actual things that existed

i wish that more people would take a page out of miyazaki’s book and actually learn how to deliver a pro-environmental message without coming across as annoyingly preachy or anti-technology and progress

Have two dumb exorcists sleeping leaning on each other (probably waking up will be awkward)

An anon asked for Yullen months ago, so I finally drew it, although it isn’t really romantic, since I’m not high on Yullen nowadays like I used to be years ago lol


So, this week is apparently the last days ever that is going to actually exist as a thing. I can’t even tell if all these posts will still exist on Wednesday. Got a huge amount of posts from Vine this year, so for the next couple days lets share some content from Vine before it vanishes. A flock of birds flying over Stokksnes, Iceland.


Drake is pop and Diplo is pop and there’s so many different artists that are now dominating the charts that would probably have been in a completely different genre, but it’s kind of all merged into one and no such thing as genre actually exists anymore. So yeah, it’s a really good time to be a pop artist and not be ashamed of it. When people ask what kind of music I make I say pop, and I’m very, very comfortable in saying so, because it doesn’t identify with being bubblegum pop anymore. Pop is cool.

why do people say ‘welcome to the real world’, or ‘this is real life’. like when you are finishing school when ur 18 the rhetoric is now its over, the real life is beginning”
but then its 30s and ur expected to settle down and live a ‘real life’ because in your 20′s supposedly you were not in a real world 
then in ur  40s something different is expected of you and thats when people usually say ‘well this is life’, like it didnt exist before, like we dont think life actually exists til we have certain things or know certain things. but i am wondering this cause im watching my daughter live life, in an enchanting and inspiring way, exploring and laughing and playing with everything and eating everything, that is pure life… that is the experience of life in its most pure and beautiful, actual form, why would anybody want to lose that magic touch, but apparently this isnt a real world, none of its real until you have this mundane job and a semblance of a relationship and you pay taxes, thats the real life,  so it will have to be disciplined out of her so they say, so she won’t believe delirious things like the world is magical or that people are good, the real world is scary and everybody is against you, i dont think that is real life, those are motions without spirit, in all your living you forget to live

Because I’ve complained so much, here are some things I actually liked about the revival…

  • Michel’s general existence, his storyline with Frederick
  • April’s scene(s) pleasantly surprised me, they were pretty funny
  • Jess, every moment he graced the screen and every word he uttered
  • The Paul Anka stuff was adorbs (dog, not person)
  • The Luke/Lorelai wedding preparation and ceremony had me in total heart-eyes mode
  • Kirk and Petal, I’d watch an entire series with these two
  • The troubadour (and his sister)

apparently reylo “erases finn from his own narrative”?

sorry, didn’t realize finn’s sole narrative purpose was to be a romantic interest to rey and couldn’t exist in the narrative non-romantically

i am. so miserable. my whole existence is just a glob of misery. without attention or validation i literally do not exist. i am not a person with interests or motivations or anything if no one is paying attention to me. bc i just dont exist