actual squirrel

Few couple people playing: the DM, a dwarf, and a cleric. We are walking through a town and there is a squirrel on the ground…

Cleric: I cast animal friendship on the squirrel.
DM: Okay, go ahead.
C: *rolls 1*
DM: The squirrel bites your toe and you take one point of damage.
C: *tries to fire crossbow angrily at squirrel as it runs away*
C: *rolls another 1*
DM: Not only did you miss, but the squirrel actually flipped you off before it ran up a tree.

All the poor squirrels! 

I’m seriously loving this game’s story and art, and Jack’s voices are my favorite by far. ^_^


Ok, but Gregg is actually a squirrel, not a fox

*this is based around the idea that the “hole at the center of everything” and the “god” are representations of Mae’s dissociation and depression  / products of the hallucinogen, and that the cult is either derived from the tooth cult or branched off earlier during the mine conflicts as a separate entity*

 Evidence: So we learn when Mae goes to the library with Bea that the dreams she’s having are (most likely) caused by gas being released from the sink holes near her house (or her house is one of the old miner houses mentioned in the paper)

We now know the “dream world” is a figment of her subconscious, occupied by her stray thoughts about the events going on in her life (ex. the first dream where she has the bat she used to beat Andy Cullen with, along with the word “killer”- the nickname she was given after the event)

She’s currently unsure/ scared of being back in town and how her old friends will accept her, hence she dreams of each of them




Andy Cullen ( who she “broke” with her bat in the first dream) or the statue pointing at her in college :

Herself(more likely) or Casey:

That leaves us with only Gregg left, who, by process of elimination has to be the end figure in the astral coal dream. A figure the player can easily make out as a squirrel


Being a squirrel matches both his personality and behavior possibly even better than being a fox would

After all Fox= sly, CRIMES, 

while squirrel = hyper, excited easily, moves/ expresses themselves through movement, CRIMES

What do you guys think? 

ok, but could you imagine the tail

so my younger sibling’s teacher saw book of mormon recently and they told her “yeah my sister and her boyfriend cosplay elder price and elder mckinley because they’re low key gay lol” and the teacher replied “it’s not low key…. at all….” and if that doesn’t tell you how ready my ass is for some canon mcpriceley I don’t know what does

Hey guys? Remember how we always complain about Roy’s mustache at the end of Brotherhood?

I figured out how we can be optimistic about it and make some positives out of it~!

For example…..

ZORO (Antonio Banderas) COSPLAY!!

oh my fucking god guys I’ve been up all night and I thought I was paranoid because I kept hearing noises all morning, like I mean crashing noises throughout my house. I legit thought someone had broken in, I was shaking and calling through my house if anyone had come in and I heard tons of banging we were literally thinking about phoning the police but actUALLY A FRICKEN SQUIRREL CAME DOWN THE CHIMNEY INTO THE HOUSE IM SO RELIEVED BUT HOW DO YOU GET A SQUIRREL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE HELP

//Tiny Trio//
Okay, but imagine them. Imagine Jim. These little nerds becoming friends at a young age and just hanging out, talking about space (or complaining about it, respectively) and being tiny hipsters that love classic rock together
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tatletaletales  asked:

If you don't mind me asking - what exactly is going on in France right now with the election? My french is very standard school french so I have a hard time reading all of your posts (still good practice) or french newspapers, the newspapers here don't really report anything on the topic, outside of the most basic stuff, and you seem to have opinions / a lot of sarcasm to share. If you don't mind typing it up in english that is. Sorry to inconvenience you :/

Haha don’t worry, it’s no bother !

To sum it up, the french elections are next sunday (I think ? not the one that comes, the one after) and it’s a M E S S

The current president (François Hollande, Socialist Party) will leave after 5… very hectic years, I guess. i mean, he tried I think ? But the conclusion is here: unemployment is high as fuck, the poorest households are poorer and poorer, and the richest ones are richer and richer.

As for the candidates as France’s Next Top Model, reality TV couldn’t have found a better cast if they tried: they’re 11, they’re full of ideas, they’re full of salt, they’re not above biting each other to blood. 6 of them are considered “small” candidates, as they barely have any screentime and room to expose their ideas (they only have been invited at the second debate, the one with every candidate, because people complained the first debate was only with the “Big Five”, and suddenly I feel like it’s the Eurovision), those 5 are “big” candidates (read: likely to go to te final face-to-face two weeks after the first round)

I say the candidates should gain the mantle by fighting in the mud (blades authorised, no guns), the constitution says they shall be elected, and for some reason the majority of the people here seem to think the boring solution is the best. Too bad, I think the candidates are so full of anger that they’d rather fight in the mud also. 

 Anyway, to sum up the candidates (random order) 

- Hamon : big candidate, he looks like a hobbit and represents the Socialist Party. TBQH I didn’t follow what happened in his party but apparently not everyone is after him ? The problem is that, after 5 years of Hollande, the party is quite weak so.

- Lassalle : small candidate, from what i got he’s a farmer ??? from a tiny village in the mountains ???? he’s the mayor there ???? and he played rugby for years like his nose is all broken and he speaks lie a rugby player. On the center I think ??

- Arthaud : she’s a teacher (of economy I think ?), member of the Lutte Ouvrière, a trotskist union. She is SAVAGE, she is ANGRY, elle est là pour NIQUER DES MERES. Small candidate 

- Cheminade : he wants to colonise the moon and owns a collection of 18 000 euros  of precolombian and prehistorical artifacts. You’d think that with such ideas he’s a big candidate, but no. i think he’s on the right

- Le Pen : sadly huge. you see the KKK ? well, with no hood so we can all see her dirty face and get her dirty spit from her dirty mouth and her dirty ideas on our faces. also steals money. “i understand your suffering” she says to the poorest people of france, while napping in her family’s castle

- Mélenchon : big candidate. how do i even begin to explain jean-luc mélenchon ? very savage too, he’s the number one of the youtube game. he has a manga about him and a video game. On the very very very left but nooooot extreme left, ya feel ? 

- Macron : he’s a fucking banker some people want to vote for him because they find him sexy (allosexuals need to STOP) he has no ideas no program, “yo i’m not the left i’m not the right” yeah shut up man but man how can you have so little dignity that you can say to both Mélenchon and Le Pen in the same breath “I agree with you” ???????? big candidate i dont get it

- Asselineau : small. wants the frexit. Exists I guess

- Fillon: right-right. big. So stupid i actually believe he’s three squirrels that are trapped inside a corpse. he needs to give back the money he stole, by giving fake jobs to the members of his family. Lately he said something like “it’s so hard to spare money, how you do it”. you win like, 200k a year you shitbag. never open your mouth ever again.

- Poutou : he’s a factory worker and he has no chill, and eats spoonfuls of both sugar and salt every morning. He knows he doesn’t have any chance to win, but he takes every occasion he has to remind the others that the people they claim to represent actually exists and wants to have a voice, too. 

i counted 10 and there’s one i forgot but who ????? sorry i guess dude ????

there was a debate with the eleven of them the other day and. Idk if you’ve already watched reality tv with like, people getting angry and snatching wigs over butter forgotten on the counter or toothpaste not cleaned in the sink ? it was that but to determine who will have the nuclear codes of the country 

idk what to add, fee free to ask and i’ll probably answer after a good night of sleep because im exhausted


The little squirrel from the other day came back to the feeder, so we tried to see if we could get them to take a peanut from someone’s hand. They scurried around nervously for a while, finally crept up to get it, and then took a different peanut and ran off.

Then it started really raining so we had to give up. Maybe next time.

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haveyoulostthymind  asked:

What wrong with the invader zim fandom? back in highschool a friend of mine said the show was cancelled because of the fandom and i'm curious to know what's wrong with it.

Oh, it was most certainly not because of the fandom that the show was cancelled.  It was more an issue of declining ratings and high production costs with a tiny dash of politics (post-9/11, network executives were particularly jumpy about scenes of destruction, or themes of world domination).

It isn’t solely Invader Zim fans, but fans of Jhonen Vasquez’ work in general (and I happen to be one of them, mind you, so this is coming from a place of experience).  His fans have a tendency to go through an obnoxious phase in which they think being “random” is the funniest shit in recorded history.  Examples of being “random” tend to include: Constant mentions of monkeys, waffles, squirrels, or clowns; screaming, running in circles, and being generally insufferable.

Now, some might point out the fangirls that pair Zim and Dib together as being a bane of the fandom’s existence, but honestly, that’s common and predictable to literally any fan base.  Even if there are no males in a series, yaoi fangirls will find a way (”Oncesluts” have already shown us that needing more than one male character is already not a necessity for their needs).

The other real complaint is that Jhonen Vasquez’ work appeals most to “goth” and “edgy” teens, in spite of openly mocking them at every turn (this fact was depressingly confirmed when one fan decided to mail him an actual dead squirrel).  Of course, these people tend to be social outcasts already, and feeling a warped sense of kinship with comic book characters only exacerbates this, and makes them want to “stand out” and be “unique” all the more (again, I say this from personal experience).

It is through no fault of Jhonen that this occurs.  If anything, he is keenly self-aware as a comic artist and writer, and his work resonates with a certain level of intelligent self-deprecation, as well as a more realistic outlook on life (one many people don’t want to think about when they pick up a comic book).  There will just always be nitwits that misinterpret content, project themselves onto it, obsess over it, or just take it way too fuckin’ seriously.