Marcel was. If she had memories from him, she would recognize Reiner and Bertolt on sight. Bertolt also states he, Reiner and the other warriors don’t have any memories of their predecessors either. What he meant by that could be the temporary amnesia every shifter experiences once they’re reverting back to their human form.

The thing is, the warriors were all submitted to the classical ritual, so the passing method stayed the same. The seven titans always won Marley’s wars and going on Paradis was a first. When Ymir inherited Marcel, it was an accident. Marcel shielded Reiner back then. When he was eaten, Ymir couldn’t remember him or see through him, as if Marcel’s soul sealed itself. That explains why not even his twin brother could see the moment where he died.

And now, probably the most disturbing case: Bertolt. 

Bertolt about to get devoured by Armin - Ch. 84

His execution was completely messy and sloppy. Not only did he spend the whole serumbowl completely unconscious, but also gets held on the other side of the house so Armin could take his time to get him. When he woke up, he was completely unaware of his surroundings and got an audience who only wanted Armin to come back as a shifter. Other devoured shifters stayed silent, Bertolt begged for help. As a result, the first image that comes into Armin’s mind is that giant Colossal, screaming in pain. I explained in my chapter analysis how similar it was to Japanese ghost stories, but Armin doesn’t remain affected, from what we’ve seen. Maybe a bit down considering what transpired at the serumbowl, but no doubt Bertolt would do like Marcel did: keeping his secrets well-protected.

Unless he actually made Armin relieve his worst memories but… that’s probably left for when we switch back to Paradis. Him being pictured as sinking ships makes me think something changed in him but it’s more than potential nightmares.

In any case, I think those paths aren’t completely random. They can connect briefly if all the conditions are reunited, especially through a ceremony. That’s why Ymir’s death wasn’t as awful as people made it out to be. We should be grateful enough we’re spared the definite crunch because not even Titan Jesus Uri was granted this…

Frieda devouring Uri - Ch. 64

Yep, clear dismembered king right in front of our eyes. I doubt many of you would’ve been happy to see Ymir’s limbs dangling to the chains while her lower half would just lay there as Galliard was taking back his human form.

alcor-a5v  asked:

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Armin, Hanji, Historia, Mikasa Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Bertholdt, Jean, Nanaba, Eren Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Marco, Sasha, Connie, Moblit Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Erwin, Reiner, Mike, Annie Sinnamon rolls: Ymir, Hajimama Former cinnamon roll but was fucking burnt to a crisp: Levi


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Not sure if this was approached before. Mikasa was born in February and Armin was born in November. Assuming that the trio were born in the same year and that their training took exactly 3 years after they enlisted at the age of 12 wouldn't that mean Mikasa turned 16 sometime prior to the 9 month time skip to the ocean.

Hi nonnie, very good! That would also mean Mikasa was already 17 when they reached the ocean after spring started in chapter 90, since winter in Paradis starts in December as it’s located in the northern hemisphere in their world. (Unless they weren’t born in the same year and Armin is actually the oldest of the EMA trio. But I have a feeling Mikasa is the oldest :3)

Plus, if this is all true, Mikasa must be 20 after the time skip (since 3 years and 3 months must’ve passed since they reached the ocean)!


Hey look what i found when i reread chapter 10, in Eren’s flashback about what Grisha said…

It’s maybe funny but what if i said that what Kruger talked to Grisha in chapter 90 about Mikasa and Armin actually came from what Grisha talked to his second son - Eren before gave him the titan power ?? What if it is Grisha’s memories ( in the future lol ) … or maybe it is Eren’s memories ( we all knew this )

So Grisha told Eren if he want to save Mikasa, Armin he need to bla bla bla, and somehow Eren’s memories connected to Kruger, and Kruger told Grisha if he want to save Armin, Mikasa he need to bla bla bla and Grisha said it to Eren, and Eren damn it Barry Allen…….

Time-traveling mind is suck..

It’s funny but come on…

Just a shit posting, nevermind….

anonymous asked:

It's fine to hate Armin but I'm literally seeing people blame Armin for Erwin's death, saying he should've died (as in "he chose to live"), calling Armin selfish... It's like these people forgot that ARMIN WAS UNCONSCIOUS THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME, PEOPLE. HE CAN'T CHOOSE TO LIVE WHEN HE HAS NO IDEA HE'S STILL ALIVE. If you want to blame Isayama and call it bad writing, by all means, but these morons don't even realize Armin had exactly zero say in it all.

I can’t exactly remember which day i received this ask but I think it was in reference to Isayama’s comment about Armin in February.

I agree with the mindset and I’m trying to analyze how the Armin hate was brewed since chapter 83 and chapter 84, as these two get hand in hand.

As far as I’ve seen, most people were either sad to devastated when Armin was supposed to be dead in chapter 82, but this death was sign of a good departure for him: dying without regrets and sacrificing himself so humanity can advance. Putting that with information we’ve learned till now, he could’ve even be gone with his innocence and purity intact as he thought areas like the oceans were unexplored. And that could’ve been a beautiful way to close his character development I think.

But here’s the drill: what was presented as a definitive death situation wasn’t, and Armin ~*~miraculously~*~ survived a fall of several dozen meters on top of having his body reduced to a piece of charcoal, so the drama serum would happen. And through a messy, compacted chapter development, he was the one chosen, when Levi was dead set in bringing Erwin back.

Naturally it would piss a lot of people off, regardless of your opinion of the character. Whether you hate the character archetype or hate the way he’s been recycled through, or absolutely love him to bits, this doesn’t change the fact he survived in an improbable way, at the expense of two characters who were eventually labeled as wasted potential, one dying as he was close to reach the mysteries of this world and the other who was treated as a piece of dog meat, abandoned to his fate as he was begging for help.

Because of that, people carved an assumption into their minds:

This manga is an awful manga where everyone can die, except the bland protagonists justified in every way possible at the expense of everybody, whose plot armor is stronger than Reiner’s.

That explains why some people dropped it actually. If Armin was supposed to survive for the drama to happen, it should’ve been more believable. That also explains why people are triggered whenever Isayama made blog posts like this one or when spoilers like chapter 90′s popped up. I admit I jumped on the gun like everyone when they reached the ocean because that really communicated the idea the protagonists were the only ones allowed to be happy while the rest can die and it wouldn’t matter, when Isayama insisted in his guidebook about the separation between Eren and Armin.

While people agree Armin didn’t have a say-in during the serumbowl drama, they’re kinda pissed to see Armin is the only one accomplishing his dream. But that’s the thing: when you look closer, his dream of seeing the ocean was sabotaged by the whole drama, because he believed Erwin should’ve been brought back instead of him and had to reduce Bertolt’s spine to mush to do it (when he was the one needing to puke after shooting that MP woman in the head). Also Eren ruined his most blissful moment, Eren, who was supposed to entrust Armin’s dream as he was burned to death by the Colossal Titan.

Another example in line with Armin and the ocean is Reiner and his hometown. He wanted to finish his mission as soon as possible with success so he could go back home with Bertolt, fulfilling his promise to Ymir by bringing Historia along and bringing back Annie to her dad. As a result, he got home, accomplishing nothing aside from surrender Ymir’s letter, still having no idea where Annie is and losing Bertolt in the process, leaving him completely alone for nine months. That isn’t what I call, accomplished.

Bad writing aside, Armin is certainly the most bearable of the trio as well as the most reasonable member of the SC recruits alongside Flocke, because these two upheld the credo of their legion which is “If you don’t sacrifice anything, you can’t change anything”. He’s more a victim in this than the ones who actually pushed the decision (namely Eren, Mikasa and Levi).

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do you think armin is stupid (like intelligence-wise)

Not at all, honestly. I think he gets the “dumb one” archetype a lot, but I think it’s more that he’s a bit lazy and doesn’t fully apply himself. 

I mean, even Armin himself reflects on it a lot:

  • I’m not an idiot… I know that! Still, the gym is big.
  • I had to react right away. I know I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but still…
  • Ugh… Do you take me for an idiot?
  • You know, I’m not as stupid as I look… 

But if anything, he just doesn’t seem to bother if he doesn’t care? He’s clearly not failing, he has average grades. His report card in Episode 15 says that he’s “too distracted” and should “make more of an effort” if anything. I mean, just quoting him again for a moment:

He can’t be bothered with certain people’s names (though, he says he just messes them up for fun :P), but he can give you a whole list of synonyms on his lack of effort teachers have said. Or like with the whole drum set thing:

Which the whole effort thing comes up. If he doesn’t care enough about something, he won’t really bother (which I think also says a lot about when he’s dating Candy because he puts in… a lot of effort despite some of the things he did and he apologized for those instances. And there’s multiple moments of effort even if just your LoM is high enough and you’re not dating him). 

While I know people joke around a lot with his hacking especially with Iris’ phone, between what he did to get Iris’ email and login information and everything with why he got arrested, he clearly is a lot better at that too and that… requires a lot of computing and networking skills.

We also know he does raids and things which, even though I hate them with a passion, require a lot of quick thinking, good team work, and quite a bit of min-maxing. It’s not a simple smack until they’re dead.

Rhythm games also take a lot of hand-eye coordination along with a good tendency to keep calm under pressure (the latter being why I personally suck at them).

Plus, as mentioned in Episode 35, he keeps up with pretty much all Technology-related news, even if it’s not stuff he’s necessarily interested in because it’s still part of an overall subject he has a lot of interest in.

And, I mean, he memorized the Wonderland play: 

Candy: This is where we see the Queen of Hearts for the first time, right?

Armin: No, I think we see her in the thing with the flowers first.

Candy: Wooow, I’m impressed!

Armin: What…?

Candy: You didn’t just learn your lines, you paid attention to the others’ lines too!

Armin: I had to, do you know how many times we practiced?

While he just blames it on practicing a lot, I feel he had to care to some extent to actually remember it all. He doesn’t make any similar comments for the other plays and while I suppose being a Bear in Little Red Riding Hood isn’t a big deal, being Maleficent, even if not her dragon form, is still a decent part and gets around the same screen time as the Mad Hatter anyway.

I think he definitely lacks tact, but he just is a forward/blunt person. He gets caught up in moments and doesn’t think about it, so he says what’s on his mind and worries about consequences later. Or he just feels it’s over with and there’s no reason to dwell on it so he shrugs it off. Things we’ve seen him both admit and say he’s working on, especially if you’re dating him. He knows it’s a problem. 

And in general, the fact that he refers to how stupid he may look, that seems to bother him. (I would say insulting how much he plays video games, saying he’s an idiot/talking down to him, or calling him useless are probably some of the things that bother him most honestly). 

Also while it’s more my own headcanon, I think Armin is actually good at telling if people are, well, fake. I think he will go along with it/push it as far as he can, but I think he’s good at telling even if he doesn’t necessarily react to it… Such as if you say your issue with Deborah is “just a hunch”:

Or like when he’s asking Lucy/Laeti what cosplays she’s done which, while Armin is definitely a pervert so what he asks if she’s cosplayed as before aren’t that odd, they’re all generally considered very fan-service-y costumes (especially the Anime one >_>) and most girls who cosplay would not react even close to how Lucy did if they actually cosplayed because that means you’re talking to a dirty pervert who chances are you wouldn’t want to be near when cosplaying. And Armin is definitely a pervert and he’ll make comments, but he’s also shown to actually have boundaries too.

Or the multiple times where he mentions something is bothering you. 

And while he does lack tact and jokes around a lot, we’ve been shown plenty of times he knows when to be serious too. And while he can make light-hearted comments (when you go to talk to him about Nathaniel in Episode 23 or how he offers to walk you home after the call), it’s to try and put you at ease more so then anything. He wants a reaction so you won’t be sad.

…so yeah, I don’t think he’s stupid. I think he can be lazy and unmotivated if he doesn’t care about something, but I think he’s clearly really smart and observant with things he cares about and definitely clever (between the puns and references, two examples are getting you to allow him to help with the fabric in Episode 21 and for the Sleeping Beauty Play, getting help from you with Kentin without saying why), at the very least. He just… doesn’t always remember to think things through which doesn’t make him stupid–just a bit impulsive sometimes when he gets caught up in things. 

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After seeing your response to that Wiki anon, I wish Isayama would release a statement on what rank Armin actually did score. I know that he didn't make the top 10 so it's probably not that important, but Eren did say in ch3 that Armin was on top of the class academically, and as far as I know it's only the physical and combat aspect we know he was bad at (and yet not bad enough to fail it). We don't know how he scored on other subjects. I personaly think he's somewhere in the top 20. Thoughts?

Here are some excerpts from one of the guide books regarding Armin’s abilities: 

With an overall grade of A+, I highly doubt Armin was at the bottom of the pack. Not to mention: wow, A+ despite lacking so badly in the physical department? That says a lot about his brain magic. I too, believe he’s definitely among top 20. I strongly believe that Keith saw top-ten-levels of potential in Armin, but just couldn’t include him in the actual top tens because it wouldn’t sit right with people, the physical scores being what they were. 

Chapter 90 - analyses/thoughts

First of all, I was expecting (as most people) that the ocean was something that Isayama keeps as an end-game, something for the very end of the manga. Now that we think about it, the last time the ocean was even mentioned before this arc, was in ch4. That’s right, before ch72, the last time the ocean was mentioned was in Eren’s flashback in ch4, before he saved Armin. In ch14, when Armin motivated Eren to close the Trost gate, he mentioned burning water, lands of ice, and snowy fields of sands, but he didn’t mention the ocean. And during the FT arc, the CoT arc, and the Uprising arc, nothing about those things were mentioned. This ‘Basement Arc’ started in ch71, and in ch72 we got our first mentioning of the ocean after 68 chapters. and the ocean was mentioned again in ch73, than in ch81, ch82, and ch84. So it actually did make sense that the ocean was build up for this arc, and that this arc will end with the ocean.

I’ll be using crunchyroll translations, and I’ll start with the ocean, page by page, panel by panel.

The entire ocean scene is obviously focused around Armin, and as soon as he deeps his toes into the water, there’s something between his feet which immediately caught his attention.

Keep reading

Armin & Castiel  (Armiel Headcanons)

my?? little thing for rarepair week but it’s mainly for @sinto-hell @rozezor

  • The funniest group of bros there is, just yes, they click.
  • Armin always beats Castiel’s ass in games just to see how he’ll react.
  • Honestly?? Armin probably showed Castiel vines and introduced him to the meme world.
  • Armin takes stupid selfies because he’s into those. Castiel actually likes it.
  • Castiel tried to introduce Armin to Demon once and Armin freaked the HELL out he’s so damn scared,,
  • Castiel threatened to ‘throw’ Armin because he kept dabbing around him so much. wtf canon
  • These two are probably the two loudest people laughing at a comedy at the movie theaters.
  • Sometimes Castiel just randomly headlocks Armin and he pretends he died just to fool around and Castiel fell for it for just 2.5 seconds and just asking if he was okay.
  • Don’t call each other nicknames that much?? Armin called Castiel 'Cassy’ once and almost got thrown whoOPS
  • The two of them sometimes have sleepovers. School is a lot better.
  • Armin swapped to wear each others clothes. They actually look pretty good with swapped clothes.
  • Armin tries to get along with Lysander but Lys isn’t playing his games
  • They would would low-key watch 'hardstop lucas’ and 'meechonmars’ together like wt fh it’s perfect for them.
  • Demon scares the living shit out of Armin he actually yelped and fell down-
  • Armin protects Rocket from Demon like a mom. he’s not putting him down.
  • Tbh at some point Armin was so shook from a horror movie he had to text Castiel all night to try not to sleep?? Castiel acted like if he wasn’t but he was dead inside.
  • They both like FOB don’t fight me on this I swear they like them.
  • These two probably don’t vent with each other?? they’d rather keep it to themselves.
  • If Castiel beats Armin at a game he boasts in it his face so much like ?? Damn.