actual tears in my eyes while watching this

Batman headcanon that Tim is talking about Star Wars one day (what else is new) when Damian overhears and doesn’t understand (“Who is this Darth Vader? Is this a new enemy? Why has Father not informed me of this?”) and the whole Batfam stands there in awed silence because this poor, sad child has not seen Star Wars. Tim actually gets tears in his eyes. They go berate Bruce into taking a night off from patrol (“Damian don’t argue with me, listen to your brothers, this is an oversight on my part that needs to rectified. Now change out of uniform and get upstairs, I’ll follow you shortly”) and soon Tim comes downstairs with an armful of special edition Blu-ray DVDs of all six movies in his damn Jedi robes while the rest of the family watches as he eagerly plugs in A New Hope. Damian scoffs, there is no way skipping patrol is worth this.

And yet Damian doesn’t get too far into the first movie when he finds himself leaning forward in anticipation, gripping Grayson’s shirt sleeve and watching wide-eyed as the story unfolds an he entrapped. As they finish the first three movies, Damian finds himself enamored with all the movies, drawing parallels between the space heroes and his own family. He sees Dick’s kindness, determination and faith in Luke Skywalker guided of course by the wise and sad Jedi, Obi-Wan, who seems to resemble his father. In Han Solo’s awkward scoundrel with a big heart he sees Jason and Tim’s mannerisms can be found in Princess Leia’s intelligent but sassy personality. By the time Tim is firing up the prequels, everyone else but him and Damian has either left or fallen asleep on the couch.

Damian and Tim stay up the rest of the night finishing off the last of the movies but Damian finds himself uncomfortable with the focus on Anakin Skywalker’s fall from grace because he himself identified with Anakin. He understood the angry, misunderstood young man being pulled in the direction of both the light and the dark side. He hid it from Tim, but he teared up at the end of Return of the Jedi when Vader redeemed himself to save his family. It gave him hope that one day, Damian can find that kind of peace for himself. He and Tim finish off both trilogies by mid morning the next day and they are both exhausted but satisfied. The family finds them the next day discussing the events of the movies over breakfast, talking, perhaps for the first time, as brothers. From then on out, Star Wars is Tim and Damian’s thing. Tim is constantly borrowing Dami his old, dog eared Star Wars novels and when one or both boys has a bad day, they’ll pull out one of those movies and watch in companionable silence.

By the time the new movie comes out, Dami has acquired his own Jedi robe and a green lightsaber (gifts from Tim for his last birthday, Dami breathes to no one that it was his favorite gift that year) and they both show up in costume for the premiere. The two of them don’t stop talking about it for days and while Bruce will complain out loud that Damian is encouraging Tim’s fanboy behavior, he’s glad the two are getting along and Damian has found a normal hobby to engage in.


Gintama anime ep 301/manga chaps 504 - 506

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Oh have I been waiting for this moment! This meeting, for me, was YEARS in the making. When Kamui made his first appearance in the Yoshiwara arc, I quickly realized at some point how similar he was to Okita, that they were essentially two sides of the same exact coin, and to that end I’ve been imagining how their meeting would go with fevered anticipation should that day come about. I never thought it would actually happen, but when you magically fulfilled my wish to perfection in chapter 505, I almost cried in happiness. I remember the high I felt from seeing my dreams illustrated kept me in a joyous state for weeks afterward.  Then, to see it given life in such a glorious manner in this episode, I am not ashamed to admit a few tears did wet my eyes.The gleeful, squeaky noises I was making while watching were actually hurting my poor dogs’ ears. My only lament is that everything happened too fast and was therefore over too quickly. I believe some dialogue was even cut out; especially missed was this one scene which so perfectly captured why Okita and Kamui was a match made in Gintama Heaven:

If it wasn’t already obvious, of course I ship Okita and Kamui (OkiKa? OkiMui?). I’m a silly fangirl, after all, how can I not? In fact, if I may just waste your time a little to delve further into my silly fangirl notions, in an alternate universe where I am the ruler of everything and everyone, not only would OkiMui be a thing, GinHiji would be bonafide canon, and so would TakaZura, KonTae and Shinbume. And actually, before OkiMui becomes a thing, I also am open to some dalliances between HijiOki and AbuMui. What about Kagura, you ask? Well in my universe she would be too busy ruling over Kabukichou and acting as personal bodyguard to Shogunness SoyoSoyo to have time for the likes of silly men (and if she should ever want to have some fun, there’s always Tamagahara). However, in this universe, I know only two of the above options are at all possible: KonTae and Shinbume, especially the former who are practically canon at this point (I’m kind of forcing it with Shinbume, I know…I just don’t want Shinpachi to be alone or with just his 2D/3D obsessions). All I could hope for in this universe is that Gintoki and Hijikata stay single and their lives continue to intertwine; Takasugi and Zura make up and be friends again; and Okita and Kamui have more dynamic meet ups like this; and maybe some day be friendly enough to have a drink together instead of going full psycho right at the get-go. In this universe, I also therefore support OkiKagu since they are quite adorable together and a perfect fit, and thankfully are close to being canon by now. If Kagura can one day make up with her brother, then perhaps Kamui could become a friendly bro-in-law with Okita in the future and my hope for them to have at least a friendship would be closer to being reality. (Well, that is…if Kamui doesn’t actually go ahead and commit patricide, in which case, I guess the chances of him and Kagura making up would be down to the negatives.) Anyway, that is my silly hope for the future of Gintama, and that is probably more than you ever want, need, like, or care to know about my silly fangirl way of thinking.

In fact, you are probably seeing red at this point because you’re most likely thinking, “here I am pouring my blood, sweat and tears over my masterpiece and all you care about are the SHIPS?? No wonder people hate silly fangirls like you!” All I can say is please, do not think for one minute that is all that matters to me. I would have loved Gintama no matter what, ships or not. The fact that it has a high shippability quotient is purely the scrumptious, delectable icing on an already decadent cake that is so orgasmically good that it is more than capable of causing a person’s clothes to spontaneously combust upon tasting. Gintama is the pandora’s box of all that is awesome and wonderful, and I doubt anyone who has come as far as I have in your story would disagree.

It was amazing that they were able to cover three chapters in one episode, but I guess that’s why some dialogue from the manga had to be regrettably excluded. Still, while things happened at lightening speed, they also did not seem rushed, if that makes any sense, and I was amazed that they were able to cover so much ground so quickly. I thought the reveal about ShigeShige wouldn’t come until at least one more episode, but then fitting it in this episode somehow made sense. The reveal was made more powerful by the music backing the moment. The bgm was also used effectively when Kamui made his entrance but I loved how it cut out to silence as soon as the showdown between him and Okita started. That was just PERFECT. I loved that it was Hijikata’s idea to have Okita on the ship; my God, if he hadn’t been there, Soyo Hime would’ve definitely been done for! I love that despite all of Okita’s ill intentions toward Hijkata, when it comes down to serious business, he always puts aside their differences and fulfills his duty by following Hijikata’s orders. 

I loved seeing that serious look on Gintoki before he started to knock down the enemies. I almost wished everything wasn’t happening at sunset because I wanted to really see all that was occurring in better detail, in the air and on the ground. Still it was all just so well-executed! And just watching everyone work together filled me with so much joy. I loved the intricate plotting of all the double-crossing, ultimately to fish out the traitors in the shinobi clan.  Lastly, on a more frivolous and superficial note, may I also say that Hijikata looks damned good in shinobi garb? Kondou wasn’t too bad either. Thank you for that and for everything else!

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


Favorite GinHiji Moment:

(It was funnier in your original work, Sorachi-sama)

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to Healing, and personally, having Seventeen make an MV for it was actually a dream come true. I feel like the song deserves a lot more recognition that what it has. The lyrics are so deep and so meaningful, and the fact that they made it a “happy” song rather than a “sad” one just brings a lot more meaning to it. The way they showed their happiness made me feel so warm inside, and I actually held on to my chest while watching; eyes filled with tears. It’s okay to take your time to heal, and it’s okay to feel any way that you feel. It’s okay to be hurt, it’s okay to be afraid, but know that your healing will come soon, and with it will come happiness. That’s what I believe in. 💓

it’s honestly been a pretty long time since I like, genuinely laughed at a Let’s Play. They’re fun to watch, and funny, but it’s been a while since I like, laughed so hard tears actually came to my eyes.

Ryan, Gavin, Jack, and Geoff screaming about food and running in circles while holding pots of soup was just hilarious.

Overcooked did that.


I’m pretty emotional but movies don’t often make me cry. I mean a few years ago, I was watching Forrest Gump at like 1:00 in the morning and I actually cried pretty hard during that one scene where he visits Jenny’s grave and it was like borderline emotional breakdown but that’s a whole other story lol. When I first watched Tangled I came in with no expectations, having no prior knowledge of it other than the original Rapunzel story. What I really didn’t expect was to have my heart ripped out during this scene right here. I felt my eyes water while the Queen wiped away the Kings tear and he placed his hand on her arm and forced a smile. I was just imagining how terrible they both felt, never knowing if they would see their daughter again but they had to stay strong and hopeful for each other. And then I legit started crying when they walked out the doors and released the lantern and the rest of the townspeople released theirs and lit up the sky all while the ending of Waiting for the Lights was playing. It was so sad and beautiful I just lost it and that’s the story of the first time I cried during a movie.

Twelve quotes from “The Husbands of River Song”

“Now you’ve met me, you’ll do your very best to forget me.”

“Don’t use my name, ever.”

“You are being watched by four billion people.”

“If you die this day, the galaxy will drown in tears.”

“I’m actually murdering someone.”

“I wondered why we didn’t share a bathroom.”

“Doesn’t it get dull after a while? As an activity it’s not hugely varied”.

“Recommendation - close your eyes.”

“I’ve already picked out your swimwear.”

“My grasp of the universal constants of physical reality has been changed forever!”

“I have an irritable bowel.”

“The sky shall crack, the ground shall heave, and even the rocks and stones shall weep their rage!”