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I'm betting that if Yang is actually going after Raven like a bunch of people think, when she and Ruby reunite, Rubes will be very supportive of Yang's decision. Because it's something that she's wanted for YEARS, and honestly I think Ruby would feel a little guilty if Yang decided to go after her and not her mom. However it's also possible that she's going after Ruby now and Yang simply says Ruby is more important than her mom. Either way works for me.

Yep, Ruby would be totally supportive of Yang doing her own thing. She said as much in her letter - that she wanted Yang with her, but understood that Yang had to take care of herself. 

♪♫♬ “Let me show you a world, shining, SHIMMERING, spleeeendid!

Ayo! Guess who finally drew some bees! I actually had someone a while ago ask me to draw Yang and Blake dancing together from V2′s dance, but hey better late then never, here’s to you anon!

I kind of loathe most all the dresses the girls had for that dance scene, so I decided to redesign their dresses for them. Yang’s dress kind of got the short end of the stick since I didn’t want her dress to cover up her pose, but eh, Yang’s dress will always get the short end of the stick I suppose. XD