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Who would you cast as Katara in a live action movie?? I always imagined a native American girl playing her, what do you think?

I found this woman today, and I’ve been obsessing over her. 

Pooja Mor, an Indian supermodel. She actually left her studies in India, told her parents she was going on vacation, and when to Delhi to try fashion modeling. That seems like a very Katara thing to do— take a daring risk and work hard until it pays off.

Arya (and others) Beautiful

I don’t get it. I don’t get the fact that Jon will marry a beautiful girl like Sansa or Dany, and never Arya because she is ugly. Jon loved Arya before she becomes/became beautiful. He loved her while she was dirty with messy hair and everything. He told her just like Ned that she was beautiful then too. Not because she looked like a model but because she has a beautiful soul and character. Jon didn’t care about Sansa’s beauty, he cared about Arya’s soul. And he loved her because of it. It reminds me of that song ‘beautiful soul’. Jon would love Arya regardless of her looks. And he will dislike mean girls regardless of their looks. 

To the anon I just received and some others I have seen today. If Jon thinks someone is a bad person they can look like Cleopatra and still be ugly to him. 

Interesting fact about Cleopatra is that she was probably not actually a supermodel, she apparently didn’t have a perfect nose and stuff like that. However she seduced emperors and they all thought of her as the most beautiful woman ever. Why? She was a good conversationalist and was probably an interesting woman. The things they and historians have written about her show that she was an interesting woman rather than actually the most beautiful woman on earth. And if you ever see her in a film she is always portrayed by someone that looks like a goddess. You know, she probably didn’t look like that? But that was still how those men saw her. And they would see that in her over someone that actually looked like that.

That woman went down in history as a fierce and well known pharaoh and one of the most beautiful women ever. And so she should. Not just women that look like Helena Troy are beautiful. Also women that look like ordinary people or “unattractive” people (I don’t actually believe in that but whatever) because why should beauty be skin deep? And what determines it? It changes over time and it changes per nation. Beauty like that doesn’t exist. The only eternal beauty is in people’s characters. Do you know that being fat used to be a beautiful trait in the West? It showed wealth. Now being skinny is the beautiful thing. Skin deep beauty like that fades and it changes.

So yes. Arya was beautiful before she started looking like Lyanna. And she looked like Lyanna before actually looking like her. Ned, the man that knew Lyanna, noticed it. Robert however didn’t. He, like Ned suggested, didn’t actually know her. He just saw her and imagined what he wanted. Just like I saw Sansa fans doing since season 1. 

But sure. I can imagine D&D putting Jon with a character whose looks have been established, and then just changing the character into a better one or a good one so that people will ship them. Yes, I can imagine that, sadly.

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People like to imagine that beautiful people are also good people, because we all need that. If they’re not good we make excuses as to why they aren’t or that they secretly are. Because they still need the character. This proves that most (all) people actually do care about character. People that love people that aren’t attractive don’t make excuses saying why they aren’t. They just see whoever they love as a beautiful person. Because they are. And they’re happy about it.(Having said all this I am so happy that Kit is actually a good person, kittens know what I’m talking about, this shows that and don’t have to be mutually exclusive).

And now back to Arya (says I who started a post about Arya and then wrote half the paragraphs not about her…)

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Arya may become Helena Troy, but that won’t matter to Jon. He loved her while she was covered in mud with her hair in tangles. Her becoming beautiful on the outside will only change the way others look at her: Sansa, Jeyne Poole, Lommy, etc.  Jon Snow (and Ned Stark if he was still alive) never cared about that. That’s why they were the ones to tell her she was beautiful before she started to look beautiful. Because they weren’t talking about her looks. They were talking about her.

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Could you write headcanons of Mila, Yuri P, and Viktor having an international supermodel girlfriend, if it's alright with you please? Thank you very much for having the time and patience to write for us! <3

[You’re welcome! I love love love writing imagines for everyone :3 ]


  • is super proud of her gf. she has a bunch of her photos saved to her phone
  • loves to tell other people she’s dating an international supermodel. definitely shows her off whenever she can
  • “she’s mine and all of you can cry me a river”
  • they’re such an attractive duo. the spotlight just naturally falls on them
  • she asks her gf to teach her what she knows on makeup, nails, hair, and stuff. loves it when they mess around with that stuff with each other


  • he’s kind of in a constant state of half-doubt. like “wow. I can’t believe I’m actually dating a supermodel”
  • he’s curious about how she’d look in a skating costume, since high-fashion is also pretty flashy
  • lets her do his hair for his competitions, since she knows a little bit about different styles and all kinds of new stuff he’s never tried
  • gets jealous whenever she’s out doing a show, since a bunch of strangers are taking pictures and they get to see her in cool outfits


  • they’re the eye candy couple lemme tell ya. they’ve got that indescribable ~glow~ and everything around them just. lights up.
  • Viktor and his gf feel very much like a celebrity pair. there’s at least a few articles on their relationship, probably
  • he attends as many of her shows as he can. he loves seeing his girlfriend in all kinds of different outfits
  • sneaks into her dressing room before and after showtime. he never gets in trouble because nobody thinks twice about his beautiful face, and if they do, he has a lot of natural charisma that lets him get away with it. he’s careful not to leave any visible marks like hickeys, even if she’s able to cover it with makeup, just in case