actual superhero kay faraday

Kay gathers everyone together and sits them down to announce that she has devised a new “daddy scale” to rank them by. You start out at the bottom as a “boring adult,” and slowly work your way up to ranks such as “cool uncle,” “daddy,” and “super daddy.”

She passes out cards informing everyone of their current rank, and assures them that yes, bribes will be happily accepted

Apollo Justice era Kay Faraday who is a prosecutor and walks around the courthouse with a bag full of Swiss rolls and saltwater taffy and chocolates that are warm and slightly melted and big swirly lollipops and squats down to talk to the kids of attorneys and witnesses and defendants and victims and gives them candy and chats about the latest episode of steel samurai or jammin’ ninja and leaves any extra change she has next to the vending machines just in case someone doesn’t quite have enough to buy what they want

Oh ho thrilling new things happening here at!

It is based on this magical Kay that I drew back in August, and I’m hoping to use her as my new sidebar image (once I clean up her lines) (and color her) (and add shading) (and pick out a new theme)

I’m really happy with her so far though so I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to this afternoon :3 

As much as I love the idea of Prosector Kay Faraday I also just find it a little bland sometimes.

Give me Kay Faraday who runs a shelter for battered women.

Give me Kay Faraday who helps children who have lost their parents find and settle into a new home.

Give me kindergarten teacher Kay Faraday, or ethics professor Kay Faraday.

I just think there is so much she could do outside the world of aa’s traditional legal roles she could take the world by storm.

There are already enough prosecutors.

I want Kay Faraday grabbing at some dream she never realized she had until she was knee-deep and wading through it.

Also Penny/Kay could be really great because what if. What if Global Studios made a Yatagarasu movie. All this tension and late nights working on movie stuff and ~growing closer~ and slowly falling in love but also!!! DRAMA FROM THE EXECUTIVES MEDDLING IN KAY’S STORY! That they have to resolve through teamwork and some sort of miraculous montage.

And the movie wraps up and they part wistfully but then meet again at the premier and Kay sweeps Penny into her arms and dip kisses her in front of everyone.