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You know, Armin was there in chapter 50 lol it was just as much a moment between Armin and Eren as it was Eren and Mikasa. Please get over yourself

Except it wasn’t?

Look, I love Armin to death. I love Armin’s friendship with both Eren and Mikasa to death. I love what all three of them mean to each other. I love the bond they have. I just love the Shiganshina trio in general. All three of them are some of my favorite fictional characters of all time, because they’re all amazing in completely different ways. However, chapter 50 was not was trio moment. It wasn’t an ere*min moment. It was completely an Eremika moment.

Mikasa loves Armin. That is a fact I will never dispute. In fact, I even wrote a meta about how tight the bond between these two actually is. However, Armin isn’t Eren. Armin isn’t the person who risked his life that night to save her from a life in sex slavery after her parents died. Armin wasn’t the stranger that was there, defending her with a knife when she had been led to believe nobody but her parents ever would. Armin wasn’t the one that threw that scarf around her neck in her moment of ultimate weakness, tugging on the sleeve of her bloodstained dress and telling her to come home with him, to their home, when she had nowhere in the world to go.

Armin isn’t Eren. Armin never had the horrible, bloody misfortune of being there that night. That is a memory that will always be exclusive to Eren and Mikasa and will be a vital part of their bond, no matter happens between Eren and Armin and Armin and Mikasa. 

And that is also why chapter 50 was an Eremika moment and an Eremika moment exclusively.

Chapter 50 opened with a memory of Eren’s, of Carla telling him to man up and defend Mikasa. When we get back to the present day, we see Hannes getting eaten by the Smiling Titan. Eren immediately begins to despair, as this is the second time he has lost someone he cares very deeply for to this Titan, the second time he was helpless looking into the face of a creature he wants nothing more than to destroy.

And Mikasa? She hears him call himself useless. She sees the situation they’re in: Eren has no 3DMG and can’t transform. She’s injured. The Survey Corps is falling apart at the seams. The Titan is coming after them next. So what does she do? She musters up a smile and tells him that what he’s saying is not true, that she is living evidence that Eren is far from useless. 

For a moment, Eren makes eye contact with Armin despairingly, knowing this is the end for all three of them. He knows there’s no hope at this point, and Armin seems to share the sentiment as they tearfully give each other looks that say “goodbye”.

But Mikasa isn’t done. Not even close. In these final moments, she’s going to tell Eren exactly how she feels, exactly the impact he has had on her life. She doesn’t care that death is looking them both in the face. All she cares is that in those moments, Eren knows. He knows that he isn’t useless. He never was useless. She wants him to die feeling like he was useful, like he did make a difference in the world, even if it wasn’t the difference he wanted to.

And finally, she thanks him for giving her that scarf. She moves in to kiss him, as her emotions has completely consumed her by that point. And finally, Eren reacts to her speech. Though this entire sequence, Eren has been silent, just looking Mikasa in the eyes as she completely loses herself in a way he’s never seen before. And when that kiss comes, he moves. Eren decides in that instant that, no, he’s not ready for this to be the end. He’s not ready to give up. He’s not ready to say goodbye to her. promising her that he’ll always be by her side, he unlocks his ability to use his Coordinate, and he saves everyone.

It wasn’t because of Armin. Armin had literally nothing to do with Eren and his Coordinate, which was the climax of the entire Clash of Titans arc. If Armin had so much to do with it, why didn’t this power reveal itself when he locked eyes with Armin? It wasn’t until Mikasa confided in Eren that he gained the strength to stand up against the Smiling Titan.

I love Armin, but don’t take this moment away from Eren and Mikasa. Even if you don’t ship them, this is so important to their relationship and the story in general, it is a work of art. Don’t try to make this a fucking ere*min moment because you resent Eremika so much that you can’t even see how important chapter 50 was from a story point of view.

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26. "Do you hate me too?" AruAni.

There she was. The great Annie Leonhardt, bound in chains in the cell. It was strange to see her like this, weak and vulnerable. All of his memories of her had her full of apathy, strong, free. But this girl…this creature in front of him…she was not.

The only downside to being reborn was when other people remembered what you did in your past life. And Annie…they had remembered. It had only been one hundred years since the Titans had been eliminated from the earth, and it was still fresh on everyone’s minds. Including those who had been reborn…

Everyone had remembered what Annie had been the Female Titan in their past life. And no one had forgiven her for it.

But he had.

Armin put the key he had stolen into the door, turning it and opening the door. He lifted his lanturn, his stomach churning. He had done this before, in the last life, a few days before she had been executed. The feeling of  deja vu hit him in the gut and he bit his lip to keep back the sob trying to well up. It was hard…he had lost her back then. He didn’t want to lose her now…

“I know you’re there.” Her voice cut through the silence, almost making him drop his lantern. He turned around the shine the light on the girl, his heart skipping a beat when he saw those ice-blue eyes staring at him. Those eyes…gods, how he’d missed them…

“I know. You always know, don’t you?” His feet lead him over to her before he could even stop himself, and he knelt down in front of her, setting the lantern side. He reached out to take her hand, surprised and delighted when she met him halfway. Their fingers intertwined and he couldn’t help but think that this felt natural, that it felt…right. 

“This was how it should have been,” he found himself saying, slowly looking up into those eyes that captivated him so. “I’m sorry, Annie…it’s my fault you were caught, and it’s my fault you died. Please believe me when I say that was never what I wanted. I never wanted you to die…I just wanted to know to the truth.”

“I know,” she murmured, rubbing her thumb over his palm. “You never had ill will towards anyone, not really. It’s just not in your nature. You’re a good person, Armin.”

“So are you.” He looked up at her, eyes searching hers. “Annie…” His grip on her hand tightened. “Come away with me. We can leave, together! I snuck in here and I can sneak us out.” He reached up his free hand to cup her cheek. “Come away with me, Annie. We can be together.”

“Armin…” He saw her eyes tear up and it was a sight he never thought he would see. In a strange, melancholy way it was beautiful. She didn’t speak, only nodded.

He smiled and stood up, grabbing the keys and finding the one to unlock her chains. It took a few minutes to get all of them unlocked but as soon as they were she was in his arms and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“Come on,” he murmured to her, picking up the lantern and taking her hand in his. “We have to get out of here.”

She nodded, and the two of them started to make their way out of the prison. The corridor was long, and he couldn’t help the panicked feeling that made its way into his chest.

Something isn’t right here…

He heard Annie gasp and her hand was ripped away from his grip. He turned around to call out to her then suddenly felt something in his ribs. Then pain. He looked down and noticed the blade sticking out. He blinked.


“Armin!” Annie was at his sides in seconds, and as he fell to his knees she fell with him, cradling him to her. “No, no, no! Please!” She cupped his face, her ice-colored eyes wide with panic. “Please, no, please!”

“A-Annie…” He could feel the blood rushing into his lungs, slowly choking him. No…that wasn’t fair. They hadn’t even had a chance. Why…why this…

“Armin…” He looked up at his lady love, noting the tears falling down her face. He wished he had the strength to wipe them away. “Do you hate me, too?”

He gave her one last weak smile. “Never.”

I’ll see you in the next life…I promise…

Eren and Mikasa: Subverted Expectations

I felt like writing stuff on this interview and some thoughts that I’ve had about Mikasa and Eren’s relationship. 

It initially confused me, but I think the deal with Eren seeing Mikasa as a mother figure is the same deal as with Mikasa calling Eren family. It’s family as in a place to belong, rather than “actual” family. Eren and Mikasa have never called each other actual brother and sister, but they have called themselves family (Mikasa has, to be exact) and that’s understandable - both of them lost their homes.

I’m really reminded of this little panel in chapter 55:

Does this mean that Mikasa actually sees Armin as her son? No, she’s just acting “motherly”. I think this is what Isayama meant. It’s meant to be a family-like bond. 

I actually really love the fact that Isayama straight-up considered that no, Mikasa shouldn’t be there just to develop Eren; she’s her own person and it’s great because many characters of her archetype ARE just there to develop the guy.

I find that a well-written platonic relationship is considerably more original and probably tougher to write because it’s so easy to make it a romantic relationship. So if it stays a “family” thing rather than turning romantic, more power to it. The problem to me is that I don’t want it to have incest undertones (because do not want) - I talked about this on my brief post on Mikasa’s Lost Girls story, but I feel like I didn’t articulate well enough, but as long as they themselves and the characters around them don’t start considering them actual brother and sister while having a romantic subplot, it’s all good to me and so far luckily the series seems to be keeping away from that beehive.

So, this “family” bond is absolutely fine to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if at this point Mikasa considered all the 104th her “family”. Wouldn’t that make all of her pairings incest? No, it wouldn’t - people take the family thing too literally. The great thing is that in the end the romance is about 1% of the series, so shipping is pretty much just a fan invention and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are many more interesting things about it than who would end up with who.

Another thing brought up in the interview is how Mikasa is built (her strength). This actually helps to show another aspect of Eren’s and Mikasa’s relationship that I find very interesting.

The relationship flips traditional gender roles.

Eren is the feminine (emotional) side and Mikasa is the masculine (stoic, physically strong) side of the relationship. I think this was best shown in chapter 51.

Something like this would very often happen with genders flipped. With the girl staying to take care of the house and the guy putting up a tough front to do work. It’s really cool and pretty unique to me and I think that aspect of their relationship needs more love. 

At the same time, it isn’t played as a joke, either, which is common, too. Eren isn’t a source of laughter here because he’s in this unmanly position and it isn’t a joke that Mikasa’s doing all the work. It shows that it’s completely fine for a guy to “be like a girl” and for a girl to “be like a guy”. We need more series to say something like that.

These are just aspects of their relationship I see often ignored. More knight Mikasa and housewife Eren please! Mikasa is a damsel and “feminized” way too often in fan stuff, while in the actual series, her masculine traits are never undermined or looked down upon.

Also, the flipped gender roles are probably the reason why Eren/Levi is much more popular, too. Their relationship can actually easily be simplified into the feminine and masculine roles people expect from relationships, which appeals to people more because it’s something that society is “used to”.

Chapter 78 or “WTF? I'm stressed and depressed once again“

So now, when the chapter has finally came out, I’m a little bit upset.
Only half of those spoilers turned out to be true.

Actually the only reason why Bertholdt didn’t shift was the horrible state of Reiner. That’s the moment when I almost shed a tear. They’re so important to each other!T_T

So after Bert gently helped his friend to get into his titan form, he warned him about smth (future explosion actually). And then Armin suddenly went out with his intention to communicate with Bertholdt… A good idea, I would totally support it, if only he hasn’t started to feed him with that Annie bullshit once again =_=

Are you serious? Do you really think that Bert is THAT stupid? Besides, he was already pretty pissed off with them for almost killing Reiner, and now, after listening to that bullshit once again, I wasn’t surprised that he exploded with that angry speech (I’m just gonna skip his fight with Mikasa. Because she attacked him from behind, and I really hate this. All I want to say is that he was really badass).

Actually, I don’t really think that Armin only wanted to distract him, I do believe that he also wanted to negotiate with Bert… But he has changed. And this is so fucking sad!>_<
Something has happened to him. Yes, they are still important to him, but this time he’s not gonna longer hesitate. They all must die. He has no more fear in his heart. He fully accepted his fate. Even if he’s gonna die… even if everyone is gonna die. They are helpless…because this world is cruel, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

I just wonder, what has happened to him? What has affected him that much? Even Mikasa and Armin noticed that he is completely different person now. Maybe that’s all influence of that Beast? He knows how to manipulate Bert and Reiner. He also threatened them. Maybe this is the main reason of why Bert is doing all of that? He’s doing that because of Reiner, he’s doing that to protect him. Beast has told them, that if Reiner’s gonna lose, he’s gonna feed him to another warrior. And that’s the reason WHY Bertholdt can’t lose as well.

4 pages of this chapter Bert was calling his friend’s name over and over again. Maybe after all those years, after that hell they went through together, Reiner is the only family he has left… They are just like Eren and Armin, and the only difference between them is that Reiner and Bert are standing on the other side of the wall with their untold story, forced to be mere pawns in this war and kill people against their own will… Oh, my precious babies, you’re breaking my heart! T__T

I also want to know the second reason of their actions, the reason of why the wall people have to die. Another question without the answer. I read this theory in one of the previous posts, and I kinda liked it: “What if the wall people aren’t actually the good guys. They were all brain washed so they don’t know it anymore, but maybe there’s a possibility: that they actually have to lose for the sake of the greater good, or that the wall society is about to end very soon no matter what they do, while giving up the coordinate will help humanity in some way. In the end, maybe choosing what is best, might actually be to follow the shifters” Who knows? They (Bert & Reiner) might be forced to fight against their friends by the Beast, but I believe that something that forced them to fight this war is so much bigger… And Bertholdt has finally accepted it.

Ok, back to the story. Then Bertbomb exploded and killed by that a lot of supernumeraries… and maybe even Hange and Moblit. Though I highly doubt that Hanji was killed, maybe heavily wounded, but I’m not that sure about Moblit. I guess, we gonna say goodbye to him next chapter… I also guess I should be upset by it, but my shipper heart is silently screaming inside of my chest. Levi’s worried look, when he realised what has happened… I know, he probably thought about all of them, but still… (well, in my sick imagination he thought about Hanji, when Erwin actually looked like he was internally screaming: “The basement! My fucking precious basement!”) I guess, I’m just a horrible person XD

And I’m also fucking happy, because all of my precious babies are still alive! Jean, Connie, Sasha, Armin, I’m so glad that you survived that explosion! And Reiner!!! My precious child, I love you so much!T_T So glad to see your head again! He heals so fast! I’m so happy about it!

The only thing that upsets me is that I can lose one or even few of them in the next chapters T_T Please, somebody (yes, I’m looking at you, Levi), kill already that fucking monkey! Please!!!

All I want is my precious babies to be safe and sound, even if it’s absolutely impossible in this manga. Am I asking for too much?T_T

P.S.: BTW I still want Armin to switch sides. That would be really interesting. And yes, I already know, that I’m a horrible person XD


The question now is who will stop him

Yes hello I am a very professional animator I totally don’t waste my time and abilities on memes what are you talking about

  • Armin:Umm jut a safty pin there *adjusts* and another one there *adjusts* aaaaand done *looks at him self in the mirror*
  • Eren:Hey armin do you know where i put my di- *looks at armin* wow armin is that a skirt
  • Armin:*Red as a tomato* y-yye-ah i-its mi-ika-kasa do you hate it *looks down*
  • Eren:Yeah, yeah i do its actually really hot
  • Armin:Eerrrrreen *blushes more*
  • Eren:🎶Bootay bootay hunting down the bootay🎶
  • Armin:Oh my god you dork!

Me: “How do you feel about Armin Arlert?”

Person: “Oh, my god! Armin’s so weak and useless!”

Me: “How stupid are you? No, seriously. He’s the smartest one in all of Humanity (pretty much) and his strategic prowess is the only thing that keeps most of them alive. Before you say it, yes; Mikasa and Levi are pretty helpful as well, but have you ever thought about the brains behind the armour? If that got through that thick ass skull of yours, I’ll ask one more time;

How exactly is he useless?”