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Ymir backstory!

From what I can get from the spoilers (PSI. I can’t read Jap), Ymir is actually not the Progenitor Ymir according to SNK history. Ymir is just a beggar turned false prophet whom people worshipped (some kind of a Ymir cult or smth). When officials raided them on their worship activities, Ymir was also accused and punished (and turned into a Titan like Grisha)

and his guy

the “ymir-sama” titan (lmao) who killed Ilse

is one of the members of the Ymir cult….

poor baby ymir 😥

AU where the 104th Squad goes to college with me (yet somehow the Shingeki no Kyojin anime still exists).

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Oh gods, Attack on Titan gets even worse further in. I've been reading recaps of the new chapters bc it got weird. And it's like a train wreck. And with that post it's even worse with some of the new shit that's happened? Ew.

I figured it would only get worse. ewe

I just slowly got put off by shit that was happening and eventually quit. I think it was around the political shit and I was just like “nnnnah”

Part II; “Like. Ymir ACTUALLY making a deal with the devil and making the titans. And there ARE other people outside the walls but these ones inside the walls are sort of a different race. It’s a clusterfuck of bad.”

//uncontrollable wheezing because that’s so bad omfg//

Theory: Ymir’s Actual Age (CH 86 Spoilers

Okay guys, this thing has been bubbling in my head for a few hours now and Holy Shit. I think Ymir may have been WAY, WAY off about how long she spent as a mindless titan.

Okay, so if anyone has seen the latest chapter we now know that the people outside the walls have recorded history going back well over a thousand years. But, the people inside the walls are only in the 800s. The point is, the dates inside the walls and outside the walls are different. 

So, what does this have to do with Ymir’s age?

Think about this, how does Ymir know that she was mindless for 60 years?

She compared the date when she was turned mindless to the date she “woke up from her nightmare.” She compared the outside date when she was turned to the date inside the walls when she woke up. 

What does this mean? Instead of being mindless for only 60 years, Ymir could have been wandering for well over hundreds of years. She could very well be the Ymir Fritz talked about in the chapter that created the titans and shifters.

Historia’s girlfriend is old as balls. 

The Black Liquid from Chapter 74 and its Properties

Now this is really stretching, but I think the black liquid we see in the cups is actually Ymirs spinal fluid.

“WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE!” I hear you shout as you read this. Well just hear me out. Heres my evidence.

We haven’t seen Ymir for a long, LONG time. I mean ages. And this seems pretty fishy to me. We don’t even see her on the wall with Bert and Reiner. So what happened to her?

Well I think that she is either dead, or Reiner, Bert, and the Ape Titan were able to extract her spinal fluid and she passed out somewhere. Note that you don’t have to eat or kill someone to gain their abilities. You just need to ingest their spinal fluid. So its very possible for Ymir to be alive.

Also, take a look at Reiner. We’ve never seen him climb the damn wall before. Hes never been that agile or had the ability to climb the walls that we’ve seen. So how is he now? Well, take a look at this panel.

Oh Reiner, what big claws you have! Weve never seen those before, now have we. Sure it might be possible he just never used them, but if he had claws like that for climbing the wall or fighting, how come he never used them? No, this is a recent ability. And look who else has claws eerily similar?

That’s right, Ymir in her titan form. Ymir is also able to climb walls and use her claws to fight.

Also, Reiners ability to move his brains functions to other parts of his body to stay alive is also a new one we haven’t seen before now. And its definitely not one hes used before. So again, why not use it before but use it now? Because its a new ability. It may have nothing to do with Ymir, but when he did it, I instantly thought of the scene where Ymir was talking to Historia outside of her titan while still controlling it. She was able to move some of her brains functions to keep her titan active and control it, while still being able to talk to Historia.

And before the scientists come at me saying spinal fluid isn’t black, maybe being a titan shifter changes its color. Weve seen titan shifters undergo various other changes to their physical body, so why not that too?

So that’s my theory. Ymir is either dead or unconscious after having a lot of her spinal fluid extracted and consumed by Reiner, Bertholdt, and the Ape Titan to gain her abilities. Tjis explains their new powers and Ymirs absence.