actual steve rogers

u know how i know that Tony and Steve were never actually friends and Tony never understood Steve as Steve and only ever knew Cap?
bc at the end when he was all “u don’t deserve that shield, it doesn’t belong to you” he legit thought that being Cap was the most important thing to Steve, that hearing that would make him stop and hand Bucky over and reevaluate his stance. and then when Steve just sighed and dropped the shield and readjusted his grip on Bucky, the actual most important thing to him, and walked away, Tony was sat there like wasnt_expecting_that.mp3

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

a cup of di-- I MEAN COFFEE

Wherein the MCU now has two big beefy men in tight t-shirts who try to flirt with the same lame-ass “Let’s get some coffee” line