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It's Dick's fault that everybody believes that Bruce is older than them, people expects that if you're the parent figure of a 15 yo you're at least 35 and married.


“22 year old puts on bat costume to punch criminals, has no powers” is hard enough to wrap your head around but throw in “24 year old adopts 12 year old who also punches criminals, has no powers” and that is not something that would ever occur to anyone

like OBVIOUSLY batman must be an older man who knows what he’s doing, and not just some traumatized 20-something accidentally collecting traumatized children

haha wow referring to bruce wayne as a 20-something really puts things in perspective. batman: probably actually younger than joey from friends.

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Harry didn’t understand why Slughorn had placed him by Malfoy’s side of all people. He had a grumpy Ravenclaw girl by his other side, and Malfoy had Hermione. Harry sometimes shared looks with her, but since she was sitting by Ginny’s side she didn’t seem all that uncomfortable with the arrangements.

Slughorn was talking to some Hufflepuff boy about Ministry connections, and all Harry wanted was to go back to the Gryffindor common room and play chess with Ron. He didn’t want to hear Slughorn tell them the same story about how he meet the French Minister for Magic in 1971 and rub his stomach saying happily “Those were the days, kids! Those were the days!”.

He felt something on his left hand. That was weird. The person on his left was Malfoy, and it couldn’t be Malfoy trying to touch him. It must have been the fabric of the chair, or something like that.

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  • Warning: OOC to the max. This is actually a continuation of a three year old post that I had rediscovered recently.
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  • Sherlock: *Huffs* He won't listen to me.
  • Molly: *Gently strokes her husband's cheek* Just be patient.
  • Sherlock: I have been patient for the last ten minutes!
  • Molly: *Looks out through their open bedroom door and into the silent sitting room* Reason with him in the same way you've reasoned with him before. *Looks back at her frustrated husband* You won't be able to do that if you hide here.
  • Sherlock: *Huffs and ruffles his curls* I have explained to him. I have reasoned with him. Bargained. Bribed. Even 'begged' *Points wildly to himself* Begged! *Throws his hand in the air* Me!
  • Molly: Sherlock...
  • Sherlock: *Looks pleadingly to his wife* Please, Molly. I have a case. Lestrade has a case waiting for me. *Gestures towards the sitting room* Waiting for 'us'. You have to intervene now.
  • Molly: *Contemplates for a few seconds before nodding* Okay, I'll try. *Grabs something from the bedside table* Come on!
  • *Husband and wife both goes out of their bedroom and into their sitting room.*
  • John: *Quietly sitting in the sofa and staring at the approaching couple*
  • Molly: *Moves towards the center of the room then stops a few feet away from the sofa* Hi, John.
  • John: *Nods* Hello, Molly.
  • Molly: *Stares back at her husband before facing John and kneeling*
  • John: *Eyebrows shot up but remains quiet.*
  • Molly: *Smiles softly at John before turning back to stare at her still standing husband*
  • Sherlock: *Huffs but goes and kneels beside his wife*
  • Molly: *Whispers to her husband* Why don't you try again?
  • Sherlock: *Sighs deeply but bends closer towards the floor* I have explained to you using logical reasoning. I have bargained with a fair match. I have bribed with a rich price. And I have 'begged' with utmost sincerity. Still, you remain stub-
  • Molly: *Nudges her husband* No wonder he won't listen to you! You sound like a nagging robot. My turn. *Looks straight back before lowering herself closer to the floor* Evan, sweetheart, *she says with a sweet and gentle voice* Daddy needs his scarf back now. He and Uncle John have a case and they need to go out to catch the bad guy. But it is cold outside, so he needs his scarf. Would you please give it back to daddy?
  • Sherlock: *whispers bitterly* How is that any different from what I did?
  • Evan Hooper-Holmes, 11 month old extraordinaire who had been sitting on the floor beside his godfather's leg: *clutches his prized possession closer to his body* Nooo.
  • Molly: *Still smiling sweetly* I know you like that scarf sweetie, But Daddy needs it. He'll get sick if you don't give it to him. Do you want daddy to get sick?
  • Sherlock: *protests* I don't get sick!
  • Molly: *turns back to glare at her husband before looking again at their stubborn toddler*
  • Evan "Ain't-I-the-cutest" Holmes: *Looks at his hard-earned price before staring back to his poor daddy who is now wearing his "have-pity-on-me" face* Noooooo, ba scaffy ain!
  • Molly: *leans closer to her baby and touches the edge of the blue scarf* I know, it's your sweetheart -
  • Sherlock: *protests* It's mine!
  • Molly: *looks back again to glare at her husband*
  • Sherlock: *sags in resignation* Fine...
  • Molly: *Smiles back at her son.* I know it's yours sweetheart so maybe you can let daddy use it for now? So that he won't get sick?
  • Evan "I-have-the-British-government-wrapped-in-my-pudgy-fingers-even-if-he-denies-it" Holmes: *Looks down at his precious treasure*
  • Molly: *Sees her baby boy's resolve breaking down* Tell you what Evan, while you are lending Daddy the scarf, I'll lend to you Mommy's scarf. *offers her possession that she had snatched before exiting their bedroom*
  • Evan "I-can-make-the-girls-swoon-faster-than-my-three-continents-godfather" Holmes: *Sees the elusive but equally, if not more precious treasure, goes to throw away the blue scarf and grab the pink one* Eyyyyyy.
  • Sherlock: *Sees how easy it is for his son to discard his scarf in favor of his mom's, starts to get competitive* That *points at his discarded scarf* is a vintage Paul Smith cashmere scarf that is not produced anymore! Meanwhile, 'that' *points at the black and pink scarf now being chomped by his son* is just a home knitted scarf that your mother's spinster aunt give out every year! Spawn, you clearly still need a lesson in taste!
  • Evan "I-can-make-anything-my-division" Holmes: *Stops and stares at his father*
  • Sherlock: *stares back at his mini-me, willing him to understand how far superior his scarf is over that of Molly's*
  • Evan "genius-in-the-making" Holmes: *Giggles at his silly father before taking a bigger bite of his recent acquisition*
  • John: *Stands up from the sofa and retrieves his best-friend's discarded scarf* Come on, man! You've clearly lost this one. At least now you have your 'cashmere' scarf back *Drops the scarf on the head of the still kneeling consulting detective*
  • Molly: *Giggling at the sour look of her husband* Come on, Sherlock. At least you got it back!
  • Sherlock: *Stands up and finally loops the scarf in his neck* I don't even need this, I don't get sick anyway!
  • John: *Waiting outside the flat's door* Then why did you spend 10 minutes 'begging' to get it back?
  • Sherlock: *bends down to kiss his wife goodbye* Principles, John. Principles.
  • John: *Snorts* More like, your costume won't be complete without it.
  • Sherlock: *Moves on to ruffling his son's curls before straightening up and exiting the flat* As I said. Principles.
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  • Edit: As @sherlolly29 asked, this is the old story written three years ago:

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Is Louis an adult or do you think he's an actual three year old get a grip

How can I get a grip when Louis Tomlinson is out there being an actual three year old?

first of all, hes just a cute little munchkin:

His body is literally enveloped in this towel

Look at him with his little hands up in the air and the big smile across his face. He even fucking has his hood on. You can’t get more adorable when riding a rollercoaster.

Okay but look how smol and happy he looks, clapping his hands together like a three year old would when theyre excited about something. Not to mention the sweatpants hes wearing making him look so soft..




My tiny child also has fucking sweater paws because he is a fucking three year old:



Then there is the fact that he draws penises on every surface imaginable:

A cut out of their fucking interviewers face

On the cut out of whoever this guy is from 1dday

FUcking Liam was trying to hide the fact that Louis was drawing penises on the table at their book signing

And poor fucking Liam has been the victim also

There’s also the fact that hes a little shit to his body guards but hes literally a three year old so they all think hes fucking adorable (which he is) so they fucking fond over him.

Poor Paul.

but like… hes so fond

He even lets him jump on his back for a piggyback ride

Even Preston will give him piggyback rides. HE IS THREE YEARS OLD!

Hes pocket sized, light as a feather lets be real

I dont know about you but when I was little my mom was always telling me to wear shoes when I go outside but I wouldnt… neither will Louis because hes still three years old:

Strolling inside with his socks on

Hes fucking barefoot

And hes fucking carrying his shoes instead of fucking wearing them

Again with the not wearing socks, does he know that there could be glass on the ground? He better not hurt his little feeties.

And then theres just the fact that hes a little shit:

Poor Liam, now my three year old son is trying to injure your feet too, Im sorry

Louis how many times have I told you not to put your fingers in the icing of a cake?

Water fights…

Water guns…

Nerf guns…

Moral of the story is that Louis is a three year old and no harm should ever come to him

Louis Tomlinson is an actual three year old. #confirmed

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Ok so. Shiro is Actually A Six Year Old. And he's gone missing like three times now. I'm concluding Shiro needs a backpack leash

ok i tried to edit something for this but i’m still an amateur and it was too hard and people passing me in the dining hall kept staring so just imagine this picture except with shiro on the right, keith on the ground, and coran in the middle

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"because if Augus’ cock is not involved re: his throat, he’s gonna get uppity about it" I'll have you know that I just snorted my coffee from laughing at this and I'm all teary-eyed. Get uppity indeed.

It’s exactly how Gwyn gets :D

(Seriously Gwyn can throw passive aggressive tantrums about the weirdest things I swear to god).

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It looks like it's actually three 12 year-olds. The one who had the bright idea and says "This is what dying feels like" doesn't have glasses, while the one who starts crying does.

and also their hair is different. i thought they were the same because theyre both wearing orange

why do they all sound the same what the fuck

this poem is about repetition and slight alteration.

i keep thinking ink can rewrite time, so bear with me.
i keep thinking that history can be rewritten, so please stay.
(slight alteration? i’m a liar. was a liar. will stay a liar.)
i keep rewinding the clocks: tomorrow is yesterday and
yesterday the day we fell in love.
i keep crossing out days on calendars three years old: maybe you 
won’t be dead then.
you weren’t in the past.
(repetition? look harder.)
i keep calling you, but you never pick up (although once i
heard your laugh on a dead line.)
i keep washing your clothes and no one wears them or someone
does, because, well,
i’m still washing.
i keep buying you flowers and birthday cakes and you don’t care.
that’s fine. i still love you.
i keep buying history books. crossing out things and 
writing our own version of human suffering.
read: we’re martyrs, we’re soldiers, we’re dead.
(well you’re dead and i’m alive.)

yesterday was the day we fell in love but also i, uh,
found a note from you.
jeans, back pocket
faded from spin-cycle.
i’m going to burn it, dear.
don’t care what it says because yesterday
we fell in love and
look at the history books look at us
look. i’m screaming your name, lost in memories, lost in time.
repetition. alteration. help me
write our history. yesterday was the day i lost it all.

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Can you do a niall blurb about a rainy Sunday morning. Full of cuddling and fluff and maybe some smut in there too :) please and thank you

Here you go non-non!  This got a little crazy long.  Hope you like it!  xx

Rainy Days and Forevers - A Niall Horan One Shot

Originally posted by citre

The rain had been steadily coming down since Friday afternoon.  This morning you awoke to a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. The black-out drapes had done little to keep the bright flash of electricity out and you were shocked that Niall had slept through it.  Making a mental note to get his hearing checked, you stretched and pulled yourself out of bed.  Niall rolled over and groaned noticing your absence immediately.  “Babe, come back t’bed.  S’early” he murmured into his pillow.

“Ni – it’s 10:00am.  I’m gonna start the kettle.”  Rolling your eyes, you huffed into the closet to pull on your sweats and one of Niall’s hoodies.

You got the kettle started and fixed a cup of strong tea for yourself.  Settling down at the kitchen table you went over your weekend to-do list. You and Niall had planned to clean up the back garden, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen in this weather. Sighing, you decided that the rest of the list wasn’t that important.  You grabbed the novel you were trying to read and settled onto the large black couch to read in peace.

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“Dad! Look, Dad! I solved another one! … Dad?”

“It took you five minutes and thirty-nine seconds. That’s hardly something to be proud of.”

AnKyou Week 2016: Day 6: Family Relationships

No matter what I do, he doesn’t smile anymore.

If my math is correct, then Gakushu was around three years old when Ikeda commited suicide. I can’t imagine how confused he must’ve felt when his dad started to change.

sometimes you’re the Sun
shining brightly on my day.

others you’re the Moon
lying patiently in my wake.

once in a while you’re Mars
incomprehensible and stray.

but mostly you are Pluto
more distant than I can say.

—  letters to pluto #1 - a. CLAW
Happy Birthday, daddy

A tiny little piece set in a future. Emma and Killian are married and have a little three year old son.
All mistakes are mine. I‘m also not a native speaker so if you see a mistake, please just let me know.

Hope you’ll enjoy :)

When Emma Swan woke up that morning, there was something quite heavy laying over her. Well, not something but actually a three-year-old someone.
As much as she wanted to complain, when she looked at her little baby boy she just couldn‘t.
Not so little anymore- she reminded herself as she looked down at her precious Liam.  Every single bad thing that‘s happened in her life was so worth it because it gave her this.

She couldn‘t help but hug him a bit tighter. Suddenly, he started to wiggle in her hold. He didn‘t whine, just looked at her with those beautiful blue eyes (that she knew oh so well from a certain handsome pirate of hers) and a big smile.
“Morning, baby.”
He didn‘t answer, just giggled and snuggled more under the covers with her.
After a while he looked up and put a finger on his mouth, quietly mouthing: “Daddy.”
Cutie, she thought.
“Shall we wake up daddy now?”
He nodded
“Go on, then.”
He carefuly moved away from her to the pirate sleeping on the other side of the bed and very gently laid over him, gave him a little (sloppy) kiss and mumbled: “ Happy Birthday, daddy”

She loved her life
This was my first attempt to write a fanfiction and any reviews and opinions are very much appreciated :)
Thank you.

Just Like Honey

I’m so sorry if this is completely pushing you, but when you do find the time can you please write a babysitter Gerard imagine ( again, I’m sorry ) love your blog 😄 hope you have a good day/night 💝

AN: (Y/K/N) & (K/N) = your kid’s name/ kid’s name

“Fuck.” You whisper to yourself immediately after hanging up the call on your cell. That was the last contact you have that could have babysat. You’re beggining to panic, honestly. That last call was the last person you had. You so badly need to make it to this afternoon interview, but there is also no way you can take (Y/K/N) along with you.

Your little boy, (K/N), was currently sat on his knees at the coffee table in your living room, playing with some of his little action figures. It’s a surprise he’s actually sitting down.

At three years old, your child seemed to have taken after you: he was a little fuckin’ devil, always moving, always needing something to do.

Which is exactly why you can’t take him with you to this interview. Although he’s calm at the moment, there’s no way you can take your little boy along with you. You had to seem professional, after all. But what the fuck are you going to do? You had to get going like, now, and you obviously can’t just leave him here.

Your eyes begin to water just a little bit as you pick up your phone and begin to call the interviewer’s office, ready to say you won’t be able to make it. Just as you’re going to punch in the number, though, the sound of light knocking at your front door stops you. You shove your cell back into your pocket and quickly walk over to the door, confused and wondering who it could be.

You swing open your door and to your utmost surprise it’s your neighbor, Gerard, who’s standing there with a stack of envelopes in hand. For a second he doesn’t speak, his eyes just raking up and down your body, eyes wider than usual. You start to feel a little self-conscious in the new black dress you’re wearing, so you break the silence.

“Hey Gerard, what’s up?” You ask him.

His black, seemingly freshly washed, mop of hair does a little flip as he snaps his head back up to look at you.

“Oh uhm, hey (Y/N). I just came to drop off your mail; they accidently left it in my box again.” Gerard smiles at you, rather shyly, as he extends his pale arm to hand you your bunch of mail.

You reach out to take it but before you can do so, (Y/K/N) runs over and snatches it out of Gerard’s hand before you can. “Mail!” he exclaims, holding the bunch in his tiny hands.

“(K/N)! That was a little rude, okay?” You scold him halfheartedly, though he’d already run off again. You give a big sigh, and when you turn to Gerard you give him an apologetic smile.

“It’s fine. Mikey was the same way.” Gerard assures you, smiling. “Are you taking him out somewhere?” He asks curiously, once again taking a brief scan of your outfit.

“No, actually. I have a really important interview soon, but I guess I won’t be making it since I can’t find (K/N) a sitter.” You finish explaining with a sad smile, not being able to stifle the dissapointment in your voice.

“Oh, that’s not good.” Gerard bites his lip for a second, seeming nervous. “Well, I think me and (K/N) get along pretty well. I could maybe watch him for you? If you want.” Gerard smiles, one side of his mouth going up higher than the other. Your eyes widen.

“Oh gosh are you sure? You’re not busy? My god Gerard that would be so great. Are you sure?” Your words tumble out excitededly. Gerard hadn’t even come to mind at all!

“Sure, I don’t have much going on today. I used to take care of Mikey all the time. I think I can handle it.” Gerard smiles at you. “Here, give me your phone and I can uh, give you my number?”

You give a breathy chuckle at the way Gerard trips over his words as you hand over your cell with a new contact page open. Cute.

“Alright well, I shouldn’t be too long, but make yourself at home. (K/N) knows how to use his words well for his age, so he’ll let you know if he wants anything. Are you sure it’s not too much of a bother?” You’re speaking quickly, already moving to grab your bag after getting your phone back from Gerard. He’d blushed at the contact of your fingers brushing together as he’d handed it back to you.

“It’s no problem, (Y/N). Now get going!” Gerard assures you and orders as he takes a few steps into your humble home, beggining to walk over to where (K/N) can be heard in the kitchen.

Halfway out the door, you give one last look back at Gerard dissapearing into the kitchen, hearing him greet (K/N). You take a deep breath before shutting the door and heading out.

Once you’ve gotten into your car, you quickly text Gerard.

Thanks so much, G.

It only takes seconds for you to recieve a response.

No biggie :) Go!

Your smile is impermeable as you pull out of your parking spot and leave to your interview.


I hope they’re okay. You think to yourself as you pull your car back in front of your home. There’s a dim light coming from the living room, and that seems to be it.

You walk up to your home and unlock the door, being as quiet as you can as you open it. It takes a second for your eyes to adjust in the darkness, but when they do, you can’t help but smile.

There on your couch are the two boys. Well, one of them is still a boy. Gerard is sitting up, head tilted upwards and resting back on the couch. Next to him is your sweet little (K/N), and to your utmost surprise, he is pressed against Gerard’s side, leaning into him as he sleeps.

You walk over closer after quietly shutting and locking your door to gently pick up your son. Surprisingly, he only stirs a little bit as you carry him to his room and tuck him into bed.

After you’ve got him settled in, you head back to the living room to decide what to do about Gerard. As you near, you can’t stop yourself from taking a closer look at him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this close up. You briefly think, staring at his carved features.

His trademark pointed nose points towards the ceiling, and his mouth hangs open just a bit. Your eyes trace the lines of his own closed lids, and you take note of the shape of his mouth… how his lips curve down naturally in his slumber. You also notice something you had missed before: on Gerard’s lap there lay a discarded sketchbook and pen.

Now that you’ve finished being a creeper, you go to gently pick up the book and pen, setting them on the coffee table before starting to shake at his shoulder.

“Hey, Gerard? Heyyyyy Gerard wake up.” You whisper. After a few moments his eyes flutter open.

“Hm? (Y/N)? Where’s (K/N)?” His voice is groggy and you can see now that he’s a heavy sleeper.

“I put him to bed, Gerard. Thank you so much for watching him. Sorry it got so late, I didn’t think it would take me nearly that long.” You apologize genuinely; it was already dark out for hell’s sake.

“It’s totally okay (Y/N). No problem.” Gerard mumbles, and you jerk back a bit in surprise as he lets himself fall over sideways onto your couch.

“Uh… Gerard?” You whisper, a tad baffled, though you can’t help but laugh inside. “Um, do you… want to go home now… or…” You trail off, breaking out into a little smile as Gerard begins to snore lightly. “This guy…” You chuckle. What the hell, he did you a huge favor anyways.

That’s your reasoning as you go to grab a knitted blanket out of the next room, then return to drape it over Gerard’s sleeping form. He seems to relax more as you place the blanket over him, and as you go to tuck it in more around his shoulders, you’re surprised to hear him speak quietly.

“Sorry I’m…. so tired. More work than I remembered. So old…” Gerard mumbles, then resumes his snoring. You barely manage to contain your laughs.

“Shh, it’s fine Gerard. Goodnight.” You straighten up to tiptoe back to your room. Before you fully leave the living room though, you hear the faint sound of Gerard’s half asleep voice.

“Night, (Y/N).”

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hello! i hope you're doing well!! 😁 you're one of my fave artists & i was wondering if you'd ever consider compiling all your art in a book and selling it? 'cuz i would DEFINITELY buy it :'D if not i mean i still can't thank you enough for your art

Hi, Rei! My friend (from the Chinese fandom) actually helped me produce and sell some merch locally last year…

Photos via Hana and .

The two of us have talked about an artbook but it might take a while, I’m thinking probably… neeext year? So I can do as much art as I can in-between… I’ll also have to set aside time to do some exclusive pieces that aren’t available online for people to actually buy. Gods. I’m actually thinking that three-going-on-four year old comic script Footloose wrote for me that I’ve been putting off forever? Ahh… OTL

tl;dr It’s going to be a long wait, but it’s definitely on the table. *hugs* <333

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Easter is tomorrow and at certain stores you can buy chicks and ducks. I wouldn't put it past Emma to manipulate Lexa into buying her a duck

Clarke would have an absolute heart attack if Lexa came home with a duck. She lets her spoil Emma rotten but there’s definitely a line somewhere and a duck would probably be crossing it.

“Are you kidding me? Please tell me that’s not an actual duck? Who buys a three year old a duck?”

“But Emma wanted it.”

“Emma wants an actual bear, too, but I don’t see you getting her that. Bring it back.”

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How do you think nagirei would raise their kids?

*cracks knuckles*

okay total self-indulgence here

i think they would adopt when they’re in their thirties. they spend a lot of their earlier years figuring out exactly what they want to do and how they want to live their life and just having fun being together, but once they’ve found the place they want to settle down and have generally calmed down a little, rei proposes the idea of starting a family. at this point in their lives rei is a lot better about communicating what he actually wants, so nagisa knows he really means it when he says it, and loves the idea of being able to share the happiness they have with someone else (and he’s loved the idea of rei with kids for a while). they grew up with different sorts of families of course (nagisa with three sisters, rei with an older brother) and both want to be prepared so they can give their prospective child the best life they can. rei delves into research, while nagisa is more anxious to go to orphanages to actually interact with children. they prepare a careful gender neutral room and read books and talk with friends and family, and eventually feel ready to apply for the adoption process. i’m assuming in this headcanon that japan legalizes same sex marriage and adoption, so they pass and get to actually meet with children in the adoption system. they were planning on adopting a younger child of maybe two or three, but it’s actually a nine year old girl that catches their attention. she’s so bright, and she smiles like the sun, and she came from a very terrible home and they both fall in love with her practically instantly. they go meet with her twice, and then three times, and by the fourth meeting there’s no way they’re adopting any other child. it changes the situation somewhat. the room they’d prepared was for a young child, but she comes home with them just the same, and gets a say in how things are redecorated. that’s something really important to both rei and nagisa—that their child be given a say in her own life. so she begins school and is encouraged to join clubs and always has the best homework help and someone to listen when she needs to talk. and things don’t transition completely smoothly. adoption can be difficult on both ends, and sometimes rei and nagisa are completely bamboozled by what they should do next, but rei will read through entire libraries to find a good answer and nagisa has such a natural way with people that one or both of them at least figures out what to do. and so they end up raising a young girl, and love taking her to the beach and to different cities and all over the place so she can experience as much as she wants to, in as many places as they can. they are definitely the parents who host the sleepovers and completely epic themed birthday parties. and when she’s fifteen, they ask her how she would feel about a little sibling. so the baby furniture that had been stowed away gets taken out once more and rei’s study is turned into another bedroom and this time they come home with a little boy who’s two years old. he grows up quieter than his sister, but extremely passionate about the things he’s interested in, so if you get him started on the right topic he’ll talk your ear off, once he’s got the talking thing down. and rei always says that he gets that part from nagisa and nagisa can just roll his eyes at their daughter who laughs because they both know that her little brother got that from his other dad. (she inherited nagisa’s appetite.) and since she’s so much older she really gets to be a part of her little brother’s growing up, and all three members of the family go to all of her track meets and cheer her on and rei won’t stop crying when she graduates high school and EVERY. SINGLE. THING. gets documented with like fifty thousand pictures and nagisa is so happy with them, loves getting those electronic picture frames that switch between photos of the trip to the beach, to the summer festival, to meet with their cool olympic “uncles” and co., to playing with cousins, to being in school plays, to sleeping all in bed together or squished together on the couch to watch a movie, just all these wonderful memories that rei and nagisa are so insistent upon because they know how important those kind of memories are and even if they can’t do everything for their children, because there are some things that even the most devoted parents can’t fix, they can at least ensure that those kids know how loved they are, and have as many wonderful and varied experiences as possible to learn just how big and bright and exciting the world can be, just like they were able to do with each other and so yeah that is my nagirei headcanon™ sorry it’s rambling 

Yes, why not! I actually like this better than I remembered but ultimately the Ben POV fizzled for me, maybe because I’ve written so many/too many MLB player POVs already :B 

[Snoke owns the team and is Hux’s uncle. He brought Hux in to deal with a PR crisis and has dismissed him now that the crisis is averted]


Ben’s mother has always accused him of being a romantic. She would argue that it’s not an accusation, and he has argued that it’s not the right word. He defies description and doesn’t like labels, though he has to admit that his tendency to obsessively envision important future moments in his life might qualify him as ‘romantic-leaning.’ For most of his childhood he vividly envisioned what it would be like to sign a contract with an MLB team, which didn’t involve vomiting after making the decision to start in the minors instead of going to college. He also spent a lot of time picturing his first start in the majors, which didn’t involve giving up a grand slam and taking the loss after pitching six scoreless innings. In addition to his dreams of athletic success, he’s spent a not insignificant amount of time imagining what it would be like to ask someone to marry him, and none of his fantasies about this important moment in his life involved a surly English asshole who lifts his lip in response to the proposal and says ‘Don’t be absurd’ before forking another section of grapefruit into his mouth.

“Why is it absurd?” Ben asks, as harshly as possible, as if the reiteration of his marriage proposal is a threat.

Hux swallows his grapefruit and looks at Ben from across the breakfast table, blinks twice, then eats another section of grapefruit.

“Answer me!” Ben demands, and he pounds the table with his fist, rattling the dishes.

Hux is not rattled. Nothing gets to him. Not even being asked to marry the most promising young pitcher in major league baseball.

“I was complaining about my visa situation,” Hux says, looking up and to the right, as if he’s addressing a sympathetic audience in a balcony– as if this is a play. “And in response to my remarks you said, ‘why don’t you just marry me?’ Do I really need to itemize all the things that are absurd about that statement? Even for you?”

“If you marry me you don’t have to go back to England,” Ben says. It’s a simple solution to a world-ending problem. How Hux doesn’t see this is a testament to his alleged genius-level thinking having some serious loopholes. “Problem solved,” Ben says when Hux just stares at him.

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